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Bracelet submission

Using a bracelet to dominate and control

It all started after we watched the Story of O :Untold. In a nutshell the story was about a girl who when she received a bracelet was to submit to the bearer. After the movie I said my wife if she wanted a new pair of expensive shoes that she had been asking for a while then she would need to obey me three times. When I gave her a bracelet she must do exactly as I told her. She agreed. It did mean that whenever she had a bracelet she was to wear no panties as in the movie so that she could be felt up any time and that it would be our own naughty secret in a room full of people that she was naked under her street clothes.

Over the next week I went to a little shop which sold nice beaded bracelets and I bought three and had them bagged separately. These I would use when the time was right. She would be required to wear one then two then three when we had this sort of sex. The other thing I had to do was to think of scenarios that lead her deeper into obedience. So many a night I lay awake with a hard on thinking about the first one.



The time was right and just a few weeks after our agreement I left a bracelet on the dressing table and told her that when I came home she was to be ready to go out as we had agreed. I also left her a temporary tattoo which was circular and was to go around her right nipple.

When I came home she was ready. She is 5'9'' slim with blonde hair and 34d boobs. She smelled delicious wearing her Poison perfume which I knew would be between her boobs and around her pussy. She loves lingerie and will often buy something sexy to spice up our love making. Tonight she was wearing a low-cut dress, heels, suspenders and stockings and when I pulled her close I slipped my hand under the hem of dress to her pussy. She had on no panties as instructed. I told her that over dinner I would tell her what was going to happen to her and that she was to obey.

 At dinner I told her that when we got home she would stand in front of me and take off the dress and bra  which would leave her in her high heels, suspenders and stockings and nothing else. She would then pull and pinch her nipples until they were long and hard. Then she would come forward to me spread her legs and I would finger her and rub her clit. When I was finished she was to kneel in front of me ,slip a vibrator  in her pussy and rest it on the floor while she  sucked my dick. She would not be allowed to come while she was doing this and so she had to hold back any orgasm and if need be remove the vibrator until the orgasm passed .When I was ready we would go to the bed and make love.

Since  this was the first time this was to be fairly simple. When we got home I kissed and fondled her. She was hungry for sex, her breathing was already faster and her lips were soft and inviting and her tongue explored and caressed mine as we kissed. She was really hot and getting off on being fondled and kissed  and so I pushed her away and told her to do as instructed while I sat on a low lounge and watched. 

She did as asked although her eyes were saying I want more. She stood in front of me and stripped ever so slowly letting the dress fall from her shoulders and it fell in a circle around her feet. She had on a lacy black bra and you could see the line of the black tattoo through the lace. She now reached behind her back and undid the bra and let it fall from her shoulders exposing her lush pink nipples and the right one surrounded by the black tattoo .She then pulled and pinched her nipples until they were long and hard. She worked on each breast squeezing and pulling at the nipples and you could see that the breast had become hard and the nipples stood well out and now they were more red than pink. She then moved toward me and spread her stockinged legs, her eyes were closed and she was anticipating a finger. As she part her legs so her pussy lips parted. They were pink and swollen and yet they had not been touched yet.(It goes to show how powerful the mind is when it comes to sex).She was very wet and hot and started to moan as I inserted one finger into her very wet and hot pussy. I rubbed her clit just as a tease then put two fingers in her worked them up and down .

I then told her to kneel and to insert the vibrator and rest it on the floor while she sucked dick. The vibrator was a purple variable speed one and she was instructed to put it on ascending  speed which starts off slow and builds to top speed then stops and goes again.

Once in position she started wildly tonguing and sucking and going down and taking the full length dick as if she couldn't get enough. At one stage she stopped and pulled out the vibrator to stop herself from coming. As soon as the orgasm passed back in it went and back to the dick. She was hot and with the hum of the vibrator her tongue and mouth and the beautiful aroma of her Poison perfume I now had to stop her before I came.

I told her to remove the vibrator and get on the bed. It did not take long, a passionate hungry kiss and then my mouth on her nipple sucking quite hard almost as a love bite and my hand rubbing clit and then explosion of an orgasm when screamed and bucked  and had tears coming down her cheeks. When she came back to earth she got on my dick in a reverse cowgirl .Her pussy was dripping and she was wild and ground her pussy to the very base of my dick. I came filling her and moaned in delight.

 This was the first time with a bracelet and the next was even better and more erotic as she became more submissive and wanting to please. But that story will  come later.

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