Cheering Up Mike

By Bunny12

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Read - I Kissed A Girl And I Liked It - as a preface to this story.

I was sitting at home rather bored on a Friday waiting for my husband Jack to get home from work when a text came in on my phone.

“I’m heading back to town”….Mike

I replied “Visiting or moving back?”….Shelly

A barrage of texts flew back and forth and I learned that Mike and his wife Robin the couple we had become friends with that had moved to the next town over had split up. Mike said they were getting a divorce. I felt so bad for him. I always thought she kind of jerked him around a bit but who really knows what goes on behind closed doors. I tried to reassure Mike that things would work out for the best and tried to put a little smile on his face by telling him maybe he would be out first Male-Female-Male adventure.

I always thought Mike was hot for me by the way he would start a round of dirty texting when he was horny and bored at work or home alone. He was a tad submissive and loved for me to mail him lists of dirty tasks to complete. He had one of the hungriest asses I have ever seen always wishing he was getting fucked with a strap on or dildo. That man just needed a good ass fucking in the worst way. He is a hot one too at six feet tall with short blonde hair and blue eyes, ruggedly handsome just like I like them. The idea of mounting him and making sure he walked funny the next day had crossed my mind more than once. When Jack got home I told him of Mike & Robin’s situation and the news was met with the same surprise I had felt.

To try to cheer Mike up we invited him over for dinner, he always liked a good steak on the grill. I had to broach the subject of giving him the good fucking he needed with Jack and wasn’t sure how keen on that idea he was going to be. During our first swinger experience a few weeks prior with friends Max and Nancy, he didn’t seem to have any problem with me using my strap on with Max. I suppose maybe that was because he enjoyed watching me with his wife Nancy so much. As we waited for Mike to arrive for dinner I gingerly started to mention Mike’s problem to Jack.

“Babe you know Mike is a big ass slut and he hasn’t had a good fucking in forever. I don’t think Nancy had done him since before they moved away. You know he’s hot for me and sexually all I think of him is as another sexy, pretty boy ass to fuck so what do you say if things lead in that direction can I have your permission to do him right?” I asked with a little grin and threw in “And you know I’ve always wanted to suck two cocks at once and suck you while I fuck a boy toy’s ass too.”

Jack had a skeptical look on his face as he said “You really are my little ass fucking slut aren’t you! OK we’ll just enjoy the evening and see where it goes” then he sighed and gave me a sarcastic roll of his eyes.

I heard Mike’s old pick-up truck pulling up in the driveway and stopped my dinner preparations to greet him at the front door. Wearing some short shorts to show off my long legs he liked and a cute halter top I welcomed Mike with a hug as Jack got them both a bud light his favorite beer to drink. We expressed our sympathy for his situation; assured him things would get better soon then sat down at the dining room table for dinner.

The conversation was scarce as the grilled steak dinner with all the fixings was very tasty and we ate mostly in silence enjoying the food so much. Marinated grilled sirloin, baked potato with sour cream and chives, salad, and sautéed mushrooms made for a delicious dinning experience. After the meal we retired in the living room with drinks, the boys and their beers and me and my wine. I was feeling naughty and sat in the middle of Mike and Jack on the couch. Putting a hand on each man’s thigh, I gave both thighs a squeeze and each guy a flirty peck of a kiss on the lips. With a thigh in each hand as I massaged them, I looked at both guys and teased “Do I have a couple of horny boys here?”

I don’t think either one of them knew what to say but I got some wide eyed smiles and told the guys not to go anywhere I’d be right back. I went into the bedroom and changed into a black leather corset and matching thong. I paraded out into the living room and plopped down on the couch in between my hubby and our poor dejected friend. I gave Jack a deep, wet kiss and guided his hand inside my leather thong. Then I turned to Mike and kissed him the same as I cupped his groin and gave his cock the signal to wake up. Holding Mike’s face I pulled down the corset top and guided it to my breast, his lips to my waiting nipple.

“Suck it hard pretty boy” I told him as his warm lips encompassed my nipple and began nibbling and sucking.

Jacks fingers were working their magic on my wet pussy as I went back to passionately kissing him and reaching into his shorts to stroke his growing cock. I don’t know how he does it but Jack in one movement of his index and middle finger manages to massage my g spot run those fingers up to my clit and give it a rub over and over in one fluid movement that drives me wild. My chest was heaving as my legs started to tremble. The delicious sensations were building deep in my aching pussy. I quickly came from the attention these two sexy men were giving me. Hopping off the couch I headed for the bedroom, motioning the guys to follow me. When they entered the bedroom they found me laying spread eagle on our queen sized bed minus the thong.

“Baby I want to suck your dick mmm give it to me” I said to Jack as I pointed to my dripping pussy and told Mike “Time for you to show me what that tongue of yours can do.”

I swallowed Jack’s cock all the way into my sucking mouth as Mike crawled between my open legs and I pulled his face into my anxious cunt by hand fulls of his blonde hair. My good little pussy eater was lapping at my slick lips and sucking on my clit perfectly as I gushed and came again all over his face with a mouth full of Jack’s pre cum oozing cock.

I sat up on the edge of the bed and told Mike to stand opposite Jack right in front of me. Taking a cock in each hand I stroked each man's penis and pulled them both closer to my mouth. Enjoying the soft engorged heads rubbing against my lips, I savored the effect it was having on my senses. My whole body was like one big, raw, tingling nerve. My excitement level went into high gear as I wrapped my lips around both cock heads at once and flicked my tongue between them. Still stroking the shafts with my hands I rubbed their heads together in my mouth and started sucking like a women possessed. I especially got a kick out of the guys flinching as their glands touched each other in my mouth, yet they held their positions tightly. As their soft moans filled my ears I pulled their cocks from my mouth and slapped them against both sides of my face and looked up at Jack.

“Babe get me the pink strap on out of the toy basket” I asked Jack as I had Mike lay back on the bed.

Mike’s hard cock stood straight up like a flag pole and I ran my tongue over his balls as I teased his dripping head. I love the noises men make when I tease them and now it was time to make some real noise. I got up, took the hot pink vibrating two way strap on in my favorite harness from Jack and told Mike to get on all fours like the dirty doggy he is! From behind I buckled a dog collar and chain leash around his neck. Then I inserted one end of the strap on in my soaking wet hole and put the dual vibrator control in the harness belt. I lubed up Mike’s horny ass, teasing his prostate with my fingers, spun him around and slapped him on both sides of the face with my hot pink lady cock.

“Suck it bitch!” I exclaimed as I fed Mike my florescent pink prick.

Jack watched as I fucked Mike’s cute face, shaking his head at me in a bit of a scowling way, which just made me snicker. I pulled on the chain leash forcing my cock further down his throat. Mike’s pretty blue eyes were filling with tears from gagging on my cock as I looked into them and had a leg shaking orgasm. I spun Mike around grabbing his hips and had Jack stand over top of him straddling his back so his excited cock was right in my face. Rubbing a handful of lube on my strap on, I then turned the controllers on to activate the built in vibrators. Rubbing the vibrating pink cock head up and down the crack of Mike’s ass I stopped at the entrance of his tight hole and plunged my cock all the way balls deep as I licked and sucked first Jack’s balls, then his shaft. Mike let out a deep groan as I penetrated the depths of his clenching ass. Jack moaned softly as I worked over his entire package with my mouth. Plowing a sexy ass and sucking my favorite cock I was in slut heaven. Feeling Mike’s ass latch on to my cock and resist my withdraw was egging me on to fuck him even harder.Jack’s legs were getting tired being perched in the precarious position he was in so he climbed off the bed and stood behind me. All the sudden I felt his hard cock pressing into my round bubble butt.

“I know what you want dirty boy” I said to Jack as I bent over and lay on top of Mike’s back pressing my round titties into him.

Jack positioned his cock so as I withdrew from Mikes ass my ass was impaled with his hard cock. Thrusting my hips sent my vibrating cock into Mike’s ass then in turn Jack’s into my ass. The harder I fucked Mike the harder I was getting fucked. All three of us could feel the strong tingles being created by the vibrators in my strap on. In a trio of breathless moaning and groaning with the constant buzzing of the vibrator, I reached under Mike and stroked his cock fast as I pulled his chain leash hard and my tight ass milked Jack’s cock. We all came in an earth shattering crescendo of orgasmic bliss the sounds of our release filling the bedroom. Mikes cock throbbing in my hand was shooting a huge load of hot cum on the bed sheets as Jack's throbbing cock released his cream filling my ass and running down the inside of my thighs. The walls of my pussy contracted around the vibrating silicone cock inside me. Our orgasms seemed to last the longest time until we could thrust no more. I turned off the vibrators then we all collapsed in a sweaty entangled heap on the bed, limp as dish rags while we caught our breath.

The night ended far sooner than I would have liked but talking Jack into letting Mike fuck my hot pussy with his more than average cock would have to wait for another time. We all cleaned up then saw Mike to the door.

Jack said our goodbyes as I hugged Mike and whispered in his ear “Just wait till next time stud muffin.”