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A Chance Encounter - The Rematch

Sarah comes to London and is taken to a special club by Matt...Will she survive it...Will he!
The Stiletto is an actual place in London. I have not been there. While some of the rooms can be seen on the web-site, others are fictitious. I do not know the actual dress code of this place, and I cannot comment on what anyone gets up to while they frequent the venue.

This is a work of pure fiction. After writing this - I think I would like to take Sarah there myself.

A Chance Encounter - The Rematch

It had been about eight months since I met with Sarah. My business trips, for some reason, had dried up. It seemed the clients now preferred to come to me instead, which was a great shame.

So here I was in front of my computer looking at an email from her. We had sent a fair few emails through the Lush site during this time, and even chatted on-line. The conversations and emails did become somewhat heated at times, especially when we related what we did and what we would like to do.

But I for one never imagined a return match.

I was looking at the email with the following subject line and body:

Red Dress in London

Hiya Matt,

I am coming over to London for a couple of weeks vacation on 3 rd June, seeing friends and one or two family. I have a few days in London from 15th -17th on my own. How are you fixed?

xxx Sarah

How was I fixed indeed, I thought. To be honest, I didn’t really know. I thought about it. I actually thought long and hard about it. Often my mind would actually float away and present me with visuals of her posture against the mirror. I wrote back and said that I would be happy to meet for coffee, probably on one of the days. I gave the 16th as the preferred date. Why? Because I knew I could stay over at a friends.

The weeks seemed to drag. I had a few emails from her while she was in the country, but they were very tame. One of them related her trip to Camden Market and I wondered what sights she would have encountered there and what bars she would have ended up in.

As the fateful day approached, I still wasn’t sure what we would do. She had hinted in one of her emails about dressing up sexily and going to some club. I only knew one or two clubs in London, but I wasn’t sure about taking her there. Then again, I thought, why not. We had agreed to meet at seven thirty at the Radisson hotel in Leicester Square; posh I thought. I had told her to dress up like a tart which was definitely not right for that hotel.

At six thirty I got off the tube at Tottenham Court Road walked to the hotel and went into the toilets to change. As I walked out of the room with my bag in my hand I was bombarded with the strangest looks from just about everyone. I couldn’t actually blame them.

I proceeded to the receptionist desk and asked if they would call room 214 for me. They did, and handed me the phone. The receptionist retreated quickly before she became associated with me. I must have looked a right sight for such a posh hotel. The phone rang and eventually a woman’s voice answered.

"I'm downstairs, in a red dress, see you soon!”, I said and I heard a brief giggle before I put the phone down. In my mind, I was begging her to be quick and I waited at the bar.

Not long after I heard guffaws and laughter coming from the side of the bar. Sarah was in fits of laughter as she saw me.

“I can‘t believe you…”, she said, “What the fuck…”, her mouth was wide open in disbelief and she laughed once again.

I was sitting at the bar with a slinky red dress on. My chest hairs poking out of the top and I came complete with white socks and trainers. I couldn’t be bothered to purchase red high heels as well.

She just stood there and laughed at me.

I eventually got up, walked over to her and kissed her.

“Well, what do you think?”, I said.

She shook her head from side to side, “Speechless…”, she said, “Absolutely speechless”. I had to agree.

“Can I use your room to change?”, I asked.

“Awww, aren't you going out in that?”, she questioned.

“I wasn't planning on it…”, I said, “it was just for fun…”

She smiled and let me off the hook. We retired to her room and I noticed some blokes smiling around the bar once they had heard why I was dressed as I was. Before that, they were keeping well clear. I got changed as quickly as I could.

We kissed again, both of us pleased to see each other.

“I have something planned for you”, I said, “You will like it”, I continued in a firm tone.

She smiled, “Really…”, she replied, “I hope its as good as the last time, as I remember…”, she continued.

“Probably better…but you must really, really trust me OK”, I said.

“Hmmm…”, she replied, “How bad is it…”, she continued.

“Not bad, just different”, I replied, and with that we left the room and headed out into Old London Town.

We walked for a while before finding a suitable restaurant where we could eat. The conversation was easy, as easy as it was the first time. We just seemed to be on the same wavelength all the time. At ten thirty we left and headed off to a place I had frequented just the once, a place where one of my ex’s actually took me, it was called Stiletto.

“What sort of club is this?”, she asked.

“It‘s Stiletto…”, I replied, “A kinky sort of place…”, I continued.

“Okay…”, she said, “I‘m game if you are!”, she exclaimed.

We paid our twenty pounds entry and walked inside. There were all sorts of rooms in the Stiletto. There was a pole dancing and disco room, a cozy room, a very large four poster bed room, a tie room and a dark room. We entered the cozy room and bar area first.

We were dressed fairly normal, myself, in smart casual wear and Sarah in a short sexy skirt, hold up stockings and heels and a tight fitting but smart top. I don’t think she had a bra on and I was ninety nine percent certain she had no knickers, but I hadn’t actually checked the latter in my suave and sophisticated way.

Sarah’s eyes fell wide open when she surveyed everyone in the room. Her eyes wandered from person to person taking in the sights. Most of the women were dressed in high heels, hence the name, but a few had extreme fetish-ware on, and I do mean extreme.

Sarah nudged my arm, “Look at her…”, she exclaimed.

I saw a woman dressed in a one piece see through plastic garment, taped at the side with red piping and a long zip stretching from her pussy to her neck.

I could see that Sarah was enchanted by her looks and what she wore. I saw her mouth the words “WOW!”, and I secretly awarded myself with a smile. Her eyes followed the woman around the place flitting towards other people as they came into her field of view.

“Oh My God!”, Sarah exclaimed.

I looked in her direction and saw a woman in a red leather outfit. Completely covered to her neck, with her large, bulbous, but firm breasts totally exposed. Her lips bright red and her hair green. She was carrying a few glasses of champagne. She walked right towards us.

“Hi, I‘m Suzie”, she said, “please have a glass of our complimentary champagne, I hope to see you later”, she said as she eyed Sarah intently.

“Hi, I‘m Sarah“, said Sarah as she smiled at Suzie and accepted the glass. She then looked at me and grinned broadly.

“You‘re a dark horse…”, she said.

We entertained ourselves throughout the evening, just looking and taking in the sights of this strange yet wonderful place. We eventually ended up outside the bed room. It was huge and easily the size of four King-sized beds. It was made for fucking.

There were three people on it when we arrived. A dark lady reclined on the bed almost at its centre, her skirt elevated around her waist with a woman licking her pussy in a gentle and loving way and a chap that was kissing her and fondling her breasts through her blouse.

“A bit early”, I said.

“Really…”, replied Sarah.

We wandered through to where the dark room was.

“What‘s this place?”, asked Sarah.

I looked at her about to explain and I thought no, why not let her find out.

“Go inside and close the door”, I said.

“But its dark; pitch black in there…”, she replied.

“Go on and whatever you do, don‘t be afraid”, I encouraged.

She looked at me and went in. As soon as she closed the door a light came on in the cozy room. A light that signified someone was in the dark room. People started to arrive at the dark room and several persons of both sexes gathered around. The whole area was very dark. I saw them access small openings with their hands and pushing their hands through the wall of the dark room.

Sarah gasped out loud when the lady next to me touched her breast. Then she gasped and cried out again when someone touched her thigh.

“Oh Fuck me…wow!”, she exclaimed from within the room.

Suddenly, there were about ten different hands on her body. Suzie came up to me and asked me if Sarah was in the room. I said yes, she then walked behind me and towards the back of the room. She accessed an opening and slid her hand in.

Sarah felt a soft velvety hand reach under her skirt and upwards to rest between the crack of her arse. A finger slid past her pussy and anus as Suzie caressed the cheeks of her bum. Suzie then slid her index finger back over Sarah’s pussy lips a few times and then she removed her hand. I chatted to Suzie about a favour that I needed later on and she just nodded as she sucked her finger into her mouth.

Sarah had hands all over her for at least ten minutes and one by one, everybody left. It seemed to have been common procedure that everyone stopped within ten minutes, signifying the end of the session. I could hear Sarah groaning and moaning as hands caressed her lovingly, seductively and urgently. All of the feelings different.

I opened the door and let her out. She was breathing heavily.

“Fuck that was so nice!”, she exclaimed, “Wow!”

I smiled at her, and hugged her, I knew that tonight would work out alright after all.

“Do you know who was fondling my arse from behind…it was gorgeous”, said Sarah.

“Nope…”, I lied, “I wasn't looking”, I continued.

“Shame, I wish I knew who that was”, she said, “it‘s made me horny as fuck!”

We continued through the rooms until we got to the tie room. Aptly named, I thought to myself. There were lots of silk like scarves hanging from a beam close to the wall. As we entered I chatted to a few guys for a simple favour.

I removed one of the scarves and wrapped it around Sarah’s eyes. I started to kiss her passionately and urgently and soon her arms were on my backside pulling me into her. I grabbed them and raised them above her head while we continued to kiss, pounding our mouths together.

Suddenly she started to jerk. The two guys had taken her hands and tied her to two strong scarves hanging from the beams. They were quick. She didn’t have a chance to escape from them and once she was secure, I removed the blindfold.

“How do you like being tied up…”, I asked. She looked at me very unsure. “I can do whatever I want now”, I continued.

I lifted her skirt and probed her pussy.

“Knickers!”, I exclaimed.

She smiled, “The skirt was so short!”, she shrugged. I was disappointed to say the least and told her as much.

I continued to fondle her pussy through her knickers very gently.

“Fuck me with your fingers”, she urged.

She should have known the rules by now, any urging simply made me stop. Which was exactly what I did. I looked at her and started to leave.

“Don‘t go away…”, I said to her.

I found Suzie and let her know the location of Sarah. I followed Suzie back to the room keeping my distance. On the way Suzie picked up a few items from the bar.

I saw Sarah’s face through a glass window as Suzie entered the tie room. Sarah looked on Suzie like she was a goddess. She certainly looked like one the way she was dressed.

Suzie pulled up a bench and sat in front of Sarah, her legs wide apart, her breasts heaving as she breathed. Sarah was breathing heavily as well as she looked down on Suzie. Sarah could see Suzie’s clean shaven pussy. Suzie’s apparent one piece leather suit wasn’t quite one piece. It had a broad gap in the crotch and when she opened her legs like she was now doing, everything became obvious.

Sarah was feeling the effect. Suzie raised her hand and stroked her pussy and clit. She expertly fingered her until she was wet. Suzie then stood up and pulling her knickers from either side ensured they had entered her pussy fully. I saw Suzie smile at her and lick her lips as she sat back down. Suzie watched her for a while.

“Do you want me to lick you Sarah”, said Suzie.

“Oooo, yesss…”, was all Sarah could reply.

Suzie looked at her again. Then she stroked her pussy some more. Sarah’s juices were now flowing copiously onto her knickers. All they could do was to soak up her juices and get exceedingly wet.

Suzie continued this until Sarah’s knickers were uncomfortably wet. She then pulled the knickers down to Sarah’s ankles. Sarah stepped out of the soaking wet panties and stood with her legs slightly apart, waiting.

I entered the room to watch. Sarah looked at me in lust and then at Suzie.

“Please lick it…”, she exclaimed.

Suzie sat back on the seat and produced a feather from a bag to her side. She looked up at Sarah, raised the feather to her pussy and stroked her with it. She then fingered her pussy until she exposed her clit.

Sarah was breathing very heavily, panting, her breasts heaving up and down under the tight top. Suzie feathered her clit, drawing the feather up her pussy and concentrating the last touches on her clit.

Sarah went wild, shaking her arse and thrusting it forwards to try and feel more than she was being given. Suzie, of course, retracted the feather when she did this. Then Suzie did the same again, and again, and again driving Sarah insane with lust.

Sarah was being teased to high heaven and I knew what this would be doing to her. I could see she desperately needed to cum and was pleading with her eyes to make Suzie lick her.

Suzie eventually stopped the teasing. She lowered her head to Sarah’s pussy and dipped her tongue inside. Licking it all the way upwards and onto her clit. Sarah nearly exploded there and then.

“Oh yes, lick it…lick it”, Sarah pleaded.

Suzie licked her pussy with short, firm, sensual strokes. I guessed Sarah would not be able to take much more of this and I could see her breathing become laboured and heavy. Sarah was gasping for air, she desperately wanted to put her hands behind Suzie’s head and force her tongue onto her clit, but she couldn’t. Sarah finally raised her head upwards and closed her eyes, her orgasm was approaching. Suzie stopped and sat back on the seat. She grabbed her feather, tickled Sarah’s pussy and allowed her to calm down from her impending orgasm.

“Fuck no…please no…don’t leave me like this”, pleaded Sarah.

“It‘s not good to be greedy”, said Suzie. She smiled, placed her hand behind Sarah’s head, pulled her head forward and kissed her passionately before she left the room.

“Look after her won’t you”, said Suzie as she winked at me.

I walked up to Sarah and kissed her once again, gently at first and then passionately. I released her from her ties and she wrapped her arms around me. She hugged me close and hard, collapsing against me.

“I need to cum”, she said.

“We should go home then”, I said.

She looked disappointed, but she smiled and accepted the decision.

I had only ever wanted that evening to be an eye-opener for her. To show her what was possible and to find out what she would accept. She accepted anything and everything. She was becoming more and more sensual and erotic every single moment we were in that building.

We walked back, past the bed room. Sarah looked into the room and saw a woman at the back being fucked by two guys. I could see she stared at them for a while, trying to make out which holes their cocks were in. I saw her mouth the words “Oooo” and “Fuck”, silently. Then she moved on swiftly, grabbing my hand and taking me out of the club. I could only imagine it was done, not to encourage me further.

I made her carry her wet knickers in her hand until we found a taxi rank. I couldn’t help but play with her pussy in the back seat of the taxi and when she entered her hotel it was with some speed, pulling me behind her. She almost ran up to the reception desk shouting, “Room 214 please”, and grabbing the key off the receptionist as she powered herself past.

We got in the lift. I was putty in her hands now. After what I had witnessed that night I wanted to fuck this woman like I had never fucked anyone else. She was in the same state.

We hit the lift kissing passionately, she reached frantically for the second floor and punched the button. We pressed ourselves together urgently until the lift door opened.

Sarah ran to the room, opened the door and was inside like a flash. I had to keep up with her to make sure the door wouldn’t slam shut, though I knew she would be out to get me soon enough if it did.

I got in the room to see a fully naked Sarah in front of me. She dropped to her knees, unbuckled my belt, unzipped the trousers, hooked her thumbs into my pants at the same time and nearly ripped them off me. The door was just closing behind me as my trousers were half way down.

“Get your shirt off”, she shouted.

I did just as I was told for once. She removed my shoes and socks (always a dodgy moment that) and sank her mouth down onto my cock. Fuck she was good, I thought.

For a moment I looked on her as a wanton slut as she sucked my cock hard. She wrapped her hands around both my balls and then pulled downwards on them making my cock horizontal. Then she fucked her mouth on it. It was such a beautiful sight to see.

She was rampant, in need of cock, in need of spunk as well, but she was definitely in need of a good licking and fucking.

We eventually made it to the bed. I shoved her backwards onto it and raised her legs in an instant. My head went straight for her pussy and I licked. I licked for all I was worth. I so desperately wanted to make Sarah cum right there and then.

I sucked on her pussy, and then settled down to lick her clit.

“Oh fuck yes…that‘s it baby…”, she screamed, “Oh fuck yessssss…”, she hissed through clenched teeth, then gasping and shouting as her orgasm ripped through her causing her to clench her stomach hard and thrust upwards towards my mouth.

I licked and sucked all the while through her orgasm. Then her second orgasm ripped through her just as the first was finishing. She was powering herself through multiple orgasms but I knew I needed the release as well. She was making me so horny. I needed to cum badly.

I had watched her be teased all night, by the outfits, the hands, the tying up, being feather fucked and licked. My cock had been rock hard all night, but this was Sarah’s night in London Town.

I suddenly jumped up and thrust my cock into her as she was approaching her third orgasm. I fucked it straight in, no finesse at all, she was sopping wet anyway. My cock hit her hard inside as I thrust it upwards, just like before, to try and hit her g-spot.

I was in heaven as I fucked this wonderful erotic, sexy, glamorous, sensuous, slutty Sarah.

She hit her fourth orgasm as I spunked inside her. I wanted to take my cock out and spurt all over her body but it was too late for that, it always was too late. As I spunked, she shouted loudly into the room, wrapped her arms around me and pulled me down onto her, stopping my thrusting actions.

“Fuck that was excellent…”, she exclaimed.

“Wasn‘t it just…”, I replied.

The phone rang and we looked at each other bemused.

“What!”, I exclaimed shaking my head.

She got up and answered the phone.

“Sorry to bother you Maam, but it was reported that there was a loud noise from your room. We became concerned and wondered if you were alright?”, asked the hotel manager.

“Oh I‘m alright…I‘m very alright”, she had to breath the words out as she gasped for air.

Sarah told me what happened and we laughed loudly. We actually found it hilarious.

We spent the night together. In fact we spent the next night together as well, though that was just the two of us, and we had a far more sedate time.

By the time she was on her way home, I had become slightly sad. We got along great, yes, she was 20 years younger than me, but she was more fun than chocolate. I found her exhilarating, sensuous and highly erotic. She was game for anything, or so it seemed. Certainly, anything seemed to turn her on, and when she got teased she was better than a rampant rabbit.

There had to be a next time - Surely!

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