An indecent evening

By bikerbear600

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A voyeur oportunity turns into a fantasy fucking
So what do you do when a work colleague mentions that she likes kinky sex?
What do you do when your work colleague mentions that she and her boyfriend have a shared fantasy to have sex in front of an audience?
Especially if you’re both drunk at a formal work ‘do’.
And the boyfriend is sitting next to you.
And you are all staying the night at the hotel.
Is it an offer?
Are they teasing?
Do you really want to watch a bloke shagging a girl you fancy?
Especially since you’re supposed to be in love and getting married to a girl who would certainly not approve.

Luckily she couldn’t get the time off to come on this ‘do’ so I can kind of forget about that reason!

That was the dilemma facing me. I knew a lot about Debbie’s sex life. For the past six months we had been titillating and teasing each other during email conversations trying to pass the time in our dull jobs. Debbie knew everything about my sex life past and present, more than my current girlfriend knew in fact! Similarly I knew everything about her sex life. Right from her first fumbles with a guy, through her wild years as a student to the stuff that her and her boyfriend got up to in bed. That’s the problem with emailing someone, you confess far more than you would do face to face (without a lot of alcohol anyway) and to make it worse I’d saved all the juicy emails and often re-read them at home when my girlfriend had gone to bed early and I was horny.

‘Stop messing about, you’ll give me a hard on and I’m on my own tonight’ I laughed then took a long drink of wine to hide my face.

Debbie and Mick looked at each other then at me and seemed to come to some kind of unspoken agreement. They were serious and I was getting nervous and excited.

‘We’re not joking,’ Mick said ‘we really do get turned on by the idea of someone watching.’

‘OK!’ I said wondering what I was going to say next.

‘OK, you want to watch?’ Debbie prompted.

‘OK, my mind is spinning around in moral dilemma while my cock is shouting YES at the top of its voice!’ I laughed.

OK, let me give you some rules and see if that helps your moral dilemma.’ Debbie said.

‘One, no touching us.
Two, you sit in a chair and watch us. No moving about.
Three, you must be naked.
Four, you can make noises but quietly and don’t try and direct us.
Five, this is between the three of us and will be a one off if any one of us decides that it should be a one off. Also if any one of us is uncomfortable then we stop and you go back to your own room.’

‘OK!’ I said again, the moral dilemma resolving itself as I decided it would be the best wank I’d ever have.

‘OK?’ Mick asked.

‘OK as in yes, I’d love to watch you and will stick to the rules.’ I said with my heart pounding in my chest. I suddenly felt a lot more sober than I had five minutes ago.

‘Shall we retire then boys?’ Debbie asked, her cheeks flushing red.

We got up and made our way to the door, no one really noticed us going as the disco was in full swing and everyone was drinking or dancing. Mick grabbed a full bottle of wine from another table and I grabbed three clean glasses. We got in the lift and headed for the third floor where our rooms were. We’d arrived together, sharing a car so we had bedrooms that were opposite each other. Debbie and Mick shared a very passionate snog in the lift and I tried to look away at first then realised that I was missing the point. I stopped feeling self-conscious and watched them. Mick ran his hands over Debbie’s bum, pulling her silky cocktail dress up and giving me a glimpse of her stocking tops. Debbie put her hands around Mick’s neck and stood on tiptoe to thrust her tongue into his mouth. My cock stiffened under my rented tuxedo trousers and I jumped when the lift announced our floor with a loud ‘Bing!’ Debbie and Mick pulled themselves apart and grinned at me. I think I’ll describe Debbie and Mick at this point.

Debbie is 28, about 5’ 6” with shoulder length, ash blond hair. Actually it’s dirty blond but she dyes it. She’s fairly slim with big boobs (38c) and fairly wide hips, which gives her quite a big bum. Her legs are very good and she wears short skirts a lot at work. Her stomach isn’t flat but isn’t round either. Soft is the best description I can come up with. I know from her emails and from occasionally illicit glimpses through tight clothing that she has both nipples pierced with rings and shaves her pubic hair totally clean.

Mick is 6’, slim and athletic. He plays football and golf as well as hitting the gym twice a week. He’s going bald and keeps his hair very close cropped. He has a goatee beard which Debbie tells me is feels fantastic during oral sex! His cock, according to Debbie, is dead average at 6”. Apparently she was quite disappointed when she first saw it but Mick soon proved the old adage ‘it’s not what you’ve got, it’s what you do with it!’ He also shaves all his body hair, although he’s blond and never had that much to start with.

As for me, I’m 5’9” with short black hair (plus odd grey streaks). I’ve always been a little overweight and have a bit of a belly. I’m quite hairy and as I get older it appears to be spreading to my shoulders and back. I suppose I’m good looking and I know I’m attractive to women, as I’ve never had any problems finding partners. I have got a big cock. Not Internet chat room big but it’s 7.5” and much thicker than average. I have had a couple partners who have found it to be a little too thick without additional lubrication.

Mick unlocked the door to their room and we stepped inside. I threw my jacket on the floor and sat on the small sofa opposite the bed. Debbie asked Mick to pour her some wine and went through into the bathroom. Mick dumped his jacket, took off his tie and poured the wine into the glasses I’d been carrying.

‘Are you really OK about this?’ I asked.

‘Yes. Stop worrying.’ he replied.

‘OK, last time I’ll ask!’ I said sipping the wine.

Mick switched the bed sidelights on and the main light off adjusting the mood. I still had plenty of light to see anything that happened on the bed but I was in a pool of darkness. There was another small light to my left and I motioned to it with my glass.

‘Do you guys want to be able to see me?’

‘Debbie does. No offence but I’m not turned on by the sight of a bloke wanking himself off!’ Mick said.

I switched the light on and sipped my wine. Debbie came out of the bathroom a couple of minutes later. She had removed her dress and was clad in a pair of hold up stockings, a very small string thong and nothing else. Her fat nipples were erect and I could finally see the two silver rings I’d heard so much about! Mick moved towards her pulling his shirt out of his trousers and undoing the buttons quickly. They started to kiss as he removed his shirt, Debbie’s hands going straight to his trousers and undoing them. I watched spell bound as Mick’s trousers fell to the floor revealing a distinct lack of underwear. Debbie fondled his cock as they carried on kissing; his hands found her tits and roughly pulled on her nipple rings.

I quickly undressed myself as I watched them kissing, kicking my shoes into a corner and tugging off my socks. I sat back on the sofa stark naked and began to fondle my hard cock. Mick bent down to take one of Debbie’s nipples in his mouth and I looked into her eyes. She smiled approvingly at me and gasped as Mick greedily sucked her nipples. My hand moved quicker on my cock as I watched them and I had to make myself slow right down to avoid cuming before they had made it on to the bed! Mick moved down Debbie’s body, slowing sinking to his knees, kissing her soft belly, tonguing her belly button before running his tongue over the small, silky v of material covering her sex. Debbie stood upright looking at me as her boyfriend slowly pulled her g-string down her legs. I moved myself trying to see her cunt but Mick’s head was in the way. I watched him grab her bum and pull her cunt on to his mouth and wished I was in his position.

Debbie let him nuzzle her for a while then pushed him away. She stepped out of her g-string and walked to the bed wiggling her hips and boobs as she moved. Mick quickly got rid of his trouser, shoes and socks and walked to the bed. His cock was rock hard and sticking out from his body. It bent slightly to the left just as Debbie had described in one of her emails. Debbie was standing by the bed waiting for him. They kissed again and then Debbie pushed Mick on to the bed. He lay on his back and Debbie straddled his face looking down his body. She lowered herself on to him and began to grind her cunt on his tongue and lips. Her hands went to his nipples and began to tweak them as she rode his face. I moved my free hand to my own nipples and began to twist them alternatively jealous of Debbie’s attention to Mick’s nipples, as my girlfriend doesn’t touch mine at all during sex.

I felt myself getting close to cuming again and made myself relax and slow down. I can masturbate for hours when I’m looking at porn if I make the effort to pace myself and I didn’t want to miss anything that Debbie and Mick did to each other! Debbie rode Mick’s face for another couple of minutes getting noisier and noisier as she approached orgasm. She’d told me she was very orgasmic and could cum four or five times during sex with Mick. After a very intense build up she finally held herself rigid on his face and I could see her quiver as her orgasm hit her. Again I had to let go of my own cock to keep myself from shooting all over my chest. My balls felt heavy and my cock was throbbing by this point.

Debbie recovered quickly and leant forward over Mick’s long body. She picked his cock up in one hand and began to tongue the end gently. Mick lay back underneath her and moved his hands on to her bum. The sofa was side on to the bed, towards the bottom and I couldn’t see any ‘detail’ of Debbie, which was frustrating me. The rules stated I couldn’t move off the sofa though so I had to make do with watching Debbie give Mick what looked like a very good blowjob. Debbie was taking his 6” right into her mouth with her nose pressing against his balls then slowly letting it out. Her fingernails were racking up and down his inner thighs and he opened his legs to give her better access. She did this for a couple of minutes then moved her hands on to his balls and began gently massaging them. Her right hand slipped further down, underneath his balls to his arsehole. Mick pulled his legs back to allow her access and I heard him moan as her fingers found his anus. She had told me that he liked that and I had told her that it was one of my favourite fantasies that I hadn’t managed to do as yet. Debbie moaned and I looked back down her body to see Mick’s hands had changed position and he was pushing his fingers into her. I couldn’t tell which hole but knew she liked to have a finger in each.

Debbie began to push her finger deeper into Mick and started deep throating him. I began to wonder if I could hold on as long as he was doing and decided that in my current state of mind I would have filled her mouth five minutes ago! My cock was so sensitive that I didn’t dare touch myself! Mick began to moan loudly and Debbie slowed down and finally stopped what she was doing. She smiled at me again and jumped off Mick, turned around and straddled his cock. Now I could see all her ‘detail’ as she leant forward and guided his cock into her wet cunt. Her lovely big bum began to move up and down his shaft as she began to ride him. I could see her naked pussy lips caressing Mick’s cock as they fucked. Mick put his hands on her arse and pulled her cheeks apart giving me a glorious view of her puckered arsehole. Mick’s fingers moved over her cheeks looking for her arsehole then gently probed it when they found it. I watched as he pushed more of his right index finger up her bum. His left hand went to Debbie’s tits and pulled them to his mouth so he could bite and suck her fat, pink nipples. I began to wank myself again, unable to keep watching without pleasuring myself. Mick’s long finger sank deeper into her anus, the second knuckle disappearing into her. Debbie was thrashing about on his cock like a woman possessed and began to talk really dirty to him.

‘Fuck me Mick, that’s it. Fuck my cunt with your cock! Stick your finger up my arse! Go on, you know I’m a slut and want it!’

I felt my balls tighten as Debbie sat upright on Mick and began riding him harder than before. Her lovely full tits began to bounce up and down with the movement. Mick’s finger had fallen out of her arse but she didn’t seem to care anymore. Mick began to cry out as his orgasm came close and I tried to hold on to my own cum, gasping loudly at the effort. Debbie came first, grinding herself on to Mick’s cock, and then he came pushing his hips hard against her and pushing her up off the bed. I finally let myself go and shot my cum over my belly and chest, some hit me in the face but at that point I didn’t care.

We lay in the room, all three of us panting and trying to control our selves. Mick was still flat on his back, I was spread-eagled on the sofa and Debbie had rolled off Mick to lie next to him. We lay like that for several minutes before Mick got up to use the bathroom. As soon as the door shut Debbie got up off the bed and joined me on the sofa, kissing me gently on the cheek.

‘You have cum on your face!’ she laughed, licking it off.

My cock twitched and I could feel myself getting hard again, something I used to be able to do when I was a teenager. Debbie picked more of my cum from my chest using her fingers then sucked them clean. I reached over and fondled her tits, playing with her erect nipples with their silver rings. We kissed briefly and I could taste myself on her tongue. Her soft, nylon covered legs caressed mine make me hornier than ever.

‘Mick is only in the bathroom’ I said.

‘I know, we have a minute or so.’ she replied ‘I so wanted you to join us but Mick doesn’t want a threesome with another guy. When I was fucking him and he fingered my bum I was pretending it was your fat cock.’

My cock was fully hard again in an instance and she wrapped her small hand around it. Her fingers didn’t reach all the way around. I pushed my hand between her legs as we kissed and pressed my fingers into her cum filled cunt. Then we heard the toilet flush and we leaped apart like we had been given an electric shock! Mick walked out a moment later and we tried to look innocent. He joined Debbie on the bed and we chatted for a bit finishing the wine. I tried to talk about what I’d just seen but Mick kept changing the subject. He seemed comfortable enough sitting around naked but not talking about sex. Debbie had warned me that he went totally off sex when he had cum and wouldn’t talk about it for at least an hour. I was happy just to be in a position to look at Debbie’s nude body and imagine what it would be like to fuck her. Eventually Mick started nodding off and I made my excuses, dressed enough to get to my own room and left.

I had another drink from the mini bar and looked out of the window at the central garden area of the hotel. The party had finished and I wasn’t tired. I was considering watching a porn movie on my laptop when I heard a knock on the door. I opened it and found Debbie wearing a hotel robe and a smile.

‘Still horny?’ she said.

‘What do you think?’ I said, opening my own robe and pointing at my erection.

‘Good. Mick is asleep and I’ve been putting off fucking you for too long!’ Debbie said pushing into my room.

She walked to the bed and slipped her robe off. She was wearing her stockings and high-heeled shoes but had a slim vibrator stuck in one of her stocking tops.

‘You told me your fantasies. I want to make some of them come true.’ she said simply.

‘What about Mick?’ I said.

‘He’s asleep, it would take a bomb going off to wake him now.’ Debbie said.

I didn’t need any more convincing and shrugged my robe off. I walked to Debbie and we kissed briefly.

‘First fantasy; you wanted a blowjob with anal penetration.’ she said ‘lie on the bed on your back big boy.’

I lay back on the bed and opened my legs. I had told her that I had fantasised about getting a blowjob and having a finger slipped inside my bum. I had done it to myself a few times but it was difficult to do and still wank myself off. Debbie knelt on the bed at my side and caressed my prick before sucking it into her mouth. I felt her tongue exploring the end and probing my slit. Her hands moved over the base of my shaft, squeezing it gently then moved on to my balls. My heart beat faster as Debbie’s right hand moved past my balls and between my legs. I felt her short nails on my thigh and tried to open my legs some more to allow her access. She took my cock deep in her mouth and began to suck and gently bite me. Her finger found my arsehole and gently pushed against the muscle. I flinched a little but felt disappointment when it was withdrawn. Debbie took my cock out of her mouth and sucked her finger, getting it wet and slippery with her saliva.

‘Brace yourself!’ she whispered before putting my cock back in her mouth again.

I felt her finger on my arsehole again pushing harder this time and not backing off. Her slim finger pushed past the tight muscle into my bum. It felt wonderful, much better than my own finger had felt. Debbie pushed harder and more of her finger slipped up my arse, she began to suck me harder at the same time. Her finger found my prostate gland and pushed hard against it almost making me cum involuntarily. My cock seemed to get harder, swelling up in Debbie’s mouth as she sucked and finger fucked me. Eventually I felt myself beginning to cum and tried to make her stop, pushing myself off the bed with my hands.

Debbie ignored me and pushed a second finger into my arsehole then reached behind her with her free hand, found one of my nipples and twisted it hard. I shouted out with a mix of pain and pleasure and filled her mouth with cum. My orgasm was so much more intense than normal and I seemed to experience three separate orgasms, each time shooting more cum into Debbie’s mouth. She kept my prick in her mouth and swallowed it all down only releasing me when my body went limp and I fell back on to the bed.

‘Fucking hell!’ I said eventually.

‘Fantasy one fulfilled then?’ Debbie grinned.

‘Oh yes. What did you have in mind for fantasy 2? I’m not sure I can do that much for a minute or three!’ I laughed.

‘Fantasy two is for my pleasure although it’s something you said you’d like to try.’ she said ‘You said you like oral but your girlfriend doesn’t like it much. Well I like it and I want you to lick my cunt. You also said you’d like to go down on a shaved girl.’

I didn’t need to be asked twice. Debbie got on the bed on her back and spread her lovely legs wide. I lay between them and began to lap at her bald, wet cunt. I could taste her boyfriends cum on it but mostly I could taste her. Debbie wrapped one leg over my broad shoulders and used it to pull my face harder into her cunt. I used my tongue on her lips and clit and tried to push it inside. I have quite a long tongue so managed to get past her inner labia and lick the inside of her cunt, which she seemed to like. Her hands tangled in my hair and held my to her, her high heeled shoes scratched my back and shoulders as she writhed underneath me. It was wonderful not having any hair to worry about swallowing and I wondered if I could ever persuade my girlfriend to shave her masses of black pubic hair off. I also liked the feeling of Debbie’s stockings and heels on my back and again wondered if my girlfriend would wear them. I began to concentrate on Debbie’s clit, looping around it with my tongue and pressing hard into her cunt with my chin. I felt her legs tense on my back and then her hands were pressing my face hard into her. I could only just breath but kept circling her clit with my tongue, working her into frenzy. Debbie came hard almost pulling my hair out by the roots and raking my back with her high-heeled shoes. I gasped as she stabbed me with the points of her heels and was surprised when my cock responded by hardening underneath me! Finally she let me go and I looked into her flushed face.

‘Not bad!’ she said, hardly able to speak.

‘Not bad? I was fucking brilliant.’ I said pretending outrage.

‘Nah, you missed a hole for a start.’ Debbie said.

‘Oh, did I?’ I said remembering another of my fantasies I’d told her about.

‘Yes, and you know which one. I think you should make amends.’ Debbie said, turning over on the bed and getting on all fours.

Debbie wiggled her bum and my cock twitched. I was definitely getting a strong erection again! I noticed the vibrator stuck in one of Debbie’s stockings again and reached over to pull it out.

‘I wondered when you’d get round to using that!’ Debbie laughed.

‘Just taking my time.’ I replied trying to figure out how to switch it on.

‘Come on then, lick my arsehole fat boy.’ Debbie taunted.

I slapped her bum hard enough to leave a red mark and made her gasp with pleasure. I dropped the dildo on the bed between her legs and put a hand on each of her buttocks and started massaging them. I pulled them apart to look at her puckered arsehole. I leaned forward and kissed her cheeks then began to run my tongue around her bum teasing her. Debbie moaned a little and pushed her bum back against my face scoring a direct hit on my tongue with her arsehole. I pushed hard against it and felt the tip of my tongue slip in slightly. Debbie moaned encouragement at me as I began to rim her arsehole, running my tongue around the puckered muscle and darting the tip of my tongue against it. My cock hardened some more as I pushed past the tight muscle and began to fuck her arse with my tongue.

‘Oh yes, that’s it. Fuck my arse with your tongue baby!’ Debbie whispered making my heart leap.

I reached between us for the slim, plastic dildo, turned it up full and guided it to her pussy. The dildo was about 8” long and very slim. It slid easily into Debbie’s wet cunt and I began to fuck her with it. I could feel the vibrations on my tongue when I pushed it up against the dividing wall between her pussy and her arse, which made me tongue her arsehole even more enthusiastically. Debbie was moaning continuously now, pushing her hips back against my thrusts with my tongue and the dildo. I had to synchronise myself with her movements or I missed her bum completely! Debbie reached underneath her and started rubbing her own clit as I fucked her with the plastic cock. My own cock was throbbing now and I really wanted to push it inside Debbie and fuck her. I knelt up and positioned myself, pulling the dildo out of her cunt and, on a whim, pushing it against her arsehole. To my surprise she pushed back against it and the first inch or so disappeared up her bum!

‘Go on, fuck me then!’ Debbie demanded reaching between her legs and grabbing the end of my cock.

I moved closer and touched the end of my cock against her wet, hairless cunt and pushed hard. My cock slid in its entire length and I felt and heard Debbie’s breath leave her. I pulled her bum cheeks apart and pushed the vibrating dildo hard into her arse making her scream. I could feel it against the top of my cock and loved the feeling immediately. I began fucking Debbie hard, one hand on her stocking covered thigh and one hand thrusting the dildo in and out of her arsehole. Debbie came after four or five thrusts but kept moving against me. After another 8 thrusts or so she came again and collapsed forward on to the bed pulling the dildo out of her arse and my cock out of her cunt. I was horny and wanted to fuck her hard so dropped the dildo on the bed and straddled her thighs. Debbie had closed her legs as she felt me get close. I pulled her arse cheeks apart and tried to get my cock into her cunt. I could only really see her arsehole though and touched the end of my cock to that.

‘Get the lube from my dressing gown pocket then bugger me you prick!’ Debbie whispered urgently.

I leapt off the bed and pulled her dressing gown of the chair where it had been discarded earlier. One pocket had a small bottle of Astroglide lubrication in it. I opened it and squeezed a little on my cock spreading it all around. I squeezed another small dollop on Debbie’s arsehole and straddled her thighs again. Debbie had put a pillow under her hips while I was getting the lube so her arsehole was at a better angle for me to fuck. I pushed my cock head hard against her and it popped passed the tight muscle easily followed by another 3” of my cock.

‘Oh God yea, fuck me hard big boy. Sodomise me.’ Debbie screamed into the pillow she was grasping.

Her legs came up and I felt her heels against my back. I pushed my weight against her and the rest of my cock slid into her arsehole. This time she did scream, muffling herself with the pillow. I would have shit myself if I’d not been forewarned months ago that part of the thing she most enjoyed about anal sex with the pain of penetration. I began to fuck her arsehole hard and fast grabbing her hair and pulling her face up to mine so I could kiss her. Debbie bent her legs at the knees and began to kick me with her heels, stabbing my backside slightly. This made me even hornier and I began to fuck her as hard and as fast as I could. Debbie bucked underneath me, fighting me, catching me by surprise and knocking me off to one side. She got up and jumped on me, pushing me down and grabbing my cock in one hand and a nipple in the other.

‘Come on then fat boy, if you’re going to fuck me hard like this let’s do it righ!t’ she growled.

Debbie lay on her back and pulled her legs back to expose her bum. I practically leaped between them and pushed my cock back up her arsehole making her gasp. Debbie pulled one leg back and rested it on my shoulder to keep her arse exposed to me and began to dig her heel into me with the other. Her hands grabbed my bum and pulled me hard into her and I had to grab the headboard to avoid falling on her with all my weight. I started fucking her hard as she scratched my legs, back and bum with her nails and heel. On impulse I pulled the shoe off the foot by my face and started to suck her toes through the nylon of her stocking. I felt Debbie cum again, her arsehole bearing down hard on my cock and causing me some pain. She did it a second time 30 seconds later and I cried out with pain.

‘Enough, I can’t take anymore orgasms!’ Debbie gasped pushing me away with her legs, ‘time to make you cum again.’

‘Go bend over the coffee table big boy, it’s my turn to do you!’ Debbie said.

I was nervous but did what she asked. I bent over the table and looked behind me to see what she was doing. Debbie removed her stockings and, one by one, pulled them on to my hairy legs. I didn’t think for a minute that I looked attractive in them but they felt fantastic. I used to steal my mother’s tights when I was a teenager and wear them when I masturbated. I’d confessed this just the week before to Debbie and she’d obviously remembered. When she’d got the stockings on me to her satisfaction she walked off and I heard something moving over the floor. Each room had a freestanding, full-length mirror in it and she was moving it on its castors so it was to my side. I could turn my head to the side and see my backside and stocking clad legs.

‘Wow!’ I exclaimed.

‘Just wait, you’ll be saying more than wow in a minute!’ Debbie laughed.

I watched Debbie kneel behind me and run her hands up my legs. My cock had lost a little of its hardness but firmed back up as soon as her hands reached my bum and pulled my cheeks apart. Debbie leaned forward and flicked her tongue over my arsehole then looked at me via the mirror. She smiled at me as I looked at her then put her face back between my buttocks and began lapping at my anus. The feeling was weird at first but felt fantastic when I got used to it. Debbie reached around and started wanking me off with her hand as her tongue probed my arse. Her other hand played with my balls and scratched my thighs. The feeling was fantastic and was made even better by the fact that I could turn my head and watch what was happening. Debbie stopped licking me and reached for the Astrolube and dildo.

‘I’m going to sodomise you big boy.’ she grinned.

Debbie squirted lube on to my arsehole and began to massage my anus with the dildo. It felt good but blew my mind when she turned it on and pushed it hard into my arse. I watched as half the dildo disappeared up my bum and gasped as it found my prostate, vibrating against it and make my stomach do summersaults! Debbie reached around and grabbed my cock again, squeezing hard. She started fucking me with the vibrator and I grasped the edge of the table and began to thrust back against it.

‘Oh fuck me, that feels good’ I whispered looking back at Debbie.

Debbie grinned as she pushed the dildo all the way in and began fucking me with long, hard thrusts. Her hand kept pace with her thrusts on my cock and I fell into rhythm with her, fucking her hand and my own arse.

‘I should have brought my strap-on dildo with me. Then I could have fucked you like the bitch you are.’ Debbie growled.

My heart skipped a beat at the thought and I felt my balls tighten. I moaned that I was close to cuming and Debbie made me stand up and turn around. She kept the dildo in me, reaching between my legs to fuck me with it, and took my cock deep in her mouth. I grabbed her hair and began to fuck her mouth making her gasp for air. She doubled her efforts with the dildo slamming it into me, her forearm slapping my balls. I couldn’t hold it any longer and pulled my cock out of Debbie’s mouth and squirted in her face. Debbie pushed the hard, plastic dildo right up my arse and left it there, grasping my big cock with both her hands and sucking the end of it hard. I came again, squirting cum into Debbie’s mouth. My legs gave way and I slumped on to my knees, the dildo half falling out of my bum then pushing back up as I sat on it. This made me cum for a third time my body shaking and a thin dribble of cum shooting from my cock and on to Debbie’s tits. Debbie held me close until I had finished shaking then helped me remove the dildo. We showered together, cleaning each other up, spending a lot of time kissing each other. Then with lots of kisses but no words, she left my room and went back to Mick.