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Alternative Therapy

My therapist told me I was always going to be a failure with women
I knew that my failure with women would continue through my life and Kathy (my therapist) knew it too, though it was some time before she told me. She kept getting me to go over the same stuff time and again.

"Alex, I want you to go back to the time when you first started going to prostitutes. Tell me about the first time."

I sat back in my chair and folded my arms.

"Unfold your arms Alex", said Kathy, "don't be defensive with me."

I unfolded my arms and looked at her plump round breasts, the nipples protruding slightly through her thin lambswool sweater.


"Don't look at my breasts Alex, concentrate on what you have to say." She said, adjusting herself in a way that made the nipples protrude even more.


"I wasn't much good", I said. "I didn't get much of an erection. It was humiliating really. I think the girl thought I was pretty hopeless."


"Did you have an orgasm?" Asked Kathy.


"I did, but hardly felt it. It wasn't her fault, she had a nice body and pleasant enough face."


"What did you do after?"


"I went home and masturbated"


"How was it?" She asked, bending forward and taking off her glasses.


"It was good", I said.


"Did you think about the girl while you were masturbating?"


"Yes I did. It gave me quite a thrill to think about it. I wanted to go back to her and do it properly."


"And did you?"


"Yes I went back to her. But it was the same and I went home and jerked off again."


I went back over the same old tales. My dick was basically ineffective with women. I had visited dozens of whores over the years and it was the same every time.


But I was getting fed up with the sessions with Kathy. She was very sexy and I liked looking at her but the therapy was going nowhere. I was going to cancel our next meeting.


"You're a failure with women Alex", she told me at the end of the session. "I usually try to get men out of negative mind traps but you really are a loser."


"Thanks" I said ironically, it was really worth shelling out the dough to hear it.


"But I know what your problem is you fucking wimp. Stand up and drop your jeans, I want to see the size of your penis".


The last order she said with such angry venom I was stunned. I had been seeing her for a year and never heard her anything other than nice and polite.


"I'm sorry" I said, "Did you say .."


"Get your jeans down and show me that pathetic little cock!" She stood over me and bellowed the last three words.


I stood in front of her. She was somewhat taller. I felt like a little boy. I dropped my jeans and eased down my y fronts. She glanced down.


"Pitiful." she said, "No wonder you're such a failure. Oh look, you've got an erection, though you would hardly know."


I did have an erection and my cock was extended to its full 4 inch length. I felt a strange joy in my humilation.


"You're a slimy pathetic waster you arsehole" she screamed at me. "You've been wasting my time and all along you've got a 5 year old boy's prick! What the fuck do you expect to do with that!"


I was terrified by Kathy and at the same time my little cock throbbed like never before.


Kathy slapped me on the face strongly and yelled "Who gave you permission to have a hard on you sad jerk off!" The slap was painful but my cheek glowed and my erection grew stronger. It was so good to be in her power!


She looked at my cock with what I thought was pure derision.


"You had better tell me quickly what you want to do with that little dick you pervert. Come on, out with it!"


But I couldn't speak.


"Well come on you pipsqueek! If you want to fuck me then just say so. Say it you asshole! Say you want to fuck me, say it!"


"I want to fuck you", I said rather feebly.


"Fuck me? Ha ha! With that little thing, you must be joking!" Then she ordered me to get on the floor which I did so that my tiny dick was sticking up in the air. I looked up at her. She was like a goddess - long red hair flowing and green eyes flashing hatred at me. She hiked up her skirt and pulled off some sexy lace panties. My god, she's going to fuck me I thought.


"Don't kid yourself you little tow rag I'm not going to fuck you but I want you to get a sniff of what you've been missing and what you'll never have you puny toss pot". She gave me a wicked smile and straddled me but supporting herself on her knees and not touching me - but I could feel her skirt on my legs.


"You see Alex", she said, "I clocked you the moment you sat your skinny arse down in here a year ago. You're not a man, look at this, pathetic!", she gave my stiff little dick a bit of a slap with the back of her hand. "No wonder you've got no confidence with women with that little pea shooter of an excuse for a cock. And you're a wimp too. Coming in here wasting my time complaining that women don't take you seriously. You're just never going to get there with a woman Alex, never. You'll spend your petty life wanking over a laptop."


She took off her top and two beautiful tits almost fell in my face.


I put out a hand to touch her and she immediately gave it a brisk slap.


"Get your fucking paws off me!", she bellowed and then laughed wickedly.


"I bet you would just love me to touch your little dipstick you creep, wouldn't you? Well admit it you fucker I might just do it!"


"I would love you to touch my little dipstick", I gasped, still mesmerized by her tits and the whole experience.


Kathy stood up and ordered me to go and clean the kitchen floor. "I want that fucking floor spotless you jerk. If you do a good job, then we'll see about milking that silly little tool"


I immediately got up and tried to put my jeans on but she told me to clean the floor totally naked. I went down to the kitchen and searched around for cleaning materials and then set to work with a wet sponge and soap, scrubbing the kitchen floor tiles, totally naked I was and with a real boner on my four inch friend. Soon Kathy came in. She was wearing a black corset, suspenders, black tights and patent leather boots up to her knees. In one hand she had a cane.


"Get down on your knees you rubbing rag!"


I went down on the wet kitchen floor and heard a swish and felt a sharp stinging thwack on my arse. It was damned painful. There was another whack and my buttocks felt like they were on fire, I cried out for her to stop but she hit me again, even harder.


"Stand up you mummies boy!" she commanded angrily. "OK, it's not a bad job". She touched my dick with the cane. It was harder than ever. The sight of her excited me, I badly wanted to come.


"You want to come huh?" She said teasingly. Then she put a kitchen glove on one of her hands. Get on the table on all fours, I'm going to milk you like a cow because that's what you are."


I climbed onto the table as she ordered and suddenly felt her gloved hand squeezing my balls and then the longed for contact with my little soldier.


"Let's see what we can squeeze out of those peanuts"


She pulled a few times quite strongly and my breathing told her I was getting there. Just as I was about to explode she stopped jerking me and my orgasm was ruined.


"Did you think I would let you come you pathetic jock strap, get your togs on and get the fuck out of here. Move!!!!" I fell off the table and scrambled upstairs, dressed in a hurry and came down the stairs. Kathy had her bath robe on.


"See you next week then Alex", she said with a sweet smile, the Kathy I knew. I had no thoughts of cancelling as before. I wished her goodnight and left. I drove straight home and wanked myself silly all night.


I wanted to phone Kathy all week and tell her what a devastating experience it had been but I dared not. I waited patiently for Wednesday and walked up nervously to her doorstep at six and rang the bell.




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