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Caught sniffing my panties

Caught sniffing my panties

Our pervy house mate is taught a lesson!
This is a story from my second year at uni. I think there’s something about the sophomore year; sneering at the freshers, but still clambering for attention among the sorority. As it happens I had gained a lot of respect from my performance in our hockey team, which would stand me in good stead with the seniors. At the time I was sharing a house with two girls and one guy. There was me and my two friends – fellow hockey players as it happens. They were Gemma (no not that one) and Hayley, who I had been to college with. Gemma was a shy girl. She was a brunette with amazingly blue eyes and a somewhat Mediterranean complexion. Hayley was the exact opposite; confident, brash even and was very popular with all the guys, if you know what I mean. She was quite tall with masses of long, sandy blonde hair.

Toby was our male house mate. He was a slightly foppish guy, lazy most of the time but academically he was brilliant. He just struggled to overcome his tendency towards lassitude and actually go to lectures. On the whole we all got on, sharing duties and so on and by and large Toby knew his place. I can’t actually remember how he came to be sharing with us and he wasn’t there for the whole year, but that’s by the by.

The story began when Gemma, Hayley and I were shopping for the weekend at the local supermarket. I along with Hayley had come straight from hockey practice and we were in our full kit of knee high white socks, short navy skirts and white tops. Gemma was carrying an injury so was in normal attire. Hayley was forever complaining about the middle-aged guys who perved at us, as we walked around the aisles. She said they were creepy, but to be honest, I quite liked the attention. Maybe being a part-time model, as I was then had conditioned me to be more accepting of the male tendencies. To be fair, Hayley didn’t exactly help herself by wearing the shortest skirt in the team. I remember the whole aisle of tinned fruit coming to a standstill when the only can of peaches was on the top shelf at the back! She turned round and every bloke was frozen to the spot, their eyes where her partially exposed bum cheeks and white panties had been. She just stormed off with her basket, crying, “For fuck’s sake!” I still wonder if she secretly enjoyed it and just protested too much.

I can’t remember precisely what Gemma was wearing but she more often than not wore denim shorts and black tights, which were quite popular at the time. Gemma was quiet but had a mischievous sense of humour when the mood took her, especially after a couple of drinks. Anyway, we returned to our house and the first thing I did was cast off my kit and jump in the shower. I didn’t notice it at the time, but when I came to do my washing later, I noticed I was missing a few items.

“That’s funny!”

Hayley was drying her hair and turned it off as she looked up.

“What’s funny?”

“I haven’t put my knickers in your basket by mistake have I?”

“I don’t think so, why?”

Hayley went to her little wicker linen box and lifted the lid and peered in.

“Now you come to mention it Danny, I seem to be missing some of my panties.”

“You do?”


She scooped up a handful of lingerie, as if to demonstrate how her washing had become depleted. Then, it was as if a light bulb had switched on in our heads at the same time and we looked up, stared at each other and exclaimed, “Toby!” simultaneously. Don’t ask how we knew, but let’s just say that he had some history in that area and it didn’t need Sherlock Holmes to deduce who the panty thief was. Rather than storm into his room and challenge him there and then, we would keep our powder dry. We would bide our time and strike when the moment was right and teach him a lesson once and for all.

We left it a few days and confided in Gemma, who for some reason had been unaffected by the spate of purloined panties. Gemma tended to wear tights and leggings and preferred to go commando, so I guess she had fewer to pinch. The three of us convened a little meeting one day and planned how we would mete out our punishment. Hayley and I had hockey practice the following day and put on our standard white panties. Whenever we could during the day, we would meet up and ‘entertain’ each other, telling naughty stories about boyfriends and girlfriends, turning each other on. Later on, we met up before hockey and found a quiet corner of the changing room and began to raise the stakes. Making sure the coast was clear, we rubbed each other through our panties, whispering to each other. We were both really turned on and consequently our undies were becoming decidedly moist. I lifted my skirt up and flashed Hayley, revealing my little triangle and the dampness there. I had made my panties so clingy I had a nice little cleft, where the cotton and been swallowed up by my pussy lips.

“Your turn,” I said.

Hayley showed me her panties and if anything hers were wetter than mine, her gusset drenched from the constant teasing and latterly, our mutual rubbing. We trotted onto the field, our sticks in hand and gave each other the thumbs up.

It wasn’t just the theft of our panties, which we objected to, it was our privacy, which had been invaded. The thought of him sneaking in to our room, rifling through our underwear basket was a bit disconcerting. Having said that, he was still a nice guy on the whole, but a misdeed is a misdeed and it couldn’t go unpunished.

It was the early evening and my hockey buddy and I had remained in our kits and crucially, in our panties, still damp and sticky from the inevitable ‘leakage,’ which had occurred that day. We met up with Gemma on the landing. Toby had left his door slightly ajar and we all peaked through the gap. What we saw was astonishing, yet not entirely unanticipated. He was on his bed, his boxers round his knees, cock in hand and a pair of our panties on his face. His other hand was pressing them into his nose and he was groaning.

“The fuckin’ perv!” whispered Hayley.

“He’s got quite a big cock though,” I observed.

We pushed the door open and confronted him ‘in pantie flagrante.’

He jumped up, his face red and his mouth wide, shocked to see the three of us standing there.

“Danny! H...Hayley!” he stammered.

“Caught you red handed!” I exclaimed.

“I…I was just borrowing them!”

“Borrowing them?!” I said, repeating his pathetic excuse.

“They’re not yours to borrow!” Hayley added.

“Gemma, secure the prisoner!” I ordered.

Gemma rolled her tights off and walked up to Toby's bed and grabbed his wrist while Hayley and I sat on his bed.

“Hey! What’s going….”

“Just shut it!” said Hayley firmly.

Gemma wound the waist band end of her tights round his wrists and tied the other two ends around the corner of the head board. She pulled them tight and twanged the nylon, demonstrating that he was helplessly attached.

“So, it’s panties you want to sniff is it!” I exclaimed, easing my hockey skirt down. Hayley followed suit, unclipping her tiny skirt and like me, stood there in just her white top and panties.

“Do you want to go first,” I said.

“OK,” said, Hayley, a distinct attitude in her voice.

I beckoned Gemma to join me on the bed and we sat each side of Toby as Hayley positioned herself over his face and then sat on him, her panties completely covering his nose and mouth. Toby let out a muffled sound. We couldn’t tell what he said and we didn’t care. Whatever he was, he did have a jolly big cock and despite everything, it was nice and hard. What’s a girl to do?

Gemma stroked him tentatively as I leaned over and rubbed the tip of his cock across my lips. His bell end was hot and felt beautifully soft against my mouth. I continued to kiss it and then stroked the underside with my tongue, licking him like a stiff ice lolly. Except this one wasn’t melting and rather than being cool was hot and throbbing. I looked at Hayley, who was pinching her nipples through her top, her eyes closed as she ground her pussy on his face. She was moaning and no doubt her already damp panties now had a fresh deposit of fragrant pussy juice.

Toby's cock was as hard as a cock can be, just about. I put my hand inside my panties and touched myself as I closed my mouth around the end. He tasted so good. The pounding of his cock in my mouth was such a turn on, I had no choice but to finger my pussy as I sucked it. Gemma rolled her hand around his ball sack and stroked his legs. I came up for air briefly and she accepted my offer to give him a suck and went down on his cock. I stroked her hair as she sucked him, one hand still pleasuring myself but yearning to rub myself on Toby's face. Hayley was making all sorts of ‘Ooh’ and ‘Aah’ sounds as she selfishly made the most of our naughty house mate.

“I think you should let me have a go!” I said.

“Ooooh! “Hmmm? OK, if you must.”

“Thank you,” I said sarcastically, swapping places with Hayley.

I watched Hayley as she lay on the bed and leant on one elbow, wanking Toby slowly. Mad as I was at Toby's unforgivable behaviour, I was going to make the most of the contours of his face, as I let him burrow his nose into my panties. Fingering my pussy had made me so wet and all that stickiness had soaked into the cotton. I now had the most delicious sensations, the gusset of my panties going deeper and deeper into my labia as Toby made a deep furrow into them.

“Aaaah!” I gasped. “Oooh that’s so fucking good!”

Toby's cock was twitching now. Hayley was still stroking him with the same slow, gentle rhythm with the addition of her tongue, which just caught then end at every other stroke. Toby's groans were growing deeper and louder and then from his mouth their emitted another noise. Almost at the same time I had an amazing, breath-taking sensation down there and I realized he was sucking the gusset of my knickers.

“Ooh Toby! You fucker!” was all I could say.

I crouched lower driving my bum into his face, wriggling, so my cheeks were squished around him, his nose now embedded in my panties. His hands were gripping my thighs as I sobbed almost, getting so close, rubbing my panties harder into his face, savouring the beautiful friction it was causing. Hayley and Gemma were stroking him together now, his bulbous glans a deep purple-pink, visibly throbbing. I leant back, my hands flat on his bed and jerked my body as the feelings of pre-orgasm rippled through me. I was so close, my pussy tingling; aching with the frustrations of my semi-fulfilled fooling around with Hayley.

I watched the girls tug on his cock, biting my lip as the throbbing in my pussy grew deeper and faster. I rubbed my clit through my panties, taking deep breaths between my little cries of anguish and pleasure, the torment of being so close and the sight of his cock such a turn on! Everything seemed to become a haze for a moment, then I just let go and felt the whoosh of orgasm and I cried out in ecstasy. I lurched forward as my belly rippled and my groin trembled as I came. I looked up, my hair all over my face, just in time to see Toby's cock explode, the cum flying everywhere. It was like a fountain of creamy spunk, most of it landing on the girls’ hands.

“Let that be a lesson to you!” I said, looking at Toby, when I had composed myself, now kneeling on his bed. The veins were standing out on his neck, his face was red and his nostrils flared as he recovered from his semi asphyxiation.

Gemma and I untied him and left him on his bed to recuperate, used and abused.

“You ‘borrow’ our panties again…” said Hayley. “And you might not get off so lightly,” she continued.

She wasn’t joking.

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