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Andrew's Sister III: The Package

I receive a package that really brightens up my Saturday morning.
A few weeks had passed since the beautiful weather and the BBQ. The sunshine had receded and the generic grey had returned. I had been kept busy working long hours preparing for the beginning of a new job so the situation with Laura had fallen to the back of my mind. I was expecting it to be a while before we met again as we are both busy people having only Andrew as a reason for ‘bumping’ into each other. Little did I know she had been thinking of me.

It was a Saturday morning, around eleven am, and I was sitting watching a cookery program getting ideas for my next dish to cook for the missus. She works away a lot but we’re both happy and have our own fun while we are apart and share those experiences when we are together.

There was a knock at the door. Out of ordinary at the best of times for my neighbors to come knocking on my door, but on a Saturday? I opened the door to reveal the postman holding a small white envelope with my name and address on it. He handed me it with a nod and a smile before moving on down the street.

Puzzled, I looked at the envelope in my hand. I was small yes, but was crammed full of something soft, but not soft enough to compress to the size of my letterbox. I tore open the envelope and was instantly hit by the familiar smell of fruity perfume. Unsure if the perfume raised more questions than it solved, I thrust my hand deep into the parcel rummaging through the soft material my fingers found something hard in the center. A disc.

“WATCH THIS, USE THESE” was written in capital letters on the disc.

I put the disc in and pressed play. As it loaded I emptied the envelope onto the table. It contained two pairs of socks; one white cotton trainer style pair and one pair of thigh high purple woolen socks. The DVD began with close up footage of Laura, this brought a smile to my face, everything was beginning to make sense.

“I heard that you were getting a new job so I thought I’d make you this to help you celebrate,” Laura giggled.

I loved the way she laughed as she spoke when talking about something sexy.

“I have been wearing these for a few days now,” she smiled as she waved the white pair of socks in front of the camera. She held the socks under her nose and inhaled deeply, I felt my cock begin to rise under my dressing gown. “And I have been wearing these every other night for the last week,” she said as she raised the purple pair to her nose and she inhaled again.

She threw the socks to the side and disappeared for a second. Some music began to play and she reappeared wearing only a matching set of lacy red underwear. She began to dance, her amazing body writhing in time with the music. She sat on her bed and removed her bra after some further dancing, she then preceded to pinch and tweak her nipples making them hard. I couldn't take my eyes off of her, she was stunning, I had no idea how I had managed to get myself into this amazing situation.

Another few minutes of sexy dancing passed by she turned to face away from the camera and slowly removed her panties revealing her ass and then her moist pussy. She spun back around and spread her legs to the camera when the music stopped, this was either very lucky or impeccably timed. Laura reached just out of view to get something. A large pink dildo emerged for the side of the screen, she giggled as she switched it on and pressed it against her craving, wet pussy.

As she started to push it inside her I thought that now was as good a time as any to start beating off to this with the help that Laura had provided. I threw my dressing gown to the side and reached for the socks. I pushed one of the white socks inside the other and then stretched it over my hard cock. I gripped the socks tightly and began to stroke myself through them. Pulling my foreskin back with the socks caused them to become tight and rub against the head of my cock, this added friction felt incredible and the softness of the fabric felt even better.

As she came closer to cumming so did I. The stretched fabric pushing me further and over the edge. We came in unison. As she screamed through the speaker of my TV I grunted and filled the used sports socks with my cum. I felt the socks begin to fill with my warm jets of cum before it soaked into the socks and began to drip out.

I removed the socks and placed them back into the padded envelope, unsure what I was going to do with them. I started to clean myself as Laura remained on my TV, she was lying on her back panting heavily after her orgasm. It was then that my wife walked in.

“Well you've been busy haven’t you?” she said as she stared at Andrew’s naked sister on our TV. “I'm glad you are having as much fun as I am while I'm away, 'cus boy do I have some stories for you…”

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