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Dante's Slave

Her favorite role was being his slave.
I watch him get up and walk towards the bathroom. Three years and I still can't get enough of looking at that man. He was like my kryptonite. Dante was my best friend, my boyfriend, and my lover. At sixteen, he took my virginity, and I had been a slave to my passions for him since.

"Are you day dreaming again?" he asked from the bathroom.

A smile creeped onto my face.

"No, just remembering the first night we met," I replied.

"Mm, well, stop reminiscing and go to the corner," he replied.

I bit my lip and stole a look into the bathroom as I made my way across the room. Standing well over six feet with a toned body, he was quite the specimen. His soft black hair grazed his tanned shoulders and framed his masculine jaw. His eyes were narrow and a light green, perfectly placed over his broad nose and high cheek bones. My two favorite aspects of him were at completely different ends though. His hands and his cock. He had perfect hands; large, firm, and very flexible. His cock on the other hand was almost always hard and stood about eight inches, with a girth that would please even the most picky woman. 

"Are you in the corner yet slut?" he snarled.

I jumped and felt my face heat up. He smirked slightly at my embarrassment. 

"You disobeyed me, and for what? A quick peep show? You really are just a filthy whore aren't you?" he muttered.

His husky voice filled my ears and I remembered to look down at his feet.

"Yes sir," I whispered.

Excitement filled me. Playing his whore was my favorite role in the bedroom. Pain filled me as my hair was yanked and my face drawn back. I watched him warily. Even though I trusted him with my life, I enjoyed playing along as the helpless, fear-filled little girl.

"On your knees," he growled.

Without a second thought, I dropped. My hands clasped againt my large ass and I waited, expecting the worst. He took his cock in his hand and I watched as he stroked up and down. My tongue darted out, instinctively licking my lips. 

"You want to taste it?" he asked.

"Yes master, please sir," I whispered.

He chuckled and I saw his dick harden, his hand clenching around it.

"Sorry, bad girls don't get their treats," he murmured.

A whine escaped my lips as he grabbed my chin with his free hand, directing my eyes to his.

"Now don't you wish you would have listened?" he asked.

I nodded and wriggled slightly as he sped up his hand. While he had amazing stamina, I knew he could come any instant he wished.

"You like watching me jerk off?" he asked.

"Yes sir," I murmured.

My throat tightened as he grunted.

"You want to taste my cum?"

I nodded and opened my mouth, but he slapped my cheek. Stinging pain resonated across my lower face but it went away quickly. As soon as I shut my mouth, he let out a loud groan and I felt his warm thick cum splash my face. I groaned and wanted so badly to taste it, but I knew the reprocussions wouldn't be worth it. 

"Good girl," he whispered.

He let his meat drop and I bit my inner lip hard. It was so difficult to resist.

"Now sit there while I clean off," he demanded.

My knees began to ache so I lowered down and rested my ass on my calves. I watched him take a washcloth to his dick, caressing it gently. He knew I was watching, that's why he was putting the show on. He truly knew me better than I did. I smiled and he turned.

"Wipe the smile off your face slut, you have no reason to smile," he ordered.

He came back out and I removed the grin. 

"Lay over the bed, hands above your head," he demanded.

I rose and turned. As I started lowering myself down, he shoved my face into the comforter. My head was forced side to side and I felt his cum rubbing across my face, even sticking my eyelashes together.

"Mmm, that's right, get my cum in your face bitch, now, spread your legs."

I did as told and felt the head from his hand on my thighs. Shivers crawled through me. It felt amazing, his slightly calloused finger tips on my soft skin. A whimper ripped from me as I felt him smack my inner thigh hard. Fluids seeped from my hole and he chuckled. 

"You're so dirty," he murmured. 

I felt the bed shift as his body heat began warming my back.

"Do you think you've earned a treat?" he whispered into my ear.

I said nothing.

"Answer me!" he snarled.

His hand wrapped aroud my neck and his fingertips pressed into my throat. I gasped and tears sprang into my eyes.

"No sir, I've been bad sir," I whined.

"Good answer," he whispered.

Suddenly he shoved roughly into me. I cried out and dug my nails into the bed. 

"Nnn, again," I cried.

"Shut up whore," he ordered.

Pain seared through my scalp as he yanked my hair back, thrusting hard into me. My pussy thrummed in tune to his cock. The pleasure built up quick. 

"How does it feel Sady?" he asked.

"Good, un, don't stop," I panted.

In leu of my wishes, he didn't stop, but sped up. My world began to tilt and I bracede myself.

"I'm gonna cum, oh, harder Dante!" I yelled.

I felt his body rear back and his hand smacked down on my ass hard. I felt my wall break and my orgasm washed over me hard. My pussy clenched around his cock as he twitched. I felt him cum inside me and a smile came on my face. I loved this man so much. He pulled out and laid on the bed beside me. I rolled over and he smiled.

"Your face looks uncomfortable," he said.

I grinned and felt the dry cum.

"It's hot, definitely worth the uncomfortableness," I said.

"Good, now go shower," he joked.

"Yes master," I whispered.

I crawled to him and kissed him gently. I saw the smile in his eyes as I walked away, sashying my thick hips like a good slave.

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