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23rd Century Digital Girl Chapter 9

We were sitting on the couch, watching TV, when the doorbell started to ring. Nicole swung her braced leg around, preparing to stand up. I stopped her with a gesture, then reached out and tickled her toes, which were curled up in a way I found very seductive.

“Don’t bother; I will open the door,” I said and reluctantly withdrew my hand.

“Thank you, Peter. Who could that be?” Her eyes flickered worriedly.

A blond girl about Nicole’s age was standing outside.

“Hi, I’m Hanna,” she said and winked mischievously at me. “Nicole, is this cutie your boyfriend?” she cried out and looked over my shoulder.

I turned back, Nicole’s face had paled a little.

“That’s my cousin Hanna,” she explained and smiled forcefully.

Hanna nudged me playfully in the ribs, then entered, swaying her hips in a provocative manner. I could not help glancing at her impossibly short skirt.

“Wow, what a nice brace you have!” exclaimed Hanna and bent over to examine it more closely.

“I’m not wearing it for fun.”

Hanna waved his hand dismissively.

“Sorry, the old problem, uh?”

“Yes, my knee, bad lubrication”.

I closed the door and returned into the hall. Hanna continued eyeing the brace.

“What’s that under your sole?

“Rubber heel, the doctor fixed it so that I can walk easier.”


“What are you doing around here, Hanna?”

“I visited a friend for a quick fuck – he is living nearby – then decided to drop in to see how are you doing.”

“Very nice of you.”

“By the way your toes look extremely suckable. Do you mind if I…”

“Hanna, please, be a good girl, at least today!” Nicole’s cheeks had reddened considerably.

“O, come on, don’t be such a nerd! Last time you let me do it, remember?”

Nicole ran her trembling fingers through her hair.

“Please, let’s not talk about that!”

“Oh, you feel embarrassed due to the presence of your boyfriend!

“That’s right. Let’s just change the subject, shall we?

Hanna stared at me, tilting her head slightly to one side.

“Is she fuckable already?”

“We do make love, yeah, why are you asking?”

“Her pelvis got fractured in the accident and… you know… her vagina practically got impenetrable. I remember her pussy lips shaking like a jelly, can you believe that?”

Nicole shuddered, then smoothed her skirt with both hands in a nervous gesture.

“You seem to be well informed,” I said, eyeing Hanna suspiciously.

“I visited her frequently in the hospital. Back then some kind of traction apparatus was stretching her badly broken body. Poor thing, stark naked, she was exposed to the eyes of all the personnel. I pitied her, decided to give her pleasure. Sometimes, when we were alone, I was venturing to rub her clit. Slightly, and very cautiously. She was moaning with pleasure, wetting my fingers with her juices. Her pussy was a bit contorted – her pubic bone was also fractured – so I was extremely cautious. When her moans mixed with painful growls, I let her rest, turning my attention to her cute little toes. I have always liked to suck them. Back then she could barely move them. I felt them trembling in my mouth – a great sensation. She seemed to like it very much too. And I used to lick her insoles and heels, which looked nice even with all those traction pins stuck in. Her right breast was missing but I…

“Hanna, please stop,” said Nicole.

“Come on, let’s go to bed together, the three of us,” Hanna chirruped.
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