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Bracelet submission:The punishment.

She wanted the shoes and so had to submit one more time

She saw the shoes that she wanted to purchase but wasn't prepared for the shopping for she had her panties on and so her punishment was to submit again at a time when I would decide. A deal is a deal and it was that to buy these special shoes she would wear no panties or be punished. She decided on being punished at a time and place of my choosing.

We were on holiday and she had shaved her pussy and was looking very sexy and tanned. She had a temporary tattoo on her left breast and one just above the thin strip of pussy fur. We were going out to dinner and so I had bought her an anklet to be the fourth bracelet of submission.

When she received it without speaking she knew what was required for the evening. She dressed in a silky Diana Ferris dress. Underneath she wore a white lacey bra and no panties. In her Guess high heels her slim 5'9'' figure looked great. Her chest was pushed out and the material clung to her tight arse. She wore just light make up and her perfume filled the unit. Before we went there is always the test to feel if she had obeyed so far. This time I made her stand in front of me and lift her dress to reveal her naked pussy topped with tattoo. I then told her to spread her legs and finger her pussy and then come to me while I lick her finger.

She inserted her finger and closed her eyes and moved it in and out and then came forward and brought her finger to my lips. She was tasty and sweet and already wet in anticipation. The night was shaping up to be a hot one!

Over dinner I told her what would take place. She would remove her bra in the toilet and be completely naked under her Diana Ferris silky dress. When we got home she would be blind folded and sit "O" style(that is lift her skirt so her bare arse and pussy are on the chair)  As I looked into her eyes I told her I would get out her toys and lay them out and that she was then going to have the blindfold removed and she was going to bring herself to orgasm while I watched. I would only help if she asked. She would masturbate for me and she was not to close her eyes but to look at me all the time. 

She headed off to the toilet while I sat and waited for her. In a few minutes she came walking toward me and I could see her 34d breasts moving under the silky material of her dress. I could only imagine how electrifying her nipples could be feeling with the friction of the material rubbing over them.

I stood, took her by the arm and told her she looked gorgeous and hot. We headed home to the unit.

Once inside I blindfolded her and had her sit "O " style. I then dimmed the lights and went into the bedroom and laid out her toys. When finished I went and stood behind her and caressed her nipples which were hard and pushing against the material. We then kissed and explored each other mouths. I removed the blindfold and we headed for the bedroom.

I stood her in front of the mirrored wardrobe doors  and let her dress fall in a circle around her ankles. Still in her high heels and with her breast thrust foreword, nipples hard and deep pink she looked like centre fold material. I told her to look at her self and then feel her tits and how hard they were. I then lead her to the bed. She was super wet and her boobs were hard in anticipation. In fact she had hardly been touched or caressed at all and yet she was highly aroused. She laid down and propped herself up on some pillows. She inserted some duo balls and worked on her pussy with a pulsating vibrator. She went to close her eyes and I told to look at me which she did with a hungry seductive look. I reminded her to squeeze the balls with her pussy muscles. This always intensifies the orgasm. She started to come and so I moved to her breast and started to suck and tongue the nipple. She came and came and then whipped out the balls and got me to lie down while she rode my dick. She continued to look into my eyes as I then came.

Great sex because it has that slow known build up. This submissive style of sex will be her next call. I will know because she will wear her bracelets. My task is to think of another scenario any thoughts?

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