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A Chance Encounter, Part 3

Charlotte meets Ashley learns some pleasureable painful lessons
The Ashley Lesson

My eyes slowly opened and shut several times before I realized the obnoxious sound echoing throughout the room was the alarm clock on my phone.

“Uh, that’s awful,” I sighed hitting the stop button.

What’s with this yellowish colored paint? Where the hell am I?

Then I remembered the night before, the entire day before. The vignette of emotion, passion and ecstasy crashed together in my head and I reached down rubbing my panties against my clit just briefly.

I looked around the room, still a little groggy and confused as I picked up my phone to check my messages.

The first was a text message from Julie telling me how huge Jacob Hiller’s cock was and I should call her later. As I continued scrolling through the typical weekend-drunk-text-messages from my friends I felt the need to text Grant. He had followed my instructions explicitly by not contacting me and I at least had to tell him I was okay.

At least tease him, he deserved to be teased…

“Hey-thanks for not texting/calling as I asked. I hope you’ve been a good boy while I figure out what to do…”

Thirty seconds later there was a reply from Grant:

“Dont know if I was supposed to respond but thank god you're okay. I texted Julie last night & she said you disappeared but saw you later in the bar downstairs with a guy? I was really worried. I was good, btw…just had some drinks w/ the guys at the frat house. Came home pretty early, then texted Julie.”

I sat up in the bed and looked around the room, contemplating how to respond. I could take the conversation in so many directions. I eventually responded after unsuccessfully typing four different messages before making a final decision.

“You’re up awfully early this morning…better get some rest…you have your mixer with DG tonight. Didn’t know you were concerned if I was w/another guy? Don’t you fantasize about such things…I’m confused”

I chuckled to myself as I teased him with my playful banter.

“So u were w/ someone? Yea I fantasize about that but not under these circumstances. Can I see you today?”

“Don’t know if I have time, I already have plans.”

I let that last message sink into his perverted brain for a few seconds. I lifted the sheets and snapped a photo of my body under the covers. He would easily recognize the black panties I was wearing in this strange bed.

“Sorry L , these circumstances were of your own making. Remember these panties?”

“My heart is beating 1K/minute, I’m so hard…WTH happened last night? You wore the AP stuff? Where are you?”

“No time to explain, have to do some laundry. Keep your phone w/you, I might text later & expect a quick response. No touching, I told u to be good.”

“I’ll have my phone, I am being good but it’s very hard.”


“I’m sure it’s hard, ha

It felt good to be so naughty; Master was helping me to understand that now. I quickly stood up resisting the lustful urge to masturbate and instead walked to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and washed my face hoping it would help me collect my thoughts.

As I gathered my dirty clothes and the lingerie from the night before I remembered what Doug had told me about Ashley.

The “Maid”? Somehow I doubt she’s actually a maid

I found a cute orange and white striped satin thong and one of my sorority t-shirts which were clean. I was nervous about going downstairs and meeting Ashley, even though I was growing more confident with Grant. The idea of meeting a total stranger in this house with these circumstances just felt disconcerting. I quietly opened the door, holding my dirty clothes and listening for any signs of movement downstairs.


I walked out into the hallway and once again was confronted by Indy, the large German Shepherd sleeping at the top of the stairs. I carefully stepped over him and proceeded to move quietly down the stairs.

Even though it was seven in the morning it seemed later than that, the sun was blaring through all of the windows exposing every nook and corner of the house, that the night before had been hidden away in the dark.

As I turned away from the front door and walked down the hallway to the kitchen I saw a reflection of a girl in the back door. She was wearing some kind of short black skirt.

Is that a maid’s outfit? She’s really a maid, come on!

I took a deep breath and smelled the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and Windex emanating from the kitchen.

“Good morning, miss,” said a girl’s voice as I entered the room and the voice stopped me in tracks. I stared in wonder at the girl putting glasses away in a cabinet on the other side of the kitchen.

“Uh, hi. I mean good morning,” I said unconfidently.

“My name is Charlotte, by the way, you don’t need to call me Miss” I continued talking as I started walking again towards the laundry room.

Ashley turned and looked at me, our eyes locked and I felt my stomach drop.

Oh my god, I know her. She’s a Delta Gamma; she was in my European Politics class last semester

“Oh, I know,” she smiled. “But, the note said to call you ‘Miss’,” she said casually.

She was walking towards me suddenly and I was unsure what to do. I was very aware of my half-naked state.

“Would you like me to do that, miss?”

“No, no, uh Mas…I mean Doug he told me to wash my stuff and…” I was stammering and unsure how to conduct myself.

Hi, I’m Charlotte and I just fucked that super hot lawyer upstairs last night and it’s really complicated but I’m his sex slave for 24 hours

“I know, miss,” she smiled again and her hand rested on my arm. “Mr. Anderson told me to help while you were here, and that I was to obey your commands as his commands.”

Ashley took the clothes and lingerie from my arms and walked into the laundry room, I heard the water start to run into the machine and I tried to compose myself as I sat down at the breakfast bar looking into the kitchen.

Ashley returned and started unloading the dish washer again. I watched for the next forty-five minutes in silence as she seemed to prance around the kitchen in the small black maid’s uniform.

The skirt was designed in a way that exposed her ass. The v-shape of the black silk skirt came down over her cheeks, with small white lace trim on the edges of the skirt, the crack of her ass visible behind a white bow. However, the bow hardly concealed the white satin thong tightly held against the perfectly shaped mounds of her ass.

I had never been with another girl, but there was no denying how incredibly erotic the entire scene had become. She was breathtaking - delicious actually.

Ashley was 5’5”, a few inches shorter than me, around 115 pounds with round firm breasts that weren’t too big for her frame. Her soft straight hair was a light brown with blond highlights that contrasted against her brown eyes.

I had lived in the sorority house for years, and while a few drunken nights had led to kissing sorority sisters, usually from the encouragement of our boyfriends, there had never been any desire to actually do anything more. But right here in this house, in this kitchen, at this moment, I wanted to touch her.

I don’t think you should have said that Master told you to obey my commands as his commands. My mind is concocting a devious plot…

“Ashley, you’re a Delta Gamma, right?” I broke the silence finally as she finished the dishes and turned to me.

“Yes, miss. Would you like some coffee?”

“Yes, please,” I replied.

Ashley poured a large cup and brought over a small tray holding cream and sugar.

I stirred the coffee and looked back up at her as she waited for me to finish.

“Do you know who I am?”

“Yes, miss I know who you are. Your name is Charlotte Swanson, you’re a Kappa and I think you’re a Political Science major.”

I raised my eyebrows as I realized she knew enough about me already to ruin my reputation at school, or anywhere else for that matter.

“Yea, that’s me,” I nodded sipping my coffee.

“You’re also dating that Fiji that lives in building across the courtyard from my apartment,” she said turning around to place the tray on the kitchen counter by the coffee maker.

“Do you work for….Master?” I stuttered the word Master, unsure what to call him but too afraid to call him anything else in his house.

“Yes, miss, but he is just Mr. Anderson to me. I met him at his law firm; they have an undergrad internship program there for pre-law students. I worked in the M&A area, and since he’s one of Senior Associates I had to work with a lot of his clients.”

“Did you…”

“Fuck him? Ha, no, miss. Not then, anyway. After the spring semester I was going to have to go home to Chicago because I couldn’t afford to live in my apartment for the summer. Between sorority dues and everything else I couldn’t afford it. He offered to let me stay with him for the summer; he paid me to do chores and housework which let me save up a bunch of money, now I only come here twice a week. He’s a great cook, by the way, but he likes to be waited on.”

Ashley laughed at the last sentence and covered her mouth, it was cute and I smiled back.

Not hard to imagine him preferring to be waited on

“But you have fucked him?” I asked again.

“Yes, miss he’s a lot of fun. He pays my apartment rent and I can keep up all my sorority stuff and classes without a part-time job that conflicts with all my classes. It worked out pretty well.”

“That’s a very cute outfit,” I said sipping my coffee again.

“Thank you….miss,” she said almost forgetting.

“What else did Master tell you in the note?” I asked more confidently.

“That he is training you and I should obey your commands as they were his, miss” she was leaning on the counter towards me and I blushed. We were staring at one another; the proximity of her body to mine was such that ignoring the sexual tension was becoming exceedingly difficult.

“My boyfriend wants me to dominate him but I don’t know how to do that, Master is showing me that. I assume I can tell you anything and you will never repeat it to anyone else?”

“Of course, miss.”

I pushed the stool away from the counter and spread my legs; I could feel my panties becoming wet.

“Come here, Ashley,” I almost whispered.

Ashley walked around the counter and stood between my legs, the bottom of her short maid skirt rested on my left knee. The white lace that trimmed the skirt tickled my bare leg.

“Are you submissive to Master?”

“Yes, miss,” she said quietly looking down at me.

“Can I make you submissive to me?” I asked as we continued using our hushed tones.

“Yes, miss.”

“Show me your pussy,” I leaned forward and my head was directly in line with her breasts. I could smell the body wash she had used that morning and inhaled the sweet fragrance.

I watched as her hands lifted her tiny black skirt and then pushed down the white soft fabric of her thong. Her pussy was bare and tanned like the rest of her body, but there was a small tattoo of a yellow jacket.

“That’s a cute yellow jacket,” I said into her breasts.

“It doesn’t sting, miss. That’s what I tell people,” Ashley said breathing in deeply.

“Is that a cute way of saying you like to be stung instead of doing the stinging?” I looked up into her eyes.

“Yes, miss. Not many people get that, Mr. Anderson did.”

“I’m beginning to understand this dominant-submissive stuff a little more; maybe that’s why I understand the subtle meaning of that. Would you really do anything I told you?”

“Yes, miss,” she said as her eyes locked into mine.

“Get on your knees.”

Ashley lowered herself down, bracing her hands on my thighs. As she rested on her knees, I scooted forward on the stool and my panties were now inches from her face.

“I’ve kissed my sorority sisters, but I’ve never done anything else with a girl. I want you to make me cum, I want you to be my first experience,” the words left my mouth but it felt surreal to say them.

I felt pure lust towards Ashley, her submissiveness was too much to resist. I could do anything I wanted with no consequence.

Grant is so stupid, he should have asked me to do this a long time ago

Ashley was still staring at me when I placed my hand on the back of her head and pulled her into me. I felt her tongue lick at the wetness that had accumulated on my panties as her soft hair became tangled in my fingers.

“Uhhh,” I moaned as my other hand now pushed against her head. “I’m not sure you should have offered to obey my commands because I want to take advantage of your submissiveness.”

I was talking through my growing excitement.

“I want to be taken advantage of, miss,” Ashley said as her mouth pressed firmly against my pussy.

“I want to cum soon; you have to do better, Ashley. You act like this is your first time.”

“It is, miss,” she replied and I looked down still holding her head. I was a little frightened by the confession.

“You’ve never done this?” I asked as she continued licking.

“No, miss.”

“Then you’ll learn from me,” I said leaning back and pulling her deeply into my pussy.

By leaning back I had better leverage against her mouth and I began to fuck her, my wet pussy soaking her lips and mouth.

Her tongue was darting in and out of me as her teeth grinded against my throbbing clit.

“Uh, I love your mouth. I love that you will do anything I say.”

As I spoke Ashley’s mouth became feverish with excitement, she was enthusiastically trying to make me cum. I smiled to myself realizing the impact my words were having.

“Ashley is my maid-slut, aren’t you?” I said closing my eyes and it happened again as Ashley’s zeal took over.

“I have the whole day with you and Master. Would my little yellow jacket like to get stung?”

“Hmm, yes miss,” Ashley stopped to look up at me.

“Who told you to stop?” I looked down at her sternly.

I watched her mouth rapidly move back down on my pussy, pulling my panties aside to get even better access.

“Hmm, yes slut,” I said bucking my hips up and slouching down even further on the stool. “Make me cum, make me cum…”

My voice trailed off as I felt my orgasm building, my muscles beginning to twitch while I bit down on my quivering lip.

“Yes!” I yelled out grinding her teeth against my clit as my hands pulled her face firmly against my pussy so she would catch every ounce of my orgasm within her mouth.

“Hmmf,” Ashley’s voice was muffled by the orgasm filling her mouth.

As my climax began to subside my hands gradually relaxed, and I pulled Ashley’s head up, beckoning her to stand.

“Yes, miss?” She asked sweetly as she started to rise off of her knees.

Before she could stand up completely I pulled her face to mine and kissed her lips, the wetness of on her lips and face smeared against my skin.

I tasted myself on her sweet tanned skin and I opened my mouth, her tongue pushing itself past my lips.

“Are you my slut?” I hissed into her open mouth.

“Yes, miss,” she replied.

“Go finish washing my laundry, and take these dirty panties with you,” I said kissing her lips again.

“Yes, miss,” she said beginning to pull the wet satin down my legs. She moved quickly to the laundry room, her little thong exposed as she scurried away.

I smiled, congratulating myself for my confidence and bravery.

I walked to the coffee maker and poured another cup as Ashley returned with a cute pair of yellow sheer panties.

“Are these your yellow jacket panties?” I laughed.

“Yes, miss, for football games and stuff.”

“Yea, the Kappas have these, too. I actually have a pair of black one’s with yellow polka dots,” I told her as I pulled them up my legs.

I sat down again on my stool at the bar, in my new clean panties, and watched Ashley cook breakfast.

I looked up a few minutes later and saw Doug standing in the doorway wearing a t-shirt and black running pants just watching the two of us interact.

“Master,” I said happily as he looked at me with a mischievous grin.

“I see y’all met each other. So are you getting along okay?” He asked walking towards Ashley who smiled and handed him a cup of coffee.

“Yes, Mr. Anderson,” Ashley answered handing him a plate of eggs, toast and bacon.

“Wonderful, I knew you’d like each other,” he said sitting next to me and eating. “So, what did I miss?”

“Ashley said she had to obey my commands, so I gave her some commands,” I said trying not to sound nervous.

“Really? What did you tell her to do?” He stopped eating and looked over at me.

“She, said she’d do anything Master. So, I told her to get on her knees and make me cum.”

“Ahh,” he said coughing. “So you went down on her Ashley?” He turned to face Ashley.

“Yes, Mr. Anderson.”

“Wow, that’s impressive, maybe I shouldn’t have slept in. So, Charlotte how did it feel to tell her what to do?” He asked returning his gaze to the food.

“It was unbelievable Master. I just couldn’t resist her submission, she told me she’d do anything so I thought of something outrageous and she did it.”

“Ha, well that’s how it works. Did you get your laundry done?”

“Yes, Master. Ashley helped me and it’s drying now.”

“Excellent. So we have the entire day, but where to start?” His voice was trailing off as he handed Ashley the empty plate.

“I don’t know, Master,” I responded to his comment unsure if that’s what he intended.

“I’ll be honest with you both I thought you’d get along, but I didn’t think it would be quite this friendly. I think you should join us today, Ashley. I hope you can finish your chores before we are ready to leave.”

Ashley smiled and looked at me.

“Yes, sir. I actually got here early this morning after your text message last night. Where are we going?”

Master backed his stool away from the bar and stood up, looking down at both of us.

“Shopping. I know how much you girls hate shopping; I could take some other girls if you’d rather stay here with each other?” His sarcastic tone made me smile, but Ashley half jumped up and leaned over the counter to him.

“No, please Mr. Anderson. I promise I’ll be done in time.”

Ashley’s hair was still disheveled from our earlier rendezvous, but she looked adorable as her hair fell onto her face and she brushed it behind her ears.

“Hmm, alright, alright. You have some time before we leave, get moving,” he replied stroking her cheek lightly with his thumb.

Ashley smiled at me and started to rinse his plate off in the sink.

“Charlotte,” Master motioned for me to follow him.

I stood up, following him down the hall and watched as he turned, disappearing into his office. As I approached the door to his office I heard him typing on his laptop.

“Come here Charlotte,” he said softly as the sunlight shone brightly through the room.

I walked to his chair and stood beside him, briefly looking down at the laptop’s screen. He was writing an email but I couldn’t make out any other details.

“Kneel here,” He said casually as he continued to type.

I looked nervously down at the wooden floor and began to kneel.

“So, have you spoken with Grant?”

“I texted him this morning, Master but I didn’t speak to him. I’m sorry you didn’t say I wasn’t supposed to…” My sentence trailed off as I looked up to him nervously.

“Ha, no I didn’t say anything about not talking to him. What happened?”

“He talked to my friend Julie, she saw us in the bar last night. I think he was turned on after realizing I was okay. Julie told him I was with a strange guy, Master.”

“I see. Did you tease him? I bet you did, making him think you were a naughty girl last night,” Master said looking down at me smiling.

“Yes, Master I did. I couldn’t help it. It was very arousing.”

My once clean panties began to dampen with my excitement as I recounted the morning’s tale.

“I think you’re finding your way quite well. Did you decide what you want to do with Grant; will you break up with him? You slept with me last night; perhaps it gave you a change of heart and you want to date other people?”

“No, Master. I love him; I want to be that girl for him. I understand a little better why he lied to me, but it still hurts that he did. I want to punish him; I want to make him understand what that humiliation feels like.”

Master’s mischievous smile returned to his face.

“Come here,” he whispered seductively.

I stood up and raised my leg over his body, straddling him in his large leather chair.

“Mmm,” he moaned into my ear, pulling my body into his.

I could feel his large erection pressing though his pants against my excited sex.

“Fuck me, Master. Please.”

“No,” he responded quickly.

“Please, Master. Fuck me now; it’s your pussy to take.”

“No, Charlotte, not now. But since you’ve gotten me so distracted you can take care of that.”

I smiled and slid down his body between his legs, my body hidden beneath his desk. I slid my hands up to the waistband of his running pants and pulled them down, once again exposing his cock to my awaiting mouth.

I leaned forward licking the tip delicately until I felt Master’s hand push down on my head and I obliged by taking him deep within my mouth.

“Mmm, no teasing me this morning, slave. My time is ticking away,” he said between short gasps of air.

I bobbed my head up and down hitting it once on the underside of his desk but it didn’t distract me from my task.

“You enjoyed making Ashley your slut; you’ll get the chance again this afternoon. You’ll practice for Grant on her as I watch.”

My panties were now drenched from Master’s comments and I vigorously consumed his hard cock, stroking, sucking and licking. I was impatiently waiting for the treat of his orgasm.

“Mmm,” he moaned again and pulled my head down until my nose pressed against his fine trail of hair on his abdomen.

His body finally became tense and his cock swelled within my mouth as the first shot of cum landed against the back of my throat and I continued to milk the remaining load.

“You have either had entirely too much practice at that, or you must really be good at figuring out what guys want,” Master said as he rolled his chair back towards the wall, pulling me along my knees with him.

“Hmm, well maybe both, Master,” I said seductively.

I stood up and his hand reached out brushing the wetness of my pussy through the wet fabric.

“Are you frustrated?” He whispered.

“Yes, Master.”

“Good, you should be,” he responded as his thumb manipulated my clit. “Now go get ready so we can leave soon; I have work to finish.”

“But, Ma…,” I stopped as he looked at me with a serious face. “Yes, Master,” I said quickly walking away.

Fuck! I’m so horny I can’t believe he did that. Note to self: be sure to do that to Grant.

Another Frustrating Lesson

Ashley and Master were already waiting for me at the front door when I came quickly down the stairs.

“Sorry, Master, it takes time to look beautiful,” I said twirling around once I got to the bottom of the stairs.

I had chosen my Hudson jeans and a white button down shirt with my Burberry flats. Master was wearing a light gray cashmere sweater and jeans, his dark hair held back on his head by a pair of sunglasses.

Ashley was sitting down on a chair in the hallway wearing a pair of short blue shorts, a yellow and white striped tank top, and brown Rainbow sandals.

“Well, you do look beautiful,” he said spanking my ass loudly as I started to open the front door.

I winced slightly from his spanking but reached into my purse and pulled out my sunglasses.

“See, you’re fully clothed and all put together, yet you are stunning. This Grant fellow is quite lucky.”

I smiled at his compliment but didn’t respond as we piled into his blue Ranger Rover Sport.

“Where are we heading?” I asked.

“Lennox Square. Ashley never gets to shop there and I’m guessing you never go there.”

I nodded in agreement as he started the car and we pulled away from the house.

Several minutes later we pulled into one a parking space near the Nordstrom store and made our way inside. I was nervous, unsure of what to expect from this trip and what exactly we were shopping for.

“Mast…Doug, what are we shopping for” I asked him quietly as the three of us walked towards an escalator.

“Boots, and a new outfit for tonight.”

We arrived at desk with a girl sitting behind it and Doug handed the girl a card and spoke quietly to her. She smiled as he spoke and finally nodded.

“This way,” she said motioning for us to follow her.

Ashley and I looked at each other confused as we arrived inside a private area with mirrors and a couch and chairs along one side ofthe room and a large dressing area with a curtain on the other side of the room.

“We can try on things here,” Doug said trying to answer our non-verbalized questions.

The girl disappeared and Doug walked over kissing me lightly on the lips and then doing the same to Ashley.

“Sit down and relax, you two.” He smiled again and as he turned to sit down on the couch.

Ashley and I both sat down on the two chairs in front of the mirror and waited quietly until another girl appeared with several boxes and dresses.

“Mr. Anderson here are the items you requested,” the girl said casually before setting all of the items down and hanging up the dresses on a hook. “Will there be anything else?”

“No, thank you,” he replied and she left closing the door behind her.

“Well, try them on,” he motioned towards the box and we both stood up quickly moving towards the boxes.

I opened one of the boxes and pulled out a black corset and black satin panties.

“Oh my god, are you serious? You can’t buy me this,” I said staring at the price on the box and looking over to him. “This is Agent Provocateur, Doug.”

“I can buy you anything I want, you don’t want it?”

“Uhh, no I want it.”

“You’re gonna look so hot in that I’m going to wish I was Grant.”

Ashley pulled out a pair of knee-high leather boots.

“Wow, really Mr. Anderson?”

“Yup, don’t you have a sorority party tonight? You can be a dominatrix.”

“Our Halloween one, yea. Actually it’s with Grant’s fraternity.”

“Isn’t that ironic,” he said in mock surprise.

I continued to go through the boxes and pulled out another pair of boots, they were identical to Ashley’s.

“What are you planning Doug?” I asked.

“Who said I was planning anything? I actually thought it would be fun for Ashley to go as a Dominatrix, ironic no?”

Ashley smiled and walked over to Doug and sat on his lap.

“I love it, Mr. Anderson,” she said kissing him deeply.

I found myself slightly jealous until Doug stopped her.

“Mmm, behave Ashley, all in good time.”

“Mmm,” she moaned in agreement as she kissed his cheek.

“Those dresses there are for you both as well. Tonight is a date with me, Charlotte, while our friend Ashley has to go to her party.”

“There is one additional present for you Charlotte: a new coat.”

I sat on the floor scrambling through the boxes trying to find the unopened one and finally found it. The Burberry logo was small against the vast white space of the box. I opened it and pulled out a tan rain coat, it was perfect – exactly what I had wanted.

How the hell did he know I wanted this?

I looked up to thank him when I noticed he was pulling at Ashley’s shorts, his hand was inside the waist and grabbing at her perfect ass. She was straddling him as I had been that morning in his office.

Ashley’s hips rubbed against the erection in his jeans and she looked anxious to get her shorts down.

I shut my eyes tightly, my face was turning red and my head was suddenly pounding. I was feeling a jealous rage swarming inside me as I watched his hands snake over her gorgeous body.

Oh God that burns…Is this how it felt to Grant this morning when he thought I was with a stranger last night?

I sat on the floor, still talking to myself inside my head, as Ashley franticly undid Doug’s jeans and pulled his cock out. I watched as she pulled her thong aside and guided him inside her.

I want you now Doug! How can you fuck her like this in front of me?

“Uhhh, yes!” Ashley’s hair flung back and she arched her back towards the ceiling, riding him with a quickened pace.

Doug’s hand slapped her ass and her whole body flinched in reaction.

“Turn around, Ashley,” I heard him whisper to her.

Ashley got off of him and bent over putting her hands on the ground, presenting herself to him. But in her new position Ashley was now only a few feet from me.

I looked sternly at Ashley but she only sat there waiting impatiently for Doug to begin fucking her again.

I moved my face away from Ashley’s eyes and locked instead on Doug’s.

“Is this what you want, slave?” He asked me.

“Yes, Master,” I responded pressing the palm of my hand against my jean covered clit.

“You will have my cock when I say, not a minute before,” he said as his hands grabbed Ashley’s waist and pulled her onto his cock.

He thrust inside her deeply and I watch as her mouth fell open but no sound came out.

“Yes, Master,” I said looking down again at the blue and gray colored carpet.

Doug continued pounding her pussy until I heard her stifle an orgasm through her closed mouth.

“Hmmmff,” she moaned quietly looking into my eyes with a sexual satisfaction that made my insides burn again.

Doug slowly pulled himself out of Ashley and I saw a drip of cum fall onto the carpet below and he motioned for me to come closer.

Ashley was on her knees now and her mouth inches from his glistening cock.

Doug said nothing as his eyes seemed to communicate what he was thinking.

I sat up on my knees and closed my eyes, my tongue extending out to lick at the accumulation of fluids on him. The taste was tangy and sweet all at once, the combination of the two surprised me but then again I’d never tasted another girl before either.

Ashley’s mouth was close to me as I sucked at Doug’s cock; her warm breath entered my mouth every time I would adjust my mouth on his cock.

Suddenly I felt her hand on the back of my neck, her soft lips against my neck and shoulder.

“Mmmm,” I moaned slightly with Doug’s cock preventing anything louder.

Ashley’s mouth was now against my ear and I closed my eyes again as her tongue traced along my earlobe.

“He whispered to me….he told me I’d been very bad. He’s training you to be a Mistress, are you going to do something about that?” Ashley’s voice tickled my ear and I stopped sucking as I concentrated on her words.

I pulled my mouth off of Doug’s cock and held it in my hand as I turned to look at Ashley.

“You’ll find out just how much I can sting you little yellow jacket.”

I used my other hand to guide her face toward Doug’s cock and pushed him into her mouth.

“Slut,” I whispered through her hair as I began to stand up.

“Now you know what Grant feels, its combination of panic, excitement and raw jealousy,” Doug said in a calm voice.

“Yes, Master, I understand now.”

“Good, now let’s go eat.”

We both looked down at Ashley as she continued sucking him, my hand playfully running through her hair.

Some things aren’t luck

We successfully managed to compose ourselves again and Doug graciously paid the large bill for our outfits.

I’m sure fucking Ashley and having me give you head didn’t make that bill quite as painful, Doug

After lunch at a café in the area we started to walk back to Doug’s car when Ashley stopped us.

“Mr. Anderson, please can we go inside. I just want to pick out a new skirt, I saw Charlotte’s and wanted one,” Ashley said using her best pouty-give-me-what-I-want face.

“Alright, I suppose,” he responded as she scurried away quickly up the stairs inside the store.

“What the hell is this place Charlotte?” He asked me as we followed Ashley slowly.

“It’s a store owned by Abercrombie, but it’s a different brand. They just sell bras, panties, skirts and a few shirts or sweaters.”

“Oh, what the world needs: more A&F stores,” he responded sarcastically.

Once inside we found Ashley digging through a drawer of skirts trying to find the right size. It was the same skirt I had worn the day before to have lunch with Grant.

She must have seen it doing my laundry

Doug and I laughed to each other in her excitement and then wandered around before stopping in a section dedicated to underwear.

“Kinda cute, I guess. Lots of stripes, plaids, polka dots,” Doug commented holding up a cotton plaid thong.

“It’s stylish, Doug. It’s not as though you don’t like it,” I said sorting through the different styles.

Then something caught my eye: a navy blue satin bikini with a floral design.

“Hmm, sure why not,” Doug’s voice was right behind me and I felt his crotch against my ass.

“Behave. They’re not for me.”

“Ashley? She’d look cute in those with her matching skirt.”

“Nope,” I smiled mischievously.

“Grant?” He said with genuine surprise.

“Yea, he stole the pair that I had on the first time we had sex. He’s kept some of these in his secret box of stuff.”

“Well, Grant is surprising me all the time.”

“Join the club,” I smirked in response as Ashley appeared suddenly next to us.

“I’m so excited I’ve always wanted one of these skirts,” she said almost laughing.

“Dude, you’re here with both those chicks. That’s awesome,” said a mysterious male’s voice.

I looked up to find a high school aged boy and his friend gawking at the three of us. Doug stood silently as the other boy spoke.

“You’re lucky,” the second boy said.

“There’s no such thing as luck, only chances and probabilities,” Doug responded as Ashley and I held back laughter.

Ashley leaned over suddenly and kissed me, holding my face and turning it to her.

“Uhhh I want to be you,” said the first guy to Doug again.

“If you want to be like him, you have to stop dressing like a Jersey Boy,” Ashley said pulling away from my mouth.

I was too stunned to speak as we made our way to the check out and Ashley whispered to me:

“That was fun, I love screwing with jackasses like that. If they’d be more like Doug they’d get laid.”

I was getting ready to respond to her “be more like Doug” comment when I looked over to her.

“Smart,” she said answering the thought in my head.

I took out my phone while we stood in line, snapped a photo of the blue floral panties and quickly typed a text message to Grant:

“Do you like them? They made me think of you…”

A few seconds later I got a response:

“Yup, why did you think of me?”

“B/c you like to wear them J , ttyl”

I’ll let you chew on that for a little while, Grant.

Mistress delivers a small sting

Two hours later I was standing in the corner of Doug’s office wearing only the black bra and panties I had worn the night before. Ashley stood next to me wearing a similar outfit.

“Charlotte,” Doug said from behind me. His hand pulled me away from the wall and towards him.

“Yes, Master?”

“It’s time to be in charge, it’s time to practice on Ashley.”

I stood awkwardly in silence for a few seconds while he went to sit down at his desk.

Finally I moved towards Ashley and reached out slowly to her body, her skin was still smooth and tanned as it had been that morning. I stepped forward and could once again smell her body wash, it was sweet and fragrant.

Your body wash is starting to turn me on; I need to find out what it is

I felt her body tense up a little at my touch and I got directly behind her, breathing onto her neck.

“Are you my maid-slut?”

“Yes…Mistress,” the words came out slowly, especially “mistress” and I closed my eyes concentrating on the word.

“You made me very jealous this afternoon, fucking him,” her hair obstructed my view as her head turned slightly as though to look at me.

“I’m sorry, Mistress. I was obeying his command.”

“But it disappointed me, what are you going to do about that?”

“Please Mistress punish me.”

I slapped her panty covered ass before she could finish asking for her punishment.

“Hmm,” she whimpered softly facing the wall.

I slapped at her ass again more forcefully.

“Go stand in front of the desk,” I said harshly.

She scooted past me quickly and stood in front of desk facing Doug, who sat motionless watching the scene before him.

“Pull those panties down and bend over,” I said walked behind her.

Ashley complied with my demand as her perfectly chiseled ass became unfettered by the black colored panties.

“Your ass is so perfect, I don’t know whether to be jealous or excited,” I said looking directly at Doug.

“Your ass is perfect, Mistress. My ass isn’t as perfect as yours,” she responded from the desk, her cheek resting against a pile of legal papers on Doug’s desk.

“Don’t drool on those,” Doug spoke quietly to Ashley who closed her mouth quickly.


My hand came down with a vengeance upon her flesh and Ashley’s body rose off the desk.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

I was alternating between the two globes of perfection as Doug had done the night before.

“Is she doing a good job?” Doug whispered to Ashley as my hand came down again.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

“Ye-ye-yes, sir,” she blurted out loudly and Doug smiled at me.

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Ashley’s ass had begun to turn red and I could make out the visible line of my silver Tiffany’s ring on her ass.

A month after we started dating Grant had heard me mention the ring to him and he scraped together the money somehow to buy it for my birthday. I smiled to myself remembering the present.

I bet Grant just can’t wait for this to be his ass

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Smack! Smack! Smack!

Smack! Smack! Smack!

I looked up and saw Doug nod to me as Ashley’s face had turned red and a tear was just visibile.

I panicked momentarily as I looked at Doug in terror.

“How did she do, Ashley?” Doug asked leaning down and kissing her cheek.

“Very good sir, thank you Mistress. I needed a little sting,” she laughed quietly at the last statement.

Doug nodded in approval to me and I reached down to Ashley’s ass and rubbed the hot flesh.

“You’re welcome, Ashley.”

My hand continued down her body and between her legs, feeling for her hopefully wet pussy.

Mmm you are wet, Delta Gamma – Dirty Girl

My middle finger pushed up inside her pussy and my hand began to make circular motions as I fucked her.

“Oh Mistress,” she moaned.

“Beg, slut,” I braced myself with my other hand and bend down over the desk hissing into her ear.

“Please, Mistress, please fuck me with your fingers.”

“No,” I answered as I pulled my hand away from her and moved it to her mouth.

I smiled as she wantonly licked at my fingers in an eerily similar scene to the night before. I loved the new exchange of power, I was in charge now.

I stood up, pulling Ashley’s body up with me.

“Get on your back, on the floor,” I commanded as she looked into my eyes and then back down at the floor.

“Yes, Mistress.”

As she lay down and looked up at me I pulled my panties down and tossed them to Doug, who snatched them like a teenager who caught the guitar pick at a concert.

I stepped over Ashley’s body and looked down as she looked in wonder up at my nude torso, only my black bra still holding anything back.

I lowered myself slowly down and dropped my wet sex directly onto her nose, it briefly entered me as I pushed back and the wetness of my lips began to coat her mouth.

“Mmm,” I exhaled as my upperbody arched upwards dragging my torso behind and rubbing down against her face. “Your mouth feels so good, slut.”

“Make me cum you little slut,” my words sent her into a frenzy as her tongue danced around inside me.

“Ohh…mmm that’s good,” I replied to her tongue. “Do you want the other girls to find out what a little slut you are? How good you are at licking pussy?”

I looked down at her and grabbed her soft brown hair, her eyes looked at me in slight pain but her mouth was locked away in my pussy.

“Do you want them to know what you’re doing here with me? I can tell how much you like pussy,” I said half laughing.

I moved down her mouth and rested myself on your chest.

“Please, Mistress don’t tell them, I’ll do anything.”

“Well, maybe. We’ll see how good of a job you do.”

I lifted my torso back up and planted it onto her mouth as she furiously went after my pussy again, desperate to make me cum.

“I gave my little yellow jacket a sting and now she’s sticking her tongue in my pussy for the second time in one day. She’s wonderful Doug; I see why you keep her around.”

Ashley’s hands grabbed my waist and my hands grabbed her hair as she started pushing my hips along her face.

“You want me to fuck your face again, little slut?”

She nodded her head slightly as I smiled.

“You do want to make me cum. Come on and make your Mistress cum so you can drink it all up.”

I tightened my grip on her hair and began riding her face as if it was Doug’s cock; all I could think about was riding that cock, letting it fill me up.

“If I rode your mouth as hard as you rode Doug at the store today I might break you,” I said with a little twinge of jealousy.

A few seconds later I felt the impending arrival of an orgasm and I braced myself with both hands on the floor, leaning over Ashley’s body as she pulled me ever deeper into her mouth.

“Ahhh, Ashley….make me cum! Do it!” I yelled out as my body began to shake and I gyrated on top of her open mouth.

When my climax had dwindled down and my body came off its high I pushed myself back off her face and stared into her eyes.

“You were amazing,” I whispered.

“Thank you, Mistress,” she replied a little embarrassed.

“I won’t tell anyone your secret, and you won’t tell anyone mine, right?” I said continuing to whisper.

She raised her finger to her mouth as if to indicate it was our secret.

“Good girl, but I need you to do me one more favor before you leave to go home.”

“Yes, Mistress?” She asked me confused.

I stood up and looked over at Doug who handed me the small gift bag containing the panties from our shopping trip.

“I need you to deliver this to Grant’s apartment, leave it on his front porch. I’ll let him know to expect something but don’t ring the doorbell or knock. Just text me that you’ve delivered it and I’ll text him to open his door, got it?”

I looked down at Ashley, one hand on my hip and the other holding the bag.

“Yes, Mistress, I’ll deliver it.”

Ashley’s eyes were fixated on me as I delivered my command.

I actually feel like a Mistress right now, I like this power

Ashley sat up from the floor and kissed my bare pussy as she looked up into my eyes, taking the bag from my hand.

“Good girl,” I said brushing her hair out of her face.

“Is that all you want me to do Mistress?”

“No, but I have written instructions already in your bag. Read them when you get home, but after you’ve delivered the package,” I said firmly as she kissed my leg.

“Yes, Mistress.”

“What do you think, Doug?” I turned to face him as he sat quietly behind his desk.

“I think it didn’t take much effort to make you dominant,” he looked down at his watch. “It’s only been eighteen hours and you’re ready to start a website.”

“Is that bad?” I asked.

“No, I think Grant better be ready for you when you see him,” he laughed and looked down at his laptop again typing.

“Better get going, Ashley,” I said helping her to stand as I kissed her gently on the lips.

She nodded and walked to the corner and got dressed quickly as I sat down in a chair across from Doug’s desk. Within three minutes Ashley was already out the door, hurry to deliver the package and get home to her apartment.

“Your plan is quite devious, Charlotte.” Doug said looking over from the laptop to me..

“Yea, I know. But he’ll like it and he deserves it,” I said smirking.

“Remind me never to upset you.”

I stood up and picked up my phone from Doug’s desk and sent Grant a text message:

Are you home?”

Five seconds later:

“Yes! Are you coming over???”

“No. Stay inside.”

“Uh, okay.”


Thirty minutes later Ashley sat in her car and looked around the courtyard at the handful of people walking to and from their cars or walking their dogs. She picked up the gift bag and got out of her car and looked at her apartment building before she walked up the stairs towards Grant’s apartment.

It’s not like this was a hard task, all she had to do was leave the bag on his door step and leave, but she was worried about Grant surprising her.

She got to the second floor and looked around the large open area between the four doors on the second floor.

“Oh, there it is,” she said quietly to herself as she walked to apartment 1421.

She sat the bag quietly onto the door mat and turned quickly, running down the stairs and away from the apartment as quickly as possible, smiling at the little game.


Doug and I were sitting on his couch having a drink in his living room, passively watching the Alabama-Tennessee football game, when my phone chimed from Ashley's text. Doug's dog Indy sat up from the floor, annoyed by the phone's noise.

“Done. Package is on his doorstep.”

I texted back:

“Excellent work. Better go get ready for your mixer tonight J ”

“Time to send Grant out to get the package,” I smiled at Doug.

I started a message to Grant:

“Left a present for you on your front porch, better hurry.”

A minute later Grant responded:

“What’s with the panties? Are you going to come over tonight and wear them?”

“Nope, they’re for you. You’re going to wear them to the Halloween party w/ the Delta Gammas. Don’t you like wearing them? Of course you do, it will be fun for you J ”

A few minutes went by and he didn’t respond and I got nervous I might have pushed him too far.

“Fine. I was about to get ready anyway, have to meet the guys at JC’s for dinner at 7.”

Attached was a photo of Grant standing in his bathroom mirror with his pants unbuttoned, the panties visibile – he had already put them on.

“Shit, he really did it,” I said handing Doug the phone as I lay on the couch next to him.

“Of course he did, Charlotte. Just wait until tonight he’ll do things you never thought were possible - and all because you told him to do it.”

Never thought possible? That sounds incredibly mysterious…and naughty. Hmmmm

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