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Dirty old pervert 2

A fifty year old man with a private tutoring business lusts after girls in their twenties.
Sex without love is a meaningless experience, but as far as meaningless experiences go it's pretty damn good. - Woody Allen

I didn’t stop. I knew precisely what it was, but I wanted to get done before addressing it. My cock exploded and I allowed the semen to dribble down, instead of cleaning it up as I usually did. It was a glorious mess, but I wanted to make sure that I was giving the little device a full view.

Then I cleaned up, and turned the lights off, pretending that I was falling asleep. I left my bedroom door ajar on purpose, and made sure that other lights at home were turned off, so that no one could see me creeping out of my home.

You see, that device was a camera, and I knew that someone had installed it in my home. There were only three people who had access to my home over the last couple of weeks. Judy, Joy and Savannah. No one else had entered my place. I knew that Judy was getting her kicks elsewhere, and she was the last person to be interested in what I did with my cock. Spying on me wasn’t something that would get her anything. She was just as bored with me as I was with her.

That left my two stellar pupils, and I made a bet that they had been watching me. Now, obviously, as an outstanding citizen with a tutoring business to protect, I couldn’t be caught snooping on my lovely neighbors’ property. I made sure that I was completely hooded as I crept onto their lawn, and looked for access points where I could see what the Hardy girls were up to. Since they had just seen me masturbate, they probably were discussing it. If it was only one of them, then I wasn’t sure what they’d be doing. Honestly, I didn’t even have a plan. All I wanted was to snoop around and see if I got lucky.

I got lucky. Plenty lucky. The girls’ ‘playroom’ where they hung out until late at night was on the ground level, and I could see the lights on. This wasn’t the room that Joy had seen me jacking off from. I heard three voices.

Three. Wait a minute. I peeked in, being very discreet, staying in the shadows. Again, I was fortunate that there were thick bushes right next to the window, behind which I could hide while I observed them.

I saw Joy and Savannah, and another girl who was either Hispanic or Indian, and was shorter than them, and sported the loveliest bosom I’ve seen in a while. It fit perfectly on her frame, and she was chatting away about something.

“Wow,” she said, “how often does he do that?”

She was Indian, from the way her accent, American as it was, sounded in places. Joy piped up.

“The old pervert jacks off a couple of times a week.”

Pervert! Wait a minute - she was still viewing me as a pervert? I silently mouthed ‘It takes one to know one, Joy; it takes one to know one.’

“Ooh,” the Indian girl said, “I’m coming over when he goes again! Call me sooner next time!”

Joy and Savannah gave each other naughty looks and shook their heads in mock exasperation.

“We have a slut on our hands, sister dear,” Savannah said.

“That we do, Sav,” Joy said, laughing.

“Hey!” the Indian girl said, taking mock offense, “that’s quite a cock he’s got there!”

Joy and Savannah ayed. I felt great just then. I was being complimented by my ‘made-me-hard’ demographic.

“I would love to suck that cock,” the Indian girl went on, looking lustfully at the computer screen. “Didn’t you record the last part, play it again.”

Crap! Crap! Crap! I just had a vision of my entire livelihood going down the crapper were these girls to release their recording on the internet.

Joy played what they’d recorded again. It was me from twenty minutes ago, playing with my cock. I heard them ooh, as I played with my balls, and rotate my cock around.

I was getting incredibly turned on, but I knew that I had to gain some leverage on them. Tonight they were giving me nothing. At least if they masturbated to my masturbation video, I could get that tape and use it as reverse leverage. I am an optimist, so I whipped my smart phone out and opened the camera part and was poised for recording, if these girls got down and dirty.

“Pooja is such a cock crazy slut,” Savannah said, still in a mock tone.

Pooja, the Indian girl, sighed, and watched me straining, as I watched an older man anally fucking a young Japanese schoolgirl (who was well over 18, in case you’re about to go militant moral vigilante on my ass).

I heard the sounds of me grunting and the older man the Japanese schoolgirl moaning waft through the room. Pooja was touching herself, but it wasn’t camera worthy yet.

Then I saw Savannah’s fingers vanish under her skirt, and stay there, while she ogled the screen. Her profile was to me, and I could see that she was loving watching me masturbate. I started recording.

The girls were silent from then on, sighing occasionally. Joy looked at the other two now and then, gloating, and I understood that this had been her idea. Savannah was working her fingers into herself, and getting red in the face watching me approach climax. Pooja was rocking to and fro, squeezing her thighs together, and touching her breasts.

I felt great just then. Three hot girls whom I secretly desired were hot and horny and on the verge of masturbation watching me jack off. It was a dirty, perverse feeling, but it felt like a million bucks, and I got hard again.

I didn’t know what the best way forward would be. I could broach the subject simply by barging in on them then and there, and threaten them with invasion of privacy, but things would get ugly if I used that approach. I could gently bring the topic up during our next tutoring session, and ask the girls what was on their mind. That could lead to us becoming more than teacher and students, or it could horribly backfire with them denying any knowledge of what they were doing. In either case the potential was things getting ugly were high.

Then a dirty part of my brain urged me to do something else. Give them a real show. Let them see some real masturbation, while I said the foulest things. Some part of me, the exhibitionist part no doubt, really wanted to try out the third option.

I ended up trying out the third option. It was easy to implement, and required no confrontation. Besides, I had a plan. It was a sneaky plan, and one that would challenge them without challenging them.

I continued to observe them for a few more minutes, and then, spent as I was, crept back into my home and got a good night’s sleep. I let the camera be where it was.

The next day we had another tutoring session. After three sessions with Joy and Savannah, the girls were not only clear on their own exam bugbears, but we also had significant improvement in these areas. Taking MCAT tutoring with me was no brainier for them now, whatever else was happening behind the scenes.

The girls did the giggling bit again, and while I asked them what was so funny, I knew that they wouldn’t respond. Besides, I knew what was so funny.

After tutoring, I gave them plenty of exercises, to get them on edge. I wanted them not to be able to relax a whole lot over the next couple of days. Being a fifty year old man, daily masturbation is not something that is really advisable. So I took the day off from the wonderful activity and instead installed a small web cam outside their playroom window that would let me know when they were ready to watch me, and this time I made sure they couldn’t see my laptop screen, where I was going to be viewing the cam. I would also use ear phones so they wouldn’t know I was hearing them talk. Then I fell asleep. The next day was the day I would act.

We didn’t have a tutoring session the next day. I had loaded them with enough work that what with whatever else they had going on, they would be exhausted by evening, and would want an outlet. Perversity comes out best when people have a shared sense of wanting to escape from the pressures of daily life. This was what I was counting on. The cam I had installed told me that their playroom was empty until 9pm, except for a few visits by their mom who cleaned up the girl’s messes. I decided just then that I’d ask the girls, at some point, to go and thank their parents for being there for them.

At 9pm I saw that Pooja and the sisters entered the playroom. There was some chatting about MCAT scores and test prep, and what had been happening with at college, and then the girls settled down, wondering what was happening with my cam. That was my cue.

I did not turn on a porn video this time. Instead, I brought an artificial vagina I’d purchased a few months ago. Obviously it wasn’t close to the real deal, but needs must. I had the lights on in my bedroom, and made sure that they got a good view of the artificial pussy. I heard their expressions of disgust and judgment in my ear phones, and somehow that turned me on.

I had to pick a name now. I thought carefully. Joy was the most hostile of the lot. Savannah was the mousy one. I didn’t technically know that Pooja existed. I had to say either of the sisters’ names. It was a tough decision. I initially wanted to say Joy’s name, just to spite her. Then I realized that this may backfire on so many levels. The girl was the alpha in the group. If she felt I wanted her, it would further send her ego soaring, and that would be no good. Besides, she was the one girl in the group who hadn’t played with herself when they replayed the video of me jacking off.

Savannah was mousy. She was clearly turned on seeing me masturbate. From her dialogs, she agreed with her sister that I was a pervert too, but it seemed like she was saying it because she was used to impressing her big sis and agreeing with her.

So I chose Savannah’s name. The plan was simple. They were waiting for action, and I heard Joy wonder what the hell I was upto when I had an audience to be entertained. I mentally said the word bitch, and turned to face their cam, making sure I didn’t look directly at it. Then I took out the artificial vagina and played with it a little bit, inserting my fingers into it.

Then I made an imaginary phone call, holding my cell phone, which was on silent mode, at my ear, and started talking as though I was talking to an old girlfriend.

“Hey babe,” I said.

“Who’s he calling,” Joy said.

“Know those girls I’ve been tutoring?”

“Fuck me!” Pooja screamed.

“That’s them, right. Well, I’m thinking about them now, right when I want to jack off.”

“Wow, wow, wow - is this really happening!” Joy said.

“Pervert, nice! That’s rich, coming from you.”

“You’re a pervert all right, Mr. Johnson,” Joy said.

“Oh babe, I always think of you, but I know you have a thing for hot young girls like myself.”

“See,” Joy said, and my bitch impression became stronger seeing the look she gave the other girls.

“Sure, sure. I hear ya. Well, They are sisters.”

“He’s a hot pervert, that’s a given!” Pooja said.

Remind me to kiss Pooja when I see her on the street. After introducing myself of course.

“My neighbors, remember.”

“Yeah, well the first one, a blonde, she’s good and all that, but it’s the second that gets me real hard.”

“Yeah granddad,” Joy said, “you’re not getting anywhere near me, even if I don’t get you hard.”

“Names, okay, but it’s top secret.”

“I trust you love, of course I do. Anyway, she’s called Savannah.”

“That’s right, like Georgia.”

“Ooh babe, you gotta see this girl. Her sister’s okay, but she is smoking!”

“Our tutor is a piece of shit!” I heard Joy yell furiously, while Savannah had her eyes glued to the cam, and Pooja was already touching her own boobs.

“She’s called Joy.”

“Yeah, she’s all right, she’s not getting in my pants, even if she wants to,” I said.

Touche, Joy?

“That old perverted bastard!” Joy yelled.

“Savannah is another matter,” I continued, trying to keep myself from chuckling. “A total smoking hottie!”

“Describe her. Hmmm - okay love, know the porn star Carmella Bing?”

“I am a pervert because I watch porn, all right love. Anyway, google her now.”

“See her?”

“That’s Savannah, except she looks more innocent, and has even darker hair, if that is possible.”

I saw Joy googling something also, and turning the computer to show Savannah and Pooja. They oohed and ayed when she called me a pervert again.

“Well love, I’m going to jack off now, let’s talk later. Come over sometime if you’re missing my cock.”

“Mmmmm baby, yeah, well over and out.”

I hung up on the imaginary phone call, wondering whether I had slipped to the nadir of creepiness. In any case, the girls were spying on me, and I was putting on a show for them. That didn’t sound as creepy as making an imaginary phone call.

I picked up the artificial cunt again, and slipped a finger into it, and said, “well, well, well cunt, you’re not Savannah, but I am going to imagine you are. Get ready for my cock.”

Joy was still furious, and continued to comment on what a creep and a dirty old pervert I was, while Pooja started playing with herself, and Savannah’s attention was riveted on the cam.

I lay on my bed, making sure the girls got a good view of my cock and balls. I placed the artificial cunt on it, and kept fucking it from different angles. In all of this, I constantly praised Savannah, and said her name with as much lust as I could possibly muster, and continued fucking the artificial cunt.

After a crazy session of rolling all over my bed, making sure I was on cam most of the time, I felt myself cumming, and said Savannah’s name in a throaty and very delicate whisper. I looked up at my laptop screen as I said it, and saw her face riveted on their cam. She was salivating, and I saw a thread of drool working itself out of her lips.

While it was an adventure retaining the ear phones while fucking the artificial cunt, they were long enough and I was dexterous enough that I did it. I heard Pooja moaning softly in the background, but she wasn’t on the screen anymore. Savanna had her fingers inside her pant, and I heard her moan as well. Joy had disappeared from the screen and couldn’t be heard.

I was done for then. I viewed the girls for a bit more, and saw Savannah reach up for their computer and replay the last ten minutes of me masturbating. She loved it, and I heard her moans intensify. I could hear Pooja moaning loudly at this point, and Savannah looked in her direction, although I couldn’t be sure.

“You like him don’t you, Pooja girl,” she said, while she fingered herself.

“Doesn’t matter,” Pooja said, taking a break from moaning, “he’s gaga over you. Don’t you like him?”

“Well he’s handsome,” Savannah said, “and that cock is magnificent, so yeah I like him.”

“Joy hated that didn’t she,” Pooja said.

“Well considering what he said,” Savannah said, “I’d hate him too if I were in his place. There was no need to put her down like that.”

“He didn’t really put her down, you know,” Pooja said. “He just stated his preference. Besides, he’s a total hottie, so he can say anything about me, but I still want him between my thighs.”

Savannah tossed a pillow at her and they laughed, and then continued fingering themselves. I watched for a bit, and then felt sleepy, and decided not to overextend myself. I was hoping I would get a chance with Pooja and with Savannah, each in their own turn, at some point. Hell if I was lucky, we’d go at it together!

I fell asleep then, but wondered if I was playing too dangerous a game. I’d pissed off Joy on purpose because a girl with an ego like hers needed some humbling. Of course it isn’t my place really to humble anyone, but then she was viewing me as a total pervert all the time, and that made me angry.

Having pissed her off, I could only hope that she didn’t release the cam video on the internet. If she did, I was done as a tutor.

I thought about this a little bit, and then decided that I would say nicer things about Joy next time.

The girls were throwing things at me. Stones. Something. I wasn’t sure. I heard the voices of friends, neighbors and strangers alike, screaming for my blood. Judy was yelling at me with her fist in the air, telling me that she knew I was pervert. I saw Joy glaring at me. Dr. Hardy and his wife looked at me as though I were an insect, and slammed their door in my face.

All the tutoring places where I’d built my reputation called me and told me that my services were no longer required. Some didn't even call. They just sent me an email. It said something about them regretting something, but they could no longer do business with me.

All the cardiologists in town roped in other doctors, and did a march through my street. There was an effigy of me that was being carried at the head of the procession. Right when they got to my door, they set the effigy on fire, and I heard my name being yelled out along with curse words.

A moral vigilantes group caught me and dragged me through my street, and pinned me to a tree. One of them secured a rope around my neck, while I struggled and pleaded and told them about how many people had improved their test scores because of my coaching. All I heard them say in response was ‘pervert’ and ‘dirty old man’.

The noose bit into my neck, and I felt someone tug at it. The pain was unbearable, and I screamed out.

Judy shook me by the shoulder. My body instinctively leaped back from her touch, as someone whose personal boundaries have been violated tends to do. I looked around. I was on my bed, and Judy was standing next to me, looking tired, but concerned.

“Nightmare?” she said.

I nodded, and got up.

“You doing okay, Jude?” I said.

Sure we were estranged, but I was still fond of Judy. Sure other men and women were tapping that ass, but I understood that change was part of the game.

She nodded back at me.

“I’m doing great,” she said. “You take care of yourself now. Drink some water while you’re up.”

I smiled and rubbed her shoulder. It was a sign to show that we were friends and would always watch out for each other, even though the marriage was a joke. She understood the gesture.

The next afternoon was when Joy and Savannah would run all their MCAT exercises by me. These are not exercises that were designed by Kaplan or ETS or some other educational outfit, but my own custom creations to help my students get the biggest bang for the grains of sand in the hourglass. The girls looked just as sleepy as I looked, and I told them that we could reschedule for the next day. They were happy to do so, and so we met the next day. Joy flashed me a few glares in the process, while Savannah giggled or looked at me like a lost puppy a few times, but I knew that then was not the time to bring anything up.

I laid off masturbation next day, recovering my strength, and wondering what the best way to make Joy more wanted would be. The tutoring session went really well, and I overlooked all of Joy’s short, snappy responses, and her bitchy tone. If there is anything I have learned about human psychology, it is that a little patience when someone is impatient with you, earns lots of points with that person when they calm down and review how you behaved later on. Plus, I knew precisely why Joy was being short with me.

I just prayed that she hadn’t posted a certain couple of videos on the internet. That night I decided to make it up to Joy. I turned on my bedroom lights around 9pm, seeing that girls were in the playroom. Joy was there too, but the topic of discussion was whether Hugh Jackman was hotter or the Bollywood heartthrob Hrithik Roshan. I assumed that Pooja must have introduced the latter to the sisters. In any event neither of the hunks interested me.

Obviously I didn’t measure up on the hunk scale, but I knew that action in my bedroom would be watched by interested parties. I made the imaginary phone call again, and noted the girl’s expression on the cam I’d installed outside their playroom. I saw curiosity in Pooja’s lovely brown eyes, and on Savannah’s beautiful face, and only disgust on Joy’s face.

“You’re watching the old idiot again,” Joy said, rolling her eyes.

‘Just you wait, honey’, I thought to myself, and began my imaginary phone call.

“Hey babe!”

“Doing okay, planning to use my artificial cunt again, unless you plan to get into town.”

“Oh the neighbor girls, they’re good. They’re smart girls.”

“Savannah, oh yeah the hottie.”

“Joy. You know about her…”

“Yeah, well I’ve changed my opinion.”

“Well you know, she’s lovely as well, but she gives off an angry vibe.”

I noted Joy’s face as she heard herself being discussed. Her look of disgust became one of curiosity.

“Yeah, I know what you mean babe. The angry vibe turns me off, but in a strange way, it makes her sexy also.”

“Well, all things considered, I think Joy’s a smoking hot blonde, and if she smiled more, I’d spend more time thinking of her.”

“Savannah, oh no; she’s always my sweetie; if only I should be so lucky as to make love to her.”

I observed Savannah’s face. She beamed with what I thought was satisfaction and lust.

“Today, well, unless you come over and suck my cock, I am going to use the artificial cunt again. This time, I am going to fantasize about Joy.”

This time I saw Joy’s face light up. Perversion was clearly okay as long as she was being praised and her ego was sufficiently stoked. I’ll cut her some slack though. I was total douche as someone in my early twenties, so I can’t point any fingers here.

“Yeah, well babe - have fun yourself, and thanks for listening my whole fantasy spiel.”

I hung up on the imaginary phone call, and took one long look at the artificial cunt.

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