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A Holiday Surprise

The Holiday Season brings a major turn of events
Just passing the Holiday season brought back a memory of and experience a few years into my exploration outside my marriage. By this point in time, I had had additional affairs with a few men...almost all of them were in tandem with my friend and neighbor, Nadine who was also a coworker of mine. This was during a period in both of our lives in which our husbands were otherwise occupied and away on business and there were a few company trips out of town for both Nadine and I. We had become very close, protected each other in a number of ways, many times just went out together to simply hang out together or get high...something that had become much more of a focus at this time. One year one of our customer's had a Holiday party during the week between Christmas and New Years and Nadine and I were invited. It was in a hotel in downtown Tampa. For some reason Nadine didn't want to go all that much but I finally convinced her to attend with me and if things weren't going well we could head home. Her hesitancy also may have been because she had to work while I didn't during that fact she was covering for me....and she didn't want to work, come all the way home to change and then head back out during a week when she typically would be very tired anyway. So I told her either to bring something with her to wear or just wear what she wore to work to the party. I told her that I'd "cool it" with my own dress so she wouldn't feel out of place.
At this time my hair was real short and almost jet black. I loved to play with my eye makeup and wore very dark eyeshadow and lined my eyes so they'd appear larger...a catlike look. I wore a business suit with sexy heels and hopped in the car and headed to meet Nadine at the hotel. When I got there she was waiting for me in the lobby...dressed almost the same as I. She seemed down a bit and I asked her what was wrong. She told me that she had told her husband, Steve, about her philandering and that he had a strange reaction to it. Initially he was very upset but then, as they began to talk about it, he indicated to her that he had always had a fantasy of watching her with other guys and that he'd like to try this as a couple. Nadine wasn't sure how she felt about this. She really wanted to go home as soon as possible to be with him. I mentioned that we really should stay, be seen and then head out or it would be something noticed. So she agreed to stay for a while. So we went and sat at the bar and had a drink. We talked a bit and then slipped off to the bathroom to do some coke. This made me feel much better and Nadine perked up too. The two of us hit the dance floor and we danced together for a while. A few men tried to get between us but neither one of us seemed all that interested. We did a little more coke and sat down at a table for a while and talked some more. Right around then, Nadine's husband called. She excused herself so she could hear and when she came back she somewhat tipsily said "I've got to go home."
So we got in the back seat of the company car and did some more coke. By this time I was really feeling good. Nadine was perking up also and said that she wanted to go home and blow her husbands doors off. She just wished that there was something she good do to make him come out of his shell but she was so uncomfortable now that he knew what had been going on that she was afraid to do anything. She lit a cigarette and said to me "your such a good friend. Nobody would put up with me the way you do." She leaned over and gave me a kiss on my lips. I kissed her back but she didn't really let go. This was not a girly peck. She pressed a little harder and I realized that she was kissing me......and I was kissing back. My already moist loins started to stir even more. "I love you" she said when she released me.
"Nadine, I don't know what that was but thank you". That was the sweetest kiss I've ever received. Suddenly the look of the devil that only Nadine has came across her face. "I know what we can do."

"Oh no." I said...."what?"
"What do you think of Steve?" She asked.

"What do you think of Steve?" She repeated. "Would you do him?"
"Nad....we shouldn't be talking......I don't think of him that way...he's your husband!" I responded.
"That never stopped you before!" she said....hitting me over the head with the truth.
"How about if we go to my house and put on a show for him? Let's see if that wakes him up."
This kind of offer and denial went back and forth for a while until I finally somewhat agreed without knowing what I agreed to. Once I did, Nadine gave me another kiss, this one a tongue swirling one. I can't say I didn't enjoy it.....alot.
When we got to Nadine's house she told me to wait in the car for a while before coming in. After some time I went into her house and Nadine came out to greet me. She told me Steve was upstairs and "ready". She gave me another kiss like the others, took my hand and walked me up the stairs and into their bedroom. As I walked into the room I saw Nadine's husband on the bed...tied to it.
I almost turned and walked out but Nadine began to talk.
"Steve likes to be tied to the bed. He's such a bad boy." she said. "Let's show him what he's been missing. Sit over here Brenda and he can watch the two of us."
So I sat down in the bedroom chair next to Nadine. She continued to taunt her husband.
"Wanna see what we do when we party?" she asked. He said "yes...please."
She took out her glass tray and put out a couple of lines and said "watch this....I bet you didn't know your wife got high like this." and she snorted up a line up each nostril. She did the same for me which I obliged.
Nadine stood up and walked towards her husband, lit a cigarette, exhaled and said "one thing Brenda has to know."
"You know that game we play where we each name a couple of friends we like?" she asked him. Steve responded "Yes..but..."
"No buts......tell Brenda who it is you told me you liked." Steve responded almost in a wisper "umm...her"...nodding towards me.

"Who...say her name...what did you say about her?" Nadine demanded to know.
Steve said "Brenda"
"What did you say about Brenda?" she continued to demand
"I said she was hot." Steve answered.
"You said more than that" Nadine countered. "Now what did you say?"
"I said she was the hottest woman on the planet except for you". Steve said.
"Brenda" Nadine said...."Steve loves to watch women smoke. He told me he gets a hard on sometimes just hearing my lighter. One time he was painting and standing on a ladder. This was a night when you and I were going out and I got dressed so sexy for another man and walked across the kitchen into our living room click click click in my fuck me pumps and sat down and lit a cigarette. I looked up and I could see that he was aroused almost instantly. I felt bad for him and was going to give him a quick blowjob but decided to save it for whoever it was that we fucked that night. I don't even remember which night it was....there's been so many I've lost count. Steve told me he loves to watch you smoke too."
At this point I looked at Steve and he was stiff as a board.....and not all that small. He had an attractive cock. I decided, since I was feeling pretty good to take Brenda's cue. I had no idea where this was leading but I decided to give it a go. I asked to be excused for one minute and stepped into the bathroom. If it was a show Nadine wanted for her husband...she was going to get it. What that meant was anyone's guess. I stripped to my bra and rather skimpy panties, kept my heels on and went back out into the bedroom. When I got out there I went straight to me bag to get a cigarette. I lit it, took a deep drag, exhaled and walked over to the side of the bed and slowly and sexily and with a devilish grin on my face and sat down right next to Steve's immobilized body.
"How's this?" I asked. "Is this something you like?" I questioned.
He could barely get any words out..."yyyyeessss...." he barely muttered.
"Nadine, can I ask you a question?"
"What sweetie?" she answered.
"Before I ask lean over your husband." and Nadine did exactly that. As she leaned across right above Steve's chest I took a big drag from my cigarette and as our faces got closer I exhaled right into her open mouth. Our mouths met and we gave each other a moaning toungue bath. I put my hand behind Nadine's head and pulled her head tightly to mine. I never had considered kissing a woman before and, even though I was shocked at myself, I was really enjoying it. Nothing like kissing a man. A woman kisses how she would be liked to kiss. Nadine was wimpering in my arms. I let go and said "I bet Steve would like me to do that to him....wouldn't he?".
Nadine said "I'd bet he would."
Steve pleaded"Yes. Yes. Pleeeease!!!!!"

"Maybe later sweetie. Not right now." I said as I took another drag and exhaled right into his face and walked away towards the foot of the bed.
Nadine got out of her clothes and was dressed only in heels at this point.
I said to her "Steve seems like he likes this arrangement. Maybe we should just leave him there." and I laughed. "Look how big he is. Can I touch it?"
Nadine, probably thinking exactly what I was thinking said "ok...just a little".
With that I took my index finger and held it right over his engraged cock and bared touched the tip with my fingernail. "That's it. That's all you get. Want more?" I teased
"Yes.YESSSS!!!!" Steve squirmed.
"Nope" was my response.
"Nadine.....wiggle your cute ass over here." I said.
With that we stood at the foot of the bed and got into a full embrace and began to makeout in front of Nadine's husband. Nadine leaned into me and said "he's always had this fantasy. we're driving him crazy".

I wispered back "you're driving me crazy too. I am soooooo horny. I need to be....ummmmm....touched....I want to jump on your husbands face!" I wispered.
"No. No. No. He wants to be tantalized like this. Not too fast". Then she leaned back and got that devilish look on her face and said "May I?"
"May you what?" I answered.
"Want me to satisfy you" Nadine said. Now we were really getting to unexplored territory.
She really didn't wait for an anwser. She moved me over to the loveseat which is against the wall about ten feet to the side of the bed so Steve could get a pretty good view and as she stood over me she said "Steve likes to pet and eat my pussy while I smoke. Why don't you play my part and I'll pleasure you." she asked me.
I hesitatingly said ok. I leaned back into the corner of the loveseat, lit another cigarette and Nadine kneeled next to me. She put her hand down near my sweet spot and so gently touched me on my inner thighs. What a different feeling. Her soft hands and hard nails made such a contrast and she knew exactly how to touch me....sweetly, gently. I was beginning to relax with the entire experience and I looked over and saw Steve staring at me with a half smile, half tongue hanging out of his mouth and his eyes were fixated directly on me. This seemed to turn me on even more and I slowly opened my legs and relaxed them. I took a big drag of my cigarette and as I exhaled I gave Steve the naughtiest smile I could muster up when suddenly.....I felt Nadine's tongue make a direct hit on my clit. I just exploded in orgasm...."Oh my pussy....oh my GOD that feels good. Eat me out." I was squirming all over the loveseat by this time and I pulled Nadine down closer by her hair....and it was nice to feel the softness of a woman's hair in my hands as I made love. She was down there for about 20 mins as I had orgasm after orgasm. No man had ever licked me like this woman did. Finally, Nadine stopped and came up and kissed my lips. I could taste me on her lips which is something I've always loved.
I looked over at Steve and he was gyrating in bed. I thought he was cumming without being touched he was so excited.
"I'm going to give him a taste" said Nadine. She then went over and put herself over his face while smoking. He was getting extroadinarily turned on....moaning all over the place.
I got on the other end of the bed and got near his rigid cock. I took my nails and tickled his balls and I think he said "oh god" into his wife's pussy. Nadine had worked herself into a frenzy by this point and was riding his face to the point where I couldn't understand how he breathed.

Finally, she finished and she came down to join me near Steve's cock. She told him that he was now going to have his dream date with his wife and his fantasy girl giving him a smoking blow job simultaneously. We both lit our cigarettes but I told Nadine that she can start on his cock but I owed Steve something.
I move up towards Steve's face and took a drag and said "baby, you remember that kiss I gave your wife before, you like that didn't you?" Steve shook his head yes. "Well baby, I owe you one, and...." I took a big drag and moved to his face ".....this is it...." and I just smothered his lips with mine while exhaling right into his mouth. His tongue was in my mouth in an instant and we had a smokey makeout session for 5 minutes or so. It got me all excited again. I was glistening.
I asked Nadine "can I have your husband? She said "no, we may not let him cum". I responded "what? you're going to torture him that much? He's going to cum just lying there. Here let me take care of him. I could use it anyway."
Nadine was very pointed "No. He cums when I say he does and not now."
"Ok I said but I need something." I said. Nadine told me to climb on his face or move down by one of his hands. I chose the hand. I moved my pussy over his right hand and he began to swirl it around my pussy, hitting my clit over and over. He had NICE hands. "Nadine, I don't know how you don't let this guy do this to you all the time!" I was squirming all over the bed and I could feel my wetnes move down my thighs. Finally I exploded in extasy as I had a huge orgasm. Nadine ordered me down towards her poor husbands throbbing cock.
We both lit cigarettes and began to suck alternately on Steve's cock which made him crazy. I took his cock as far down my mouth as I could at one point and was surprised the poor man could hold back any further. We took turns blowing smoke on his cock until he finally said "keep doing that". So we did. After a few minutes of this and with neither of us touching his cock he began to stiffen. I realized what was happening and began to move my tongue towards his cock but Nadine put her hand out and continued to blow smoke on his cock. "You like that Stevie don't you. It's nasty isn't it. Two smoking slutties are yours tonight. How do you like that?" She continued to torment him. Finally as we both blew smoke on his cock you could see the precum begin to form and he exploded. He came for a while and it was all over the bed and in our hair. As he began to subside Nadine finally took his cock and kissed it with a sweet smile and then took it in her mouth to finish him off.

"Did you enjoy that?" she asked him.
"Oh god, yes" he answered.
"We even? She asked.
"I want to be part of it" he said.
"From now on as much as you want to." Nadine said to him lovingly. She gave him a kiss, me a kiss and I gave him a kiss. I got dressed and tried to figure out what just happened. Nadine told me, now in front of Steve, that what they had talked about briefly on the phone was that if Nadine could make one of Steve's fantasies come true that he would be more forgiving as long as the two of them were part of it. I happened to be the subject of the fantasy....for both of them. Nadine let on that she had had some thoughts about me as well as Steve. We agreed that this needed to be kept from my husband and ended the night.
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