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Blindfolded Lover

I grabbed a handful of your long hair, keeping you from squirming away from me.
The anticipation and excitement was building. I had never had a real life encounter with a woman from a website before. You were so beautiful that I was willing to take a chance. I felt nervous and extremely aroused all at the same time. Over the course of sharing fantasies with each other, you had shared a particular fantasy that aroused you more than the others. Now, I was going to do my best to make it the hottest experience you ever had. Just thinking about carrying the plan out had me very hard.

Just as you had described, I got us a room in a nice hotel overlooking the downtown skyline. As was my nature, I showed up early and began to set the mood. I put on your favorite music, turned down the lights and sheets, and poured you a glass of your favorite wine. Then I took off my clothes, except my boxers and put on a blindfold as you instructed.

I lay there in total darkness, slowly rubbing my cock, savoring the mystery, and wondering what kind of lover you might be. I wondered if you would even resemble the pictures you had sent. Then, as if on cue , I heard a card in the door. Suddenly, my mind raced with the possibility that this could have a much different ending. I had heard of meetings like this going wrong very quickly. Might she be a sadist with a very different motive than mine, I wondered? What if she brought someone with her and here I lay nearly naked, and blindfolded? What if robbery or something even more devious was their agenda? Trepidation and arousal were fighting to control my thoughts.

I heard you walk in, and the door close and you lock it. The chain in the lock made the same familiar sound as it scraped into place. My heart pounded, listening for any clues as to whether or not you came alone. I studied the silent darkness as intently as I did the obvious. Clack clack clack was all I could discern of your slow calculated walk across the floor. The sounds of high heels clicking the marble floor as you came towards the bed. Your perfume filled the room with an intoxicating seductive aroma. My senses were in overload. My desires told me to relax and enjoy the moment, but my instincts were on high alert, ready for any unexpected turn of events.

'Oh my, what do we have here?' you softly cooed.

My mind wondered if she was asking someone else the question, or talking out loud to herself.

'My favorite wine, a beautiful view of downtown, and a man in my bed. What more could a sex starved woman need? Hmmm?' you sighed.

The sound of your heels being kicked off told me I would now be at a disadvantage of knowing where you were in the room. But you soon gave away your location with the familiar sounds of snaps and zippers being undone. You walked around the bed as you undressed, giving me instructions for the evening, and complimenting me on the wine selection.

'First of all lover,' you started, 'I am in control. The fact you have followed instructions so far, tells me you already sensed who would be in control of the evening. You are not to lay a hand on me unless I give you permission to do so. Understood?'

As I started to respond, you placed your gloved hand over my mouth.

'Shhhhhhhhhsh. I will tell you if I want you to talk, too. Nod your head if you agree. You are free to moan, sigh and make other noises, but no talking at all, unless I give you permission,' you instructed.

I nodded my head that I was willing. At least for now, this bit of role playing was arousing.

You squeezed my cheeks together, puckering my lips between your fingers and thumb, as you wiggled my face sideways. Then you removed the long leather gloves and slapped them in the palm of your hand a few times as you talked.

'That's a good boy,' you said with a couple of gentle slaps to my face with the gloves. 'I was hoping you would see it my way, and go along with my simple demands.'

Then you lightly brushed your fingertips across the length of my cock. 'It would have been a crime to waste that beautiful erection you are hiding inside those shorts of yours.'

Then you leaned over and kissed me on the lips. I felt your hot breath on my ear, and inhaled the mix of your perfume and the wine on your breath. As you firmly gripped my neck, the flicker of your tongue darting in and out of my ear, and the gentle nibbling on my lobe, sent goosebumps all over my body. You had the most sensuous touch. Your fingertips seemed to lead the way for your lips and tongue. From my ear, to my neck, then my chest, your caresses, nibbles and kisses were magical. From the sounds you were making, it was as if you were going to kiss your way to an orgasm. You cooed and sighed heavily as your fingers combed and gently raked my chest hair. For a few minutes, you became fixated with licking and sucking my nipples. Your hair teased my skin as you swayed your head back and forth over me. You brushed your hair back and forth slowly, from my chest to my thighs. It tickled and aroused me at the same time.

Reminding me of my promise not to touch you, you straddled me, careful to only make contact with the outsides of my thighs. You brushed your hair back and forth over my chest, all but using it as a weapon. Then you leaned forward and sucked my nipples, gently nibbling on them again, before kissing up my neck. You took my face in both hands and kissed my lips... long, deep, sensuous, lingering kisses... your tongue darting in and out of my mouth as we kissed. You kissed my face and forehead as your nails gently raked my scalp. Loud moans escaped your lips and you uttered words I couldn't quite make out. This prolonged foreplay was driving us both into a writhing frenzy.

I could feel the heat of your inner thighs on each side of me... moving back and forth as you kissed me. Then you moved up on me, instructing me to kiss your neck and shoulders. I was completely consumed by this intoxicating moment.

'Run your hands across my body lover,' you said, 'Feel the goosebumps you gave me. Caress everyone of them. I want to feel your strong hands all over me. Feel how hard my nipples are. Touch my wetness.'

As I explored the hot spots on your body, you placed one of your tits at my mouth and I sucked your hard nipple in to my mouth. I nibbled and sucked it making it even harder as you moaned loudly.

'Suck each of my nipples, fucker. My nipples are hypersensitive and I love having them played with,' you begged.

I eagerly obliged; squeezing them hard and licking and sucking those beautiful masterpieces.

'It's time, lover boy,' you said as you began slowly crawling up my body. 'My pussy is on fire and you are going to suck and fuck me until I can't cum again.'

As you moved up my body, I knew where you were headed and it only made my cock throb harder. I felt one knee then the other on each side of my face. The fragrance of your sweet musk filled my nostrils. You squirmed and gyrated as you kept your pussy just an inch or two from my face. Teasing both of us only incited our passion. You were now so wet I could feel you dripping on my chest and neck as you slid upwards. I turned my head and kissed and nibbled each wide stretched thigh, then licked the delicate areas between your swollen pussy lips and your upper most thighs. Licking the outer most edges of your lips made you shudder and moan. I could feel you quivering at my nibbles and licks. Look who is in control now, I said to myself. All of your attention and focus was concentrated on that tight little honey hole.

SMACK! I swatted your ass cheek hard, catching you completely by surprise.

'WHAT THE FUCK? YOU BASTARD!' you yelled as you sat up on your knees.

You retreated down my body, stopping when you were sitting on my stomach. All the time calling me names and cursing at me. Then you slapped my face a time or two with each flailing hand as you yelled. Instinctively and blindly, I raised both arms to block your assault. Then I grabbed both your forearms and you struggled to get free.

'Let me go you mother fucker! I am in control, not you! This fucking party is now over,' you threatened.

I yanked the mask off as I sat up and yelled back, 'It's fucking over when I say it's fucking over.

We sat there for a few moments, senses on high alert, breathing heavily, enraged with passion, staring at each other. Our eyes searched each other's, still filled with pent up passion, surprise and a bit of rage. We studied each other's faces. You were older than you had let on. Still gorgeous and in possession of a killer hot body, but older none the less. I reached for you and you slapped my hand away.

'Keep your fucking hands off of me unless I tell you differently!' you demanded.

'Really?' I answered as I reached out again, only to have you slap at my hand again.

'Really, mother fucker!' you said, shoving me onto my back with both hands as you leaned up on your knees, in a demonstration of authority. 'Really? You fucking asshole. You think you can man handle me as you please? You better think again, you sorry bastard!'

You raised your hand to slap me again and I caught your wrist in mid swing. With the other hand I grabbed a handful of your hair and pulled you on top of me. Holding you so tightly you could barely move. You wiggled and feigned a struggle as you writhed on top of me.

'Listen, you fucking slut. If you want to play rough, I will give it to you rough,' I said as I released my grip on your wrist.

'Slut? You called me a slut?' you screamed as you sat up, still on top of me. You leaned forward on me, one hand squarely in the middle of my chest, pinning me down as you wagged your finger in my face. 'SLUT? I'll fucking show you a fucking slut!

With lightning speed, you reached behind you, grabbing me by the balls. Your move was so swift and unexpected, it was useless for me to try and resist. You held all the cards now. The blood retreated from my once proud very hard cock, leaving me totally limp.

'Soooooo, asshole, who is in control now?' you smirked as you tightened your grip around my family jewels. 'MMMM? Where is this Mr. Tough Guy who was going to "give it to me rough"?' you taunted. 'And what's with the limp dick, little boy? Hmmmmm? Mommy have you by the balls... so to speak?'

'Maybe it's time to revisit the rules,' you continued with your demeaning tone. 'It seems to me your memory is short, kinda like that limp dick that's gone into hiding. Ya think?'

Keeping a firm grip on my balls, you leaned forward, your tits against my chest and your lips just inches from mine. You looked into my eyes and and gave my balls a gentle tug.

'Do you like Mommy having you by the balls, lover boy? Mommy sees a little uncertainty in your eyes. I guess you aren't quite sure what I am capable of, are you?' you said as you glared at me.

'I do love the feel of your balls in my hand, to be perfectly honest, baby. It feels powerful to know I control whether or not you will have an erection with just a few subtle moves. Looks like Mommy is in control again, doesn't it, lover boy?'

As I started to answer, you covered my mouth again with your hand. 'Shh. I will tell you when I want you to talk. Understand?' you asked as you leaned back over me, our faces mere inches apart.

You squeezed my balls slightly, then released the death grip and moved your hand onto my limp shaft, squeezing it and stroking it.

'Now, lover boy, where were we?' as you licked your lips.

I felt the blood coursing through my shaft again, more turned on than I have ever been. I reached for you and you fell into my arms. Our bodies grinding against each other as my cock sprang into action. You lifted yourself enough to slide your hand between us. Then you took me by the shaft and rubbed the head of my cock up and down your wet slit, then impaled yourself on it.

We fucked like wild animals consumed in passion, moaning louder with each kiss, nibble and lick. We were both so engulfed in passion that it only took a few really hard thrusts for you to cum. During the middle of your first orgasm, I pushed you onto your back and moved between your outstretched legs. I lifted your legs from behind the knees, pushing them against your tits as I placed my mouth over your entire pussy. You grabbed my head and hair with both hands as you ground yourself against my probing tongue. I sucked your lips into my mouth and you gasped out loud as my long tongue slipped between your lips. My slithering tongue tip worked your clit in circles as you ground your pussy into my face. You squealed loudly as you came again, shaking violently as you thrashed about in the bed.

You laid there quivering with me still between your legs. Each gentle kiss sent goosebumps racing across your body. I let you catch your breath before flipping you over on your tummy.

'NOOOO!' you protested, 'I'm done.'

'Really?' I asked as I rose to my knees behind you. 'I'll tell you when you are done, slut.'

'FUCK you, asshole!' you mildly protested as I lifted your ass into the air. 'I'm not going to like this no matter how hard you try.'

I grabbed your hips, pulling you forcefully against my throbbing cock. The thick round head made a perfect landfall between your slippery wet lips. I drove it as hard and deep as I could on the initial thrust. The thickness of my cock stretched you wide and you clinched fists full of sheets as I drove you hard from behind.

'Damn you, that hurts!' you cried. You half- heartedly struggled to remove yourself from my cock but I grabbed a handful of your hair, holding you right where I wanted you.

'Where do you think you are going, Mommy? I'm not through with you, slut. For a complaining little whore, you sure act like you love getting fucked,' I growled.

I pulled your hair hard enough to arch your back and keep you from squirming away from the pounding I was giving your tight little love hole.

'Are you loving the fucking, my little whore?' I asked you. As I fucked you hard from behind, I couldn't help but admire what a fine body you had for being, maybe 50ish.

'FUCK YOU! I am not loving it. I don't even like it, mother fucker!' you answered angrily.

'Good piece of information to know, slut. You should really stop moaning if you are going to continue complaining,' I said as I rammed you even harder and faster.

The longer I fucked you, the harder you pushed against me with each thrust. I knew by now when you were going to cum. I slapped your ass hard a couple of times in rapid succession. This time you ignored it and fucked me with all your might.

I ran my hands all over you as you began to tremble and moan loudly. I ran them under you, squeezing your titties hard, then pinching your hard nipples, pulling them. I could feel your pussy starting to spasm around my cock as your movements became jerky. You hurled obscenities at me as you began to cum again. It took all my will power not to cum inside you. But this was an act of dominance, of conquering a formidable adversary, rather than satisfying my sexual craving.

You fell forward, flat on the bed, legs spread wide as your hot goo flowed from your pussy. I spread your ass cheeks wide and shoved my tongue in your pussy, lapping at the sweet honey dew. You were so spent, you could barely respond to my licks. You laid there near motionless, moaning your continued approval.

Mustering strength, you rolled over to lay backwards on top of me, your back against my front. I kissed your neck and shoulders, savoring the knowledge of having defeated you. It was satisfying to know I had outlasted you. I felt empowered to know I had completely drained you of your sexual prowess and had withheld my seed from you willingly. But now, I wanted to release the full energy of my loins inside you.

We rested for a period, letting you recover and regain some energy. I calculated my next move; one I felt you would certainly resist. As you laid on top of me, legs open, you slipped your fingers between your legs and ran them slowly up and down your wet slit. Then you pulled your cum soaked fingers from your pussy and offered them to me to suck, which I gladly did. As I sucked your fingers, I slipped my fingers inside you, digging for that liquid gold. Then I offered my soaked fingers to you for your tasting enjoyment.

All this finger sucking was very erotic and we both began to slowly move against each other. You knew well and good I had not cum yet. And you knew that when I did, it was going to be good. You felt the stir of my cock growing against your inner thigh and reached between your legs. Grabbing me by the shaft, you rubbed it against your still wet pussy, nudging the head inside you. Then you released the grip on my cock and let your pussy muscles take over. I felt them gripping my cock, squeazing it as you laid motionless, except for the slight gyration of your hips.

You worked your magic, making me hard again. Then you shifted positions to 69 me. You took me in your mouth without ever using your hands. Your lips and throat were like silk as I mouth fucked you until I was ready to cum. I took a handful of your gorgeous long hair and pulled you off of me and you began to jack me off.

'MMMMM,' I said as I watched your hand working my shaft. 'So you want me to shoot hot cum in your face, Mommy? You want my cum dripping on your titties, you fucking slut?' I grunted, ready to unload.

Then I forced my cock back in your mouth, fucking you hard. I grabbed both ass cheeks and squeezed them, slapped them and spread them wide as I shot cum all over you. Cum shot from my throbbing cock with great force, catching you off guard at the shear volume. You gagged as spurt after spurt splattered in your mouth, then dripped from your lips. As you pulled your mouth off of me, cum continued to ooze from me, flowing over your fingers as you pumped me, hungry to release the last drops. You leaned down and began to lick the cum from the head of my cock. licking up and down my shaft...and licking the cum off of my balls and thighs. You licked my cum from your fingers and hands. What you didnt consume, you smeared on your tits.

Then, as you stared into my eyes, you took my semi hard cock and began to lick the shaft and balls again. You stroked me several times before sliding down my body and guiding my cock into your dripping hungry pussy.

'Ride me reverse cowboy as I fuck you, bitch,' I ordered.

I thrust my cock hard, hitting the back of your tight pussy each time I rammed you. I could feel your pussy muscles gripping my cock with each long and powerful thrust. You lifted your pussy to the top of my cock over and over before forcing yourself down hard on it. Squeeling with delight each time I filled your pussy with hard cock. I have to admit, I was impressed with your stamina and sexual prowess.

You were moaning loudly and mumbling things as you rocked on top of me. I stuck my thumb against your asshole and pressed into you. You nodded your approval as I thumb fucked your ass, fucking your pussy. That thumb in your ass seemed to push you over the edge and you did your best to steady yourself as another wave of orgasms overtook you. Your legs tightened as did your entire body, and you screamed as you squirted your hot juices all over my cock and balls...body trembling and spasming with each new wave of orgasm. Your orgasm triggered my second hard orgasm and I shot the last of my hot seed inside you.

Then you collapsed back on me, trembling, and we rolled to the side, my cock still nestled inside you. I wrapped my arms around you and slipped my hand between your legs to gently rub your hard clit as my cock slowly withered inside you. We caressed and kissed each other until we fell asleep. I never remember sleeping so hard in my life. When I woke up you were gone but you left a note rolled up inside the mouth of the wine bottle... with a date and location... for our next fantasy.
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