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A Squirt Here, A Squirt There - Chapter 2, Part 1

Cindy finds that it is raining, so she must improvise to find other places to pee...
ASquirt Here, A Squirt There : Chapter 2, Part 1

Cindy sighed, bored and terribly annoyed with the current weather going on outside of her home. It was raining rather hard, so she couldn’t go to the park and do her usual outdoor peeing of her own. She would have to improvise a bit, but she was sure that she could make it work to her own advantage.

She stood in her kitchen, idly drinking a alcoholic concoction mix of vodka and cranberry juice, wearing nothing but a large t-shirt that didn’t hide her nipples and perky breasts underneath. She was in her own house, so why couldn’t she be naked unless she had company over—that was a different story on its own.

‘Where do I pee next?’ The red-head thought as she finished off her tall glass of cranberry and vodka and set the glass in the sink. Then she spotted the plant off in one corner and checking to make sure that her bladder was full enough, she walked over to the plant and squatted down. Sending a order to her brain, she felt the feeling rush to her bladder and soon enough, her pussy lips spread and her pee-hole began to squirt out hot, honey-colored urine that soon drenched the plant in her pee.

She let out a soft, blissful sigh as her pee continued to water and rain down on the plant and felt the relief flush her body hot and her nipples to pucker and tighten more under the shirt. Once she felt the plant had received enough of her pee, she closed her pee-hole and pulled back from the plant and admired her work briefly with a grin. Then, turning on her heel and going into deep thought, she looked around the kitchen for possible places to urinate next.

When she couldn’t find any place else to pee in the kitchen that appealed to her, she turned off the light and walked out. She was in hunt of her next toilet, seeing as her bladder was quite full from the drinking that she did last night with a few friends.

- - -

Cindy found herself in the laundry room, laying back against the cover of the washing machine with her legs spread wide over the mouth and revealing her pink, moist nether-lips. Taking in a deep breath, she sent the silent order to her bladder and her nether-lips spread as her piss shot from her and arched down into the washing machine. The patter of the piss hitting the metal was turning her on as she continued to let her pee rain freely and she reached a hand under her shirt to roll a pebbled nipple.

She scooted a little more to aim at the hamper for dirty clothes with some dark towels and clothes in there that needed to be washed. The red-head watched in fascination as her pee was soaked up by the clothing and she was also surprised by her accuracy with her piss. She continued to let her pee rain down onto the clothing until she decided that she had used enough for now and closed them up.

Cindy inspected her damage of the laundry room after hopping down from the washing machine and grinned to herself at her handy work. She soon turned on her heel and shut off the light to the laundry room and left, locking the door behind her. Cindy decided to head back to the kitchen for another round of peeing with a grin on her face.

- - -

Once back in the kitchen for a second round, she spotted her empty kettle that sat on the stove that was practically calling for her piss. Before long, she sat on the counter and had the kettle opening pressed to her muff that was spraying the honey colored urine into the metal container. She let out a sigh of content as the rest of her piss was emptied into the kettle, her bladder no longer aching to free the piss.

She closed the kettle, set it back on the stove top burner and looked around, suddenly very bored and rather thirsty for another drink. Hopping off the counter, she walked across the newly waxed wooden floor to the fridge and opened the double doors to look around at what she had for drinks. Spotting some orange juice and vodka, she decided to mix the two together for a “Orange Sunrise” as she believed it to be called.

Once she had the drink mixed and ready, she put the two containers back into the fridge and then sipped at her drink as she wandered towards her bedroom. She hoped that her bladder would fill up soon because she wanted to toilet in there as well!

It was only a matter of time…

To Be Continued…

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