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Changing roles

I have had an on again off again sexual relationship with an extremely sexy woman with huge tits and a meaty pussy who can't get enough of me. And truth be told I can't get enough of her. So when our regular partners don't get the job done, we find each other.

It starts like always, texting and emailing each other with sexual innuendo, links to porn or outright begging for sex. She has been in a funk lately so I decided to pay her a social visit, no ulterior motive but willing to adjust if she was in the mood.

Well to my surprise she was not only in the mood but decided that this visit would be a change of pace where she controlled the action from start to finish. Greeting me at the door with her shortest and thinnest material nightie she could find she kissed my cheek and whispered in my ear to go straight to her bedroom, take off my clothes and lay on my back. Not thinking anything different until she reached behind her and smacked my ass with a paddle. I guess she had been doing some shopping lately.

Laying on her bed waiting for her I couldnt help but be aroused. Closing my eyes and remembering all the previous times in her bed only made my cock twitch and leak precum. Just as I was about to stroke my cock, she comes into the room and yells at me to stop! She said she would be in charge and that I would do exactly what I was told or I would be told to leave.

Pushing my arms back she proceeded to tie my wrists to the headboard and then wrap somekind of tape around my mouth. Later I would find out that it was special tape for just this type of activity. She then tied a rope around each ankle and raised my legs up as far as she could and tied the other end of the rope to the bed posts. I wasn't going anywhere, anytime soon.

Getting naked herself, I see that she has changed the nipple rings and her nipples seemed bigger than ever. Rubbing her breasts on my face drove me wild as I couldnt reach out with my tongue. She reached down and grasped my cock and alternated between fast and slow strokes, watching my reaction she told me in no uncertain terms that I was to cum before she said so.

Now she started sucking me. I had forgotten how amazing she is at it and got lost in the feeling. Until I felt her fingers roaming around my asshole that is. This was an area she had never had an interest in, and truthfully neither had I. Not being able to fight back I tried to relax as much as possible as she probed all around my sphincter, pushing her finger in a little bit at a time, using my precum to lube it up. Getting extremely close she stopped stroking and fingering and said she would be right back.

When she comes back she has a look on her face I will never forget. She puts a pillow case over my head and reaches between my open legs and rubs a very cold liquid on my asshole. Massaging it in my mind races with what she will do. She spends the next few minutes probing my ass, using one then two fingers to spread me open. It hurts a bit but that is forgotten with continued cock strokes.

I feel something hard at my opening and realize that her shopping trip included a butt plug. My only hope is that it isn't too big for my first time. She pushes it in slowly until it is all the way in. My breathing is erratic and my cock is the hardest I've felt in a long time. She finally says that I can cum but her way. Sitting on my chest she alternates between sucking and stroking. I can smell her pussy but I cannot touch or lick it. She has one hand on my cock and another on her pussy. I can feel her juices running onto my chest.

She stops sucking and stroking me and masturbates on top of me, and soaking my skin when she cums. This is also new and I wonder who taught her that. She releases one hand and tells me to make myself cum. In what was probably a world record, I give a it a couple strokes and shoot cum all the way up to my neck. She takes the pillow case off my head, unwraps my mouth and force feeds me my spunk.

After she unties me she leads me to the shower where she lovingly washes me from head to toe and dutifully bends over so I can fuck her ass just as she fucked mine.
I think I like the "new" woman in my life.
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