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A Visit to the Doctor

Lindsay's first gynecologist visit leaves her with a lot to think about.
Lindsay entered the small, sparsely-furnished waiting room with trepidation. Dr. Anderson had been recommended by several of her friends, and as this was her first time at the gynecologist, she was glad to have gotten the recommendation. 

She was eighteen, about to go off to college. Although she was still a virgin, she planned on changing that fast once she was settled in at school and away from her suffocating, over-protected home life. She was an only child, and her parents treated her as though she were made of glass.

She knew a doctor would not prescribe birth control without performing an exam, so here she was. She checked in, filled out some paperwork and waited, taking note of the fact that she was the only person currently in the waiting room. It was 4:00; perhaps she was the last patient of the day, she thought.

After a few minutes a young nurse with a large, pregnant belly called her name. Lindsey followed her into an exam room, where the nurse cheerfully took her blood pressure and weighed her, before asking her to undress.

"Um, I don't see a gown..." Lindsay looked around the room, but didn't see anything for her to cover herself with, not even a paper sheet.

The nurse smiled and gave a short laugh. "Oh, we don't use them here. Dr. Anderson believes in examining his patients without any encumbrances."

Lindsay just stared, feeling hot blood rush to her face. She was expected to strip naked and just sit here?

The nurse placed a comforting hand on her shoulder. "He's seen it all before, hon. He is a doctor, after all. He won't even bat an eye."

Reluctantly, Lindsay began slipping out of her clothes. She didn't have much choice; she'd be leaving for school in a week, and wanted to have her birth control sorted out before she left. It would be nearly impossible to get an appointment with another doctor at this point, and Dr. Anderson had been recommended.

Satisfied that Lindsay was doing as she'd asked, the young nurse turned to leave. "He'll be right in."

Lindsay wrapped her arms around herself, shivering although the room was actually quite warm. Despite the nurse's reassurances, she felt awkward sitting there completely exposed. She jumped at the light knock on the door.

A few seconds went by, then the door opened. Dr. Anderson closed the door and walked over to Lindsay, extending his hand. Not wanting to appear rude, she shook it, uncovering herself in the process. He was quite handsome—tall, lean, with thick, dark hair. His intense gaze made her squirm.

"It's nice to meet you, Lindsay. So this will be your first time at the gynecologist? And you're a virgin, correct?" He looked up from perusing her chart, one eyebrow raised as he waited for her answer.

She felt herself flush and lowered her eyes, stammering, "Y—yes."

"Delightful." Lindsay looked up sharply, wondering if she'd heard correctly. Dr. Anderson merely smiled.

"So...if you wouldn't mind, lie back on the table and put your feet in the stirrups, please."

He held her gaze as she lay back, slowly slipping her feet into the stirrups. She was embarrassed at being so utterly exposed, but at the same time, somewhat aroused. Her heart was hammering and her breath came faster as Dr. Anderson loomed over her.

"We'll start with a breast exam. Relax; there's nothing to be nervous about." Lindsay closed her eyes as he began running his warm hands over her breasts, feeling for any abnormalities. She had just began to calm when she felt a sharp pinch on her nipple. Her eyes flew open to see Dr. anderson smiling down at her. He pinched and pulled her other nipple, making her moan softly despite her mortification.

"Excellent." The doctor's voice was soft. "Everything looks perfectly normal."

Giving her an intense look, he snapped on a pair of latex gloves. "You might find the exam a bit uncomfortable, but I'll do what I can to make it good for you."

Lindsay thought that was a strange choice of words, but she remained where she was, spread open on the exam table. She felt oddly helpless, and if she was honest with herself, somewhat turned on by the doctor's unorthodox methods.

Pulling up a stool, Dr. Anderson took his place between her legs. She blushed hotly at the realization that his face was almost level with her pussy, which was embarrassingly wet. To make matters worse, she felt a latex-covered finger glide between her lips, sliding easily through the slippery juices.

"Do you always lubricate so profusely?"

To Lindsay's mortification, she felt a rush of moisture at his words. "Um..." She fumbled for an answer. Honestly, she didn't think her pussy had ever been this wet. And for it to to happen during a doctor's visit...

"It's perfectly normal. In fact, it makes my job that much easier." Before she could think too much about what that meant, the doctor was sliding two gloved fingers into her soaked cunt. Her hips bucked in surprise and pain.

"Oh, you really are a virgin." Dr. Anderson stilled his hand, waiting for Lindsay to become accustomed to his fingers inside her. After a moment he pulled his fingers out, then gently pushed them back in, starting a slow rhythm when he saw Lindsay's eyes flutter and her breathing pick up. As she began pushing her hips up to meet his fingers, he fucked her more vigorously, rubbing her clit with his thumb until she cried out, soaking his hand.

"Very nice, Lindsay. You're very responsive. It would be a shame for you to have your first sexual experiences with a clumsy, selfish college boy. Wouldn't you rather the first cock in that tight pussy be mine, so I can make it good for you? Make you come like I did with my fingers?" His long, thick cock was already out, hard and dripping precum inches from Lindsay's face. She'd barely noticed that he'd gotten up and moved to stand near her head.

Unbearably aroused, Lindsay turned her head and reached out with her hand. Moving closer, Dr. Anderson drew his cock along her lips, groaning when she opened and took him in. She sucked feverishly, moaning and pumping with her hand what she couldn't fit in her mouth.

"Mmm, what an eager little slut you are." It seemed to Lindsay that she should be insulted, but the humiliation she felt at being called a slut only made her wetter. She wanted him to say it again, but more than that, she wanted to feel like one. She wanted to be a slut.

Suddenly he pulled out of her mouth, slapping her cheek lightly. "That's enough, slut. I'm going to do you a favor and fuck that tight little virgin cunt, so you'll know what it's like to be fucked properly."

Once again he was between her wide-spread legs. He teased her glistening pussy with his cock head, rubbing it along her slit, making her whimper. He brought his thumb to her pussy, dragging it through her juices and down to her asshole. He smirked as he rubbed his thumb in circles, making her gasp when suddenly he pushed it in. "I've no doubt you're a virgin here, as well...perhaps we should take care of that today, too."

Lindsay paled at the thought of his big cock pushing into her virgin ass. She shivered, both in fear and anticipation. She knew she wouldn't refuse him.

While she was preoccupied with thoughts of Dr. Anderson's cock in her ass, he pushed into her sopping pussy, stopping only when he was balls deep. He leaned over her, panting, for a moment before pulling out and thrusting back in roughly. The sharp pain of losing her virginity was soon replaced by pleasure, as Dr. Anderson thrust in and out of her tight cunt.

He kneaded her breasts as he fucked her, pinching her nipples until she groaned and arched into his hand. Between his hands on her tits and his relentless fucking, Lindsay was sure she was going to come again. But at the last minute her orgasm was snatched away from her as Dr. Anderson pulled out, leaving her panting and whining in frustration.

"What—why did you—" At that point Lindsay would have begged for the doctor's cock; anything to bring her back to the brink of orgasm and push her over. But that proved not to be necessary.

"As warm and welcoming as your hot little cunt is, I'm going to come in your ass. You'll thank me when some drunken frat boy decides he wants to take you there without proper preparation or lubrication." The doctor squirted a bit of lube into his gloved hand and slowly inserted a finger, making Lindsay squirm at the unfamiliar sensation. As soon as she relaxed, he added a second finger, and then another, until he was fingering her tight ass fast and hard.

Lindsay moaned and wriggled, her fear forgotten. Suddenly, Dr. Anderson's gloved fingers hit a spot inside her that made her muscles clamp down and her pussy gush. Lindsay's orgasm swept through her as she moaned loudly, sprawling on the exam table in a limp pile of limbs.

She tensed when Dr. Anderson pushed her legs apart and pulled her down to the edge of the exam table.

"Relax. If you're tense, it will be uncomfortable for you." Lindsay's eyes fluttered closed in pleasure as he began rubbing her clit, and she barely had time to make a sound of protest as he pushed his thick cock into her ass, stopping once the head was in to give her a moment to adjust.

As with his fingers, Lindsay was surprised by how good his cock felt in her ass. She grew impatient and wriggled a bit on the doctor's cock, wanting to be fucked. He smirked. "You like taking my cock in your ass, don't you, slut? You want to be fucked hard and take a load of cum in that slutty ass..."

With that, he pulled out and thrust back in quickly, setting a rapid pace that left Lindsay panting and clutching at the paper that covered the table. After several minutes of hard fucking, Dr. Anderson groaned and swore as he buried himself balls-deep in Lindsay's ass and came. He remained inside her, hunched over and panting as he caught his breath, then abruptly straightened and pulled out. He zipped up and adjusted his clothing in silence.

Pushing a hand through his sweaty hair, he picked up Lindsay's chart and made a few notations. Turning dark eyes on her, he said, "Everything seems to be fine, Lindsay. Here's the prescription for birth control pills that you wanted, and I'd like to see you again in four weeks—just to be sure they're working out for you."

In a daze, Lindsay, promised to make the appointment, feeling her pussy moisten at the thought. With a final smirk, Dr. Anderson left. A moment later there was a knock, and the young pregnant nurse entered. With a smile, she handed a small bag to Lindsay. "Samples. If those don't work out for you, we can always try another."

Rubbing a hand over her protruding belly, she smiled. "Or maybe you won't want those after all. Dr. Anderson offers a wide range"

Lindsay's eyes grew wide as she realized what the nurse was saying. With a start, it dawned on her that the doctor hadn't used a condom today. But then, he hadn't actually come in her pussy. Still, there was a small chance...Lindsay imagined her belly growing rounder, her breasts getting bigger, eventually producing milk...The nurse's voice startled her out of her reverie.

"Think about it, hon. There's no rush. I'm sure he could find something for you here if you decide school's not for you."

Lindsay took the proffered bag, mumbled a thank you and walked to her car, mulling over her eventful afternoon. She thought about her next appointment, thought about what the nurse had told her. She felt a sudden, sharp yearning as she pictured herself calling out the name of the doctor's next appointment, her swollen belly preceding her into the waiting room. Yes, it had been an eventful day, and she still had a lot to think about.

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