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A Little Pee Game

A very short story about a bit of pee fun
I like going out with you. I feel happy being seen with you because you are so pretty and I’m sure anyone who sees us together will be envious of me, being with someone as cute as you. I never mind anyone else eyeing you up, because I know you’re mine and I’m yours and we don’t want or need anyone else. So that means I can relax and enjoy myself and have fun and just enjoy being with you.

This evening we’ve stayed up late. We’ve got glammed up and managed to get into Amika in High Street Kensington. We’ve danced around and I’ve flirted outrageously with the guy behind the bar and blagged free shots off him, so we’re well wobbly by the time it’s time to leave.

There are no taxis around, and in any case it’s not far to walk to my room in the student block so we start walking down towards the IC buildings just off Exhibition Road.

We’re walking past the Royal Albert Hall when you start giggling.

“I need to pee, Annie”.

“We’re nearly back at my room, Vikka! Can’t you hold it ‘til then?”

“I don’t want to Annie!”

“Oh Vikka, really”, I say, pretending to sound cross. I know what you’re like. The feeling of wanting to pee is getting you sexually aroused. And knowing you’re aroused is arousing me too. And I could do with a pee too. I was going to hold on, but it would be fun…

We’re at the top of the steps down to the Royal College of Music, just by the statue of Prince Albert.

“I dare you to do it down the steps!” I say.

“Oh Annie, yes!” You don’t even pretend that you don’t want to - you’re already tugging your dress up.

I smile. “I’m going to do it too, Vikka. Panties off, ok?”

I hitch my dress up and pull my little thong down; there’s barely enough material to call them a pair of panties at all. I watch you doing the same. I stuff mine in my handbag; on an impulse, I grab yours and keep them too. You giggle even more.

“You can keep them if you like, my lover-girl!”

“I’m going to hang them in my trophy cabinet, babe; another pair for my collection”, I say, winding you up. “Then I’m going to open it to the public; I’ll call it “All My Lovers’ Panties”. It’s Art; I bet Tracey Emin wishes she’d thought of it first”.

“You’re crazy, Annie! Come on, are you ready? Let’s see who can go pee furthest!”

We hitch our skirts up round our waists and crouch down. We’re both trying not to giggle. I really do want to go now.

“Ready Vikka? Mine’s coming!”

But you’re first by a second. A long stream of your pale pee arcs out and splashes onto the steps, immediately starting to run downhill in a series of little waterfalls. I clench my muscles and my pee follows, starting slowly but soon turning to a long steady flow. To start with, your stream is further ahead, but mine starts to catch up. You have your hand on your clitoris, rubbing it excitedly as you pee, watching our twin streams flowing down the steps in front of us.

My flow is further ahead now, but my bladder is nearly empty now, and it is slowing to a trickle. You’re still going though, and as the last few drops squirt out from my urethra, you are still going strong.

“Oh Christ Vikka, how much more have you got up there?”

“Oh, that is it Annie…no more…but I think I win”. 

“You’re the pee queen, Vikka, you know that”

As the pee stops, you’re still strumming on your clit.

“Oh Annie, now I’m going to come!”

You sit down on the steps, and push two fingers up into your wet vagina as you climb towards your orgasm, gasping and panting. You’re shaking all over as you reach your climax, your little tits jiggling inside your dress. I stroke your bare thigh as you come. A few more little squirts of liquid splash out onto the steps; I’m not sure if they are more pee or your vaginal juices. Maybe a mixture of the two.

I hug you as you stop panting, your fingers still buried inside you. The two streams of pee down the steps glisten in the light of the street-lamps. We sit for a few moments, lost in each other. You take your fingers out of your vagina and offer them to me. I open my mouth and suck them, tasting your sweet secretions. A woman walks past at the bottom of the steps, and looks up. She sees us sitting there, each at the head of a long stream of pee. She doesn’t stop, but I think I see a faint smile on her face as she passes on.

“Come on Vikka, I want to get you to bed”.

You nuzzle your face into my shoulder and giggle.

“Oh yes, Annie, that’s what I want more than anything!”

“Even more than another pee, darling?”

“Maybe I can have both, Annie!

“Maybe you can…”

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