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A Moment Of Madness CH 2

A Moment Of Madness CH 2

Mummy Catherine cums with her camera
After more than twenty minutes of inhaling Belinda’s snotty hanky it is removed by the owner and placed back into her hand-bag. Louise spits on a wet-wipe, cleaning his mouth like she would do to a little baby. She continues to stroke his satin dress.

Belinda meanwhile pulls his panties down, applying a sticky gel to Alan’s throbbing cock and sweaty balls. He squeals with pleasure. The panties are then returned to their original state. Belinda laughs at his uncomfortable situation. He has an enormous erection.

“Very special prick-gel for Sissy Amy Caitlin.”

“Thank you Mummy Belinda.”

“A permanent hard-on for my sissy-boy.”

“Oh Mummy, I feel so frustrated.”

Belinda giggles like a demented schoolgirl as she adjusts his dress.

“There will be no more drying up as your semen will over-produce.”

Belinda looks at Louise giving her the nod of approval. Louise’s hand crawls up his dress resting on his white panties. She feels his cock pressing firmly against the satin material. Making a slow stroking movement she brings the sissy to the point of bursting.

“Cum all over your panties for Mummy Louise.”

Alan cannot contain his dignity any longer shooting his sissy-cream into the slinky fabric. Belinda watches intently as Louise rubs her hand in a circular manner caressing the sissy’s balls. He shoots another jet of warm semen, wriggling like a soft squirmy worm.

“What a good girl.”

“Ooh! Mummy Louise.”

He remains limp for a couple of minutes. To his amazement his cock soon stiffens yet again. Louise is a content yummy mummy.

The door bell rings, rudely interrupting the proceedings. Belinda jumps up to answer it.

“That will be Catherine to take suggestive pictures.”

Belinda walks into the living room with their new guest. Alan recognises her immediately. Catherine once lived in his vicinity. Belinda introduces her to Louise then the extremely shy Amy Caitlin.

“This sissy used to be Alan Jones who lived a few doors down from you.”

“Oh I recognise him, of course. What’s that familiar smell?

Louise laughs nervously.

“I’m afraid he got a little excited.”

Catherine understands, lifting his dress revealing a damp patch on the front the panties. His cock is as stiff as a ruler. Catherine uses her camera making the sissy pose in uncompromising positions.

In one, Alan sits between Louise and Belinda with a finger up both their noses. Catherine talks to him as if he is an imbecile. He purposely acts the fool. Catherine shrugs her shoulders.

“Thick as shit.”

Belinda and Louise both agree, pinching his cheeks in a tormenting way. Alan does not seem bothered by this. Catherine asks Louise to sit the sissy on her lap. She is told to unbutton the top of her red blouse. Belinda unclasps her friends brassiere. Catherine is in awe as Louise’s breasts pop out like escaping balloons.

“Breast-feed the pervert.”

Louise presses his face down on her nipple. He suckles it, producing sweet liquid which he devours hungrily. The camera clicks rapidly. Louise wipes his mouth with her snotty tissue, returning him to the milking machine. Belinda almost wets herself watching this very amusing episode.

She rings Joanna’s number on Alan’s mobile to discuss further action regarding their special friend. She goes and enters the hallway for privacy. After the breast-feeding has finished Louise offers Catherine a coffee. This is accepted graciously.

Catherine kneels on the floor in front of Alan, lifting his dress. She licks the front of his panties lapping up his stale semen, pulling the panties down to his knees. Licking his cock like a fresh ice-cream she places her lips over the rim. Alan shakes with excitement as her mouth descends further until his tool almost reaches her throat. This blow-job is going to be special. He explodes his cum, feeling her tongue slither like a snake, gulping his cream thirstily.

“Ooh! Mummy Catherine.”

Louise enters the room to find out what the commotion is about.

Catherine’s mouth is plastered with cum. It’s dribbling down her chin onto her white blouse. Louise puts her finger to her mouth.

“Please Catherine don’t talk with your mouth full.”

Louise re-enters the kitchen to make the coffee. Belinda has peeped through the door loving every minute of this. She finally is through to Joanna.

“Oh hi, is that Joanna Pearl?”

“Yes it is.”

“I’m Belinda and a friend of Alan.”

“Alan works with me in the office.”

“Oh, that’s lovely Joanna.”

“What exactly do you want?”

“Just tell the other girls in work that Alan is a kinky sissy transvestite.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Come over this afternoon and find out for yourself.”

Belinda gives Joanna directions telling her to arrive about four. She rings off laughing to herself.

Both girls enter the living-room. The sex act has finished. Alan sits on Catherine’s lap being showered with sloppy wet kisses. Her hand is up his dress tossing him off over his satin panties until he is soaking wet again. Louise offers her sugar. Catherine gobs a dollop of semen into her cup.

“Sissy-cream is far more tastier than sugar.”

Louise and Belinda collapse into fits of laughter at this remark.

Catherine’s face is so close to Alan’s he can see right up her nostrils.

“Do you want to pick Mummy Catherine’s nose?”

“Yes, please Mummy Catherine.”

Sticking two fingers up her nostrils, twisting them around like a pneumatic drill, Alan groans with delight, shooting his load over Mummy’s hand. Sticky squishy bogies are his morning treat.

“You will have to meet my daughter Rhiannon.”

Alan nods his head with agreement. Her daughter is now in her early twenties. A sexy student needing a good shag will be the perfect chance for him to screw mother and daughter.

Of course he has no idea that his work colleague is coming over to see him later this afternoon. Joanna Pearl is a bit naïve and will be totally shocked with his new existence.

Alan is perfectly happy in his new surroundings. He looks forward to plenty of kinky sex with women he only dreamed of encountering.

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