Cum on Inn - Chapter 2

By Cherism

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Steve and Isabel have their first guests
Steve and Isabel started the day with a mix of excitement and apprehension. Their first guests would be arriving at Cum On Inn. It was just a few months ago that they had decided to turn their traditional bed and breakfast into a sex-themed inn.

Isabel would be part of the package offering the wife of the couple her first bi-sexual experience as well as her first anal experience. Isabel dressed with great thought. She wanted to be sexy and appealing to their guests, but at the same time put the wife at ease. Isabel chose a lace top that was partially see through. It showed off her tits, the nipples hidden under the lace pattern. She paired it with a skirt that hit mid-thigh, along with a garter belt, stockings and some sexy high heels.

Steve wanted to throw her down and fuck her senseless when he saw her. The sight of her, along with the thoughts of what would happen today, had his cock hard. When he reached for Isabel she told him that he was not going to be playing today. He would only be watching. Steve groaned in agony.

When their guests arrived, there was a moment of awkwardness. The couple had never done anything like this before. They were staring at the woman they would be intimately involved with later. What do you say at a time like this? Steve broke the ice, introducing himself and explaining the history of the inn. They chatted for a little while as Steve checked them in. The couple were Anna and Warren. Warren had always dreamt of having two women and seeing Anna with another woman. Anna had only recently revealed that she had fantasies of eating pussy and seeing another woman fuck her husband.

They had booked the exhibition room, meaning anyone walking by could watch them. The walls were floor to ceiling glass, allowing full view of the room. Steve’s cock was hard. He planned to watch the entire event.

Steve and Isabel carried the bags up for Warren and Anna. They explained about the amenities of the inn and the different policies. Clothing of some sort was mandatory in the dining room, but was optional everywhere else. When they had delivered the bags, Isabel was about to leave, letting Warren and Anna get settled, when Anna grabbed Isabel’s ass. “Why don’t you stay and help me unpack?” she asked.

Isabel was eager. Anna removed the little bit of clothing she had brought. She had some long satiny nightgowns as well as some short babydolls that would do little to conceal her. Isabel mentally pictured Anna in them. Her long legs and beautiful curves would be showcased well. Isabel asked her to put on the long pink nightgown. It was satin and lace. Anna did not retreat to the bathroom as Isabel had expected. Isabel’s eyes were glued to Anna as she watched her clothes come off. She felt Warren behind her, rubbing her arms, then nibbling her neck as she watched.

Anna was beautiful. Long legs leading to a heart shaped ass. Her pussy was shaved, except for the little landing strip, begging to be licked. Her tits were handful sized, with large brown areolas. Her nipples stuck out, hard, waiting to be played with. Anna licked her full lips as she pulled the slip of satin over her head. She looked as sexy as Isabel thought she would.

Isabel walked over to Anna, running her hands over the soft satin. Anna’s skin was as smooth as the satin as Isabel stroked it. Warren’s hands traveled down Isabel’s body, making her groan. Isabel kissed Anna, darting her tongue into her hot mouth. Anna returned the kiss with pent up passion. She was just as eager as Isabel was. They began to caress each other as Warren’s hands continued to travel down Isabel’s body. He was on his knees, stroking and licking her legs.

Steve stood outside the room, rubbing his cock through his pants. They had just gotten started and he wanted to explode. He had seen other men lick, suck and fuck Isabel, but he had always been a part of it before. Now he had nothing to do but watch. He was somewhat surprised at how exciting it was just to watch his wife with this couple.

Anna and Isabel were fingering each others tits; moans coming from each of them. Isabel bent to take Anna’s nipples into her mouth when she felt Steve’s finger dance across her pussy. She had not put on panties, so his fingers touched bare skin. Sparks went through her. The faster Warren fingered her, the harder she worked Anna’s nipples. Anna loved it. Warren undid the zipper on Isabel’s skirt, letting it fall to the floor. He had a clear view of her ass. His cock was hard when he thought about fucking it later. It almost made him want to bury his cock there now.

“Your ass looks so beautiful in your garter and stockings,” Warren remarked, his hands gliding over her.

Isabel asked Anna to lie on the bed. She did so, willingly. Isabel’s hands covered every inch of Anna, pushing the nightgown up. Anna moaned as the satin slid up her body, exposing it to Isabel’s gaze. Isabel was on her hands and knees, giving Warren perfect access to her ass and pussy. His tongue found the sensitive skin, running between her wet hole and her tight puckered one. It may have been the sweetest thing he ever tasted.

Anna gasped as Isabel’s tongue hit her clit for the first time. The fact that another woman was the one licking her added to her excitement. Isabel expertly tongued her while pressing two fingers deep into her wet pussy. Anna began bucking, pressing her pussy against Isabel’s mouth. Hearing the sounds coming from his wife drove Warren wild. This was going to be one hell of a weekend.

Warren licked Isabel’s pussy as quickly as he could. Isabel gave Anna the same treatment. Anna came hard.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good. Keep sucking my pussy! Oh yes, keep sucking, please!” begged Anna as she came. Isabel complied tasting as much of her sweet juice as she could.

Warren could not believe it. His beautiful wife had just had her first orgasm from another woman. He hoped there would be plenty more as the weekend progressed.

As Isabel came, her groans were muffled by Anna’s pussy. Her tongue was buried deep as she pushed back onto Warren’s face, his tongue diving deep into her own soaking wet hole.

Steve now had his cock free, stroking it as he watched his sweet wife tongue Anna’s pussy. He had never seen Isabel with another woman, although he knew she had been. Seeing the look on Anna’s face and hearing the sounds that came from her was so damn sexy. Knowing that his wife caused it was even better.

As the woman slowed, Isabel said, “I want to see you naked Warren. I want to know what you’re going to fuck us with.”

Warren wasted no time in shedding his clothes. Isabel was happy with the sight of his 8-inch cock. She knew shewould have plenty of fun with it and would enjoy watching him bury it in Anna’s pussy and eventually her ass for the first time.

Anna and Isabel knelt in front of him as they sucked his cock together. They took turns sucking him, sometimes licking him with both their tongues, or one with her mouth on his cock while the other sucked his balls, with tongues traveling back toward his sensitive ass. When he was completely hard, Isabel said, “Fuck her, Warren. Give her your hard cock.”

Anna got on her back, Warren quickly plunging into her. She took him easily. Isabel worked Anna as Warren fucked her. Isabel’s fingers played with Anna’s clit while sucking her nipples. Anna’s desire increased with each thrust. She loved the feel of Isabel’s hands and mouth on her while Warren fucked her.

It was a sensation she had never felt before. Her body felt electrified with so many parts of her experiencing pleasure. She did not know how long she could hold off her building orgasm. When Isabel began nipping and pinching her nipples, she went over the edge. It was just the right amount of pleasure and pain at the same time. Anna’s pussy contracted hard around Warren.

“Fuck me hard! Fuck me! Give me your hard cock!” she cried out.

Warren gave her what she wanted, thrusting hard and fast as he felt his own orgasm coming. He did not want to cum yet, but everything had been so incredible already. Isabel asked him to let her suck his cock as he came.

Warren wasted no time in planting his cock between Isabel’s lips, shooting his load down her throat. Isabel took as much of the sticky cum as she could, but it ran out of her mouth, dripping down onto Anna’s stomach.

Steve came as he watched his wife suck the cum from Warren’s cock. He wanted to be in the middle of this hot mix, but sadly, he was not part of the package. The glass walls showed globs of Steve’s cum running down them, full evidence of how much he had enjoyed the show. He knew it was far from over.

Isabel bent down, licking the remainder of Warren’s cum from Anna’s stomach. Isabel took her mouth up to Anna’s kissing her with Warren’s cum in her mouth. Anna was excited knowing Isabel had sucked her husband.

Anna whispered to Isabel, “I want to taste your pussy. Yours will be the first one.” Isabel was instantly wet. She wanted Anna’s tongue on her and in her.

Isabel and Anna switched places. Anna looked at Isabel’s pussy, already glistening with cum. Isabel looked at Anna, saying, “You made my pussy that wet.”

Anna no longer hesitated. She placed her mouth firmly over Isabel’s clit, sucking it as she liked to be sucked. Warren stood on the side of them, watching his wife with her mouth buried in another woman’s pussy. It was about the hottest thing he had ever seen. He felt the familiar stirrings in his cock.

Isabel gave Anna a few directions regarding how hard to lick or suck, where her sweet spot was, along with pace. Anna eagerly took the directions doing whatever she could to please Isabel. Anna’s tongue probed the opening of Isabel’s pussy. “Oh yes, fuck my pussy,” begged Isabel.

Steve took Isabel’s tits into his hands, tweaking her nipples. Isabel groaned in response. When Steve’s tongue found her nipple, she fought to keep control, allowing the sensations to continue. “Make her cum,” Warren said to Anna. Anna worked her tongue faster, probing, flicking, sucking. Isabel could no longer hold back. Her juice flooded Anna’s face. Anna greedily lapped it up, diving her tongue into Isabel’s pussy to suck the cum from her.

Steve found his hand on his cock again. He had just watched his wife cum from another woman eating her pussy. He felt his cock beginning to harden. When he saw Anna and Warren kissing, sharing Isabel’s cum, he groaned. How he wanted to lick Anna’s face and clean his wife’s cum from her.

Anna and Isabel were licking and stroking each other. Warren enjoyed the sight. He joined in, his fingers exploring various parts. As his hand trailed down to Anna’s ass, she tightened slightly. Isabel felt the stiffening. “Don’t worry. I will help you. Once you relax and let yourself go, you will enjoy having him in your ass. He has a beautiful cock and I bet he knows how to use it,” she told Anna.

Anna relaxed slightly. Isabel told Warren to get behind Anna. Isabel joined him. They were both caressing her, fingering her pussy, kissing her neck and back. Isabel’s fingers went to Anna’s pussy, stroking the wetness back to her ass. Anna stiffened again.

“Just relax and trust me. We’ll take it slow,” whispered Isabel.

Anna relaxed. Isabel’s finger traced the outside of Anna’s tight hole. Isabel repeated the trail from Anna’s pussy to her ass. Anna began to moan, thrusting her hips slightly. Isabel motioned to Warren for him to lick Anna’s ass. Warren did not waste any time. He wanted to thrust his cock into Anna now. Isabel spread Anna’s ass checks, giving Warren better access. He groaned as his tongue touched the brown spot of pleasure. Anna gasped as Warren tongued her ass just as he would tongue her pussy.

When Anna’s bucking grew faster, she whispered, “OK, you can try.”

Warren was eager to go, but Isabel slowed him down. “Use your finger to loosen her up and allow her to adjust.”

“I’m going to put some lube on your ass so that he doesn’t hurt you,” Isabel said to Anna.

Anna gasped slightly when the lube hit her ass. As Steve pressed a finger into her, she groaned. Isabel fingered her clit, getting her to relax. Anna’s moans grew louder.

“Do you think you can handle another finger?” asked Isabel.

“Yes,” replied Anna.

As Warren pressed his second finger into Anna’s ass, Steve’s cock was rock hard. He had never been on the viewing end before and certainly not as a woman’s ass was opened for the first time. He stroked his cock in the rhythm that Steve shoved his fingers into Anna’s ass. He watched Isabel reassure her, preparing her for the cock that would soon be buried inside her. Steve continued to stroke as he saw Warren’s third finger slide into Anna, her ass sliding back to take him in.

“Give me more. I want to feel your cock in my ass,” exclaimed Anna.

“Take it slow. She might think she’s ready but it’s going to be a change,” Isabel told Warren.

Isabel applied more lube to Anna’s now stretching hole, as well as stroking Warren’s cock with lube. Steve groaned as Isabel’s hand slid up and down his shaft. Isabel guided his cockhead into Anna. Anna cried out as Warren stretched her wider. Isabel’s hand went back to Anna’s clit, stroking her while reassuring her. Warren entered Anna slowly; sliding in bit by bit.

“Oh, fuck. Your ass is so tight. It feels so good on my cock,” he exclaimed.

A little whimper came from Anna as Warren pushed further in.

“Slow down and let her adjust to your cock being in her,” instructed Isabel.

When Anna had adjusted she told Warren to go ahead again. He was so hard it was difficult for him to keep from slamming into her the way he wanted to. He wanted his cock in her ass all the way up to his balls. She was so damn tight.

Steve stood, watching, as Warren slid further and further into Anna. He remembered what it was like the first time Isabel let him into her ass. The urge to just slam in is overwhelming; the tightness feeling like a glove around his cock. Looking at Isabel’s ass is enough to make him want to cum right now.

Warren was fully into Anna. He could have died now and been happy.

Isabel instructed him to stroke slowly only increasing his pace when Anna said it was OK. Isabel replaced her fingers on Anna’s clit with her tongue. She knew that rubbing her clit helped her to relax the first few times and she loved eating Anna’s pussy. She tasted so sweet and had a beautifully musky smell. Her tongue worked Anna’s clit well causing Anna to loosen up as Isabel had thought she would.

Anna asked Warren to increase his pace several times, feeling the veins of his cock slide along her. Warren’s groans and comments to her increased. Anna knew very clearly how much he was enjoying this. She was enjoying the combination of his cock and Isabel’s mouth. Her body tingled everywhere she was being touched. She didn’t want the feeling to stop.

As Isabel tongued Anna faster and deeper, Anna cried out, “Fuck me harder. Your cock feels good in my ass. Oh, baby, fuck me!”

Warren happily obliged. A few moments later, he felt Anna tighten around him. Just when he thought it could not feel any better, Anna came hard; her muscles tightening around his cock. He wanted to cum, shooting hot, sticky globs into her ass, but he did not want this feeling to stop. He did everything he could to hold back. After her orgasm subsided, Anna slid off his cock, leaving him with a raging hard on. Why in the hell had he held off?

What he heard from Anna had him fully erect and ready to go. “I want to see you in Isabel’s ass. I want to see what an experienced ass can do with your cock.”

Isabel was beyond ready. She had cum, but had yet to be fucked and she knew having Warren’s cock up her ass would be great.

Anna applied the lube to Isabel’s ass as Isabel had done to her.

Steve had to step away from the show. New guests would be arriving shortly. He did not want to miss watching his wife get fucked. He quickly went downstairs, leaving a note on the check in desk.

“Thank you for choosing Cum on Inn. Feel free to make yourself comfortable, or take the stairs up to the second floor. There is a group in the exhibition room that you are welcome to watch if you like.”

He hurried back up the stairs just in time to see Warren slide the last of his cock into Isabel. It looked as if she had taken him in easily. She was thrusting her ass on his cock taking him in as deep as she could and quickly.

“Oooohhhhh your cock is good. Fuck my ass. Fuck it hard and fast,” begged Isabel.

Warren did as she asked without complaint. Anna knelt alongside Warren and Isabel, fingering Isabel as she watched Warren’s cock slide in and out of Isabel’s ass. Isabel was taking his length so easily. Warren would not be able to last much longer.

“Where do you want me to cum?” asked Warren.

“Cum in my ass. I want to feel you explode,” answered Isabel.

Steve stroked his cock quickly. He had seen the cum dripping from Isabel’s mouth when she swallowed earlier. Would it be dripping out of her ass as well? He heard the new guests climbing the stairs. He hoped they would get there to see his wife getting fucked so well.

Warren slammed his cock into Isabel a few more times before he knew that he was about to cum.

“OOOHHHH FUCK YES!” he screamed as he shot his load into the tight hole around him.

Isabel felt his cock throb with each spurt. It pushed her over the edge, tightening around him even more.

“OOOOHHHH YES,” she yelled. “I’m cumming and it’s so damn good. OH YES!”

When Warren pulled out of her ass, his cock glistened with his cum. Anna engulfed his cock with her mouth. He groaned as she cleaned his cock of every drop, then switched to Isabel’s ass, licking around her now gaping hole.

Steve came as he watched his wife reach her peak. The look on her face was so beautiful. He loved watching her when she came. He shot his second load of the day all over the glass wall again, groaning as he did so. When he was finally spent, he looked over to see the next guests rubbing themselves as well.

“Welcome to Cum On Inn. What can we do to make you cum today?” he said as he greeted them.