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Andrew's Sister

A friend being late results in me getting a great surprise.
I arrived at Andrew’s place suited, booted and ready for our night on the town. I rang the doorbell and waited by the door for Andrew. Instead I was greeted by his sister.

“He isn’t ready yet, you can wait in here with me if you like,” she said in her soft voice

“Um… Yeah, that’s fine, Laura,” was the only reply I could muster, a little shocked to see her.

I stepped in and followed her through to the living room. We sat at opposite ends of their corner sofa; she stretched out her long legs and placed her feet on the matching stool.

Among our group of friends we often joked and teased Andrew about how hot his older sister was and it was all taken in good humour, but “Oh my god!” I forgot how true our jokes were. She’s about 5’ 9 with shoulder length dark brown hair; slim and fit but not muscular and from the looks of things B-cup tits.

She was wearing a grey, one-size-too-small, vest top and matching, very short and tight, grey shorts. The subtle bumps from underneath her top suggested to me that she wasn’t wearing a bra. I couldn’t help but look, my eyes danced from her pretty face down her body and along her shapely legs to her beautiful feet.

She has dainty feet, not too small for her height, but small enough that you could massage one in each hand. Her soles were smooth with high arches. Her toenails were painted “Ruby-Fuck-Me-Red” and I couldn’t help but stare. I stared at them for maybe too long, “Had she seen me looking, had I been caught”? Only a few of my more open-minded friends knew about my foot fetish, if she had noticed would she tell them all? “Was my secret out”? I was too scared to glance up, to see if she had turned her head, I thought I could get away with just slightly moving my head and fixing my gaze on the television. However before I could attempt this Laura spoke.

“You can kiss them if you want.”

My eyes jumped to meet hers. “Wh-what?”

“My feet, you can kiss them. Or were you staring at something else?”

I felt a mixture of fear and excitement. A smile spread across my face, I admired her forwardness but was still unsure of if she was serious or mocking me.

“Go on, I know you want to, why else would you have looked at them for that long?”

“How long was I looking?” I genuinely wondered as I had kind of lost track.

“Best part of a minute… from when I noticed you that is.” She laughed.

The smile on my face got bigger and I tried to laugh some of the embarrassment away. As I moved my eyes back to meet hers I noticed that the subtle bumps on her chest were no longer subtle. Her nipples were pressing against the tight fitting fabric causing them to catch my eye. “Was this talk of feet kissing turning her on?”

“Look… the longer you spend wondering if I'm serious, the less time we have alone.”

“She was right.” I took off my coat and undid the top button of my shirt. I knelt down by the stool her feet were on; I looked up her body into her eyes and asked, “Are you sure about this?”

She replied with the most perfect reply I could have wished for, “There is a reason that I paint my toes the brightest shade of red I can find. I know that I have nice feet, and if I can show them off, then why not?”

I grinned and nodded as I closed my eyes and I delicately placed my hands around her feet allowing her to accustom to my touch without tickling her. I slowly massaged her soles with my thumbs as I lent in towards her toes. I stop and exhale gently to savour the moment of being at the feet of this stunning woman. My lips made contact.

I worked my way across her feet, kissing each toe in turn. When I felt the time was right I opened my mouth and covered over right big toe and began to suck, not too hard, using my tongue to caress and taste her. She tasted like strawberries, whether it was shower gel or her I didn’t care, it was delicious. I continued to suck on each one of her toes until I was satisfied that I had attended to them in their entirety.

I then placed my tongue at the heel of her left foot and slowly licked my way across the sole, when I reached the tip of her toe I opened my eyes and looked up at her. She was staring straight back at me smiling so that I could see her pearly white teeth. I caught sight of her nipples again, this time they seemed more pronounced, almost piercing through the thin vest top she had on.

I sat back to admire her in this moment. Her arms crossed each other as she moved her hands down towards her waist and grabbed the bottom of her top. She slowly lifted it, teasing me. The anticipation was killing me. The top caressed her tight body as it made its way further up, revealing more with every inch it travelled. As it reached the bottom of her tits she stopped, but only for a second, then slower than before she began to drag the top over her perky breasts, revealing her under-boob area. My heart jumped, as did my erection. But this was short lived.

Thudding came from upstairs as Andrew made his way down. “Shit”! I thought to myself, “Another ten seconds and I would have seen her magnificent nipples that were pressing so hard against her top, just begging to be seen.” I lunged across the room back to where I was sat and Laura pulled down her top. Everything was back in order just as Andrew entered the room.

“Sorry about that,man. I was late home from work,” Andrew explained.

“Don’t worry about it, Andrew,” I replied. “Laura and I just watched some telly,” I lied.

“Well, great, but we should probably head off because the guys will be waiting for us.”

“You're right,” I said through my disappointment. “I’ll see you next time, Laura,” I smiled.

“Sure,” she smiled, “Bye guys.”

My phone buzzed not sixty seconds after we left the house. It was a message from Laura. It read:

next time ;)

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