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Bracelet submission:the second bracelet

Using a bracelet to dominate and control

After a first session using a bracelet and having control ,our sex life over the next months proved to be hot. It seemed as though there was a lingering excitement left over from our first encounter using submission.


A few months after our first session we had the opportunity to go to the country and rent a cabin with spa, log fire ,entertainment system and plenty of privacy. The only problem was that I had to tell my wife that I would give her a bracelet and I wanted her to take certain clothes with her. She was to take  miniskirt, high heels ,laced top stockings and see-through blouse.


We arrived at the cabin, settled in and then headed off for a walk in the woods. Even though nothing was said there was a sense of anticipation in the air as we walked along and I'd already started to plan in my own mind what was going to happen. When we arrived back we organise dinner and had a lovely bottle of wine. We cleaned up and headed for the spa. The spa frothed up with up some bubble bath andwe lay back and relaxed in the hot water. I got out and told my wife that the bracelet was on the vanity unit and that she was to put it on and dress in her miniskirt, see-through blouse ,with no bra ,lace top stockings high heels and of course no panties. While she was getting ready I would organise champagne and something to eat and I put on the first of the porno movies that I brought with us.


When she came out she was dressed just as she was asked and she'd applied some make up which was quite dark around her eyes as well she had on two strands of beads. From previous love-making both of us knew where they would end up.


I just about finished and she came over and kissed me gently and started to add a little more to the platter while I took a champagne over to the table. When I looked back she had bent forward a little over the bench and I could see the top of the stockings and cheeks of her bottom. She moved her legs ever so slightly backwards and forwards and her skirt just touched her cheeks as she moved.


I set the movie going. It was your typical  porno movie but it also set a bit of a mood. I opened the champagne and she brought across the platter and when she moved you could see her 34D breasts which are lovely and firm moving underneath the see-through black material. Her nipples were already hard. She placed the platter on the table and sat down. The skirt barely covered her pussy. We watched the movie and drank the champagne and during the movie I reached over and rubbed her breast and pinched a nipple and also ran my hand between her legs, over her furry blonde  pussy and in between her lips... which were very very wet. We kissed and our tongues danced and played together. I grasped the beads and moved them backwards and forwards across the nipples.


When the movie was over I then told her what else would happen. I told her that in a moment we would put on some music. She would strip down to her stockings and shoes and then should stand in front of me and I was going to insert my thumb into pussy. And then she was to go to the bed and since she wore the strings of beads she knew what was going to happen with them. Afterwards she would suck my Dick and then she would be allowed to come after she asked to be fucked.


We danced to the music. Her breasts moved underneath her blouse and she moved in close and started to grind her pussy against my leg. By this time my dick was quite hard and we rubbed up close to each other and kissed passionately with the smell of her perfume Magie Noire which was wafting around adding to the passion. I sat down and told her to strip which she did in time to the music and as she did she caressed itself. Then she came and stood in front of me and spread legs and I  slipped my thumb inside her juicy wet pussy and she moved in time to the music on it with her eyes closed and savouring every moment. I then instructed her move to the bed and I took the beads from around her neck and ever so carefully started to fill her up with them first one strand and then the next and then told her to start to squeeze them with her pussy muscles.  I started to suck her  hard nipples and  to  rub her clit. She was soon moaning and bucking around and then I reminded her that she would have to ask to come. She never ever says  the word fuck but this time as she got closer and closer she asked in a loud voiced to please be fucked. I brought to orgasm and then pulled the beads from her pussy up over her clit ever so slowly. She then got on my dick and rode him  until I came.


Afterwards we cleaned up and in  about an hour we were going to bed. I grabbed her and told her I wasn't finished with that pulled off her pyjamas and through her on the bed and started to eat her very wet and fucked pussy. She started to groan and buck. I came up and we kissed and she sucked at my tongue to taste the cum that I had been eating. I went down again and she came and then I mounted her in missionary position and drove her into her wet pussy. I was pumping her so hard that her head knocked against the bed. I hooked my hands over her shoulders and pulled myself as deeply as I could into her. She started to moan and say she was coming again and at that point so that I.


By the way she wore her two bracelets that night and so now we wait for the opportunity for the third.

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