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Diddly - Chapter 4

Diddly's introduction to depravity continues with Clare.
I had almost fallen asleep when Robert and Clare began to whisper between each other.

“Wow,” I thought to myself, “what a ride!” A small, content sigh trickled over my lips, and I enjoyed the warmth radiating from their bodies.

Not for long, though, because Clare got up from the bed and stood next to it.

“Go on,” Robert whispered to me, giving one of my nipples a pinch that made me gasp, “she wants you to undress her.”

I hesitantly crawled out of the bed. It had been so comfortable, I wouldn’t have minded if we had stayed like this all night. But my laziness was quickly replaced by fresh excitement. Clare looked regally down at me and smiled.

“Help me take off my blouse,” she whispered when I was right in front of her, “but be careful. And don’t get distracted.”

It took me a moment to respond to her inquisitive gaze. “Yes, Ma’am.” I was still wondering about her last comment.

Its meaning became clear when my trembling fingers started to undo her topmost button. Without any regard for what I was doing, she started to caress my cheek with her left hand. It felt nice, but - yes, distracting. Keeping my focus on my work was hard while goosebumps raced over my cheek. I managed to get the shiny button threaded through its hole and just got started with the second one when the fingers of her other hand trailed over my bare chest.

A gasp escaped my lips and my fingers stopped moving.

Her hands withdrew. “Tut, tut,” she chastised. “What did I say about distraction?”

My skin grew hot, and I swallowed. “Sorry, Ma’am.”


I did continue, with fingers shaking and my arousal skyrocketing while she shamelessly touched my body everywhere. She caressed me, tickled me, pinched me, making a game of it to distract me just when I was about to free the next button. It felt like ages, and it was incredibly hard not to give into the wonderful feelings and just snuggle my body against hers. My hips twitched every time her fingers brushed over my sex.

Finally, the last button slipped through the hole, and she let her blouse slide down her arms and tumble to the floor. Her breasts, big, befitting her figure, were held up by a lacy half-bra which just barely covered her nipples. I stared at the orbs, pale and smooth; only a small patch of wrinkles was visible above the cleft between them, and the smoothness of her skin belied her age.

Her fingers wrapped around my cheekbones and she pulled my head close before I could react. She pressed my face against her breasts and my nostrils were filled with the scents of sweet body lotion and heady, expensive perfume. My heartbeat sped up.

“Open the clasp.” The instruction was little more than a whisper.

I wrapped my arms around her and fumbled with the small hooks that held the bra straps together, while I tried to contain my soft moans. Her skin felt hot and soft. The last tiny hook slipped free, and she pulled down the bra and threw it to the side.

An instant later, her hands were back, and I had only moments to admire the beauty of her breasts. True, they sagged a bit, but they were big and soft, crowned with huge, long nipples that stood pointedly at attention, and they shimmered invitingly in the soft light.

“Open your mouth and stick out your tongue!” I could almost feel the tremble of need in her voice, and I quickly complied.

Then she was smashing my face against her soft breasts, telling me to lick and suck and guiding my head wherever she wanted to be caressed. She made me suck on a nipple, and when I looked up at her, her eyes were heavy lidded and dark, drunk with lust.

“The skirt!”

She had no time for long instructions anymore, and I hastened to follow her command, unbuckling the thin leather belt, opening the button and pulling down the zipper with a dexterity that surprised myself. It was as if her need was resonating in me.


My vision was filled with fleshy, creamy-white thighs. Black stockings covered them to a third, contrasting beautifully with her skin. But my eyes were drawn to the dark pink flesh between her legs, velvety folds that peeked more than an inch outside her full outer lips and glistened with moisture. Her plum was hairless and swollen with arousal.

I gasped. Small, golden rings ran along both sides of her slit.

She chuckled. “Robert convinced me to get these. I can’t begin to tell you how delicious they feel, even after years.”

She took another step closer. My nose was just inches from her sex now, and the musky, heady, sweet aroma filled my senses.

“You know,” she told me and ran a hand through my hair, “I’ve got a harness that I can attach to the rings. If we were at our home, I could put that on you and bind you to my pussy, keeping you there all night long. The only thing you’d be able to smell and taste would be me.”

My chest started to heave, my arousal spiking at the image of spending a night between Clare’s legs.

Her hand pushed, and my cheeks touched her wet, slippery thighs. My tongue snaked out without the need of prompting, and I took my first taste of pussy.

It was intense and wonderful. Her juices coated my tongue like black tea, honey and spices. I began to lick with enthusiasm, and I felt her shiver with delight. The metal of her rings tickled the side of my tongue.

Her fingers buried themselves in my hair and guided me to her sweet spots while I licked for all I was worth. This was it, I realized, this position felt so natural, so incredibly right. To serve . The expression echoed in my mind out of nowhere. Between first Robert and now Clare, I felt owned and safe. To serve - it’s funny how the mind sometimes jumps between thoughts; infinitive, the student in me piped in, and triggered thoughts about infinity, about endless submission.

She didn’t gasp, and neither did she moan; instead, she drew whistling breaths, and she growled and grunted in excitement. Her hips rocked back and forth and spread her moisture all over my face. She was using me to masturbate just as much as I was licking her, and I had to struggle to keep up with her increasing pace.

Her movements grew frantic, and I thought she might come any moment. Instead, she pushed my head away. I looked up at her with surprise.

“Don’t worry, little slut,” she growled at me, “we’re not finished.”

She headed to the bed again. Robert had propped himself up against the headboard with some cushions. His cock was once more hard and erect, and he watched the proceedings with obvious delight.

I had completely forgotten about Lydia’s presence. She didn’t let the opportunity to get a close-up of my juice-covered face slide, though. She circled me with the camera pointed at my face, and she whispered and giggled under her breath.

Clare had meanwhile sat down between her husband’s legs and leaned back against him. His arms reached around her, and his fingers slowly caressed her pussy lips. She patted the spot between her own legs. “Hop up, honey!”

The smirk on her face promised another deviant act of lust.

“Yes, Ma’am,” I confirmed her order with a slight tremble in my voice.

She waited until I was on all fours between her thighs. “You’re a dirty girl, aren’t you?”

Yes, I was. My cheeks blushed, though. “Yes, Ma’am.”

“A really, really dirty girl?” She spoke slowly, each word dripping over her full, red lips.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“I want you to prove to Robert and me just how dirty you are.” She held my stare for a moment, the corners of her mouth twitching. Then she pulled up her legs, bent at the knees.

Robert caught her thighs and pulled them backwards until they touched her chest. I wouldn’t have thought her to be this nimble. But then, she probably had constant practice.

She gave a lewd display, though. Her pussy lips, dark and prominent between her pale thighs, were slightly parted, and her juices trickled down between her ass cheeks.

“I want you,” she purred, “to stick your tongue up my shithole!”

My breath hitched and my eyes grew wide. The feeling in my chest was close to panic, but there was an exhilarating lightness gripping me. “To stick…” My mouth repeated her request, but my voice trailed off.

“Don’t worry,” she added a little softer, “I’m clean down there.” But her voice quickly changed back into one of authority. “Show us what a depraved girl you are. Kiss your mistress’ arse!”

I hesitated. And then I looked, for the first time in my life, at another woman’s dirtiest part - at least that was what my well-raised head told me - and examined the rosy circle of curly flesh with my eyes. It moved a little bit, as if it was winking at me. My heartbeat thundered in my chest and I held my breath. I slowly edged forward, folding my arms underneath my upper body. When my tongue approached her small ring of muscle, and when my face touched her soft, full bum cheeks, waves of depraved arousal crashed over me.

It didn’t taste of much. The slightly musky aroma came from the moisture that was trickling down from her pussy - the pussy in which she had buried two of her fingers that were moving in and out with quiet, slurping noises right in front of my eyes.

“Do it,” she urged throatily, “stick it in! Yes!”

Her shout of approval accompanied the small amount of pressure I dared to put on the tip of my tongue. Her pucker twitched and trembled. I pushed harder and was rewarded by drawn-out moans.

“Yes!” she shouted, and I could hear the slurping, rhythmic noises from her fingers grow faster.

I pushed hard, and just when I thought I wouldn’t manage to slip my tongue inside, her pucker relaxed and allowed me entry. Her muscle wrapped tightly around my tongue and tried to lock it in place, but I pressed on and stuck my tongue as far up her ass as I could. It touched smooth, hot silkiness. Shivers raced all over my skin, and I grew drunk from the sheer depravity of my action.

“Yes, slut, yes!” Every contraction of her pucker was accompanied by a trembling in Clare’s hips. “Eat my ass out!”

It happened without warning. One moment she was wiggling and trembling, the next one her pucker clenched almost painfully hard around my tongue, and her body went stiff. She whimpered, long and drawn-out, and copious amounts of juice gushed from her pussy and covered my face. Her lower body twitched every few seconds.

“Oh shit, yes!” she groaned after a minute or two. “That was wonderful! Diddly?”

I slowly withdrew my tongue from her backside with a feeling close to loss in my chest. The scene had me incredibly horny again. “Yes, Ma’am?”

“Kiss me!”

I pushed myself up from the bed, and my arms protested, having fallen asleep under me. I straddled her lower body, suddenly not even caring that our bodies touched so intimately, too worked up to focus on anything but pleasing her.

We exchanged kisses, wet and sloppy, licking and nibbling on lips, cheeks and chins, and Robert soon joined out dance of tongues. Our faces were wet with Clare’s love juices and our combined saliva.

We snuggled again, and Lydia brought us fresh bottles of water. I wouldn’t have thought that sex could be that exhausting.

“What’s going to happen next?” I whispered into Clare’s ear. The question drew a giggle from her.

“We’re getting near the grand finale, my little slut.” Another giggle accompanied my shudder. “You like that name, don’t you?”

“Yes, Ma’am.” I blushed.

“Robert is dying to stick his huge cock all the way inside you and stretch you to your limits, and I’ve brought a surprise for you. We’re going to fuck you until you pass out.”

My skin lit on fire, and she chuckled, quite aware of what her words did to me.

“But if you’re a good girl,” she whispered so only I could hear her, “we’ll play another, even dirtier game before we have to leave.”

“Dirtier?” It was more of a squeak than a question, as the images tumbling through my mind took my breath away.

She grinned. “We’ll see just how dirty you are.”

I couldn’t say if she heard my whispered, “Very dirty!”

Yes, as it turned out, there was a naughty, dirty side inside me that went far beyond anything I had allowed myself to think about, and Clare and Robert pushed all the right buttons to bring it out into the open. I was on a train ride, a passenger to my own lust. Blurry images of morale and good behavior rushed by outside the windows and got lost in the distance.
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