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All tied up

Watching a porno gives a couple new ideas
Every once and while, my husband Marc brings home a skin flick and we watch it together. It isn't very a very frequent occurrence, but it does tend to spice up our sex life. Marc puts on silk pajamas, and I put on a sexy nighty and wear my long silk robe. I never know what he is going to bring home, but he tries to find movies that are more in the romantic mood and less on the raunchy side. It usually ends with a great night of sex once we get it going. One recent Saturday, Marc said he was going to go over to the video store and get a movie for that night. I was thinking that he would come home with a typical lighthearted comedy or some kind of "chick flick" that we usually enjoy together. When he got back I asked what he had found, he came up with a sheepish grin and said that he was thinking more in terms of a "wild movie" tonight. He came over and gave me a big kiss and asked if that was OK? Well, it had been more than a week since we had had sex, so the idea did sound pretty good.

With the plans made, we had a nice dinner with a delicious red wine, and then had an after dinner drink. We went upstairs and while I was brushing my hair and getting into my "evening clothes" Marc brought me a glass of champagne for a "dressing drink" he said, "to relax you". We came back downstairs and I spread out a big satin comforter in front of the TV and Marc closed all of the blinds and poured yet another glass of champagne. I had a delicious buzz from the drinks and I was in a relaxed mood to enjoy the movie. I don't even remember what the name of the flick was, but it was well pretty well done and had some beautiful women in it that really appeared to be enjoying themselves. The liquor was taking effect and with the explicit sex on the screen I was getting warmed up to say the least. After a couple of scenes of good sex, the movie had a scene where the girl looked remarkably like me. Not that I am a glamour star, but she bore a striking resemblance, similar build, hair and face. Marc even noted that she looked like me and I had to agree. In the movie the scene moved along through the typical preliminaries. Then, as the guy and girl were getting pretty passionate, the guy looped restraints on her arms and legs and tied her to the bed. He then proceeded to ravish her body. He teased and excited her until I thought that she was going to scream. I was almost squirming for her as the guy drove her to total ecstasy. This wasn't a leather and fetish type of domination thing. It was more like achieving the ultimate in pleasure. With restraints on her arms and legs the girl couldn't do anything but enjoy it and she gave in to all of her passion and desires, and the guy wasn't into domination, just totally pleasing her and himself.

Marc had sometimes joked with me that he was going to time me up and have his way with me. I had always laughed and said; yea, sure, but we had always taken it as a joke, not as anything that we would ever really do. If I was ever going to be tied up, this was definitely more like I had mind, more loving than anything else. As I watched with my eyes glued to the screen, the man brought the girl to orgasm after orgasm, taking her in different ways, building a mountain of pleasure and sensation. Bringing her to a point where she would do anything for him finally having him deliver a creamy finish all over her blindfolded face and into her open mouth. The girl, wanting to experience everything that he could give her really enjoyed his final finish. As the scene ended I was holding on to Marc's arm, and, as the guy came, I realized that I was probably going to bruise him with my grip. Marc leaned over and kissed me deeply. As we broke the kiss, he made commented that "this scene really turned you on didn't it?" I had to gasp, "yes, that was very sexy." The next thing he said was, "well, since you enjoyed watching it so much, would you like me to do that to you?" Mmmmmmm I replied, "that does sound delicious right now." And it did, what with watching that much passion, and the alcohol, I would have been agreeable to almost anything he had offered.

Marc and I toasted our champagne glasses together and he said, "here is to a most pleasurable new experience." We kissed and went upstairs. Marc slowly took off my silk robe and we slid down on the bed in another sensuous kissing session. "Are you fit to be tied now?" he asked. I was enjoying things pretty well as they were, but I guess that I had made the commitment to do it and with the champagne taking effect the thought was exciting me more and more. "Yes, but"...I started to say, but he shushed me, "I think I know exactly what you need." With that he got up out of bed and went to the closet, returning with a bunch of his old silk neckties. He kissed me again, and then proceeded to remove my nighty. Usually he explores my body as he does that, but tonight there was none of that, just some hugging and kissing. I was already hungry for his touch on my body, anywhere on my body. Finally he kissed his way up to my wrist and then looped a tie around it and tied it into a very loose loop. I figured that I could probably wriggle out of it, if I really had wanted to. Marc then did the same with my other wrist, and then each ankle in turn. I yearned for him to be touching me and pleasing me, and the anticipation was filling me with desire.

Marc looped the ends of the ties over the bedposts. The ties were pretty loose, only tight enough that I couldn't touch my other wrist and take it off. I said, "this isn't going to do much", but Marc was insistent, "It will be plenty, the idea is just enough that you can't do everything that you want to do, you'll have to beg me to do it for you". He did the same with the legs and then came over and rolled a scarf and told me to lift my head. "I don't need that", I protested. Marc shushed me again, telling me I didn't have a choice, what was I going to do about it. He had a point, I was not in any position to argue, I lifted my head and he gently tied the blindfold over my eyes. He was in control right, now I was feeling totally vulnerable, naked on the bed, tied up and blindfolded; he could do whatever he wanted with me. He brought the champagne glass to my lips again and gave me a final sip to savor.

He lay down beside me on the bed and told me how beautiful I was. He leaned over me and when I felt his lips on mine I kissed back reflexively. I wanted to bring my arms around him, to reach out and touch him, but I found myself tugging at the bonds. His kiss was demanding and passionate. All of my response was channeled through my lips. It was all I had in contact with him. It was probably the most passionate kiss I have ever given, and Marc could feel it too. As we broke the kiss, he sighed, "Ohhhhhh, I think this is going to be good".

He kissed me on the lips a few more times and then worked his way over to my ears and neck, and then started kissing towards my breasts. As his mouth kissed around nipple I lifted it for him to kiss, he broke away for a moment and when he came back down his cold lips wet from champagne enveloped my nipple and the feeling was like getting hit with an electric shock. He sucked and then gently bit my nipple and flicked it with his tongue. Again, his only contact with me was through that one place where he was touching me and that made the feeling of the touch that much more intense. He then started sucking the other nipple with a refreshed cold mouth and was pinching and rubbing the nipple that he had just finished sucking. I gasped and tried to reach his head with one arm to force him harder to my chest, but just couldn't touch it. I could only try to lift my body up toward him to get more pressure and intensity in his touch. Marc came up for air and continued pinching and squeezing my nipples. By now they were harder than pencil erasers and I was aching for more. Marc now started rubbing and sucking all over my tits, it was almost a release to get more feeling and touch from him. Finally! I had wanted this for so long, even though it was likely that we had been here for only a few minutes. This was exquisite torture but I was totally enjoying all of the touch and pleasure that he was giving me.

Marc worked his way down my body to kiss the inside of my ankles and then started kissing down my leg and working his way down to my pussy. He was now breathing on my bush and kissing the insides of my thighs, I always love the way he uses his tongue, and I lifted myself to him. He had his hands on my hips from underneath, and held me back down, and kissed my thighs and the top of my bush more. I was going crazy. Normally I would have grabbed his head and put him where I needed him, but he was in control and was driving me to distraction. "Please" I gasped. "Please what?" he asked. "God, please", I pleaded. He kissed more around my opening, nibbling just to the edge and blew more of his breath right on my clit. He was so close, I could feel how close, but couldn't see, I could only feel his breath on me. After what seemed like forever, he finally began licking my pussy lips, and along the sides of my clit. I wanted more of his touch, his lips on me there. He then came up and covered my clit with his mouth. The release was like a flood, I grasped his head between my legs, hoping to hold him there, afraid he would pull back away and tease me more. He pulled my legs more open, but instead of pulling back, he pressed over me with his mouth and tongue and slid his hands from my hips up to my breasts. Now I could respond and lift myself to his mouth, If I could have gotten my hands free I would have pounded on the back of his head, it was so good. He was devouring me with his lips and tongue and I was writhing in pleasure. Having his touch all over me, with his lips on me and his hands on my tits, pinching my nipples, it was a release of the pent up tension and I was in heaven. I was gasping and lifting my hips to him, wanting him to give me more. Waves of orgasm washed over me and I was bucking with pleasure. I am very sensitive just after I come and Marc knows just how to softly keep me there, not doing so much that I totally explode yet not allowing me to come down from the pleasure. With my hands above my head and not able to touch him as I always do, this was torture and pleasure all mixed into one. Marc came up for air and kissed my nipples and worked his way to my mouth and I tasted my wetness in his kiss. With each different touch came another soft wave of pleasure.

I felt him bring his cock and press it between my breasts, moving up and down fucking between my tits. I love to feel his firm cock between my tits and Marc pressed my tits together wrapping them around his cock, just as I usually do for him. As he reached the top of his stroke I put my mouth down and opened it, not being able to see, but knowing where it was from his touch. The next stroke up I felt his cock touch my lips. I strained to lick the end of his cock and tasted him for the first time that night. With each stroke I would lick and suck just the end of his cock, he wasn't giving me much of it, but was enjoying my tits and lips. I was trying to get more of his cock in my mouth on each stroke, but he just pulled back before I could capture it, all I could get in was a lick or a bit of a suck to the head and it was gone again. Marc said, "You look so sexy there with your mouth open, waiting for me". I could taste his precum, I wanted more, I wanted him in my mouth. "Let me have it all" I begged. "You want it all?" he asked. "Please let me suck your cock, " I begged.

I couldn't believe that came out of my lips. I am pretty proper, I never talk "dirty", but more than anything else right then I wanted to suck his cock. As he reached the top of the next stroke, he just kept pushing and slid his cock right up into my mouth. I rocked my head back and let his entire cock go right down my throat. I started licking the bottom of his shaft and swallowing so that his cockhead could feel the pulsations in my throat. I was doing everything that a woman can do to pleasure a man with her mouth.

Marc let up and gave me a chance to breathe again and moved off to one side of the bed. Since we were closer to one side of the bed I could grasp him with one hand and keep him in my mouth as I teased and licked him. I was sucking and devouring his cock pulling and licking and then pulling him deep in my throat and swallowing him until his balls were against my chin.

After a bit more of this I pulled him toward me and he came over me into a "sixty nine" position. I grasped his bum and arched my head back and pulled his hardness down deep into my throat as he began eating me again. I love it when a man is deep in my throat. I can hold him there and feel the pulse of his cock. As I sucked hard and swallowed, and swirled my tongue around his cock Marc groaned with pleasure. I could control him somewhat and allowed him to move in and out of my mouth, and then would again pull him down deep in my throat for long hard suck. Marc was now sucking my clit and working his fingers in and out of me and in time with him fucking my throat. As I would pull him down for another suck he would press more into my dripping wetness with his fingers and suck harder on my clit. The pleasure that we both were feeling was fantastic. Marc licked down and swirled around my rosebud with his tongue. He licked and pressed his tongue to my bum and wet the opening as he rubbed my clit with his fingers. He came up and sucked my clit again and pressed his finger to my now eager tight opening. As my bum opened and relaxed to his pressure, his finger slid into me and I sucked hard and swallowed again. Soon he filled me with two fingers in my ass and two fingers in my pussy, sucking hard on my clit and pressing himself deep into my throat. I felt so totally helpless, so totally penetrated, so spread wide open and yet so totally full. My second big orgasm hit as my ass and pussy were consumed with pleasure they were getting.

Marc got up and pulled me down toward the footboard of the bed. This stretched my arms out above my head but let me have pretty much free motion with my legs. I felt his cock touch just the lips of my pussy and rubbed he slid it up and down the entrance to my dripping wetness. I couldn't get any closer to him because of the restraints on my arms even though I was pushing as hard as I could to get him into me. I was aching for him now, consumed, I wanted him so deeply in me.

"Tell me what you want?" he asked as he felt me lifting and trying to thrust down and capture his beautiful cock. "Do it!!!" I demanded. "Do what?" he asked. "Ohhhh FUCK MEEEEE" I begged as he parted my pussy lips with his cock. "Is this what you want?" as he just pushed the head slightly into the entrance. "DOOOO ITTTTT" I gasped, and lifted to get just a little more of him into me. Marc leaned forward and pushed all the way into me in one strong stroke, touching me only with his cock. The pleasure was indescribable. I could only feel him was in the one place that was giving me huge pleasure and that made the felling all that much more intense. Marc fucked me slowly at first, building up passion inside me and bringing me more and more pleasure. Finally as I came, Marc pressed deeply into me and then moved all around while he is buried in me to the hilt. This pressure on my clit brought another wave of orgasm washing over me. Usually, when I come I would hang on to him with my arms and legs to hold him still, and tell him that if he moved I would kill him. Only this time I couldn't stop him from moving, he pressed harder and moved ever so slowly, driving me through the extreme sensitivity and on to a new plane. I started to come again and Marc now started to move in and out as well as around. The motion and sensation that I normally couldn't endure became more and more pleasurable and more intense with each increasing movement. Marc grabbed my breasts now and pumped into me like a machine. This was the most fantastic feeling that I have ever had in my life, I must have been a sight, with my arms stretched out and my blindfolded head tossing around like a rag doll while Marc pummeled me to a continuous explosion. I tried to move my arms, to somehow stop him, but all the struggling earlier had made the ties tight on my wrists. I was totally at his mercy and he was driving into me, filling me with pleasure with every thrust and I was aching for another thrust each time he pulled back.

Finally he fell upon me and held himself as deeply as possible in me. I managed to get my legs around him and hold him down to me as I spasmed again and again. I told him that if he moved I would kill him. He just sighed and then moved a little deeper into me. That brought another wave of shivers and more motion and what seemed like string of unending electric shocks as each wave would produce another spasm and that spasm would give me a tiny amount of motion and another wave, again and again. He reached up and pinched my nipples, and I told him "NO, STOP!!!!!!!" but that brought on another wave of orgasms as he pressed his cock into me and pinched my nipples more. I tried to hold him still, grasping him with my knees, it was my only way of holding on to him. I was totally incoherent, just lying there and gasping feeling the pressure of him in me and on me engulfing me with sensation in my dark world. Marc began to move again, so slowly that it was almost imperceptible. It was more of a firm pressure deep in me. He released the pressure, but didn't pull back. Then pressed into me deeper than before. It felt so good, I wanted more of that feeling, more fullness inside of me. As he pushed again, I pushed back to his demand, almost against my will, but ready to do anything for more pleasure if I could find it. "More?" I gasped. I wasn't sure if it was a question, or an answer, I didn't think I could take any more pleasure without passing out. Marc pressed down to the hilt in me again, and I gasped "MORE!!!!!" and this time it was my demand. He pressed harder against my clit and deeper into me. "More, like this?" he groaned. "Yessssssss" I said. He withdrew just a bit then Marc slipped deeply into me and said "more?" I responded "ANYTHING, just more" I gasped. "Anything?" he said. "Anything" I surrendered as he so deeply thrust into me. He moved now in an intense swirling motion pressing and exploring all my sex and making me eager for him again.

Marc pulled out of me and the next thing I felt was his mouth covering my clit again. Holding my legs up with my arms still above my head. He came up for a breath and repeated "Anything?" as he pressed two fingers into my streaming wetness. "Anything!" I groaned as he sucked hungrily at my pussy and clit. "Anything????" he asked as he pressed the two wet fingers against my rosebud. I lifted my bum to him and I moaned "ANYTHING!!!!!" as he slid the two fingers up my ass, "Yessssssss " and I meant it. I was ready and eager now for anything. Marc's fingers deeply explored by bum, opening me, spreading me wide and relaxing me, and making me ready. He probed my ass with his fingers, opening the muscle, rubbing my cervix from inside my ass. I could feel the intense desire building up again, I wanted him in me again, I wanted anything that he was willing to give me, but most of all I wanted his cock in my ass, taking the place of his fingers and giving me the feeling of fullness and depth in my ass that can only come from his size. He slipped the ties off of my ankles and pulled my legs up to my chest. He lifted my bum and placed his cock at my now ready and very eager hole. I begged, "fill my ass, please fill my ass!!" as I lifted my bum to him.

As soon as I said it I felt him start to push into my bum and spread me so wide open. He paused for a moment, giving me time to relax to his size, and then ever so smoothly pushed in all the way to fill me so totally. As he pressed deeply into me I pulled my bum tight around him and heard him moan softly "your ass is sooooo tight". As I relaxed he pulled back and then slid down to the depths of my ass again while rubbing my clit with one hand and holding my legs up with the other. "Uhhhhhhhhhh" was all I could moan, feeling him as deep as he had ever been in my ass. "Do you love me in your ass?" he asked. "ohhhhhhhhhgoooooodddyessssss" I moaned, and I did, I loved the feeling of him so deep in my ass. "Mooooooore" I begged, "Fuck my ass" and with that he began to in and out of my ass, filling me more deeply with each thrust and exploring my ass with his motion. With his fingers working my clit and pussy, and his cock in my ass, I was in heaven again. My wetness was drenching his cock and he began to pick up speed. He was driving me wild, deeper and harder with each thrust. With each thrust came more desire from me for more of his cock. "HARDER!!! FUCK MY ASS HARDER!" I demanded, and he did, knowing I was reaching a peak he pounded my ass. Soon I was coming again, shuttering and squirming. All I could feel was the hunger inside of me for more feeling from his cock. I was in a state of one long continuous orgasm, exploding each time he reached the depth of my ass, feeling nothing but his cock. I was moaning with pleasure and almost crying, whimpering at how good it felt for him to ass fuck me, begging for more of him in my ass. I was at a peak that I had never ever been to before, a total sexual animal consumed by pleasure, my pleasure, his pleasure, any feeling or relief that could be had by either one of us. With each stroke I gained more and more desire for his cum. I was possessed, I wanted to feel him release. I began begging him for his cum. I wanted him to cum for me, in me. I wanted to feel his juices oozing from my ass. I wanted to be able to please him like he had pleased me.

I clenched my ass around him and told him I wanted him to cum for me. "You want me to cum for you baby?" he asked as he pumped so deep into my ass. "Yessssssss" I hissed, "cum for me baby, I want all of your cum, every drop of it". "Where do you want me to cum", he gasped. I hadn't given it a thought. I just wanted him to cum. "Anywhere, anywhere you want baby, cum deep in my ass, in my mouth, all over me, just cum for me", I moaned. I was so desperate for his cum, desperate to have him release his pleasure. "Like in the movie?" he gasped while driving his cock in my ass faster and harder and deeper obviously the idea excited him. "Yessssss baby, come in my mouth, on my face, like in the movie", that was what I wanted now more than anything, for him to cum, for him to see his cum. I knew what it would look like, even blindfolded. I could see the girl in the movie, opening wide for his cum, just like I would for Marc. I could see her in my mind, full of desire for his cum, just like I was now.

"Now baby, " I cried out, knowing he was ever so close, "cum for me baby". Marc pulled away and I felt him alongside of me in the bed. I opened my mouth wide, and arched my head up to receive his gift just as I remembered the girl in the movie doing. In that moment I became that girl in the movie, all of the passion she had shown for his cum, I would get to experience. I could see what was happening clearly in my mind. I knew what it was going to look like to him. I knew, how hot and sexy and delicious the girl in the movie had been, because now I was her. Marc had his fingers in my pussy and his thumb on my clit, and I could still feel the fullness of his cock in my ass. I felt a first splash of cum hit my tits, where I hadn't expected it. I opened wider, wanting it all, not wanting to miss a precious drop that would come to my mouth. I felt a second splash hit my top lip and cheek, and then, the next three huge squirts went all in my mouth. It felt as though my entire mouth was filled. It was more cum than I had ever gotten from him before. I felt the tip of his cock touch my lower lip, and felt a dribble of his sweet nectar on my lips. I swirled his cum in my mouth, savoring it all, not wanting any of it to escape my taste.

The texture, the taste, was all his, and now I had it all for myself. I felt myself cumming again from the feeling of his cum in my mouth and the rubbing of my clit that Marc was doing. Marc brought his finger to my cheek and swirled the dab of cum from my cheek where it had escaped on the first shot in my mouth. I captured and licked his finger still holding as much of his cum in my mouth as possible. I opened my mouth and brought the cum to the front so that he could see my prize, a small dribble slid out of the edge of my mouth and along my cheek, but being tied up could do nothing about it. Marc moaned, "Baby that is so sexy, what you do with my cum". I was the girl in the movie. I felt so decadent, so delicious so used and so fulfilled. I felt Marc's cock touch my lips again and I sucked the tip, and was rewarded with a final drop to savor. I swirled the cum around in my mouth completely tasting his pleasure. Marc reached down and took the cum on my tit and rubbed it into my nipple and as I swallowed I came from his touch and swallowing his cum. I closed my mouth and sucked all of the juices from inside it, giving me a burst of taste that made me shutter again.

The texture was gone, given up to my orgasm, but the taste of his pleasure remained. I opened my mouth wide and Marc brought the full length of his cock down my throat. I sucked hard, and swallowed again and again, making him quiver with each pulse of my throat on the head of his cock, wanting to milk him, to take all of what he could give up to me and give him one last feeling of pleasure as his passion drained from him. I brought him to my mouth and ran my tongue all over his cockhead, he shivered as I sucked hard, trying to get any more from him that I could.

Marc hugged me and kissed my face and breasts, then he took the loops off of the bedposts, finally making me free again. With the blindfold still on, we hugged and he finally pulled that off too, kissed my eyelids and we collapsed into an embrace. Never had I imagined feeling so completely satisfied, the flush feeling in my pussy, the taste of cum in my mouth, and the feeling of fullness still in my ass giving me sensations and spasms as I experienced them again in my mind as we curled up together.

"Well, did it live up to your expectations?" he asked softly, kissing my neck, caressing my tits and holding me close. "Ooooooohhhhhhhhh yesssss" was all I could answer. "I've never felt this way before"

"Maybe we should leave those old ties of mine close to the bed", he said, "just in case we ever need them again." "Mmmmmmmmm" was all I could say.................
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