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A Moment Of Madness

A Moment Of Madness

A sissy secret unveiled by two experienced kinky mummies
Alan Jones is in the bedroom wearing his school-uniform. A tight gym-slip hugs a crisp white blouse. Navy blue cotton panties keep his privates well protected. White knee-high socks and black Mary-Jane shoes make him the perfect sexy school-girl. Wearing a wig tied in bunches excites him to the point of masturbation. He poses in front of the mirror, picking his nose, eating strawberry bubble-gum. To his annoyance, the mobile rings at this important time.

“Hi Alan its Louise your cousin’s wife.”

“Oh hello Louise what can I do for you?”

“Would you like to come down for coffee at about eleven?”
“Yes I’d love to everything okay I hope?

“Yes fine I have someone interesting for you to meet.”

“Sounds intriguing.”

“You won't be dissatisfied."

“See you later Louise.”

During this conversation Alan fondles his panties, almost creaming inside them enthralled by Louise’s sexy voice. After mincing around in his school-uniform, he reluctantly undresses to keep his appointment. He reverts back to his boring male clothes, but wears a pair of canary-yellow, lacy panties underneath his trousers.

Reaching her front door, he stands outside feeling slightly apprehensive for no apparent reason. Something does not feel right. Louise has never invited him to her house before. This must be something important. He rings the bell, feeling slightly sexually excitable.

Louise opens the door looking ravishing in her red, satin blouse and tight, black leather trousers. She can be described as lanky as she towers over his small frame. Her golden hair sparkles like hay in a farmyard barn.

“Hi Alan come on in. My friend Belinda is waiting for you.”

The sound of her name sends a shiver down his spine. This is obviously the same Belinda he has known from years ago, last seeing her at Louise’s wedding evening reception. Alan had become very distant from her due to some stormy disagreements. To meet her now would be an indignity.

Louise notices his reluctance to follow her inside.

“I know all about you and Belinda. Its all history now. She will be the perfect host I promise.”

Holding her hand he follows her inside. They walk calmly into the living room. Belinda sits suggestively in an armchair. Her flimsy, red flowery summer-dress looks very provocative.

Belinda’s sickly smile breaks the ice.

“Hi Alan its lovely to see you again.”

“Hi Belinda. What a pretty dress.”

“Ah thank you babes very sweet of you.”

Louise laughs at their reunion, joining him on the sofa. They discuss her wedding which happened over a year ago. Belinda comments on her daughters bridesmaid dress.

“A lovely color purple, Caitlin looked like a princess didn't she Alan?

“Yes, she looked absolutely gorgeous.”

Louise feels so proud of her daughter listening to the praise bestowed on her.

They chat about the wedding, but Belinda will not change the record about Caitlin’s purple dress. She is obviously arousing him. Being a closet transvestite, his love for feminine clothes is evident.

Belinda gazes at him furtively.

“I suppose she had matching lingerie on underneath?”

Louise nods her head.

“Purple, satin panties are so sexy aren't they Alan?”

“Yes very desirable.”

Both girls laugh at Alan’s statement. He blushes like a tomato.

Louise turns the television on and to Alan’s horror, a film of him dressed as a schoolgirl appears on the screen. Secret cameras had obviously been planted in his bedroom. He is totally humiliated.

Belinda giggles uncontrollably.

“I think you look enchanting. I bet those navy blue knickers were itchy.”

Alan blurts out shamelessly, he is a sissy-transvestite and wants the girls to help him.

Louise is delighted with this confession. Alan feints after revealing his guilty secret.

He feels confused and frightened after awakening finding his nose resting against something wet and hairy. Alan is horrified. His face caresses Louise’s pussy. She is very comfortable with this uncompromising situation.

“Keep perfectly still my kinky daughter. Belinda is shaving your legs.”

Louise rubs his face between her legs moaning in ecstasy. After about ten minutes he is sitting on the sofa. White knee-high socks with lacy trimmings cover his legs helped by a methodical Belinda.

“We have to make our friend the perfect sissy-girl.”

He peers down at the rest of his body startled at what he sees.

“Yes sweetie-pie Mummy Belinda has shaved you all over. No horrible manly hair to worry about now.”

She waves a pair of cute white, satin panties in front of him.

“Pretty little panties for Amy Caitlin.”

She places them around his waist giggling profusely.

“I'm being named after your daughters?

Louise laughs at his puzzled expression.

“Well of course darling that’s the least we could have done.”

An extremely short white, satin dress hangs from the back of the door. Belinda slips it over his head zipping up the back so it hugs him tight. The sash is tied in the same place so that he can’t escape.

Mummy Belinda puts a blonde, little-girls wig on his head with a pink bow. The final degradation is a pair of Mary-Jane shoes over his feet. Louise gives him a round of applause.

“Oh you look lovely Alan. The new Amy Caitlin has been born.”

“Thank you Mummy Louise.”

Alan has been fully dressed. She pulls him onto her lap cuddling him against her red-satin blouse.

“If you’re a good girl, later I’ll let you wear Caitlin’s bridesmaids dress and matching lingerie.”

Belinda sits close to her friend so that both mummies have full access to their new foster-daughter. Louise strokes the front of his dress while Belinda inspects his mobile.

“Please Mummy Belinda, can I have that back please?”

Belinda giggles annoyingly as she glances through the address book.

“Who is Joanna?”

He tries to snatch the mobile from her hand. Belinda blows her nose into a pretty flowery hankie. He can hear the snot traveling down her nostrils. She presses the soiled snob-rag to his lips, it sticks like slug.

“Good girl Amy Caitlin. Taste the bodily fluids of Mummy Belinda while I ring Joanna and tell her all about you.”

Louise places her hand over his mouth making sure he feels the warmth of Belinda’s snotty substance.

Alan's life is changing dramatically wanting it to continue until he is well and truly sissified.

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