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A Squirt Here, A Squirt There - Chapter 1

Cindy's adventures in taking a naughty piss!
Chapter One

Sitting naked on her deck, Cindy spread her creamy thighs wide and revealed her semi-trimmed red haired pussy to the world. She reached one of her hands down between her legs and spread her nether-lips and sent a command to her bladder to release what was stored up in there. The red head let out a blissful sigh as her hot, honey colored piss trickled out of her at first and then turned into a powerful arch.

“Ooh,” she hummed softly as her free hand began to fondle her dusky pink nipple of her C-cup breast, the urine continuing to flow hotly from between the spread lips of her pussy. “This feels amazing.” Her mouth was parted slightly, eyes half-lidded and glazed over from pleasure as the piss flowed freely from her body.

- - -

Once she had stopped any more pee from escaping her cherry red muff, she removed both of her hands and stood up, walking down the steps of her deck and stood in the middle of her yard and determining where to wee next. Her green-hazel colored eyes glanced around and finding nothing suitable, she squatted down where she stood and spreading her nether-lips with her hand once more, she resumed her toilet. Her honey colored urine shot out from her body again down onto the green grass and she let out a soft moan of pleasure.

Her pee stained the grass yellow as it continued to gush from her body, her free hand found her pebbled nipple and began to roll and pinch it. Moans flew from her parted lips as the pee continued to squirt thickly onto the ground below—watering it nicely with her urine. But, before her bladder ran out, she closed her nether-lips and stood up, flexing her legs and her eyes looked around as she stretched out her body.

- - -

Then she smiled, spotting a gnome with a particularly long hat that just screamed to be pissed on and so, she made her way over to the said garden gnome. She spread her legs and labia wide and let out a soft sigh as she opened up her pussy lips and this time just let her pee flow strongly from her body. Cindy held nothing back as she felt her bladder slowly emptying its contents down onto the garden gnome, giving it a nice covering of womanly fluids and she let out a couple more squirts of her pee onto the gnome and stood up, observing her vandalism on her property.

Smiling to herself and quite satisfied, she moved back towards her deck where she took her first wee and sat down on the step, spread her legs and began to play and pinch her clit. Her other hand went to twist and pinch her nipple, drawing forth a moan from her parted lips and her eyes closed. Her body was warm and her three fingers soon drew the red-head to her orgasm moments later as she felt her cum seep from her body to mix with the spent urine below.

The red-head let out a blissful sigh as she relaxed against her deck for a few moments before standing and walking back inside her house to clean up from her adventures. After settling into her bed after a nice, refreshing and cleansing shower, Cindy smiled to herself as she overlooked her backyard and said to herself, “I’m going to have to do this again—it was quite satisfying!” and with that, she got into her bed and settled in for a good-nights rest for more pee-filled adventures tomorrow.

The End.

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