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A Mixed Drink For My Master

A short scene with extra naughty pet play and watersports.
This day you are working from home. I am under your desk, curled at your feet. I am being punished today, so I am collared and you have the chain wrapped around your arm. I am wearing a full body stocking with stilettos, decorative cat tail hanging from a butt plug, and cat ears.

In the corner is my cat litter to use in case I have to pee. Humiliation is the order of the day. But while submissive, I have a say in what goes on and my gift to my Dom is to hand over control and to abide by what he wants. So, I lovingly participate in obedience training to show my devotion, and besides, it is really fucking hot.

What was my infraction? While out at a restaurant, you ordered for me some low calorie dish I did not want (a slight at my curvy figure, I mistakenly thought). I was feeling ballsy, so when you asked if I wanted anything else to eat I told you loudly to "blow me!”

Part of my punishment will be to completely surrender myself to you this morning. I will be at your beck and call, and will satisfy all your sexual wants, plus the extra trash duty. What is trash duty? All waste products are my responsibility to take care of. If you have to take a piss, I collect it from you, however you want me to. Food waste, chewed gum, dirty tissues, anything - I will collect it from you.

So I have brought you your breakfast of toast, tea, and jam. Now I am covering your bare feet with my body to keep you warm. You are in sweats and sweatshirt. I am freshly showered, as usual, scented in my favorite soap, a honey almond bar from Australia. I am crazy for fragrant soaps from other countries, especially England and Australia. I keep a fresh bar in my underwear and bra drawer to lightly scent them.

You nudge me out from my nap with your feet. You murmur for me to take your breakfast refuse away. I begin to get up, but you tell me to stay on all fours. You place the refuse on my back carefully so I have to balance as I crawl away towards the kitchen. You ask that I bring you a large pitcher of water. You are kind enough to tell me I can walk back with the pitcher. Such a sweetheart, you are.

You ask that I also bring back nail clippers so I can trim your toe nails. You warn me if I am bad this morning you will make me trim your toe nails with my teeth.

I am back under the desk having brought you the items you asked for. I begin to gently trim your nails. 'Maybe that one semester of cosmetology school I took when I was 17 may come in handy,’ I think.

I am careful to not cut your nails too short. I hear you pouring a glass of water. I hear you gulp it, then pour another. You must be thirsty, I think. Maybe from playing squash the night before?

On my knees, I scoop up your cut nails and place them in the trash bin.

"Uh uh,” you are quick to say.

I freeze and wait for your order.

"Carry them in your snatch," you say with a grin, as you down the second glass of water.

You turn your chair so you can watch me. I collect the nail clippings from the trash. I begin to snake my hand down the front of my body stocking to reach my pussy and again I hear, "Uh uh”.

I smile because I love how evil you are and that you will never make my punishment easy.

“Open,” you grumble, as you push my knees apart with your bare foot. I sit down on my ass and open my legs, still holding the nail clippings.

With your big toe, you scratch at the crotch of my body stocking. Carefully you catch the delicate fabric and create a hole with your freshly cut nail. You decide I'd better sit on your desk to watch me insert the nail clippings.

As I hop up on the desk, you pour a third glass of water, and this time offer it to me. I sip a little and you command me to drink it all. I do as commanded and down the whole glass.

I slowly open my legs for you. You pull out a letter opener from your desk drawer. You have a devious look in your eyes as you gently place the tip of the opener in the crotch hole. You tear at the fabric some more so my pussy is now unobstructed.

You insert two fingers and twist your wrist from side to side to feel along my walls. I instinctively tense my pelvic muscles and you feel my cunt beckoning you. You scoop out some of my dew. One finger is inserted in my mouth and, after I suck my cream, you place the other finger in your mouth and suck.

I look longingly at your finger so badly wanting to suck any appendage you would offer me. I lick my lips. You pour yourself more water, and now I know what you are up to. Bastard.

You point to my cunt and I take the nail clippings and reluctantly insert them carefully in my very sensitive pussy. The nails are sharp, so I am fearful of the prick I will receive when each nail scratches me inside. I dread this, but I do it for you. You sit back and drink your third glass of water.

After they are placed inside, you pull at my ankles so I scoot forward and you bring your chair forward. You grab my thighs and spread them more. You put your face in the crotch of the body stocking and reach your tongue through hole into your cunt.

You cautiously enter me with your tongue. Also afraid of getting your tongue pricked, you gently push the nail clippings in further inside.

'Double Bastard!'

You take the opportunity to lick at my clit and labia to give me a shiver of pleasure before withdrawing your mouth.

You command me to bring you more water. There is a little bit of a thrill knowing your toe nail refuse is inside me. Also the scraping I feel as I move down from the desk to the floor is making me hornier.

I again must crawl slowly so as to not drop the pitcher. I refill it and crawl back.

The nails inside me are starting to scratch and hurt. I crawl back, put the pitcher on your desk, and when back down on the floor, I curl my arms around your leg and look up with pleading eyes.

You look down with enjoyment at me. "Yes, pet?"

"How long do I need to hold in your nail clippings, Sir?" I ask.

"Just a little longer dearest.“ You feign sweetness.

"Here, have some water.“ You pour me another glass.

"No thanks," I say, then realize again the reason you are so suddenly interested in hydration. "OK, fine."

Suddenly you sit back in your chair and touch your stomach, "Um pet?"

“Yes, Master?" I ask, finishing my water.

You unzip your pants. "I have to wee wee!" you say in a childlike voice.

'Oh, you triple Bastard!'

"How would you like me your bladder, Sir?" I say regretting my outburst in the restaurant more than ever.

You lean forward and curl your finger at me so I must move right under your face.

"Well directly out my piss hole, of course.“ You hiss at me.

I slowly crawl closer so I am directly between your legs. I push you back in the chair and prepare to dive into your manhood. I put my hands on your thighs and decide to use my mouth alone to pull your cock out from your underwear. My cute cat ears poke at your tummy.

I briefly sit up, on my spread legs that are folded under me and pretend like I am fixing my hair. Rrrrriiiippp!

“Oops.” I pretend the crotch rip in my body stocking that just got larger was an accident.

I get up on my knees and fall forward into your lap, sticking my ass up in the air, knowing very well that the mirror on the opposite wall gives you a nice view of the ripped stocking and my glistening pussy. I am still holding in your nails in my now extra moist cunt.

I use my teeth to pull down your briefs, but not before I slip my tongue in the slit in the underwear to tease you. I then suck your cock directly into my mouth like a vacuum.

I lick around the head and feel for your piss hole. I kiss it softly and lightly suck the tip. You are getting harder and I am seeing your eyes transfixed on the mirror, watching me sway my ass for your pleasure. The cat tail attached to my butt plug swings like a pendulum.

I begin to suck more directly on the head to coax out your piss. I begin to roll my mouth more freely around the tip alternating between suction then letting it loose, then clamping down again to suck. I let my saliva build up and run down the shaft then go down and retrieve it sucking it the length of your cock ever so slowly then release at the top with a popping sound.

I feel your body tense and you moan.

“Pet, are you ready to drink my bladder?"

Without my mouth leaving your cock, I murmur, “Yes, Master."

You are silent as you begin to concentrate. You want to release one fluid, not both.

I begin to suck the whole cock, slurping loudly, with my head bobbing and my ass swinging.

"Just the head!" you beg, through a strained voice.

But I do not listen and continue my violent assault on you.

I can feel you get ready for total release. Once I start, I cannot stop. Once you start, you cannot stop. I know how to work you, your body, your pleasure. I simply know you.

You are fighting it, trying to figure out which muscle can block the semen and release the urine. ‘Unfortunately, Darling,' I think mischievously to myself, 'it doesn't work that way.'

I now take one hand off your thigh and cup your balls. I push them up to support their release. You are still fighting me, but I have one more trick up my sleeve.

I let a little piss dribble out of my pussy. I look up to confirm you are watching, and I see you grimace and then I know I got you.

I release my piss now, full force and feel your pesky nails come out in a pleasurable stream.

Sucking your cock, kneading your balls, swinging my ass, and pissing all over my cute cat tail is your last holdout.

You cum into my mouth. You let out a scream as all your muscles begin to relax as you fill my mouth. I continue to suck out every last drop.

I pull back when you tap my shoulders to signal your orgasm is ending and the sensitivity is replacing it.

I sit back on my heels and kneeling patiently, with your cum in my mouth, waiting for you to piss. I bat my eyelashes innocently waiting.

You are now ready to relieve yourself and stand up with your cock in your hand. I look up at you with my mouth open and let you void directly inside.

You find it amusing to watch your cum and piss mix in my mouth.

You are still thoughtful enough to not release too much piss that my mouth overflows, and your semen might spill out. Always the gentleman.

With one gulp, I throw my head back, gargle loudly and garishly swallow all your fluids, save a little.

Then I stand up and squeeze some of my piss into my cupped hand. I pour it into my mouth, and kiss you tenderly so you can taste the lovely cocktail of our fluids.

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