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Bracelet submission:the third bracelet

This continues our adventure into submission

Her eyes were closed and her back was arched as she let out a scream of agony and delight as the first orgasm rolled through her.


Well how did we get to this point. We were called away to business very quickly to the city and I hurriedly booked a room at the casino in the hope that I might just be able to present her with a third bracelet. We checked into the hotel and then went into the city to complete our business errands. It took quite some time and when we arrived back at the casino we went to the bar to have a drink. Over a drink I reached into my pocket and brought out the third bracelet. Well my gorgeous 5 foot nine ,slim blonde with a 34D breasts and smouldering eyes looked a little panicked. She explained that, yes,she did have the other two bracelets with her and she would be able to wear them but she really had come unprepared for she had only brought slacks with her. I had no doubt that she would have some sexy lingerie and she assured me she did.So a new plan was hatched.


I told her that there would be no problem and that she would instead of wearing no panties under her skirt as she usually did,she would shave her pussy lips and trim her blonde pubic hair to fit under the G string that I'm sure she had. She said she did have a black lacy G string and so in my opinion there was  no problem. She also would be required to wear no bra under the close-fitting black jumper she told me she had brought,as a way of satisfing the requirement to be naked under her clothes in public.


When we got back to the room I checked out her clothes and they were fine. She had a dark pair of tailored slacks, black lacy G string, tightfitting black knitted jumper, high heels and stay up stockings with lace tops. Now since it would take a little time to shave and prepare her pussy I told her that I was going back down to have a beer and I'd give her an hour to get ready.


When I came back she was dressed and was finishing off putting on her make-up. Her perfume, Poison filled the room. She looked elegant and sophisticated and little would anyone know that she was naked on top and that her pussy lips were bare. I pulled her close and kissed her gently and then unzipped her slacks and sipped my hand under the G string to feel the silky smooth lips of her pussy.They were smoooth and she was already turned on by the feel of the moisture there. And just to make sure she had been a good girl I squeezed her right breast and sure enough there was no bra.


I quickly showered and then we headed for dinner  where I would tell her what would happen to her over the evening. By the way she now had on three bracelets. As we walked down the corridor I looked out the corner of my eye and I could see her breasts ever so slightly jiggling as we walked along.She stood tall and eligant as we waited for the elevator.


We really didn't have much time over dinner for me to tell what would happen over the rest of the night and so I took her for coffee at one of the bars. There I told her that when we got back to the room she would present herself naked except for the G string ,stockings and heels. She would stand in front of me and take her fingernails and rake them across her breasts to the tips of her nipples.It would be hard enough to leave red marks, although not permanent marks. When I was satisfied she would come and srtip me and do the same to my chest and nipples. I would then suck her nipples and I told her that I was going to give her a love bite on each breast. She would then be taken to the bed and the G string would be removed and placed in her mouth and I'd eat her smooth pussy. I told her to finish her off I would let her use the purple pulsating vibrator to come. When she was finished she was to ride me until I came. And then to pull out and allow the come to dribble out on to my stomach.

Well what an interesting response. She drew closer, looked into my eyes and with a cheeky grin on her face said take me home and fuck me now. I said you never say that. But she said again I want you to fuck me now. She told me that she was feeling very, very hot  and sexy. 


We headed back to the room and again as I walked along I noticed her breasts jiggling under her jumper. When we got to the room I told her to strip as I turned down the lights and opened the curtains to let the city lights come in. There she stood in front of me ,her breasts were quite hard as the soft light reflected off her creamy white flesh. I sat back in a chair and told her to start. She closed her eyes and dug her nails into the soft white flesh and raked them towards the nipple ,first one side and then the next. Red marks appeared across the her breasts and you could see the trance like look on her face that she was enjoying doing it.

I then told her to come and stripme and work on me. She she drew her nails across my chest and worked on my nipples making them hard and sending sensations through my body. When she was finished I moved closer to her and sucked one nipple and then the other and again she let out a little moan. I moved just to the side of the nipple on her right breast and started to give her a love bite and as I did she started to push the breast harder into my mouth. When I went to move to the left nipple lovely purple mark had appeared on the right breast and so now I matched in on the left and her response was even more intense holding my head and pushing hard so that I could suck more on her breast. When I finished I stepped back. Her breasts were red from the scratching, the nipples were hard and protruding and she had  two  purple marks one on each breast and just to the side of each nipple.


I then put her onto the bed and pulled off the G string and moved to her lips. The G string was very wet and might I say as our lips met between the material she was very sweet with nectar. We kissed passionately through the material before I threw them away on to the floor and then went down to her very swollen, anxious and anticipating pussy. She was flared open and as my tongue touched her very silky flesh she started to buck and try to draw my tongue into her. I reached over for her purple pulsating vibrator I handed it to her. She picked her favourite setting and started to work on her aching pussy. I proceeded to kiss her and fondle her breasts. That is when her eyes rolled back and the orgasm rolled over her with mighty power. When she was finished she was so anxious that she rolled meon my back and mounted rockhard dick and ground herself on it. I came and she too had another less intense orgasm. And then true to the script she raised herself off the dick and let the come run out on to my stomach.


She certainly had earned her three bracelets which now meant she could shop for a pair of the most expensive shoes she could find. The only condition was that she wore no panties when she was looking for them. If she did buy some and wasn't ready then I would have her one more time.


She did buy the shoes some months later, forgot to have no pants on and so now she waits to be submissive again.

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