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A Chance Encounter

Matt takes a trip abroad and meets with a stranger, they both get more than they bargained for!
This is a work of pure fiction.
A Chance Encounter

Business trips always seem to be glamorous, you get to see so many parts of the world and you visit so many cities and sights. You also spend a lot of time in airport terminals doing absolutely nothing, and you spend a great deal of time eating and drinking by yourself even in nice restaurants.

This business trip was to be no different. At the end of the month I found myself on a plane bound for Toronto. It would be a two, maybe three day trip. I would stay in a nice plush hotel which would be punctuated by meetings during the day and lonely meals during the night.

I eventually boarded the plane to Toronto, sat back in the seat and simply waited until I got to the other end. My time was taken up with reading and some preparation for the meetings.

A smile crossed my face as the thought of Sarah danced across my mind.

Sarah and I were both users of Lush Stories. It’s an online place where people publish stories of a sexy, erotic and sometimes taboo nature. I suppose looking at some of the people on there that its also a contact site if you want it to be. I never did. I had added a few people from the site as friends, but I just used it to publish stories. An outlet, if you like, for my sexual nature to escape and I enjoyed it.

As it happened, I had added one sexy woman from Toronto. I remember sending her a message about me going on this business trip, but getting nothing in reply. Not to worry I thought, after all I was a married man in my early fifties and she was only twenty eight.

Nevertheless, the thought of her crossed my mind.

I eventually got back to work, read some more and finally fell asleep.

The flight was uneventful, which I was glad of, and when the plane finally landed, I was through customs in record time. The hotel was nice; they often are some of the best hotels and I settled in quickly to recover from the jet lag.

The following day was a meeting day. It was fraught with issues which were finally overcome, they always are, but meetings generally take more time than they actually warrant. In the evening I bought some presents for those still at home, especially my mum and wife. When I got back to the hotel, I decided to log onto the sexy story site and see how my latest story was doing. What were the reviews going to be? How many people had read it? And how many votes did it get? Not that it mattered, it was just nice to gauge what the audience actually liked. An email popped up.

It was from Sarah, it said:

I think you said you would be over in Toronto at this time, what hotel will you be in?

I smiled, I then hesitated, unsure as to what to do now that reality had set in. I sent an email back giving her the name of the hotel and that I would be staying for another night. I mentioned that a drink would be nice, and that it would relieve the boredom, but not to worry if she couldn‘t make it.

I guess, for me, it would have been nice to actually meet someone from such a site, have a drink, perhaps a meal, and discuss why we were there. We were virtual strangers and had not even chatted on the site.

The following day was also a meeting day but this one was much less stressful. My boss had suggested that we eat out somewhere that evening, I am not sure how I got out of it but I did, something about being tired and needing the rest, I think.

The real reason was that I wanted to see if Sarah had returned my message. Back at the hotel, I logged onto the site again. There was no message. So I settled down to the reality of a night on my own.

It was about seven in the evening, I was just about ready to go downstairs for a meal when the room’s phone rang. Probably my boss, I thought as I answered it.

“I‘m downstairs, in a red dress, see you soon!”, the woman’s voice was calm and authoritative. Then the phone went dead.

My heart jumped a beat. Sarah I thought. I suddenly became a little nervous, which is not like me at all. I looked at myself in the mirror before I left the room. The man looking back at me said, “Enjoy it, nice to have a drink with someone and share the evening”, I agreed wholeheartedly with myself and left the room.

Downstairs, I looked around for someone in a red dress. Sarah looked wonderfully classy standing by the bar, joking with the barman and ordering herself a drink. It suddenly dawned on me that she didn’t know what I looked like or how I spoke. My wickedness suddenly made an appearance.

I sat at the bar close to Sarah and ordered myself a large gin and tonic. I glanced in her direction and saw that she was looking at me in expectation.

“Hello!”, I said.

“Hi…”, she replied, not sure about whether to jump into a conversation with me or hold back for a while.

“Nice place”, I said, “Are you on business?”, I asked.

“No, she replied, I am meeting someone”, she smiled, looking at me a little unsure. “Are you from England?”, she continued.

“Not with this accent”, I replied, “No, I‘m from Wales actually, but its close”, I continued.

Sarah laughed a little unsure as to whether I was the chap that she so confidently rang a few minutes ago. With her elbow on the bar, she raised her thumb to her mouth and nibbled it for a while, then she sipped her drink and replaced it. She was looking at me every now and then.

“Excuse me, please…”, she said, “I have to make a call.”

She left the bar and went to the reception desk, picked up the hotel phone and rang my room. I watched her wait as the phone rang, and rang. I eventually got up and walked over to her and whispered in her ear.

“I‘m awfully sorry…”, I said, “I shouldn‘t have done that.”

I could see her reflection in the mirror behind the desk. Still holding the phone, she pursed her lips in disgust, slowly replaced the receiver, turned around and looked me straight in the eyes. A smirk crept across my face.

“Sorry…”, I repeated, smiling openly now.

“You will be…”, she replied.

We were just a few inches from each other and I could sense the naughtiness between us already. Just a few words were exchanged. It wasn’t the content of the words, it was their attitude and delivery that caused me to think this.

“Can I at least buy you dinner?”, I asked.

“You sure can”, she said, in an upbeat tone as she slipped her arm between mine and led me in the direction of the restaurant.

“So you know where you‘re going?”, I asked.

“Yep”, she replied.

We sat at a table and we chatted. It was great to have someone to talk to and enjoy the evening. We started out talking about the things we had in common: sexy story writing, the site, the work we did and why she decided to meet me. I related the day’s events of how I got out of a meal with the boss which brought some laughter from her. We actually had a great time together and not a thought of sex entered my mind.

The waiter finally appeared and we ordered our meals.

“Red or white?”, I asked.

“Oooo…Red please”, she replied.

“I suppose that will be full bodied red…”, I queried. She just nodded her head, her face a little expressionless.

We ate and chatted and drank wine. Innuendo’s occurred every now and then, and I guess we both exchanged glances at each other while the other person was not looking. I know I grabbed a view of her breasts while she was eating, but then I guess that was to be expected. The atmosphere was definitely naughty, a little sexually charged perhaps but nothing two virtual strangers wouldn’t talk about.

“So…”, she started, “what about fantasies, what‘s yours?”, she asked.

I was a little taken aback by this, a little unprepared for her directness perhaps, but I admired it nonetheless. It would certainly not have presumed to approach that subject, after all, who knows where that could lead.

“Ummm…”, I started, “to be honest, I‘ve probably done most of them, there‘s a few left but they seem almost normal”, I replied. It was my best attempt to get out of an awkward question. “What about you?”, I asked.

“I have a few left”, she said.

“What kinds?”, I asked.

“Umm…not sure a good girl like myself should be answering that one…”, she said.

“Huh! You started it”, I retorted.

She smiled, pouting her lips and looking at me with her head angled downwards. I lowered my head to look into her eyes. She laughed.

“I have never fucked a stranger”, she said suddenly.

I kept looking into her eyes, my eyebrows raised. She returned my stare as she raised her head up a little. She reached for her glass and sipped the wine, looking into it as she replaced it on the table.

“You‘re naughty”, I said, “Someone ought to teach you a lesson…”, I continued.

She raised her glass and I caught the smile of expectation as she sipped her wine again.

“Really…“, she replied, ”Now who do you think that would be?”, she mocked.

“Well, not me, I’m married”, I said.

“You‘re right”, she said, “It would be wrong.”

The evening continued along the same lines of questioning for quite some time, and we did eventually charm some other fantasies out of each other, as well as how we got to where we were today.

We finished our meal, left the table and ended up in the lounge. I ordered some more drinks and we sat on one of the leather sofas at either end, purely for safety reasons, though it was beginning to cross my mind that Sarah had no intentions of playing it safe. Sarah had folded her leg under herself and sat facing me. We started to tease each other and it was something I was particularly good at. As it happened she gave as good as she got.

It was then, that she stirred something in me. Our teasing and innuendos slowly revealed our intentions towards each other. Our expectations of how that evening was to end, changed. I looked on her and found my breathing was a lot heavier. She seemed as calm as ever. Perhaps I had met my match in the teasing stakes.

My cock jumped a little. For me, this was an unexpected event. Well, not unexpected in the sense that I didn’t fancy Sarah, who wouldn’t, it was unexpected from the point of view that I had made my mind up to do something about it. She must have sensed my thoughts, or saw the confusion in my face, either way she upped the stakes.

Sarah admitted to herself that she had started the evening off a little unsure, but she had warmed to Matt as the evening drew on. Right now, she was feeling randy and lusty. The teasing had taken its toll.

“I‘ve been a naughty girl tonight”, she said.

“That is certainly true”, I replied.

“I simply forgot to put on any knickers as I rushed out of the house”, she said, matter of factly.

My heart jumped a few beats.

“I think I am paying the price for it now…”, she continued.

I looked at her a little puzzled.

“I can feel my bum getting wet…”, she said, “I‘m sure the dress is as well.”

I was trying my best to keep cool, calm and collective. It wasn’t working. Her words turned me on greatly. Not just the words but how they were said, her intonations were simple, yet they enthused sexuality.

She had, without a doubt, turned me on so much. I was sure she had turned herself on as well, or perhaps I did some of that. I replayed a few events from the evening; the naughty girl bit, the stranger bit and the teaching her a lesson bit. None of it escaped me as I looked into her eyes.

I leant into her and suggested, “Why don’t you go and get the key to room 411?”, I said. I couldn’t believe I said that. I knew what the consequences would be, the guilt afterwards, but I couldn’t help myself, the words just came out. Something else was doing the thinking for me right now.

Her mouth opened in a broad smile. “I thought you would never ask!”, she exclaimed.

She rose from the sofa, turned and headed to the reception desk. I followed her closely.

“Room 411, please”, she said.

I lowered my hand until it was under her dress, and raised it sharply as the receptionist turned to get the key.

“You‘re right…”, I said, “No knickers and soaking wet”, I whispered in her ear.

She looked straight ahead at the receptionist as the key was retrieved and placed into her hand. I let her dress fall.

“Thank you”, she said to the receptionist. The receptionist nodded back, without any knowledge of what I had done. We walked to the elevator and got in.

As soon as she entered she turned and stood at the back. I watched her. I watched her breath and for the first time I noticed her breaths coming in gulps. Her breasts were heaving as she stared back at me. I could tell she was wondering what I was going to do in the elevator.

That decision was made on the first floor when the lift stopped and an older lady got in. She pressed the ground floor. We looked at each other as the lift slowly made its way upwards on the long journey to my room. It stopped and we made our way to room 411.

She opened the door and let it swing open.

“After you…”, I said, “but you have to do what your told”, I continued.

She entered the room, my last words echoed in her mind. She started to think of her actions at this stage. Sarah was going into a room with a virtual stranger, she was excited by it all but also a bit wary. To top it off, she was being told what to do. Her breathing became slightly irregular as she thought of what would happen inside. Suddenly she became even more excited.

“Stop…”, I said.

She actually stopped exactly where I told her to. I turned her to look at the full length mirror. She looked at me behind her. I slipped her straps from her shoulders and undid the back of the dress as I let it slip to the floor.

“You have been such a naughty girl”, I exclaimed. “All night you have teased me, do you think that‘s right?”, I asked.

“I couldn‘t help myself…”, was all she could say.

She stood there in her bra and shoes. I unhooked her bra and she helped me remove it.

I looked on her gorgeous body. I marvelled at her breasts with her dark aureoles. Her nipples were erect with expectation. Ice cubes, I thought, could not have made them any larger.

I placed both my arms on her shoulders and let them fall to her side, stroking her arms on the way down. I let my hand reach out to her breast, I cupped it, fondled it and then I took her nipple between my finger and thumb.

She closed her eyes and arched her back, her bum pushing slightly in my direction. I stepped closer to her so that she could feel my cock underneath my trousers pressing into her bum. She let out a faint groan.

Then I squeezed her nipple, trying to gauge her response. She groaned louder, I squeezed a little harder and she groaned some more. I twisted her nipple gently at first and pulled it outwards from her body. She was breathing heavily and swaying to and fro as I pulled on her nipple.

“Lean forward”, I said, “put your hands on either side of the mirror.”

She did as she was told.

“You’re a good girl now aren’t you”, I said.

“Yes…”, she relied.

“I want you to open your eyes and look at me”, I said.

She opened her eyes and looked at me in the mirror. I held her waist as she was bent forwards and pushed my cock into her in mock fucking. I then caressed her waist and fondled her bum. She was looking into my eyes all the time. I then moved to her side and raised my hand to cup her breast. I stroked it and held her nipple in the palm of my hand letting it brush against the soft skin.

Sarah was breathing heavily by now, her expectations of getting fucked were obviously taking too long, yet she was enjoying everything that was happening to her. Every now and then she smiled as my hand brushed over her nipple. If the truth be told, Sarah was loving every uncertain moment, always enjoying the sensations but never sure what way the twists and turns would take. She was highly excited.

She was rocking her body in towards the mirror as I fondled her. I brushed my hand over her bum and caressed her. She pressed back into my hand. I raised it quickly and let it fall onto her fleshy bum.

She yelped sharply, “you‘re not supposed to be enjoying this”, I said to her.

She opened her eyes wide and looked at me. I spanked her again, then again. Each time she yelped.

“Stay there…”, I said to her.

I removed my clothes and put them on the chair. I could see her watching me out of the corner of her eye and turning her head eventually when I was out of her immediate vision to look on me.

She caught sight of my cock and I could see her smile.

I returned to where she was leaning on the mirror and stood by her side. My cock very much erect and throbbing in anticipation. In fact, I was more than desperate to sink my cock into this gorgeously submissive woman. More teasing I thought to myself. I started to caress her bum again, my hand dropping between her thighs and touching her very wet pussy.

I simply loved how she was reacting to this behaviour. Was this the same person that phoned my room at seven this evening so cool and confident. The same woman that teased me all night long. You would never have guessed it. This same woman was now hanging on my every word, every action, teased and waiting to be satisfied.

Sarah felt the opposite. She was desperate to experience everything that I could give her. She surprised herself that she was here, leaning against a mirror, naked and letting me fondle her as I pleased. Even more surprised as she was punished every now and then for enjoying the experience. It was all more than she could ever dream of.

I let my hand drop between her thighs and felt her wetness snaking down her leg. I caught sight of her in the mirror, looking intently at my cock.

“Do you want to suck it…”, I asked.

“Yes…”, she said.

“Or shall I just fuck it into your wet pussy right now…”, my words were harsh and authoritative.

“Oh! Yes, please…”, she replied. For a moment she thought she was getting close to being fucked.

“Hmmm…well you‘re going to have to wait for it…”, I said. She groaned, not in anticipation but in disappointment at my words.

I let my hand stroke her thighs for a while and then let one of my fingers slide up her pussy. Sarah sighed and for the first time she spoke.

“Oh! Fuck, yessss”, she hissed, through clenched teeth.

My hand immediately slapped her arse hard which made her yelp and her eyes opened wide yet again. She stared at me.

“I never said you could speak…did I”, I questioned her.

She just looked at me in the mirror, breathing heavily. I could see in her eyes that she now realised that to get what she wanted, she had to be quiet and just let it happen. No amount of urging would work.

I fingered her pussy. I could hear her breathing, regularly at first, and then with short gasps every now and then. She returned to rocking backwards and forwards in tune to my fingering. I found her clit and gently caressed it using the wetness from her pussy as a lubricant. I heard her gasp.

I bent down behind her and drew my tongue from her arse to her pussy. She let out a long drawn-out sigh as she clenched her bum. I licked up and down several times before concentrating on lapping at her pussy lips.

I was listening to her body. I was gauging how close she might be to her orgasm as I licked and sucked her pussy. Her breathing became faster. She had learnt to stay quiet but I could hear short sharp sounds coming from her mouth.

“Oh…fuck yeah”, followed by, “Yes…go on, lick it”, and “Yes, yes, yes”. Her sounds were extremely quiet, but she couldn’t hide her pending orgasm from me.

I stopped and stood up.

Noooo…“, she cried. Her orgasm was aborted and she felt devastated at being so close and yet so far away. “The bastard…” she thought to herself as she breathed heavily.

“No, what?”, I said to her.

She remained quiet. I stood right next to her, my erect cock was full to bursting. I took her arm and motioned to lift her from the mirror. The sight of her watching me lick her pussy; watching her breasts dangle there in front of her; watching her expression when her eyes were open in the mirror was about to end. She raised herself and we moved to the bed. I sat on the corner, my cock hard as fuck and the nice bulbous head purple with excitement.

“Do you want to lick it?”, I asked.

She nodded as she stared at it.

I grabbed my cock at its base and started to wank it.

“You want it?”, I asked again.

She nodded, “Yes…”, she hissed.

“Suck it for me then…it’s all yours now”, I said.

She looked at me, I could see the thought running through her mind, “Was he going to punish me for sucking it!”. She dropped to her knees in front of me and with both hands grabbed its base. She looked at me and licked the top, waiting for her punishment. She licked some more. Then she exploded with lust as she sucked my cock down her throat in a frenzy of lust. She went absolutely wild on my cock.

Sarah knew that she had been teased too much, this happens to her when she is teased, she becomes so randy and so lustful that when the time comes she goes absolutely wild and her whole sexual experience becomes a blur, a fuck frenzy, with the ultimate orgasms eventually satisfying her beyond belief. She hardly knew this person in front of her, yet he had brought out the worst in her. She had not felt like this in a long, long time.

I had to stop her sucking my cock, I pushed her head off me and desperately tried to control her frenzy. I eventually succeeded.

“On the bed…”, I commanded.

She crawled onto the bed on all fours. Her lovely arse pointing upwards as she lowered her head to the bed just below the pillows. She had abandoned herself to this stranger so that she could be fucked hard. She wanted him badly, she needed to feel his cock. Fuck, she needed to cum badly.

I looked at Sarah and saw a wanton, sexually frustrated puppy in front of me. I couldn’t wait to fuck her. I motioned her onto her back, the look on her face was almost that of disappointment. Her legs flew open nevertheless and my cock went straight for her cunt. I rubbed it against her pussy, sliding it all the way over her engorged lips as I lowered my head and sucked on her nipples.

My cock inched its way in, teasing her all the way. I smiled a lustful smile at her as my cock entered her. Sarah was frantic for my cock. Her hands flew to my backside to try and pull me forward but I resisted. Eventually I sank my cock right into her.

She gasped. She gasped very loudly. Fuck that felt good, she thought.

With my feet resting on the wooden base of the bed, I fucked my cock into her while pulling her arse up off the bed with one hand, the other holding me up. Sarah realised what I wanted and started to buck her arse up towards me allowing both my arms to keep my body off her. I fucked her hard.

Sarah started to scream. The motion of my hard deliberate fucking, and her pushing her arse off the bed, caused my cock to hit her g-spot every now and then. She was exploding with her first orgasm within a few strokes of my cock being inside her. But then, she was as horny as fuck.

She pushed upwards and I could see her close her eyes and her face become contorted. I thought of stopping, but that would have been so cruel. Besides, I couldn’t stop right now - I loved seeing the look on her face as I fucked her senseless.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck…Oh! Yes fuck me!”, she exclaimed loudly as her first orgasm eventually blew her mind apart.

I fucked her with deliberate strokes, firm and hard, with every stroke hitting the spot. I didn’t stop, even though Sarah was crying out her orgasm into the room. I just kept fucking her and then it hit her again. Her second orgasm exploded inside her. She experienced her third before I finally had to give in to my own sensations and while I fucked into her, I emptied my balls.

They both collapsed onto the bed. I suddenly realised that throughout all this, we had never kissed.

Sarah was looking at the ceiling, her eyes closed, her breathing coming back to normal. She was smiling. She opened her eyes and looked at me.

“That was great!”, she exclaimed, “What now?”, she asked.

“Well”, I said, “My hands have not been on the mirror yet…”, I smiled.

We enjoyed each other until about two in the morning when sleep eventually got the better of us. I had a meeting the following morning and then I would catch the plane and fly home.

We left the hotel at the same time and I checked out. As we headed for our respective taxis we looked at each other.

“Thanks for a great evening”, said Sarah, “It was unexpected and I think I learnt a few things about myself.”

“Me too”, I said, “It was a great night.”

We parted wondering whether it would ever happen again.

On the flight back, I had a little more to dream about, though I still had to reconcile what I had actually done. The fact was, I couldn’t help myself, the situation was too horny to say no. She was so sexy and when she turned into a vixen, there on the bed in front of me, abandoning herself to me completely, I was absolutely lost. Actually I was lost well before that.

I thought for a while about Sarah from the Lush Story site as I dozed on the plane.

Who was she really? She certainly had a bit of a DarkSide, I couldn’t possibly tell you who she was, but I do know one thing for sure, she was fuckedsilly.

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