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Amanda's Teasing (A Special Kind Of Torture)

A slow and frustrating handjob by a teasing woman, who likes to show who's in control.
It was both exciting and humiliating to him as he walked towards the large upstairs bathroom where Amanda was waiting for him. Thinking of turning back, the frustration kept him moving... slowly. He paused for a moment, before his nervous hand reached towards the doorknob.

In Amanda's house, there were some rules, and he knew how strictly she enforced them. One of them being, he was without question not allowed to masturbate himself. Any masturbation which was permitted would happen once per week on Thursdays, maybe, and that was of course if he was lucky. Of course it was all up to her, and what's more is that IF it was in fact going to be allowed it would be done BY her. That way Amanda could be sure it was being done properly.

He stepped inside the bathroom and after a nod of approval, shut the bathroom door and walked over to where Amanda was sitting on the toilet. Looking at her, blushing, then moving his eyes downwards to the floor.

"Gotta pee, hun?" she asked casually. She always asked before she started.

"Umm... yes Ma'am," he said, red with embarrassment.

She slid his comfortable black pants as well as his matching colored undies down to his ankles, and unlocked his chastity device, putting it on the counter. She held his penis as if he was incapable of peeing by himself, and guided him towards the toiled, as he awkwardly moved with his pants and undies down around his ankles.

"Well??" She said impatiently.

He had always had a hard time peeing with someone in the same room... Never mind watching... And holding! But eventually his stream began to trickle out, and Amanda expertly aimed it into the toilet, before flushing it, and then putting the seat and lid back down, and returning to her seated position.

She sat casually on the toilet, looking at him, though he tried best to not look her in the eyes as his face burned red with embarrassment.

"You know what to do..." she said, again impatiently. "Ask me nicely."

"Umm... Amanda?" he stuttered.

"Yes?" she answered, with a small hint of a smile.

"Will you please make me cum today, Ma'am?" he choked, barely able to get past his embarrassment to be able to say the words.

"Is that really what you're supposed to ask?" Amanda said sternly, "Try again."

Mike thought for a moment then remembered what he was supposed to... Amanda never guaranteed cumming during the weekly masturbation.

"Umm, Amanda, Ma'am... Will you please masturbate me?" he said blushing.

"Much better," she said, adding, "Do you want to stand up, or lay down?"

He thought about it, he had never tried lying down, but had heard about it, and knew how it was done. There was a large changing table in the bathroom that she would lay him on. It would be humiliating, and he was a bit nervous about how it would work.

"I'll just stand up, please Ma'am," he finally decided.

At this point he was already starting to get quite hard, his penis was small when soft, but grew to a decent size when erect. He was uncircumcised. Amanda didn't really like it, which without realizing added to the fun for her, because she would tease him even more than usual for her sort of as a punishment almost. She was a firm believer that all boys should be circumcised.

Amanda slid a large plastic bottle over closer to her. It was a huge clear plastic container with a pump top on it like the popcorn butter at the theater, or a hand soap dispenser. In it was a runny lube that got hot a few seconds after being applied. She held him, moving him so that he stood in front of where she sat on the toilet, but turned sideways so his side was facing her. Her warm hands rubbed him all over, his bum, his belly, thighs, everywhere but his penis. He got even harder until he was fully erect and throbbing/twitching a bit.

"Good boy," she said, in a quiet, deep voice, adding to his arousal.

She continued to rub him, massaging his butt, his thighs, staring intently at his throbbing hard penis. Her hands slid up and down his inner thighs, moving in a bit closer each time, until her hand lightly brushed over his balls. She could feel him twitching all over, knowing he was getting so worked up, frustrated.

"How you feeling, honey?" she asked him, "You're all good and worked up now, aren't you?" her tone turning more teasing now.

He was blushing deep red, completely speechless, and totally under her control. He was so hard now it was starting to be unbearable, aching to be touched. His hands fidgeted around, subconsciously moving towards his penis. He kept stopping himself, knowing he would probably be in lots of trouble if he did. She ran her hand over his bum, down, and in between his legs from behind, parting them slightly, and pulling him in closer. Amanda squeezed and massaged all around his butt, thighs, moving her hands as close as she could without actually touching his penis. She paused for a moment, then slowly moved her hand, and tightly gripped his penis just above the base, making him moan quietly. She just held him, tightening and loosening her grip occasionally, as he squirmed to her delight. Amanda slid back his foreskin, uncovering his glands.

"There, now you're normal. The way it should be!" she said smiling, and added with a pleased tone, "Doesn't that look and feel way better?"

He didn't know what to say, so he just mumbled quietly, "Yes Ma'am." Though in reality he loved having a foreskin, and couldn't imagine not having it.

"Don't worry, you're not getting circumcised... Well... not today anyway," Amanda giggled.

She was so close he could feel her warm breath on the head of his penis. Her tight hand, squeezing his throbbing hard penis, was so good and so frustrating at the same time. He wanted to thrust his hips forward, but when he tried she scolded him.

"Stay still, hun..." she said firmly, as he tried his best, but instinctively pushed again, "Do what I tell you or you'll be going back downstairs to wait another week. Understood?" Amanda said, slightly perturbed.

"Yes Ma'am," he said choking at the idea of waiting yet another stretch of time before having any stimulation.

He was so embarrassed, as he stood there, his pants and undies down around his ankles, while Amanda sat on the toilet completely clothed, holding his penis. She teased him for a few more minutes, as he stood still aching to be masturbated. His frustration building, which Amanda was well aware of, and she loved every second of it. She took her hands away, and paused for a moment, before squirting a generous amount of lube into her palm with the pump top. Amanda rubbed her hands together, getting them coated in the slippery liquid. Her hands covered his tight balls, and he could feel the warmth from her and from the liquid lube bathing his balls, it made him twitch and shiver a bit. Amanda began to rub his balls gently, then less gently.

"Hmm, are your balls nice and full, hun? They feel pretty heavy," she said as she rubbed.

She moved her hand behind him, and then slipped it between his legs, rubbing underneath his balls, between them and his butt massaging his prostate externally. He squirmed as her fingers pressed firmly and rubbed.

"This is good for you honey, it will help get it all emptied out," she said smiling, as she looked down at his sweats and undies down around his ankles.

Amanda continued to rub everywhere but his penis, sometimes gentle, sometimes more firm until she noticed some beads of clear precum starting to form at this tip of his penis, right at his pee-hole.

"Good boy," she said soothingly, as she tapped the sticky clear fluid with the end of her index finger.

She wrapped her thumb and index finger around the very base of his penis, squeezing gently, then, increasing her grip more and more firmly. Ever so slowly, Amanda slid her fingers in the "O" shaped position upwards from his shaft near his testicles towards the head of his penis, pausing when nearing the ridge near the head, and going slowly making more precum dribble out to her delight and satisfaction. Her fingers wrapped around the base of his penis again, as her other hand squeezed the left cheek of his bottom, steadying him and moving him into position. She'd tighten and loosen her grip, as she felt his pulsating and twitching erection. Finally, she put her warm slippery hand mid-shaft and held his penis firmly, savoring the moment before she started to masturbate him.

"Stay still, hun," Amanda instructed, as she felt him squirm she added, "Keep still or I'll pull your pants and undies back up!"

Her warning made him struggle to remain still, and at the same time he felt her hand begin to stroke his penis nice and slowly with a tight grip. Her warm slick hands moved up his shaft, stopping just under the head, then back down, loosening her grip on the down stroke and tightening when she reached the base and ventured upwards. Amanda made sure to leave his exposed pink head untouched, looking at it carefully and stopping her motions where the foreskin was bunched up. Her other hand soothingly rubbed his lower back in a circular motion as she made nurturing sounds in a low tone.

"Mmmm. That's a boy. Feeling good hun?" she inquired.
 All he could do was breathe quickly and moan or clear his throat, which delighted Amanda, since she didn't expect more. She sped up her movements, stroking his throbbing penis faster and faster, her other hand moving lower and rubbing his bottom now.

Oh! how he wished to feel the tip of his penis touched, the head given pleasure, as her hands teased him into frustration as they never quite made it, and wouldn't until if and when she decided she was ready.

She let go of his penis, watching it twitch and throb, precum spilled out the end, dripping down his shaft a bit, and dribbling to his balls. Amanda smiled as she watched the clear as well as some whitish beads of liquid drooling out his pee hole.

“Very good,” Amanda said quietly, as she watched in delight. She rubbed his lower back lovingly but with a firm dominant touch as well. Seeing and feeling him squirm, much to her pleasure.

“Hmm, well now I have to pee,” Amanda stated, and with what sounded like a firm, no nonsense tone she added, “Go stand by the door, and no turning around!”

Mike did as told, waddling over to the door, pants and undies around his ankles, his penis becoming slightly less erect.

“No touching, or you will be sorry,” she told him, sliding her jeans and panties down.

Mikes erection started to grow as he heard her peeing, desperately wanting to turn around, but knowing it would be a huge mistake.

“Ok, I’m done, come back over,” Amanda instructed.

Mike eagerly did as told his erect penis, with head exposed/foreskin pulled back bobbing comically in the air. Amanda started to massage his testicles first, nice and gently, and then a bit more firmly. She let her saliva drool out of her mouth slowly, dripping onto the head of his penis.

“Wow these feel extra heavy, hun!” Amanda exclaimed, cupping his balls and lifting slightly, “That's good!” she continued to rub, squeezing gently, and lifting. "Do they hurt? Are they sore baby?" she asked.

Mike wasn't sure what to say, of course they ached, after a week of not cumming, and on top of that his aching for his penis to be stroked.

He wasn't sure what answer she wanted though so he just said, "No Ma'am", half choking.

"Ohhhhh?" Amanda made a confused sound and added, “They feel so heavy and full! I thought they would be aching for sure..." There was a short pause before she said, "Well maybe it's time to stop then." she moved her hand off his testicles, watching in delight as his penis twitched and bobbed up and down.

"Stop?" Mike questioned nervously.

"That's what I just said..." Amanda firmly stated.

Mike swallowed hard, did she actually mean stop for good? For the whole day?? Would he actually - oh God... Go another week??! His mind racing and heart beating fast, as he felt an ache imagining the prospect of not cumming today, or for another seven days... If not more! Amanda had been known to threaten him with not getting anything at the end of the week.

His thoughts were interrupted, and his worrying was further amplified when he heard Amanda reach over the counter and pick up the penis locking chastity-device, holding it in her hand as her other hand fiddled with her i-phone. Mike just stood still, knowing there was nothing he could do but wait for Amanda's next action, which seemed like it would take forever. His penis slowly became a bit less erect, and stuck less upwards and a bit more outwards.

"Hmmm..." Amanda stared intently at her i-phone as she said emotionless, “Well, I'm not sure... Maybe I should just put this back on, and pull your pants and undies back up for now."

Mike felt a cold shiver at hearing her say that. Wow, it started to hit him; he is going to go another WHOLE WEEK!

As he stood there, pants and underwear still at his ankles, and his penis at half-mast with his foreskin pulled back and bunched up behind the head, all hope of cumming slowly left his mind. He knew if he protested or pleaded with her, it wouldn't change her mind one bit and would definitely do him no good. He just stood there, quiet, trying hard not to squirm.

Amanda looked over at the quietly ticking clock on the wall, it was 1:18 pm. Mike stole a quick glance over as well, remembering she had to work at 2:00 and would need to be leaving by 1:30. Amanda returned to her i-phone, and clicked a few times, before letting out a questioning and unsure sigh.

"Well," Amanda started, "I don't have to work until 4:00pm today.”

Mike looked up at her unsure of what that meant, if anything.

"Maybe we should try again?" Amanda said, as if questioning herself.

She placed the penis locking device back on the counter. She put her phone away, and placed two fingers gently under his testicles, looking at him and saying, "Think we can make these nice and sore, baby?”

Mike’s mind was racing, so unclear of what was going on now. All he could manage to say was, "Yes Ma'am." in a quiet but obedient tone.

"Good! All we can do is try," Amanda said, sliding the pump-top bottle back over and applying a generous amount of the slippery hot lube to her hands.

She watched out of the corner of her eye as his erection started to grow again, much to her delight. She wrapped her left hand around his penis, and held very firmly, taking care to make absolutely sure she didn't touch the head. She squeezed gently, then a bit tighter, then released a few times, feeling the pulsing hardness of the young erect penis. Her hands expertly slid up and down his shaft, and a very pleasurable pace, touching his testicles on each down stroke, and ending up just under the head of his penis when stroking up. Mike breathed heavier and faster, unable to contain the small moans of pleasure he was letting out.

Amanda stroked his penis just right, giving him heavenly feelings of pleasure, making him twitch and squirm as he felt himself tightening up. Amanda felt him too, and reminded in a firm, but arousing voice, "Make sure to let me know, if you feel like you’re gonna cum."

A moment later she added, "If you don't think you can talk, just tap my shoulder, ok honey?"

Mike mumbled an "mmmm" in an embarrassed tone, but Amanda understood and knew they were both clear on procedure.

She kept up the pace, stroking his penis with her warm slippery, soft hand, moving her other between his legs and rubbing his inner thigh. Amanda moved her hand up to his testicles and cupped them gently, and started to massage. Mike immediately responded by tapping her shoulder gently but obviously, knowing how much trouble he would be in if he came without her permission. Amanda quickly removed both hands watching his penis twitch, and some clear precum drip out of the swollen and exposed head.

A quiet sound of frustration came out of Mike, as he glanced downwards and watched his penis all wet and colorful, aching so much to be stroked until he came. She squeezed his bum, and rubbed his thighs slowly waiting for him to "cool down", as she sometimes put it, when she wanted a boy to not be too close to orgasm. Mike made a quiet squeak and squirmed a tiny bit.

Amanda continued to rub his bottom and thighs. "Mmmmm hmmm?" she hummed in question, sensing he wanted to tell her something.

"Ummmm," Mike started, in an embarrassed and worked up voice, "it hurts".

"What hurts honey?" Amanda asked in a firm but sort of playful tone.

"My balls hurt..." Mike responded quietly.

"They do?" Amanda said, in an unconcerned voice.

"Yes Ma'am," Mike replied.

"Very good," Amanda said warmly, with delight in her voice.

She squeezed his bottom, and waited for a moment, hoping his erection would soften just a bit. It took longer than she thought it would, which pleased her in a way.

"How're they feeling now?" Amanda asked, rubbing his thigh, and then moving up and cupping his testicles.

"Ache-" Mike cleared his throat, "Aching a lot".

"Mmmm-hmmmm," Amanda acknowledged, as she gently rubbed them, which did nothing for the achiness, but she seemed to be enjoying it.

Amanda made an "O" shape with her thumb and forefinger around his scrotum holding firmly, then slowly moving in a downward pulling motion. Mike's penis was now only partly erect, and actually pointing somewhat towards the floor. Amanda gently pressed a finger to the pee-hole of his penis, getting her fingertip coated in sticky, slippery precum. Mike twitched at the sudden touch, the first time today she had actually touched the sensitive tip of his penis. Amanda rubbed just a tiny bit, waiting for his penis to get erect again, tugging on his testicles gently but firmly and steadily as he did. He took a few deep breaths in, and tried his best to keep still for her, the way she liked. His mind raced nearly as fast as his heartbeat, wondering, 'would she actually bring me to orgasm today?' The predominant thought in his head was how badly he wanted to do nothing more than squirt out that huge, built-up load of warm, sticky cum.

To be continued.

This is my first story, but I'd love to hear any comments or suggestions! Feel free to inbox me, or anything. Hoping to learn more and grow on this site! Thanks for taking the time to read it!

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