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Confirmed Domme

Lee continues to be controlled by his young neighbor
Confirmed Domme

The unexpected session with Ariel had left me astounded at my own vulnerability, more accurately my willingness to become submissive to this girl young enough to be my daughter. I not only allowed her to control me, I subconsciously willed it. At first I attributed it to the fact that I had not had sex in over a month and while it had been satisfactory, it gave me no incentive to please the woman. Her orgasm was long coming and mine was purely a physical release.

Ariel’s presuming attitude and surprising domination was more of an arousal than anything I’d ever encountered. I wanted more and she knew it. When she dismissed me, she instructed me not to have sex with anyone or masturbate until she gave permission. For some reason I agreed, not knowing how long it would be when she contacted me about it.

I became obsessed with the idea of serving her again, however she would command, “Command” being the key word in my thinking. Exactly 9 days later she knocked on my front door. When I saw her on the doorstep I eagerly opened the door to welcome her. She was wearing a black top which exposed her navel and abs, tight black leather shorts and those ugly black boots and socks. Her black hair was down around her shoulders, flared across her exposed but flat cleavage. Her face was a mask of black makeup, highlighted by that mesmerizing black lipstick but her lips glistened like they were wet.

“I’m having a little party,” she slurred; it was obvious she had been drinking. “Shower and come in the back door naked. Don’t be long.” She turned and walked away and I stared at her until she yelled back over her shoulder at me, “And stop looking at my ass!”

A few minutes later I snuck out my back door and darted across the back yards to her house. As soon as I went in I heard them laughing in her living room. I peeked around the corner and saw that they were all naked, just sitting around drinking and talking. Ariel, another brunette and a blonde girl, and a guy. They were all about Ariel’s age. She noticed me and motioned me to join them.

“Lee, don’t be shy; these are my friends. I’ve told them all about you and they’re dying to meet you.” I was the only one embarrassed by our nakedness as Ariel introduced us. Then the guy stood up and took the hand of the brunette. “Come on, Linda, we’ve got to get back to the studio.” They went down the hallway and returned clothed a few minutes later and left. Once they were gone, Ariel told me why I was there.

“Vickie wants to see how much you behave as my submissive. I told her you will do anything to please me, won’t you, Lee?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I answered tentatively.

“Last time you did a pretty good job with your tongue, but I think you need a little practice. I want you to take care of Vickie for me while I watch to monitor your progress.”

Vickie patted the sofa next to her. “Up here, Lee. Lie down right here.”

Ariel moved to a nearby chair as I lay on the sofa on my back. Vickie straddled my head on her knees and lowered herself down to my face. Her wispy blonde curls were almost invisible until they touched my face. She slid my nose into her folds and soaked it with her wetness. I stuck out my tongue and she slid over it, easing down onto my chin firmly. I slithered my tongue in and out of her and my cock came alive. She was already wet enough to fuck and it was being wasted on my tongue.

She seemed satisfied with my tongue action in and out of her for a while and then I licked up across her clit and she came alive. I tried to lick her clit and she used my tongue but she was evidently so horny she just wanted friction. She raked her pussy up and down my face, rubbing her clit on my chin, my lips, my tongue and even my nose. I gave up and lay there while she rubbed herself to orgasm.

My cock was oozing precum like a mini geyser. It was hard and I was eager and hoping I would be allowed to put it to use. When she eased up a little and settled back onto my mouth I licked her hole and sucked on her labia and she hummed and purred like a kitten. Then I felt Ariel’s mouth sliding down over the head of my cock, easing its way down until she had taken the whole shaft in her mouth. Slowly her lips pulled and sucked, torturing me. The need to come was building quicker and quicker.

Ariel slipped one hand under my balls and gripped them firmly. Her fingers circled the base of my cock, squeezing it hard as her lips whispered across the tip. “Make him lick your ass; I love it when a guy licks my ass.”

Vickie lifted up on her knees and turned around on her knees over me. Reaching back she spread her cheeks with her hands and wiggled down until she felt my mouth find its mark. I didn’t want that wonderful cock torture to ever stop so I did as I was expected. Lashing my tongue through her crack I licked Vickie’s ass, swiping it across her sphincter over and over, coating it with my saliva.

“Oh yeah…fuck yeah, Ariel, that is so hot!” she exclaimed.

Ariel’s mouth went to work on my cock again and I hoped that she would suck me off as a reward for making Vickie come and for licking her ass. Just as I thought I felt the first sighs of an impending orgasm, Ariel abandoned my erection. “Fuck him, Vickie. Fuck him for as long as you want.”

Vickie moved down my body, shuffling her way towards my cock. “His cock is already throbbing; he’ll probably come quick and get soft on me,” Vickie said pouting.

“Don’t worry,” assured Ariel, “Lee; you’re not allowed to come unless I tell you. If you do, we’ll make you eat it and you’ll be punished.”

Almost gleefully Vickie mounted my aching erection, reverse cowgirl position. She leaned forward with her hands on my knees and rocked up and down on my shaft. I thought I would die from the need to come. She showed no mercy, jamming down onto my balls harder and harder as she finally neared her orgasm. There were contractions going on inside her that I had not felt before and I groaned in agony trying to avoid my own release.

Mercifully she reached her climax before I lost control and she sat atop me as she rested. I willed my erection to abate to ease my pain, but it refused. I lay there praying that Ariel would take pity on me and let me come somehow.

Vickie sighed as she climbed off me. “God, that was great, Ariel. It’s nice to fuck a guy and have him last long enough for me to come. I love having more than one orgasm, but I’ve gotta pee.”

Ariel smiled sleepily at me as Vickie headed for the bathroom. “Lee, go with Vickie, and make me proud.”

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