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23rd Century Digital Girl Chapter 3

The big toe of her left foot twitched. Slightly, but it really twitched. I looked at Nicole’s face. Her jaw muscles were tight, her face glistening with sweat. Then I noticed that her right eye looked normal again.

“What’s going on?” I asked.

“You can remove the charger.”

“Is everything all right? You don’t look very well,” I said, sitting beside her.

“The system is still not functioning properly, but I will be fine soon.”

“It is painful, isn’t it?”

She nodded.

“I have cramps,” she said and shuddered, "It is normal, don’t worry about it!”

Ten minutes later, she managed to sit up in the bed. Right before my eyes, her body sprang to life. It was amazing. As if some invisible force was reviving her. She reached out and rubbed my chest, then drew herself closer. My hands slid up her legs, feeling the shape of her exquisite muscles. Her right foot pressed decisively against my crotch. I felt my penis hardening, gently rubbed by her stockinged sole. She sat in my lap, straddling me, and then snuggled in my arms. There was something childish in her, hidden right behind her femininity. I realized that I like it very much.

“It has been a long time since I….” she started.

I muffled her words with my mouth, then slipped my hand under her blouse. She moaned as I cupped her left breast, squeezing it gently. Then she arched her back and wrapped her legs around my waist. I turned my attention to her right breast, while trying to unbutton my jeans. She snorted out a nervous laugh and squirmed.

“I have no feeling in my right one. Practically, it is … an implant."

“It looks really cute,” I interjected quickly and slowly withdrew my hand.

“I feel a bit uncomfortable when…” she started confusedly.

“You don’t need to explain,” I said and pulled down her panties, "just let me do what you want me to do.”

We took off our clothes, then I pinned her down, exploring the graceful curves of her lithe body. She spread her legs invitingly and guided my penis inside her. Her vagina was tight, but wet and welcoming. My thrusts shook her body. She opened her mouth and started to breathe harder, her nails digging painfully into my back.

“Slower,” she whispered hoarsely.

I tried to control my lust, worried that she was still too weak. Eventually, we fell into a nice rhythm. Our movements became fluent and synchronized. I had the feeling that I was detached from reality and that only the two of us existed. Her moans became louder with every thrust. I was barely able to breathe. Then it came. She shuddered and cried out as I erupted inside her.

I lay beside her, watching her pretty face. She smiled and snuggled closer to me.

“I will prepare something to eat,” she said and sat up in the bed.

“I will help you.”

She got up on her feet and staggered to the kitchen, stark naked as she was. I followed her. She managed to walk without the aid of the crutches, but her gait was so unsteady that I was afraid she might fall. I watched her steps, ready to catch her.

“I’m not a baby,” she said, looking back over her shoulder.


We didn’t talk much during the meal, neither then nor later when we both got into the tub. There was not much space, but we enjoyed that. I took my time examining her feet more closely, which she rewarded with a huge orgasm. She let me bathe her, and rub her dry, and carry her back to the bed. We didn’t sleep much that night.

I felt the morning sun shining on my face, waking me. I kept my eyes closed, thinking about Nicole. Then I heard a moan. Totally different from what I had heard last night. A moan of pain and frustration. I turned on my side and saw her sitting at the edge of the bed. Holding her crutches firmly planted on the floor, she was trying to stand up. Her arms were trembling with the effort, her legs obviously refusing to obey.


“Oh,” she uttered and looked at me with her teary eyes.

“What’s the matter, my dear?”

“I think … I have a big problem,” she said and her body started to shake with sobs.
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