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CFNM, the Second story

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Jim and Mike are taken further into a kinky fetish

I was sitting in the living room of our house with Mike, who drinking a glass of wine. We were both simply dressed in t-shirt and jeans, casual and comfortable. We could hear the girls talking in the kitchen preparing some nibbles for the select guests that were about to arrive, and they sounded excited at the prospect of the evening.

I asked Mike, “Are you nervous about tonight? I knew they had been selling sex toys on a web site, and it was a hobby for them. Now they want to try selling them at parties and us to do some entertaining for the women. Whatever that means.”

Mike nodded and I wondered about it. “So tell me Mike, are we going through with this weird stuff tonight?”

Mike smiled at me, “Yes Jim we are, to tell the truth I am pretty excited thinking about what those women will do when we are there. This is a CFNM dream, and I want it. We both want it. Don’t you remember jerking off for Jan; she told me how you loved it. Come-on buddy I don’t want to do this without you.”

I sat sipping my first glass of wine thinking about it. Our wives knew we had a thing for exposing ourselves, and they now knew we would jerk off willingly for just about any woman.

Jan and Sally admitted it turned them on to see other women watching as Mike and I exposed ourselves and played with our cocks.

I was kidding myself if I said that the idea of a group of clothed women gazing at my naked body, and watching me as I jerk off was not a big turn on. I had fantasised about it, and loved it when Sally asked me to jerk off while she watched. So despite my doubts, the thought of women I didn’t know watching me was my motivation for tonight.

As I was thinking these erotic thoughts Sally came through and smiled. “Are you guys ready? Our specially invited guests will be arriving soon, and we have promised them an evening of fun and entertainment.”

“I don’t want to sound stupid, but just to be totally clear Sally, what do you want Mike and I to actually do?” I asked.

“Be your natural exhibitionist self, they are a small group of our friends who are here for a party, where we will have a laugh and sell sex toys. All these girls are interested in buying our toys. They might want you to model something, and I hope you will enjoy it. You must be nice to them, but do not let them touch you. You two will probably end up naked, and just as in your kinky fantasy they will be clothed. If you are good boys I might allow you to play with your cock for them, and if you are very lucky I might even let you go all the way.”

As she was speaking the doorbell rang. Jan yelled, “I will get that.”

She opened the door to two women. They were in there late forties, and dressed in smart casual clothes. As if they were going out for a nice dinner.

Jan was beaming, “I am so glad you came, I was worried that no one would turn up. This is our first get together, I hope it will be fun.”

As she let them in another car pulled up and three more women arrived. Jan waved, and they waved back in acknowledgement. They quickly walked up the drive and entered the house. These three women were similar in age and dress to the first guests. Anyone watching would not be surprised if this was a women’s book club, or cookery group, something quite innocent.

Sally and Jan took their coats and jackets and put them in the spare room. She pointed to the living room and told them all to find a seat.

They looked coyly at Mike and I as they silently entered. I felt like a rabbit being eyed by a wolf pack. We smiled and nodded, and they smiled back.

We both stood up, and all the girls found a seat. It was tense, and it felt a bit like a dentist waiting room.

Mike stepped forward and coughed to attract their attention. “Hello girls, I am Mike the good looking one, and this is Jim. He only has a little dick so you can feel sorry for him.”

A woman said, “Pleased to meat you both, perhaps we might see more of you guys later?” One of the women laughed, and others giggled, the ice was broken.

Sally and Jan came to the rescue. They carried two trays, one of white wine and one of red.

“Please help yourselves to who wants what, there is plenty and food is in the kitchen for you all to nibble on.”

Jan distributed a slim pamphlet to each woman that was full of products for sale. Descriptions and photos of various sex toys and devices.

As they started to thumb through Jan said, “We have some of the most popular items available for you to examine and handle. And if you should want them modelled we have two lovely guys who will be happy to oblige you. This is Sally’s husband Jim and there is my husband Mike. We have a rule, and that is you ladies look all you want, but do not touch the guys. Lets keep if fun and civilized. We are willing to let our husbands model the items, but that is as far as it goes so please show us some respect, thank you and have a good time.”

As Jan said our names she pointed and I could feel all those eyes looking at me. I felt embarrassed thinking they might want me to undress and model something. But any embarrassment was more than compensated by the excitement of hoping they would. I could stand before them vulnerable and exposed with little or nothing on. My hand trembled slightly, and I took a big sip of wine. I looked at Mike and he was grinning.

As the wine flowed and the women relaxed the atmosphere became more comfortable. The women were chatting to each other, some pointing excitedly at a photo of something that interested them.

A woman, who looked like a bank manager, in a blue suite, approached Jan and she pointed to something in the catalogue. Jan nodded and left the room.

My wife Sally was talking to another woman, she was tall and slightly stern looking. She asked if she could show her something. I glanced at the page; it was a red spanking paddle. Sally went to get it.

A woman sitting close to where I was standing asked if I could get her a glass of wine.

She smiled and politely asked, “I wondered if you will be naked when you model something?”

I gave it a moment’s thought and replied, “Well I suppose it would be difficult to show some of them off properly with clothes on.”

She laughed and with a furtive gesture she let her hand rub against my crotch, “That’s what I hoped, so I will have to choose something interesting, and I will see you later.”

She made eye contact, smiled and resumed looking at the catalogue.

Another women was sitting in a chair fiddling with a leather cock harness. She was short slightly plump and pretty. She called Sally over, they talked for a short while, and then they both looked at me.

Sally gestured me over. “Jim this is Sue and she is interested in this cock harness, she wants to know if you can show her what it looks like in real life.”

Sue handed over the harness, she looked directly at me with a smile on her face and a glint in her eye. I took it and said, “I will be back soon Sue.”

“I will be waiting for you, be quick.”

I went out to the bedroom and closed the door behind me. The voices became indistinct and muffled.

I looked at the harness and hesitated, wondering if I could go through with it. It was easy to strip off for Sally who was my wife and encouraged my kinky behaviour, and Jan often encouraged me. They knew that Mike and I had a fetish for exhibitiosm and Sally had let me jerk off for one of her friends when she had been drunk, but this is different. This is not spontaneous, its contrived and managed.

The door opened and Sally entered. “Hello Jim love, getting nervous. Why don’t you take off your clothes and put on the harness. Then we can decide what to do.”

As she said this she tugged at my t-shirt. I lifted my arms and she took it off.

She stroked my chest, and I felt her fingers at the waistband of my jeans. She popped the stud and pulled down the zip.

Now she laughed, “You are not putting up much resistance are you? I think you know you want to show off your naked body to those women. Stranger’s eyes gazing at you, will that make your cock hard. Why don’t you admit it, you love it?”

I did not reply.

She pushed me and I fell backward onto the bed and she quickly pulled down my jeans. She undid my shoes and slipped them off then slid my jeans down my legs.

I looked up and she had them in her hands, I was naked.

She threw the jeans to one side, “Give me the harness Jim, I will put it on for you.”

I held out my hand and she took the harness. She then pushed apart my legs and knelt between them.

Sally held my cock that was now semi hard. “You have such a nice cock, I don’t want any of those women touching it. They can be thankful for me letting them see what fills my pussy.”

Her fingers curled round the shaft and slid up and down its length, and my cock became rock hard. She bent forward and her mouth opened letting my cock disappear between her lips. Her tongue rubbed underneath the head brushing the sensitive area, and my cock throbbed.

She then deliberately scraped her teeth on the head of my cock making me wince. She liked to tease me.

Holding my cock steady with both hands her head bobbed slowly up and down my shaft, her tongue massaging my cock. I was groaning and could feel myself building towards a climax.

Sally knew that I was on my way to cumming and pulled away. My cock was shining with her spittle and my pre-cum. “You are not going to cum now. I want them to see you hard when you go out there. Remember my darling, do not let them touch your cock. At the end of the night when they have gone you can fuck me. By then I will be turned on and you will be desperate, and so eager you will cum as soon as you push it into my pussy. Will the thought of my damp pussy waiting for you’re cock keep you hard?”

My balls were tight, and my cock was hard and still twitching. “You know that I love to show off my cock. I will be on the edge all night.”

Jan laughed, “I think you will love showing your cock off to all those women. I want to feel your passion when you fuck me. I want to feel how desperate you are to cum when you enter me.”

She then fixed the restraining harness on my cock. The main leather strap went round my scrotum holding it firmly in place. It had a T shaped strap that was positioned directly under my balls. This bottom strap now came up; it separated and firmly pushed apart my balls. Two poppers fixed it in place on the main leather strap.

Jan gazed down at my cock. “That looks magnificent. I am aching to feel your cock inside me. Go out there and show them.”

I stood up and walked toward the door, my cock swinging before me.

I pushed open the door and entered the room. The women looked at me and went silent for a short while. Then some clapped, some shouted rude comments, and some just sat, but they all stared at my cock.

I didn’t know what to do and so I walked over to Sue who was the woman who asked me to model the harness. I stood three feet from her; she was sitting in the chair.

“Do you like the harness Sue? I hope it’s as good as you thought it would be.”

She lent forward and reached out. “I love the harness it is so tight. I have never seen a guys balls looking like that. Mike was lying, you have a bigger cock than my husband, and you have shaved. Your cock looks fantastic can I touch it?”

I knew Sally told me not to let them touch me but I was aroused, so when her hand slowly approached my cock I didn’t say no or move away.

I watched fascinated as her small fingers folded round my cock making it twitch. As she let her hand slide up and down the length pre-cum started to seep from the tip.

Her other hand caressed my balls, which were gripped tightly in place by the harness.

“I want to crush your balls in my hand until you cry with pain. Until you beg me to let you go. Will you let me, will you enjoy it?”

Her hand encased my balls and I felt her squeeze them, her grin getting wider as her hand crushed my balls. I was grimacing as the ache turned to pain.

Many of the other women were watching, and one was encouraging Sue, she told her, “Go on Sue he wants you to jerk him off. Lets see him cum.”

Sue nodded; she released my balls and gripped my cock firmly, then began to stroke my cock.

Sally was in the kitchen getting more drink, and as she entered she quickly realised what was happening and called out in shock and anger. “Jim what the fuck are you doing, stop that.”

I didn’t move and felt my cock throbbing as the erotic touch of a stranger was bringing me closer to a climax. I knew all those women were watching eagerly waiting for me to cum. I wanted to let them see me; I craved the excitement of being watched.

I felt a hand on my shoulder pull me back, and Sue’s hand was wrenced from my cock. I was spun round to see Sally looking angrily at me. “You just could not do what I asked you cold you. I told you not to let them touch you, and you let the first woman you met try and jerk you off.”

I was embarrassed. “Sorry Sally, I got carried away. I wont let you down again.”

She shrugged her shoulders and turned away, “Do what you want because you wont be fucking me tonight, or tomorrow.” I felt my cock begin to soften.

Sue said, “Sorry, Sally if I got Jim into trouble, but his cock does look lovely in that tight harness. I thought he wanted me to stroke it. I broke the rule, and I was wrong. Sorry, from now I will look but not touch.”

The rest of the evening I circulated, posing in the harness that was very popular with the ladies. I was bent over the chair and spanked by two of the ladies with a red paddle, which the other ladies liked watching. The women enjoyed the show and Sue bought the harness I was wearing. Other women also purchased items and so the evening was a success. I noticed Mike was modelling various thongs, and his cock was decorated with colourful cock rings. It was obvious he was enjoying the attention of the ladies by how his cock was bulging in the thong.

Sally was watching me like a hawk and she still had a stern look on her face. I made sure no women touched my body, although a few tried. My cock was throbbing with the thrill of being gazed upon by all those women. It glistened with pre-cum, and my greatest wish was to take it in my hand and jerk off for them.

As the evening wore on I noticed Sally had a feint glimmer of a smile on her face; she knew what I was thinking. I kept looking at her, and she shook her head as another of the women reached out to touch my cock.

It was now late and the wine was finished and the plates had nothing but crumbs on them. The ladies said how much they had enjoyed themselves and would like to come again if another party was organised.

Jan and Sally handed the guests there coats and as they put them on Sally announced. “I know all you ladies have seen Jims cock, which he loves to show. He is desperate to cum. Do you ladies want to watch him?”

A buzz went round and Sue who had stroked my cock said, “Yes Sally, I think we all have admired your husbands lovely cock. I for one would like to watch him cum.”

I was amazed after what had happened I thought Sally was not going to let me cum for the ladies. Sally told me to put my arms behind my back. I did and she put on a set of handcuffs. She then made me sit in a chair, brought from the kitchen.

I sat on it with my cock standing erect between my legs.

Sally knelt beside me and reached between my legs. She then took hold of my cock, “You are hard Jim, and so excited after an evening of exhibiting yourself for all these lovely ladies. I don’t think this will take long.”

I just groaned with relief at her touch and muttered, “Mmmm.”

The ladies all moved in closer, and stood silently watching Sally as she expertly stroked my cock. I could feel the ache in my tight balls that told me I was rapidly approaching my climax.

Sally was gripping my cock firmly and stroking fast, my legs trembled.

She felt my cock throb. “Can you see all the ladies watching you Jim. They are waiting for you to spurt for them. Watch closely ladies if you want to see him cum. I know Jim and he is near. Yes, yes he is going to cum, now.”

I gasped as my cock quivered, and just as the first jet of cum shot out, Jan let go of my cock.

I groaned as my twitching cock flopped around. The cum softly pulsed from the slit. My cock convulsed as cum continued to trickle from the shining head of my softening cock.

Sally was watching and smiling. “Oh dear it seems Jim has had a ruined orgasm. I hope this will teach him a lesson, and in future he will listen to me. Do not let the ladies play with your cock, unless I tell you they can.”

I was groaning as my balls throbbed and my cock gently twitched. The cum was trickling down my leg. “You bitch.” I said in frustration.

Some of the ladies laughed, some smiled; Sue was the only one to say, “You poor man, I did want to watch your lovely cock cum properly.”

They all said their goodbyes and left. The door softly closed behind them leaving the four of us behind.

Sally unlocked the handcuffs as Jan was watching me with an amused grin on her face. My cock twitched as the last of the cum dripped from my soft cock.

Sally stood and looked at Jan. “I found that so erotic, ruining his orgasm. I felt so in control watching that cock dribble. God I am horny now. Jan can I borrow Mike?”

Jan was puzzled and she replied, “What for, Sally?”

“I am aching for a fuck, and Jim can’t. So I want Mike's cock.”

Jan smiled. “What are friends for? Mike you have my permission to fuck Jan.”

Mike was still undressed and he pulled his cock from the thong. “Yes please, thank you, Jan.”

Sally pulled off her top revealing her tits; she hitched up her skirt and pulled down her knickers. She then lent forward over the kitchen table, her legs spread wide.

Mike was hard and he positioned himself behind Sally. He had his cock in his hand and guided it between Sally’s legs. He took a step closer and with one hard thrust slid into her pussy. She was wet and Mike’s cock glided smoothly inside.

Sally groaned and pushed herself back. “I can feel your cock Mike, it’s so hard. I want to feel you cum inside me, quickly. Jim, are you watching us?”

Mike grasped her by her hips and hurriedly picked up speed, he was thrusting hard and holding on to Sally by her hips.

I watched as Sally’s tits jiggled back and forth with each thrust of Mikes hips.

Sally turned to face me and asked between Mike’s thrusts, “What does it look like Jim, watching Mike fuck your wife. Does it turn you on knowing his cock it pounding my pussy? Can you see his cock fucking my cunt, he is going to cum”

Sally could see my cock was now hard listening to her moans and Mike’s grunts. I was turned on watching Mike fuck my wife. Mike was now grunting loudly which told Sally and I that he was getting close.

Sally knew how to make him cum, and cried out, “Yes, fuck me hard Mike, cum inside me.” She was smiling as she looked at my erect cock.

Mike thrust hard still making primeval grunting noises.

His cock was now bayoneting her pussy in desperate short quick movements, and then with a loud groan he ejaculated.

My cock was throbbing as I watched my friend fill my wife’s pussy with his cum.

Mike gasped slowly moving back and forth then he pulled out his cock. I nudged him to one side and stared at my wife’s swollen pussy lips glistening with her juice. Before Sally could say anything I had positioned myself between her open legs and pushed my cock between her sticky pussy lips.

Sally twisted her hips and tried to close her legs, she said, “Get your fucking dirty cock out of my pussy.”

“I will my darling slutty wife, as soon as I have filled your sexy hole with my cum, this will be quick,” I replied

Sally moaned as my cock slipped inside and relaxed, she let her legs open wide. She lifted her arse so I could thrust my cock deep into her pussy. My cock was sliding into her pussy making slurping noises, and Mike's cum was now leaking from between her puffy lips. There were white blobs dripping onto the table.

I was leaning forward; my hands reached down and grasped her tits. I felt her hard nipples and rubbed them roughly.

Sally trembled and as she came she was crying repeatedly. “Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me.”

I was watching my cock as it was appearing and disappearing in her pussy, I lent backwards holding on to her legs for balance.

My final thrust was deep; my cock pulsed, and spurted, gushing cum in three or four intense spurts that made my balls ache.

That was the end of our evening, but it was not the end of our adventure into CFNM.

Jan and Sally would take it further.


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