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Dirty old pervert 1

A fifty-year-old man with a private tutoring business lusts after girls in their twenties
Sex without love is a meaningless experience, but as far as meaningless experiences go its pretty damn good.

Woody Allen

She was only twenty-two. She had a long, dark brown ponytail that fell behind her, and lovely thirty-six D cups. She was kneeling on the floor. I groaned as she took my fat, heavily veined cock and kissed it. She rotated her tongue around the pink knob that was the head of my penis. Her right hand cupped my balls as she did this. She seemed to be enjoying the feel of my hairy testicles, almost as much as I was enjoying her cupping them.

She swallowed my cock, and I gasped from the pleasure of her young mouth eating me. I could feel the stud at the center of her tongue against the shaft of my penis, as she frenetically ran her tongue from my balls to the head of my cock.

Her long brown ponytail whipped from side to side, as she had a very vigorous blow job work ethic, and rotated her lips and tongue around my cock and balls with maximum motion and maximum animation. I heard her slurping greedily, as though she were a hungry street mutt wolfing down the most delicious meal she’d been served after a week’s starvation.

Her long ponytail’s motion made me even more erect, and I heard her encouraging me down there when she realized that. I reached down and played with her breasts, crushing them with my palms, and pretending that her nipples were radio buttons that I could turn. She moaned into my balls, as she tea bagged me.

Then I heard the sound of a metal tumbler crashing against the floor. I jumped up and realized that I had been dreaming about her again. I could hear my wife Judy muttering in the kitchen, unhappy that she’d dropped the tumbler, and cursing. I grimaced. I didn’t really want to meet her just then, so I rolled over to the other side and tried falling asleep again.

When I awoke in the morning, I remembered that yesterday had been my fiftieth birthday, but I’d completely forgotten about it. I guess we stop counting once we pass the age of thirty. Whatever the case, as a fifty year old man with thinning hair and a stomach that would soon be called flabby, I know that women aren’t particularly apt to find me attractive. That said, the women I like are probably not even looking for an old man like me. You see, I am mostly attracted to girls between the ages of eighteen and twenty five. Perhaps that makes me a dirty, perverted old man. Perhaps, but truth be told, I don’t think it does. I can’t see anything particularly heinous about my particular sexual kink when compared to many out there.

I’ve been tutoring people on line and in person for years and over the years it has become more and more lucrative. Lucrative enough that I don’t need a day job and this is all I do. I am really gifted when it comes to aptitude tests, be they generic or subject specific. I can crack them like nobody’s business. It doesn’t matter whether it is the SAT or the GRE or the GMAT or the LSAT or the MCAT. I know the precise tricks, tips, hacks, mindsets, and routines that a student must employ to kick the examination’s bottom. That has made me quite a darling of students who want to know.

My wife, Judy, in sharp contrast, has been a secretary for the head of a department at a major medical center that shall remain anonymous for reasons that I am not at liberty to discuss. That has been her profession for the last decade at least, if memory serves. She’s been holding a desk job forever.

I knew a while ago that my dear wife Judy has been fucking someone else. We haven’t really shared a bed for a while. I don’t think either of us resents the other for this. It is a loveless and lustless and dare I say listless marriage, and we have decided that if either of us finds the perfect partner, the other will gracefully accept it and step out of the way. In the meanwhile, we are our own little dysfunctional family unit. It is what it is.

I have decided to let her keep her secret. She thinks I don’t know that she is fucking someone else. She doesn’t know that sheer accident lead me to an old and dusty mom and pop bookshop, which happened to be adjacent to a dilapidated apartment building. I fancied I heard Judy’s voice saying something urgently. I dismissed it as pure imagination, and then I heard it again. So I snooped around the apartment building’s ground floor, and discovered a window that was partly open, but where thick foliage blocked it. I hid in the foliage and peeped within.

Judy was on her knees, arms tied behind her back. She had a latex band tied tightly around her large, sagging breasts. Her usually puffy nipples had been oiled and were rock hard from whatever magical treatment she’d received here. Her blonde hair was uncharacteristically braided in one long plait that fell down her back.

There were two men and one other woman in the apartment. One of the men was white, with silver hair and a reasonably fit body for someone his age. He had a tan from too much time at the beach, and was absolutely clean shaven everywhere. His erect cock was around eight inches long, and was pushed against his stomach. His walnut sized balls were resting on the tip of Judy’s nose, and she was pleading with him to allow him to suck his cock, while he slapped her forehead with his cock.

I saw red for a moment - and remembered all the insane sex we’d had over the years, but then remembered that Judy just didn’t do it for me anymore. Then I went back to observing Judy’s other companions.

The other man was Latino and was colored like Dwayne Johnson (’The Rock’). He looked like the basketball player Tony Parker, except he was a little shorter. He was fully dressed in a formal blue shirt, and black, pin-striped suit pants. His tie was loosened and at an angle. The only odd thing, or not odd given the circumstances, was that he was sporting an enormous hard on within his pants, and it was poking out like a tent pole from them. He appeared to simply be observing and ogling.

The other woman was tall and was probably in her forties like Judy. She had a black latex outfit that had been pulled down so that her conical 36Ds were hanging out. Her brown nipples were also well oiled and rock hard, and she was holding a whip in her right hand. The outfit rode high and was tight in her genital region, so I saw a leather camel toe winking at me below. She had deep chestnut hair that was also dripping with oil, and plaited into one long plait that fell down her back. She had what could only be described as the most magnificent buttocks.

Over the course of the next hour, I realized that the silver haired man, Brian, who was slapping Judy with his cock was the husband of the gorgeous chestnut haired woman Gianna. The Latino guy was a friend or a neighbor who was there for the action. The couple dominated Judy first - and the husband fucked her throat and made her gag on his cock and balls. Then wife fucked her in the pussy with a strap on until Judy begged for mercy. Then they whipped the Latino guy, Hector and made him fuck Judy in the ass, while Gianna fucked him in the ass with a strap on, and Brian continued placing his balls in Judy’s mouth, or his cock inside his wife’s asshole. At one point he shifted from her asshole to Judy’s mouth, and made her realize where his cock had been. She grimaced and tried to push his cock away - but he forced it inside her mouth and made her gag on it.

After a good hour of this action, both men came and splattered their cum all over Judy and Gianna’s faces. Needless to say, observing all this action got me hot - but I knew my place. I didn’t want to be part of Judy’s life anymore, since things just didn’t work for us. So I went away fuming from there, and did my usual thing - jacking off while watching hot twenty something sluts blowing older men porn.

I realized later, after thinking about what I’d seen, that Judy had her own quirks, and wanted to be part of Brian, Gianna and Hector’s world - which was never going to be my world. So I decided to let sleeping dogs lie, and never broached the subject of sex with my estranged wife again. She returned exhausted in the evening, and to my query, said that she’d been helping a friend move. True that, helping two friends move semen from their balls to her face. But I wasn’t spoiling for a fight - so I nodded and things went on usual.

My life was carrying on in this lackluster way, when new neighbors moved into the house next to ours. It was couple and their kids - the Hardys. Jake Hardy was a cardiologist and Joan Hardy was a school teacher who taught elementary school, and like me they were in their fifties. They told me that they had two daughters - but I didn’t learn anything else about their family - although I did find a lot about stents and angiograms and general heart health stuff.

Judy and I were pretty decent at maintaining a facade, and being a couple with only the normal amount of dysfunction when others were around. ‘Normal’ people usually never mentioned our lack of children and appreciated our attempts over the years at raising foster kids. While we weren’t raising any at the moment, it did turn out to be very rewarding over the years.

As our new neighbors got settled in, I kept watching for their daughters. It took a while before I caught a glimpse of them. Dirty old man that I am - I noticed how hot they were before anything. There is a certain age when men and women are pheromone factories - and let off so much ‘love potion’ as I call it. At that age everyone looks just a little bit sexier and a little bit more beautiful.

These girls were gorgeous. The elder one was called Joy, and the younger Savannah. Joy was twenty, and Savannah had just turned eighteen. Joy looked like a very young Heather Locklear, and Savannah looked like a very young Carmella Bing. Both were gorgeous in very different ways. Obviously I started salivating the moment I saw them chatting away in their garden, moving things into their new home.

They were strong girls - and did their own lifting along with their dad and mom. A streak of independence ran through the whole family. I admire independent thought and action in people, so this only increased my desire to know the family more.

As the days progressed, we had a couple of more get-togethers with the Hardys - but their daughters were usually absent. My knowledge of cardiology and elementary education grew, and I fancied I could visualize all chambers of the heart, and what could possibly go wrong with it pretty well - and that I could teach this in a clear and engaging manner to elementary school kids.

Our third get-together was at our house on a Saturday, and Judy outdid herself and cooked up some Indian food. She made Saag Paneer and Chicken Tikka Masala and somehow obtained a heated stone grill and grilled Naans on it. She didn’t have time to make an Indian dessert, so we ordered in some Rasmalai from a restaurant in the neighborhood that had earned four stars on Zagat. All I contributed to the effort was setting up the chairs and tables and dicing onions and tomatoes.

It was delicious! It tasted far better than anything I’d ever eaten at that four-stars-on-Zagat restaurant. I told her that she should seriously consider entering the restaurant business.

A quick mental image of her setting up her restaurant, and then gagging on Brian’s cock while Hector fucked her senseless on one of its tables came to my mind. I was wiser just then, and decided to be nice. She no longer was turned on by me, and I was no longer turned on by her, and neither of us would ever feel jealous of the other’s sexual adventures anymore. The least we could do was to be friends.

This time the Hardys came in full force. It was our first time officially meeting Joy and Savannah. I was praying that the lust in my eyes did not show. I think it’s okay to lust after women who are around 18+ - even though they’d be considered the age of my daughter - but I think it isn’t okay to make anybody feel unwelcome, or to allow lust to be the only thing that determined my interactions with them.

We discussed all topics under the sun, but we spent most time speaking about their future careers. I found out that the two of them wanted to emulate their cardiologist dad and become doctors. That meant taking the MCAT, getting great GPAs and having the whole package when they did their med school applications. Joy had taken the MCAT and scored a 29 - and her dad wasn’t happy and she wasn’t happy. It was an okay score, but more was expected of her. A score of around 35 guaranteed seats in the schools Jake wanted her to be admitted to. She didn’t sound convincing when she said she wanted to join there too - but I didn’t want to open that can of worms. Ultimately they had decided that she would need a boot camp for the MCAT and would take it again in summer - which was couple of months away.

Savanna was going to take the MCAT the next year - and was paying close attention to what her sister was going through. She looked up to her in some ways, it seemed - and a lot of the decisions she took, while seemingly independent - would depend on how she perceived her sister’s situation.

Given my status as someone who knew what it took to crack so many different exams, the sisters and their parents paid attention to everything I said about competitive tests as such, and they hung on every syllable I mentioned about the MCAT.

It was an interesting session all in all. I got in touch with a part of myself that was more about advising them, and less about ogling - although it was hard not to ogle - given how attractive they were. At the end of the our delicious Indian dinner, while eating our Rasmalai, we decided that all of us could meet next weekend as well.

Judy vanished as usual that night. I didn’t know what to do with myself, given that I was very turned on by my interactions with the two girls. I pottered around the house a bit and then decided that I would masturbate. I lay on my bed and stroked my penis, which was already semi turgid - until it attained rock solid status, and then jerked off - thinking of the lovely sisters. I turned on my laptop halfway through and played a video of a fifty year old man fucking a porn star in her twenties - although the video promised me she was eighteen. After watching a dozen videos of the same nature, while beating my cock, I finally sensed that my old balls were ready to make their deposit.

As I approached the edge - I looked out my window, and I noticed that someone was there in the window that overlooked my room in the Hardy household. I realized too late that my window shades had been pulled apart. I looked up and saw Joy staring at me from afar - a look of revulsion and perverted satisfaction on her face. It was as though she had my dirtiest secret and felt power in it, but also that she felt that I was a worm who didn’t deserve to exist.

I was so close to the edge that staring into her eyes, revulsion or no revulsion, and eying her lovely blonde locks made me go right over that edge. My cum leaped out of my cock, and I shuddered while still facing her general direction, but broke eye contact since the overwhelming sensations of ejaculation and orgasm don’t leave any attention for anything else.

After my cock wilted, I felt very embarrassed and pretended she couldn’t see me if I didn’t look in her direction - and scrambled into my bathroom and washed my hands. Then I crawled back to my bed and without looking up I collected my clothes and turned off the porn video still playing on my laptop. I looked up after I was fully dressed again. Joy had vanished. I felt a sharp lurch in my stomach - as though I should find her immediately and talk to her, and somehow regain her acceptance. Even fifty years of being on earth - and I wasn’t really on terra firma. I was seeking the approval a twenty year old who had just looked at me with revulsion as she saw me ejaculate while watching a porn video featuring older men and younger women.

I spent the rest of the night moping, staring in the direction of the Hardy residence and feeling utterly helpless, and then watching another episode of ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’ to distract myself from the tension. I fell asleep many hours later, to the sound of Drew Carey exploding from laughter, and Judy saying something about being exhausted.

I dreamed that night that Judy was sucking Hector’s cock, and gagging on his balls. Then his cock erupted in her mouth, but his cum swirled and expanded and became a human figure. Then I saw that his cum had become Joy, who was glaring at me and told me I was a dirty old man who was good for nothing. Her blonde hair grew shorter by degrees and then I saw that I was staring at her mother Joan - who was glaring at me and slapping me, asking me to stay away from her daughters. She threatened to report me to the police.

That woke me up. I was breathing as though I almost needed a respirator - so I calmed myself down by thinking of a baby tripping over a sleeping kitten until my breathing became semi-even keel again. Judy was sleeping in the next room, and I could hear her funny little snore that sounded like an asthmatic cat that was allergic to cat dander. I looked at the clock. It was nine am. Way past the appropriate time to rise and shine. It was still Sunday so we were both fine.

I needed to speak to Joy, one way or another. A whole night’s sleep, fitful as it was, had done nothing to assuage my feeling that I must somehow hear what she thought of me now. It was all important. Some part of me told me that this showed that I hadn’t really grown up. I shut that part up then and there. I wanted to do this, and I decided on a course of action to speak to her alone.

For a change, providence played a part that favored my wish. Dr. Hardy came over unexpectedly that afternoon, even though he was on-call and had a busy day. He was very worried about how Joy and Savannah and their test preparation, and he’d heard about my reputation as a skilled exam coach independent of our acquaintance as neighbors. He wanted to take action before his girls started freaking out.

His request was simple. He didn’t want favors, and yet he wanted favors. He was prepared to pay me double the usual rate that I charge for tutoring students, but he wanted both his girls to make more than 35 on the MCAT. How I got them to do it was my business. I never say no to business, but since he was my neighbor and we knew each other socially and all, I told him he needn’t pay me. We went through a whole song and dance where he said he wouldn’t be happy doing that, and I was icky about mixing work and home life, but we agreed at mutually beneficial solution. I still took the money, but it was only one and a half times my usual rate, and as a favor I’d make sure I took care of his daughters’ test prep and would make every effort my end to ensure those 35s.

No teacher is better than the connections he makes with his students. The old adage about taking a horse to the water but being able to make it drink is particularly true in education. I knew that I had my work cut out with Joy. A lot of the teaching process for any subject is not that difficult once you know the fundamentals of the topic and you’ve thought through it. The key is relating what you want to teach with the conceptual framework of the student, and when the student thinks you’re an old pervert, that becomes far more difficult.

In my case, my first test as a tutor for the Hardy girls came that evening. The two of them showed up at our doorstep. Judy had stepped out for her ‘extra-curricular activity’. I welcomed them in and asked them if they wanted anything to drink, and if they wanted something to eat. I had ready to use, cold bottles of Aquafina ready for students at all times, and found that a little consideration and little warmth went a long way when you were tutoring someone, especially when you wanted them to relax and get into the proper mindset for learning.

We did the usual little ritual of them telling me what their exam goals were, and what their views on the exam were, before I gave them my little spiel on my experienced view on the exam. Joy was just as uncomfortable as I was during the process, and Savanna picked up on it. So it was them talking about their goals, me prompting them, and all of us feeling very uncomfortable. After a few minutes of this, I knew something had to be done. So I asked Savanna if she’d be okay if I spoke to her sister for a few minutes alone. She nodded, and didn’t seem to mind. I saw some kind of alarm descend onto Joy’s face, but she felt she had to bite this bullet as well, and nodded after a pause.

I stepped out and asked Joy if we could talk out on my deck, which faced my backyard - away from her house. She nodded. We went there and started our little talk.

“Listen, about the other day - you weren’t supposed to see that,” I said.

She glared at me.

“You can’t unsee a thing, Mr. Johnson,” she said.

“You can’t, but you can mentally distance yourself from it,” I ventured.

She continued to glare at me.

“All right, Joy,” I said, “whatever I did or didn’t do there, I am really good at coaching students for their MCAT, and your dad really wants you to have that 35! Is that not worth forgetting an awkward little incident for?”

She looked at me, the glare softening a tad.

“I saw what you were watching, Mr. Johnson,” she said, “that is perverted stuff!”

“How do you decide what is perverted, Joy?” I said, feeling annoyed at her attitude.

She glared at me as if I had no right to attitude.

“Mr. Johnson, I don’t want to argue with you,” she said, “but you are a dirty old pervert as far as I am concerned!”

“What about your MCAT?” I said, softening my tone, so that she understood that I was willing to drop my ego in order to help her with her exam.

She was caught unawares. She had been expecting a fight. You see, pervert or not, I have taught lots of students, and I know human psychology experientially. That gives me an edge with students who are tough nuts to crack.

“I’ll manage,” she said, her voice sounding confused.

“You’ll manage making a 35?” I asked her.

I wasn’t trying to be mean, I just wanted her to know that help was available, and that there was a challenge to be met.

She nodded, but not very convincingly. She tried glaring at me again, but mention of the exam somehow brought out a vulnerability in her. I wasn’t planning on exploiting any of this. I may prefer girls much younger than me, but I have a decent character, even if I say so myself.

“Listen,” I said, “you can get another tutor if you think that’ll work. Just make up some excuse, but please leave what you saw me doing out of it. That doesn’t help you in any way, does it?”

She didn’t say anything, but she shook her head, and appeared to be contemplating her immediate course of action.

“Let’s do our session today,” she said, finally. “I want to see what this exam magic that you share with people is. If it helps, we can discuss the future.”

“Sounds good,” I said.

Then we got into the nitty-gritty of MCAT preparation. I can’t share that here, since my students pay me good money for it, and I am a businessman after all. At the end of our first session, both girls goals became clear to me. The underlying resentment that Joy had come in with had abated somewhat, but I knew that it was still present in seed form. Savannah paid attention better than her elder sister, only because she wasn’t thinking about what a pervert I was.

At the end of our session, both girls helped me understand their strengths and weaknesses, and on what had been their primary bugbears in the tests. This was where Joy gave me a lot more, while Savannah, who had only played around with practice tests, listened. When I had a clear idea of where they stood with respect to the test, I mentally started designing exercises for each of the Hardy girls that would be of most benefit to them.

I asked them about rescheduling our next session, watching Joy for signals. Her blue eyes darted about, as though she were thinking furiously while concealing something. I could see that she now knew that tutoring with me would benefit her MCAT preparation a lot more than she had initially expected. Perhaps that meant she would overlook the little ‘incident’.

I was right. We rescheduled our next session for two days later. I bid the girls adieu, and heaved a sigh of relief that Joy appeared under control.

During our next session, I noticed that something was amiss. The tutoring session worked out fine, and I ran them through different exercises I’d designed to address their individual strengths and weaknesses. What was amiss was that Joy and Savannah, both, were giving each other short and naughty looks, and giggling now and then. I finally asked them if they wanted to share their private joke with me, but they told me that it was a girl thing, and deliberately toned it down from thereon. It was a fruitful second session also, but Joy didn’t bring up the ‘incident’ again.

That evening, feeling particularly horny, I pulled out some older gentleman and 18+ teenager porn, and jacked off. When your wife is fucking someone else, and you really don’t feel like going into a bar and making out with the first person who crosses your path, this is what an older guy does. He jacks off to his private fantasy. I did it, and if that makes me a pervert, so be it.

As I was reaching climax, as my thick and tumescent cock was throbbing in anticipation of release, I noticed a small black, circular device wedged in between a clothes dresser and chair. I would almost have missed it, if not for me moving my head in a particular motion, in the throes of impending ejaculation.

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