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Brief Hospital Visit

You were the only nurse there I hadn't slept with...
The nurses all greeted me in their warm friendly way as I made my way past their station and towards the suite I had for a few days of R&R. One of the benefits of having your name on the hospital facade is having a private luxury suite for when you need some special TLC. I work 18-20+ hour days for long periods of time, sometimes a couple of months straight before completely burning out. That's when having this small sanctuary for retreat comes in handy.

As I walked past the desk, I noticed you, a new girl. It was hard to guess your age but you were extremely attractive and I was betting money that you had a killer body hiding under that short nurses dress. My mind took a brief inventory of the nurses as I slipped into my suite. Except for you, the new girl, I had slept with all the others a few times. Sport fucking seemed to be a past time that both they and I shared. We kept it fun and casual and never let feelings or emotions get carried too far. Why ruin such a good thing...right?

It wasn't long before you, the new girl, er, I mean nurse, knocked on my door. You came in and introduced herself and told me you would be in charge of my cares and needs while I was there.
Mmmm , I smiled, 'I'm delighted to hear that.' I answered. 'You could fix me a drink as I unwind a bit before getting some rest.' I mentioned casually.

You eagerly pranced across the room to accomodate my request. I could not take my eyes off that gorgeous ass as you slowly walked across the room. I could have sworn you were already teasing me, but who knows.

'Pour yourself a drink if you like. I would love to have you join me.' I added.

But you looked at me and winked and said, 'Sounds tempting, but one of us needs to be the adult tonight don't your think?'

Oh my.... I loved your sense of humor.

'Of course,' I laughed, 'and you are it.'

As you leaned over to hand me my drink, you whispered, 'You are in good hands tonight. Don't you want the best care one can get? Hmmm ?'

Catching me looking down your blouse at that beautiful cleavage, you said, 'These aren't going to be a distraction to your rest are they?'

I laughed and said, 'Trust me, I love being distracted.'

You patted my hand and said good, and turned to leave. You walked a few steps and turned around and smiled, then said, 'Oh yea, and it's impolite to stare at my ass too.'

I threw both hands in the air as if to say...What the fuck? And we both laughed.

As I showered I couldn't keep my mind off of how hot you were. My cock agreed by growing hard without my hands helping. I finished my shower and slipped into bed naked. As I lay there, I couldn't get you off my mind. And neither could my throbbing cock for that matter. I found myself slowly rubbing it as I mindlessly watched TV.

Fatigue was winning the eyelid battle and I dozed off. At sometime during the night, I remember seeing light from the hallway briefly pierce the darkness of my room. Only the bathroom light shown under the door otherwise. As I lay there, my nostrils went on high alert. Mmmmmm , I thought. That fragrance is so nice and sensuous...I remember that fragrance....but from where I ask myself as I went in and out of sleep.

The fragrance grew stronger and I halfway remember you standing there. You leaned down close to my ear and whispered, 'Is there anything you want? Or need?'

I felt you leaning your tits on my chest. Am I dreaming I kept asking my self. I could feel your hot breath on my neck and face as you leaned over me. Then I felt your fingernails gently rake through my scalp and slide across the stubble of my two day old beard. You caressed my face as your perfume worked it's magic. Your soft fingertips worked down my neck and you nibbled on my ear as your hand pushed the covers down my chest. You ran your fingers through my chest hair as you slowly worked your hand down my chest, then my stomach. All the time, I felt your eyes watching my responses to your touch.

Then you slipped your hand under the sheets and ran your hand back and forth across my waist...playing with my pubic hair. My cock was raging hard and throbbing by now. You slipped your hand down the top of my thigh, pulling the covers as you went. The head of my cock poked out the top of the covers. I spread my legs wider as you used your nails to tease my inner thighs. I shifted my position hoping for more of your touch. I sighed a deep low moan as your nails neared my crotch. You slowly worked up my inner thighs and stopping just inches from my aching balls. I swear you took delight watching me squirm to your touch.

Then you pulled the covers back over me...making sure the sheets caressed my long thick hard shaft. Gawd....I wanted to fuck you! You ran your hand down my thigh again, this time pressing the sheets between my legs. You cradled and gently rubbed my balls through the sheets making me harder than ever. Then keeping the sheet between my cock and your hand, you wrapped your fingers around the base of my cock and slowly stroked it a few times.

'Oh my big boy.' you exclaimed. 'So this is what the girls warned me about.'

I felt you lean over me again, pressing your tits into my chest, and whispered, 'I'll be back in a bit to check on you.'

Damn I love your perfume.

It didn't take but a few minutes to be back in dreamland. And it surely didn't seem like I had been asleep long, when I saw the flash of light, and then again caught a whiff of your perfume. Ahhhhhhhhh , mmmm just fucking ahhhhhh . I heard you rustling about in the room and I couldn't quiet bring myself to being fully awake. But I was good with that. I tend to like this blurred partial reality partial fantasy kind of feeling.

I felt the sheets being lowered again, being slowly dragged back and forth across my semi-erect cock. The sensation of the sheets being pulled over my cock was very sensuous. Once again, your fingers encircled my cock and slowly squeezed it as you slid your hand up and down its shaft. A deep primal moan escaped my lips as the pleasure grew along with the hardness of my cock. I told myself you would not leave the room again before I had fucked you. Ohhhh , what a wonderful touch you have. My cock certainly enjoys it as much as my mind does.

As you played with my semi-erect cock, stroking it, rubbing it, squeezing it, using it as a weapon to slap my stomach, I felt your lips engulf the head of my cock. Your tongue flickered around the head as you stroked me. I was rock hard in two seconds. You took as much of me in your mouth as you could from this position. Your fingers firmly gripping the shaft as to keep it from getting away from you. What you couldn't take in your mouth, you used your hand on. You gagged a couple of times as I forced my cock deeper into your mouth than you expected. But you recovered quickly each time and maintained your lip lock on me.

As you sucked my cock, you draped one leg up on the bed, working your clit against the edge of the matress. Your skirt was almost waist high, exposing thigh high stockings and a dripping wet hairy pussy. I ran my hand up the back of your thigh as you sucked my cock. I squeezed your thigh up and down, and your ass cheek, before slipping my hand between your legs. As I neared that wet hairy honey hole, you widened your legs for me. You squirmed your approval as my fingers rubbed the outsides of your pussy lips, pushing them together as my fingers rubbed up and down them.

I pulled you onto the bed into the 69 position, your legs spread wide. I pushed your skirt over your hips and pulled your beautiful wet pussy towards my mouth. I swatted each ass cheek before using my thumbs to spread your lips wide. I played with your hot wet cunt like it was a new toy.

Your juices were flowing as I shoved my long tongue deep inside you. You moaned loudly and dug your nails into my thighs as I nibbled on your hard clit and sucked your swollen lips into my mouth. Your hips gyrated to my licks and nibbles.

Again, I slipped two fingers in your pussy and worked your G-spot as your pussy muscles tightened around my fingers. I rubbed your juices in small circles across your tightly puckered asshole. And gently pressed a finger one knuckle deep in your asshole as I ate you.

' OHHHHH fuck I love that!' you moaned.

I finger fucked your ass and pussy until you could stand it no longer and you came in a flood of hot gooey cum. I licked and sucked your cum as it oozed from your pussy. Then I inserted two fingers into your pussy, digging deep inside you and rubbed your swollen g-spot. Your body trembled as I slowly fingered your quivering pussy. I held my pussy soaked fingers to your lips and you licked and sucked your cum from them.

Now I wanted that beautiful hairy pussy fucking my cock. I wanted to feel the tightness of those pussy muscles as I stretched you out wide and thrust my thick 8" cock deep inside you. I wanted to feel all of that hot pussy fucking my throbbing cock.

I pushed your hips towards my cock and you immediately understood my move. You sat up and slipped the dress over your head. I loved what I saw, a woman of about 35-40 with the firm body of a 25 year old. I felt your juices on my chest and stomach as you rubbed your pussy on me. Dayum you are fucking hot!

You straddled my cock and took it by the shaft, rubbing the head against your pussy lips, guiding it back and forth against your wet slit. Then you lowered yourself onto my shaft, taking all of me to the balls in one swift move. You gasp loudly as I filled that tight little pussy of yours with throbbing cock meat . You sat there for a few seconds, letting your pussy adjust to being stretched so widely.

Then you began to rock back and forth on me. You still had me inside you fully, but you were making sure the head of my cock touched everything inside you as you slowly shifted back and forth. Then you slowly lifted yourself off of me, leaving only the tip of my head between your pussy lips before you lowered yourself again, thrusting harder than the first time. I watched your pussy engulfing me from behind over and over and over. What a beautiful ass moving up and down as you began to ride me harder. I licked my thumb and pressed it against your bunghole as I was fucking you. Then I slipped my thumb inside your ass and finger fucked it as you rode my cock.

You dug your nails into my thighs as my thrusts met yours, driving my cock deeper in you. I watched your juices run down my shaft with each powerful thrust you made. You were taking sport fucking to a whole new level. You rocked and swayed as I fucked you reverse cowboy. I like this position because I get to watch beautiful asses moving like machines. As worked up as we both were, I knew it wouldn't be too long before we shared our first orgasm together. Your pace quickened and your potty mouth became even nastier. I loved it. Your focus became clear as your body honed in on one thing...cumming and cumming hard. You rode me like a stolen horse, bouncing up and down on my pounding cock. You were cursing and moaning loudly as I felt your pussy begin to spasm. Your body trembled. Then you forced yourself down on me with all your power and ground yourself against my cock as you exploded. Your hot cum flowing like a river on my cock and thighs.

I couldn't hold back any longer and rolled you onto your tummy. I lifted your ass into the air and forced my cock in your convulsing pussy and fucked you as hard and fast as I could. You moaned long drawn out deep moans as I pounded you over and over. My balls were slapping your pussy as I thrust myself deep and hard into you. You fists were clinched full of pillows and sheets as you cursed and told me how to fuck you. I took both hips in my hands and rammed my aching cock into you violently as I erupted. I shot several large squirts of hot cum deep in your pussy before pulling out and finishing by shooting cum across your ass cheeks and back.

Exhausted, we collapsed beside each other. My cock still wanting more. We lay there sweating all over each other and gasping for breath. We held each other closely and kissed as cum oozed from both of us. I guess we both dozed for a while because the next thing I remember was you between my legs, sucking the last of the cum from my cock. I was hard in an instant and wanting more of you.

You looked at me with those sex hungry eyes and said,'I guess you know what the only untouched item on the menu is huh?'

' Mmmmm , indeed I do baby.' I answered as I turned you to face away from me.

I caressed and traced the curves of your gorgeous body as you came alive again. Still breathing heavily, you reached between your legs and slipped your fingers inside your wet pussy. Then smeared your juices across your asshole. You took me by the shaft, pulling me closer, nestling the head of my cock against your tight asshole. You rubbed the head of my cock in small circles against your bunghole.

'Be gentle big boy. I'm still your nurse.' you reminded me.

Then you pushed yourself against my cock as it slowly disappeared inside your tight ass. You squeeled and moaned at the same time. Pain and pleasure coursed through you as you took all of me. I let you move at your own speed, making sure not to hurt you with the girth of my cock. You tugged at my balls to go deeper inside you...and I buried my cock balls deep in you.

I pulled you on top of me, your back on my stomach. You pulled your knees into the fetal position as I began to piston inside your ass.

' Gawwwwwd I love your fucking cock baby!' you moaned. 'Fill my tight ass with cum mother fucker!! I want you to cum in my ass dammit!'

I played with your hard clit and pussy lips as I ass fucked you harder and faster. I squeezed your titties and pinched your nipples as I ass fucked you. My hands were all over your gorgeous body. You were a wild animal as you fucked me. With each hard deep thrust, you made primal grunts and deep moans. I fucked you so hard I lifted you off the bed with each powerful thrust. You loved it.

'I'm going to cum in your ass baby.' I panted as I felt cum stirring in my loins. 'Fuck me you little slut! I yelled as I began to shoot my load in your ass.

The feeling of my hot load shooting off in your ass triggered a spontaneous orgasm for you. You spread your pussy lips wide, and shook hard as you squirted hot cum across my cock and balls.

Totally spent, we rolled to the side, me behind you, cock still pulsing the last of my cum inside your ass. Exhausted, we lay there and fell asleep in each others arms. When I finally awoke, sunlight filled the room. You were gone. I laid there for a few minutes gathering my senses and rubbing sleep from my eyes. Wow, what a night I thought. I got up and showered and dressed.

The nurses all smiled and greeted me warmly as I came up to the nurses station.

'Did you get your much needed R&R?' one girl ask with a coy smile.

'Of course I did.' I answered. 'Of all people, you should know how much I love my R&R.' I said as I winked at her.

I looked around for you, but didn't see you.

' Mmmm ' I fumbled, 'Can any of you beautiful women tell me who the new nurse is and if she is still on duty?

One by one they looked at each other with puzzled looks and said no. One of them looked at me with a snarky grin, licked her lips and said, 'Last night was the first time any of us have seen her. She said she was with you, so we just went along with it. Mmmm, is there a problem?'

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