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Desperate at the Museum

A Victorian Re-enactor working all day with a bladder about to burst
Chapter 1 -Becoming a Victorian

Mel looked at herself in the mirror, the long black dress, the corset that made her feel so slim. Sometimes she wished she could dress like a Victorian all the time. It made her feel so glamorous, so special, even if it was only for a six hour shift at a time.

When she’d got this job at the open air museum it was like a dream come true. So many of her fellow graduates were still filling in mountains of application forms and getting precisely nowhere. Mel had been lucky in comparison and she knew it.

She also knew for every job at the museum there were at least fifty unemployed graduates clamouring to replace them, show how much better they could be at pretending to be Victorian, explain things to visitors, pick up rubbish, whatever was asked of them.

Mel learnt very quickly not to complain, doing exactly what you were told meant you got to keep your position. She didn’t want to be like Greg, the man had finished one day on the job and grumbled about not getting a break during his eight hour shift. He didn’t reappear for a second day.

There were a lot of tales like that but Mel wasn’t sure how much truth there was to them all. She did know the manager could be a nightmare of demands. Forcing shift changes, pay docked for imagined infractions, yelling at you in front of visitors. Still, if she kept at it for another few months and got through her probation there was a chance she’d be up for promotion, earn some real money on the education team and get to sit in heated classrooms teaching kids about the past instead of freezing outside in the rain or pretending the rebuilt terraced slum was her actual home.

Mel had only one real concern on her mind as she waited for her probationary period to end. Her normal spot was just too far from the staff toilet for comfort. The museum was a huge place, recreated villages, towns, a pretend coal mine where the visitors could dig for coal, a farm, even a train track that looped round the whole site on the hilltop above, looking down into the valley.

In the last year the museum had become more hi-tech, installing hidden webcams into the buildings so people could watch the re-enactors from home, as if they were spying on the past. Mel didn’t mind being filmed, having thousands of people watching her every move kept her on her toes, not breaking character at any time. She just hated the rule that the staff weren’t allowed to use the visitor toilets dotted about the site. This was supposed to ensure visitors didn’t see Victorians tapping on phones or adjusting their costumes, ruining the illusion of time travel that the museum worked so hard to make seem realistic.

There were old fashioned toilets in the slum houses if any of the staff really wanted to get into their role. They could use the outhouses in the back yards in true Victorian style. Mel shuddered at the thought of peeing in public view like this but some of the long term staff told her to be bolder.

“You’re going to have to do things like that if you want a school room job,” one had told her over a hasty meal in the staff canteen.

“If you show you can pee in public you show you have the right ‘can do’ attitude,” a man shouted from the queue. “I just close my eyes and imagine I’m alone at home, you soon get used to it.”

Mel still wasn’t brave enough to try this, preferring to hold in her pee until the end of her shift when she could return to the staff building and use the facilities in there. She had heard rumours that the site manager got off on knowing the staff were desperate when he did his daily rounds but she wasn’t sure whether to believe them or not.

Mel turned away from the mirror and settled into her rocking chair by the roaring fire, mug of tea steaming on the wooden table beside her. She picked up her sewing from the day before and began stitching as the walkie talkie hidden under her dress crackled into life, making her jump as it always did, breaking into the peace and quiet of the cosy little room.

“Doors are now open people, everyone to their places please.”

The camera behind Mel whirred into life, bringing her into focus. People at home logged onto the website to watch as Mel and the other Victorians begin their day. Mel sipped her tea slowly whilst she waited for the first visitors to reach her row of houses. She had been told she had to drink tea through the day to bring her character to life, Edna the seamstress as she was known to the visitors.

The downside to drinking so much tea was the speed with which her bladder filled up. She was still trying to balance how much she could drink with how long she could last before needing the toilet. She put her mug down as the door to the house opened and the first family of the day walked in, blinking in the gloom.

“Hello,” Mel began, turning to the visitors. “Come in and look round. You’re welcome in my house and can visit all the rooms you like. Come ask me any questions when you’re done but please wipe your feet on the way in. This is my home after all and cleanliness is next to godliness as you know.”

The father smiled at her and they explored the house as Mel sat rocking gently on her chair. An hour ticked by and a steady stream of visitors passed through the house. By lunchtime the site was getting pretty busy and there was a queue of people waiting to see the seamstress, watch her fill her iron kettle for a third time from the pump outside before hanging it from the hook above the fire.

By two in the afternoon Mel was beginning to grow uncomfortable, similar to most shifts here. It was a familiar feeling as the day wore on. She would feel her bladder expanding, filling up like a balloon, pressing against the corset and sending warning signals to her brain.

Normally she made it to four and could half march, half run for the staff building at the far side of the site. Today she felt fuller than usual. Maybe she had tightened her corset too much, maybe drunk a little too much tea in her efforts to replace fluids lost from sitting so close to the fireside all day long.

With an hour of her shift still to go, Mel was feeling very uncomfortable. She sat on her rocking chair, using the movement of it to cover up her increasing desperation. She felt a growing pressure in her bladder and for the first time the thought of using the outhouse in the back yard became an attractive proposition.

Mel began to wonder if she could use the toilet without the visitors seeing what was happening. If she could get under her dress and lower her panties without them seeing, she might be able to go and nobody would see anything. It might even help her prospects here to go the extra mile in being a real Victorian.

A couple walked into the house and looked at Mel as she wriggled on her seat, her legs clamped together under her dress in her efforts to control her building desperation.

“Busy day?” the man asked, beginning with the question most people seemed to ask her. Mel remained in character as she thought of a reply, wondering how many different ways she could say the same thing.

“Not bad sir. Plenty of orders for quilts so I’ve got to keep sewing. And the people round here are always getting holes in their clothes from working so hard to keep food on the table.”

They’d already walked away, peering into her little kitchen before clomping their way upstairs to investigate the bedroom.

“Where’s your bathroom,” the woman shouted downstairs, not bothering to be polite.

Mel remembered the manager’s advice. Always go to the visitors to answer their questions, don’t shout after them. She got to her feet, a sharp pain in her bladder making her wince as gravity made her need to pee stronger than before. She found herself wriggling her legs slightly as she went upstairs, pressing her hand to her crotch until she was in sight of the visitors.

She tried to force herself to keep still as she answered their question. “I don’t have a bathroom good sirs.”

“Where do know...go?”

“I use the outhouse in the yard. I’ll show you if you like.”

Mel led the couple outside to the yard, lifting the latch of the outhouse and stepping aside so the visitors could see it. Behind her other visitors milled about, peering in at the chicken coop, the vegetable patch in the next yard.

“You use that?” the woman asked her. “Is it working?”

“Well,” Mel whispered. “It flushes it all away if that’s what you mean. New fangled sewage system the corporation put in to try and cut down on the amount of dysentery round here. They think it’s in the water you see but I’m not so sure myself.”

The woman turned to her partner. “I kind of need to go. Shall I use this one?”

Mel looked as the man smiled, his cheeks flushing slightly. She frowned, not sure if she should allow this, but she had been warned to let the visitors do whatever they wanted.

“Do you mind if I use your loo?” the woman asked Mel.

“Of course. Although the visitor toilets are just across the street.”

“I know but there was a huge queue for those.”

The woman walked into the toilet and turned to face them both. She pulled the door closed and then opened it again. “It’s pitch black with that shut,” she explained. “I don’t like the dark. Could you two block the door so nobody else sees?”

Mel and the man huddled forwards, Mel feeling another wince of pain as her bladder warned her e really needed to go, the toilet in view becoming an increasingly attractive sight, part of her brain telling her to shove the woman aside and sit on it herself. Mel tried to ignore the pain, shuffling on the spot as the woman lifted her coat and undid the button on her jeans. She pulled them down her legs and Mel could see her panties for a moment before she tugged them down to her knees.

She perched herself on the edge of the toilet seat and Mel wondered whether she should look away, finding that her brain seemed to want to torture her, forcing her to watch as the sound of peeing echoed round the toilet. The woman sighed audibly, the relief clear on her face as a strong flow of pee fell down into the toilet. Mel felt awful watching, squirming on the spot as visitors behind her tried to peer over her shoulder to see what she was looking at.

When the woman finished peeing she stood up and Mel caught a glimpse of her dark brown pubic hair as she pulled up her panties and jeans in a single movement, pulling the chain of the toilet and making water roar down into the bowl.

“Thank you for that,” the woman said and she left the back yard arm in arm with her partner. Mel smiled at them as they went but she was feeling awful now. She glanced at the clock on the mantelpiece and saw she was at the end of her shift. At last she could head to the staff building before she wet herself in her beautiful dress in full view of the visitors.

The door to the house opened once more and Sue appeared.

“Here to replace me?” Mel asked, already walking towards the door.

“Sort of,” Sue replied. “They need you for an hour or two on the front desk first, Gary’s called in sick again.”

Chapter 2 – Meeting the Manager

Mel moaned but it got her nowhere. She had to do it. The walk over to the entrance building seemed to take forever, especially as visitors kept wanting her to stop and pose for photos for them. After an age she was behind a till, staring at the seemingly endless line of angry people all waiting to get in.

She hated being put on entrance duties like this, having to spend her time calming people down as she took their money, putting up with abuse and rudeness in a never ending stream.

The man in front of her was as angry as the one before. “Why have I been kept waiting for so long? Why haven’t you got more staff on a busy day like this? And keep still while I’m talking to you. Stop fidgeting like that.”

Mel hadn’t realised how noticeable her desperation was becoming. Her bladder felt like it might explode at any moment but she made herself stand rigidly upright, her legs sticking to each other as she tensed up her muscles, anything to stop from peeing.

“I’m sorry sir but our afternoons do get busy. Now is that cash or card?”

Mel kept glancing at the clock on the wall across the room, watching the minutes ticking by as she grew more and more uncomfortable. She was handing back a credit card when she leaned too far, her stomach pressing against the counter and sending an unstoppable signal to her bladder. She felt a trickle of pee force its way out of her, soaking through her knickers in an instant. She gasped out loud and tensed every muscle in her body, trying her hardest to prevent any more from escaping.

As the next person approached her she could feel the wet warmth against her pussy, the horrible feeling of damp panties. She shuddered and tried to beckon over the supervisor.

“What is it?” Mrs Clark shouted from across the hall, unable to fight her way through the mass of people.

“I need a break, just for a minute.”

“Be quick!”

Mel stepped away from the till and tried to push her way through the swarming visitors, all of them pointing at her costume, asking her questions, getting in her way. Finally she made it outside. The staff building was a five minute walk away but she knew she didn’t have time. The manager’s bathroom was the only one in reach. She tapped on his door and there was no answer. She pushed open the door and stepped into his private office. Nobody was there. She was passing his desk when she saw a file on his desk with her name on it.

Her curiosity got the better of her and she picked it up, squirming on the spot as she opened the file and scanned through the notes. It was a review of her work along with recommendations for her progress.

“Enjoy snooping where you don’t belong?” said a voice behind her.

Mel turned to see the site manager appearing from his private bathroom, wiping his hands on a purple towel before draping it over a hook by the door.

Mel squirmed on the spot as he stared at her, waiting for an answer. She dropped the file on the desk and caught a glimpse of the toilet behind him as the door swung shut.

“I’m so sorry sir, please don’t fire me. I...I...I just...”

“You just what?”

“I just needed to pee and I did knock but...”

“Sit down for a minute Melanie, I want a word with you.”

Mel sat herself on the edge of the chair, her bladder screaming for release. She hoped this wouldn’t take long or she might just soak his chair and the expensive looking carpet beneath it.

“Although you saw the details before your appraisal I don’t suppose it matters too much. You’ve been noticed here Mel, stand out as an excellent employee on all but one count.”

“What’s that sir?” Mel asked, pressing her thighs together and only too away of the dampness of her panties. Another drop of pee forced its way out of her and she winced. She had hardly any time left to get to a toilet.

“There’s no delicate way of putting this. I hear you aren’t willing to pee in the outhouse like a true Victorian. Would you like to tell me why that is?”

“I can’t go in front of people sir. I just can’t. The thought of them looking me while I pee, I just can’t do it.”

“That’s a shame as there are plenty of people clamouring for a job like yours. I’m sure they’d be only too willing to go through with it and more besides.”

“I know sir and I’m sorry. Look can I please use your bathroom, I’m dying for a pee.”

“Well Melanie, it’s time for you to make a choice...”

She interrupted him. “Please sir, I’m going to wet myself.”

“One more minute. You seem to forget I run this place, not you. Where was I? Oh yes, time for a choice. You can either get over this ridiculous shyness you have about peeing in front of the public or you can hand in your notice and go and work somewhere else. What’s it to be?”

Mel muttered something, her feet tapping the ground as she shuffled in her seat, sitting on her hands and wiggling around before the manager’s glare.

“What was that?”

“I don’t want to leave here. I love it here.”

“Then show me you can pee in front of people.”

“I will sir.”But Mel was still unsure whether she’d actually be able to do it.

The manager frowned, pressing his fingertips together as if thinking hard. “I tell you what, you can use my bathroom.”

“Oh thank you sir.”

Mel went to get up but he stopped her. “Hold on. You can use my bathroom but only with the door open. If you can pee with me watching then I’ll know you’re capable of doing it for our visitors. And after all they’re the ones that pay all our wages here.”

Mel stood frozen to the spot, not sure she’d heard him right. “Sir?”

“You heard. You said you were desperate. What better time to get over this foolish notion that you can’t do it with people watching.”

Mel studied him but his expression was inscrutable. She looked at the door to outside and then the one to the bathroom. Finally her body made her mind up for her, screaming for release. She opened the bathroom door and stepped inside. The toilet seemed to look back at her, waiting.

Mel fumbled for the bottom of her dress, trying to lift it above her waist. She’d never peed in it before, normally getting changed first. She moved from foot to foot trying to lift it enough but the petticoats defeated her.

“I need to take the dress off to do it,” she said to the manager who stood in the doorway looking at her.

“Do it however you would as Edna the seamstress,” he replied.

Sighing, Mel pulled the dress over her head, leaving her standing in her corset and panties. The corset pushed her breasts upwards, her nipples just visible but she didn’t care, she was too desperate. She went to pull down her panties but it was too late. A trickle of pee fell from her, soaking through her panties and dripping to the floor. She quickly shuffled backwards, standing over the toilet as the flow strengthened.

“I thought you couldn’t go in front of people,” the manager said. “I don’t see a problem here at all.”

Mel hooked her fingers to her panties, pulling them to one side, knowing it was too late to pull them down. She could feel their warm wetness on her hand as she continued peeing, the spray hitting her legs as she lowered herself onto the toilet, sighing loudly.

She giggled as she peed, finding the whole situation suddenly hilarious. The manager watched her, leaning on the door and folding his arms. Mel thought the front of his trousers looked different, a slight bulge appeared to be visible there.

Mel was so glad she was finally peeing, she found she didn’t really mind him watching. She felt strangely triumphant, as if she’d overcome a phobia long held.

At last the flow of pee stopped and she was able to dab at herself with a tissue.

“’Would you mind looking the other way while I dress?” she asked, knowing she couldn’t remain in wet knickers like this.

“I want to see the whole process,” he replied.

Mel shrugged, not able to do anything else. She stood up and quickly pulled off her panties. She began to wrestle with her dress and managed to get it back over her head, feeling an exciting sense of freedom about wearing no underwear under it, especially as nobody would know.

“Now get back to work,” the manager said. “If you can work the evening shift and pee at least once in front of the visitors, consider your probation over and tomorrow you can have your pick of the posts here.”

Mel shook the manager’s hand and walked out of his office, squeezing through the masses of people and getting back behind her till. She felt exhilarated and so much calmer now her bladder wasn’t close to exploding.

Chapter 3 –Squatting By the Fireplace

Mel’s turn on the desk ended and instead of heading to the staff quarters she went back to her slum house, settling in to again become Edna the seamstress. Sue was glad to see her arrive, she looked as if she needed to pee.

Sue walked out the door but reappeared a few minutes later.

“What are you doing back?” Mel asked, looking up from her sewing.

“It’s a bit weird. I saw the big boss and he told me to come keep you company for the evening. I wouldn’t mind but I need a pee.”

Mel stood up and smiled. “I think I know what’s going on here.”

She explained her meeting with the manager, Sue seeming unsurprised by what she heard.

“He did the same thing to me when I started in this job. To be honest I think he might enjoy it. Have you heard some of the rumours about him?”

Their conversation was cut short by the arrival of another family of visitors. Mel and Sue spent the next few hours dealing with a constant barrage of visitors until the sun began to set. There was only an hour before the site closed for the day.

Sue was standing by the fire, looking uncomfortable, rubbing her tummy and glancing at the clock on the mantelpiece.

“I really need to go,” she said, “but it’s a bit cold for using the outhouse. Any ideas?”

“Well,” Mel thought for a moment, waving bye to an old woman as she stepped back out into the darkening street. “You could use the bedpan and stay by the fire.”

Sue thought for a moment. “You know what, that’s not a bad idea. But what if someone comes in?”

“We can say it’s what Victorian women did in the cold,” Mel laughed.

Sue went upstairs and came back down carrying a porcelain bowl. “I can’t believe I’m going to do this,” she said as she placed it by the fire.

“You could always go outside.”

“No, it’s freezing out there. Just don’t watch okay?”

Mel sat back in her rocking chair and concentrated on her sewing. She looked up accidentally to see Sue lifting her voluminous skirt, revealing her long slender legs. Mel found she couldn’t look away as Sue pulled down her tiny thong, definitely not traditional Victorian underwear.

Sue left her thong round one ankle and squatted over the bowl.

“I’m not sure the best way to do this,” she said, looking up to see Mel staring at her. For a moment they stared at each other then Mel broke the gaze, seeming embarrassed all of a sudden even though it was her colleague that was doing the shameful thing,revealing herself in such an obscene way.

“You, let me show you.”

Mel walked over and pushed the bowl further under Sue’s hips, getting a close look at her pussy, the strip of pubic hair, the protruding lips, the fullness of the flesh on show. It gaped ever so slightly as Sue spread her hips wider.

“You better get back,” she began but got no further as a spray of piss fell from her. Mel pulled her arm back but not quickly enough to avoid getting soaked in Sue’s pee. She stood up, the smell of urine now filling the room as Sue continued to pee, some of it missing the bowl and hissing as it hit the hot tiles by the fireplace.

The door to the house opened and a man walked in carrying a camera. He took one look at Sue peeing into the bowl and began snapping away as if his life depended on it. Mel wanted to tell him to stop but she was in character and he was a visitor so she could only try and block Sue from his view.

He kept taking photos as she finally finished peeing and stood up, pushing her skirt back into place but not having time to pull her panties. She kicked them away and acted as if nothing had happened.

“Hello sir,” she said, picking up the bowl and going to pour the contents away down the drain in the corner of the yard. She came back inside to find he’d gone and she was again alone with Mel.

“Bad timing,” Mel said with a giggle. She boiled the kettle again and poured them both a tea. Without realising it they both drank more and more as the evening drew on until finally their walkie talkies burst into life.

“We are now closed, good day everyone. See you all tomorrow but can Mel and Sue please remain where they are.”

Mel and Sue looked at each other, wondering what was going on. The minutes passed and the fire began to die down. It was pitch black outside now and they wondered what it would be like to walk back to the staff building without torches. The lights lining the street outside had been switched off a minute before and they could only wait until finally the door opened and the manager stood there looking at them both.

“What the hell was all that about?” he asked, looking angry with them.

“I don’t know what you mean,” Mel replied.

“Don’t place games with me. I was watching on the camera. You two, pissing on each other by the fire. Care to explain.”

Sue blushed bright red. She’d forgotten about the webcams watching them. “I didn’t want to pee outside sir. It was cold.”

“It was cold? You’re kidding? Get the hell out of here Sue and don’t bother coming back tomorrow. I pay you to be realistic Victorians, not whinging porn stars. Spreading your legs in full view of the public is not what I want to see.”

Mel watched him turn and leave before turning to Sue who burst into tears. “I’ve lost my job,” she said bluntly.

“Don’t worry,” Mel replied. “I’ll talk to him tomorrow. I’ll find out what’s going on. You didn’t do anything wrong and it was my idea anyway so if anyone should get the sack for this, it’s me.”

Sue threw her arms round Mel and hugged her tightly. “Thank you,” she whispered.

Mel felt her heart rate suddenly accelerate as they held each other. She thought back to Sue peeing, her mind filled with the image of Sue’s pussy and the urine gushing out of it. It was an image she couldn’t get out of her head, even as they walked back to the staff building in the darkness.

As they walked, the held hands, more out of a mutual fear of the dark than anything else but Mel found she didn’t want to let go when they reached the changing room. As they changed back into their ordinary clothes, Mel kept glancing at her colleague, seeing her as if for the first time. She took in the swell of her breasts in her bra, the taut stomach, the hips she’d not noticed before and when Sue bent over to pull up her trousers, Mel stared at her bottom as if wanting to lunge for it with her tongue.

“You okay Mel?” Sue asked as she did up her shoelaces.

Mel shook herself out of her reverie. “Yeah, I’m fine. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“I don’t know. He seemed pretty adamant.”

“Just get here same as usual and I’ll think of something, I promise.”

Mel drove home thinking hard. Was there a way she could help Sue keep her job? She realised there might just be a way, if only she was brave enough to go through with it. If it went wrong it might be her unemployed as well. Could she do this?

Chapter 4 – A Plan of Action

Mel spent the morning drinking as much as she physically could. By the time she got to work she was already dying for a pee but for her plan to work she had to hold it in for a little while longer. She changed into her seamstress outfit but decided again to go without underwear, enjoying the excitement she’d felt the day before.

She made her way to her slum house, finding Sue was there already.

“Are you sure I should be here?” Sue asked.

“Of course I’m sure. Now drink this.” She passed Sue a huge bottle of water and watched her gulp it down.

“What was that for?” Sue asked as she put the empty bottle out of sight in a cupboard.

“You’ll see. Now let me know when you need to pee.”

The walkie talkie spoke from the tabletop as Mel went to pick it up. “Doors are about to open people. Places please. And Mel and Sue get to my office now.”

He sounded angry and as Mel walked through the empty streets she bit her lip, wondering if this was such a good idea. She felt her bladder fuller than it had ever been and she just hoped she could hold it in for long enough for this to work.

They reached the manager’s office and knocked on the door. He opened it, looking furious. “Why are you back?” he snapped before they’d even stepped inside.

Mel brushed past him and stood by his desk, trying not to squirm. “I have an offer for you,” she said as Sue sat herself down in the chair wondering what the hell was going on.

“An offer?” the manager asked, sitting down in his chair.

“I heard that you like the idea of your staff needing the toilet. Is that true sir?”

He blustered for a moment, his mouth opening and closing as if he couldn’t believe what he was hearing. “Who told you that?” he asked at last, his voice no longer sounding angry.

“So it is true then.”

He stared impassively at her.

“Well in front of you are two of your employees desperate for the toilet. If you want, you could watch us until we just have to go. Would you like that?”

Although his expression remained the same, Mel saw his eyes light up. She knew then that she had him in her grasp. The power had shifted into her hands and this was her chance to do things her way.

“If you like, we could pee in here.”

The manager nodded slightly, almost imperceptibly.

“Would you like that?”

“Yes,” he muttered, shuffling in his seat slightly.

Mel turned to Sue and took her hands in hers. “Care to join me in the bathroom?”

“No,” the manager replied. “In here.”

Mel smiled. “If we do this, can Sue keep her job?”

“Yes,” he replied, as if incapable of speaking in more than monosyllables.

Mel sat in the chair, leaving Sue to stand next to her. “I really need to pee sir,” she said, getting into the role she had created for herself. “So does my friend. It’s just such a shame there’s no toilet anywhere round here. Whatever will we do?”

The manager stared at them both, not saying anything.

“Do you need to pee?” Mel asked Sue who nodded in response.

“I do, I really do. I drank too much in one go.”

Mel shuffled to the edge of her seat, beginning to very slowly lift her dress higher and higher. As her legs came into view she jiggled them up and down, watching all the time for the manager’s reaction. She felt close to bursting but wanted to last for as long as she could.

Sue walked round the desk and looked closely at the manager. “You’ve got an erection,” she said bluntly. “You’re enjoying this aren’t you? We’re dying to pee and you’re getting off on this.”

The manager blushed, his hands in his lap as if being told off by a school teacher.

“You dirty boy,” Mel said, her dress finally at her waist, revealing her lack of underwear. She gulped and froze for a moment, unsure if she was making a mistake. But it was too late to go back now, her body was just too desperate.

With a squeeze of her muscles, she let her bladder relax and a torrent of piss spurted out of her, spraying the desk and flowing down onto the thick carpet. The manager stared at her as she peed and Mel jumped as she felt Sue’s hand on her shoulder.

Sue moved her hand down over Mel’s body, brushing over her breast, making her nipples harden with excitement as this touch of another woman.

Mel didn’t know what to do, this wasn’t part of the plan. She found herself spreading her legs wider as Sue reached down to past her dress, her hand sticking into the flow of urine, holding it there and moving her fingers round towards the manager.

“It’s very warm,” she said simply. “Want to feel?”

The manager nodded.

“Stand up then and come over here.”

The manager got to his feet, the bulge in his trousers looking enormous now. He came round the counter and stood near Mel, staring at the flow of pee still gushing from her. Sue grabbed his hand and moved it into the stream, letting him feel the warmth of her pee as it subsided, finally ending with a last few drops falling from the edge of the chair.

Mel left her legs open, feeling his eyes on her pussy, feeling it become moist as he looked at her.

Sue stood beside her and looked at her too before lifting her skirt and bending over the desk, exposing her bottom as she pulled her panties off and threw them aside.

“I really need to pee sir,” Sue said. “Can I pee now?”

“No,” he said quietly. “Hold it in.”

“I don’t think I can,” she replied, squirming on the spot as her bottom moved from side to side. She spread her legs a little and put her hand on her pussy as if hoping that would hold it in. But it wasn’t enough and a second later there was a hissing sound as pee began to trickle through her fingers down to the floor. She remained there and felt the manager’s hand moving to between her legs, holding her fingers to his tentatively, feeling the warmth of her pee trickling from her.

As she finished peeing she remained bent over the table, reaching back to spread her bottom cheeks, teasing Mel and the manager. She stayed that way and looked behind her.

“If you want to, you can touch me.”

The manager seemed to think it was a trap, turning to Mel as if for permission.

“Go ahead,” she replied, knowing the further he went the more hold they would have over him in the future.

She watched as the manager moved his fingers between Sue’s bottom cheeks, brushing over her anus and down to her pussy, feeling the mixture of pussy juices and urine that sat on her outer lips. He grew bolder as she remained still, letting a single finger slide up into her bottom. He held it there for a moment before beginning to move it back and forth, staring at her as if in a dream.

“You can fuck me if you want to,” she said, pushing her hips backwards. “I don’t mind.”

Mel watched the manager fumble with his trousers before pulling out his erect cock. She sat very still as he moved it towards Sue, guiding it to her pussy before thrusting it up inside her.

She moaned loudly and Mel found her own hand moving to her pussy. She began to stroke her labia as she watched her friend being fucked by the manager. He thrust into her gently at first but becoming bolder as time passed, reaching under her to toy with her clit as he towered over her back.

Mel slid a finger over her clit, feeling it throb under her touch. She hadn’t planned for this, hadn’t expected things to go this far but somehow it all felt right. She didn’t mind this, as long as nobody found out it should be okay.

She masturbated quietly, the only sign of her enjoyment being the flaring of her nostrils and the redness in her cheeks. Sue was much louder, moaning with each thrust as the manager began to grunt like an animal.

He grew faster yet, clearly approaching an orgasm. Mel realised she wanted to take this a step further and stood up, pulling her dress over her head and feeling the need to pee begin to grow in her, a result of the amount of liquid she’d drunk before work.

“Stop,” she said, tugging at the manager’s shoulder.

He froze, his cock still inside Sue.

“Fuck me,” Mel said, standing in only her corset and kissing him suddenly, pulling him backwards, out of Sue.

She pushed him onto his back on the wet carpet and looked at his huge wet erection, sticking up from his trousers. She lowered herself onto him, letting his cock slide up inside her in a single movement.

It was Sue’s turn to watch proceedings now. She was impatient for an orgasm though and moved to the manager’s head, squatting over him and kneeling down so his face was below her pussy.

“Lick me,” she ordered him and he stuck his tongue out in response, beginning to lap just inside her pussy as Mel began to bounce up and down on his cock. He could feel his orgasm getting closer, knowing he wouldn’t be able to last much longer.

Mel rode him hard, loving the feel of his cock sliding in and out of her as she felt the fluid in her bladder sloshing around inside her. She ground down onto him, feeling his tool all the way inside her as far as it could go. She pressed on her stomach and relaxed, piss began to gush from her urethra, a weaker flow than last time but still enough to run over his balls and soak into his trousers below her.

Sue was watching Mel pee as she felt the tongue inside her move faster. He was dying to come and began to thrust upwards with his hips, trying to get Mel to move. She began to ride him again as her pee stopped. This time she went as fast as she could, moving her hand to her clit and squeezing it between her fingers.

She looked at Sue’s pussy, the way she was grinding her clit against the manager’s chin. The sight pushed her over the edge and screaming loudly, she ran her hands through her hair as she came, her clit too sensitive to touch as her orgasm ripped through her body.

The clenching muscles in her pussy squeezed the manager’s cock and he pushed his hips upwards as hard as he could. His cock jerked inside Mel and he came, a spurt of cum filling her pussy instantly and running out of her to drip from her pussy. He thrust again but her pussy wasn’t there, she had lifted herself off him and was instead licking his cock, opening her mouth to swallow his cum as another jet shot out of him. She licked the head of his cock and gripped the shaft, hungrily licking the last of his cum.

He moaned into Sue’s pussy as she looked down at Mel, feeling her own climax fast approaching. She grabbed Mel’s hand and pressed it to her clit, moving it in time with the rhythm of her hips. She screamed out loud as her climax hit her hard, the manager’s tongue still moving inside her pussy as her body twitched and writhed above him.

At last it faded and she lifted herself from him, looking down at her juices covering his face. There was a knock on the door and Mel and Sue frantically dressed, panicking that someone might come in.

“Are you okay in there sir,” came a voice through the door. “We thought we could hear shouting.”

“I’m fine,” he called back. “Just had a video on too loud. Get back to work.”

He stood up and pushed his softening cock into his trousers before zipping them closed. He sat behind his desk and looked at Mel and Sue, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Well,” he said after a moment of the three of them staring at each other. “You better both get back to work.”

Sue smiled at Mel and they walked out of the office, leaving the manager to his thoughts as they made their way back to the slum house, holding hands all the way and not caring who noticed.

Mel felt happier than ever and spent the rest of the day in a daze, every spare moment she had she used it to gaze at Sue, remembering what they’d done that morning.

At the end of the day the two of them were getting changed when a supervisor appeared in the doorway.

“Melanie?” he asked, not sure which of them was which.

“That’s me.”

“Here’s your paperwork for the end of your probation. It’s been fast tracked by the boss, he wouldn’t say why. But he said to say thank you both for your hard work today and he’ll see you for your meeting tomorrow morning.”

Mel blushed as she took the envelope from him. “Thanks,” she said, trying not to laugh out loud, just relieved that her plan had worked.

“Coming for a drink?” she asked Sue as she pulled on her coat.

“Why not?” Sue replied. “I wonder if we should invite the manager to come too.”

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