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a deep dark secret found only within.

I have always been a creature of the night. It is here where I feel at home most. It was here in the darkness that I found her, the most beautiful creature alive. Her pale skin and fire red hair seemed to glow in the light of the full moon. From the second I saw her I knew I had to taste her. Slowly, so not to startle her, I approached. To my amusement she was not startled at all. In fact she seemed to be just as comfortable as I am in the darkness. As I reach her, I introduce myself,

"Hello beautiful.  They call me the Hitchhiker, what is your name?"

She looked up at me with a twit grin on her face and said,

"They call me Jexxie."

From the moment I heard her beautiful voice I knew I had to have her. We stared deep into each others eyes for what seemed like an eternity. Finally, after Nyx only knows how long, the silence was broken.  

"Where are you off to on this beautiful night?" I ask her.

She smiled crookedly and said,  "Nowhere special, I am just out looking for someone to clench my desires."

Stunned by what she said, I ask "Well what is it you desire, my love?"

With a dark laugh she responded with only one word, "Blood,"  Then we both laughed.

"I am out searching for the same thing.  What are the odds?" She chuckled as I grabbed her hand. It was ice cold. 

With the same wicked smile I say to her,  "Come with me, I have something to show you."

She took my hand and followed me to an ancient looking cemetery.  At the top of the hill there was a large, white stone alter.  I lay her down on it and began to kiss her neck, softly at first, but the louder she moaned the more intense my thirst for her became. Looking deep into her eyes, mouth ajar, about to ask a question, she answered before I could utter a single word.


In one quick movement I removed my cloak and bared a silver dagger.  Her hips bucked slightly with anticipation at the sight of the blade in my hand.  I took the dagger and sliced down the middle of her shirt and mini skirt. She was so beautiful laying naked in the moonlight. I kissed her softly on the forehead and she nodded with a moan. I slowly took the dagger and began to drag it across her bare body, leaving a thin scarlet ribbon of blood in it's wake. 

"Taste me, I want you to have my blood."  she moaned, her eyes never leaving my own.

I began licking biting and sucking on her neck.  Then I began to work my way down to her perfect breasts, stopping to pay special attention to each nipple.  I could tell by her moans that she wanted more.  I licked the line that ran from her chest down to her pelvic bone.  With her blood dripping from my mouth,  I licked her perfect glistening clit just once.  It was at this point that she lost it.

"Please, please taste me?" she pleaded.

I had full intentions of having my way with her but first I had to drive her to the brink of complete ecstasy.  I buried my face in her cleanly shaven, velvety soft lips.  She let out a scream as I began to nibble and suck on her clit, soaking it with her juices and blood.  In a rush of pleasure her hips began to buck.  She screamed and exploded all over my blood covered face.  I licked and kissed my way back up her stomach, all the way to her beautiful lips.  I kissed her deeply sharing all the blood and essence from my open mouth with her.

With a wicked grin she said, "Now it is my turn."

I lay down on the alter and lay the silver dagger on my chest.  The dagger was still glistening with her blood.  She took the dagger and raised it over my head, letting three drops of her blood land perfectly in the center of my forehead.  With one fluid slash my clothes had been cut in two.  I lay there naked in the moonlight, quivering with the anticipation of her bloodlust for me.  She began to drag the dagger across my body slithering it back and fourth much like the movement of a snake, leaving a scarlet line in the daggers wake.  I moaned with the extreme pleasure I felt giving her my blood.  She  took the dagger, now covered with my blood, and raised it above her own head and let three drops land perfectly in the center of her forehead, just the same as she had done to me with her blood.  We were now connected.  She licked her way down my wound until her mouth was dripping wet with my blood.  Then she took the dagger and made a cut just above my pubic bone.  She began to suck at the blood that was flowing freely from this new wound.  I was shaking and moaning, not in pain but in pure bliss. 

She looked at me with a mischievous grin and asked, "Are you ready?"

I could not find my voice so I simply nodded.  She took my throbbing member deep into her mouth and began to rise up and down faster and faster, deeper and deeper and the sight of her blood soaked mouth on my rock hard cock was almost too much.  Somehow, through my moans and screams of pleasure, I managed to grab her fire red hair and pull her mouth away from me.  She said no words but with almost a pout, gazed up at me.

I answer her unspoken question. "My goddess, you deserve more."

We stood up, both of us covered in each other's blood.  We looked deep into each others eyes for what seemed like forever.  Then, without a word, I grabbed her and bent her over the alter.  Her perfect pink pussy was throbbing and begging for my cock.  I inserted myself, slow at first.  I thrust forward very slowly and gently, and as her moans increased, so did my thrusts.  She was soon begging me to fuck her harder and harder.  I had no choice but to oblige.  I grab a handful of that beautiful, fire red, hair and placed my other hand around her throat, pulling her into every powerful thrust.  Our screams pierced the night as we came together.  I pumped what seemed like gallons of my hot sticky cum deep inside of her and she squirted all over my cock at the same time. 

We laid there, wrapped in each other's arms, basking in the silver light of the moon, both panting and soaked in a mixture of sweat, cum and blood as we stared into each other's eyes.

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