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Dirty Old Pervert 4

Dirty Old Pervert 4

A fifty year old man with a private tutoring business lusts after girls in their twenties.
Sex without love is a meaningless experience, but as far as meaningless experiences go its pretty damn good.

Woody Allen

I spent the next day recovering from my excesses of the earlier night. One masturbation session and one session of hot sex with a young woman should be enough to exhaust a man of my energy levels. I did not even think about sex all day long, and whenever I did not have floaters or a mild sex headache, I spent my time working on new exercises for Savannah and Joy, and figuring out curriculum for my summer on line tutoring business.

During the afternoon I received a text from an unknown number that went like this:

‘Yesterday night was delicious. I know tomorrow is S’s turn, but I want in as much as possible. Mmmwah!’

I had a good idea as to who that was. It took me at least an hour to stop thinking horny thoughts about her dusky Indian face and her warm brown doe eyes, as she looked up at me while she sucked my cock. Finally, however, I got back to focusing on work.

I didn’t respond to the text for a couple of reasons. First, it would multiply my thoughts on Pooja. Second, it was good to mix things up a bit, and give the girl something to think about. I admit it, I know all the games, even those that make me seem like an asshole.

At the end of the day I got back into a relatively sound sleep that I was thankful for. This night, however, I had a dream that was in equal parts fascinating and horrifying. I was racing on a horse, with several people, including the Hardys chasing me on horses as well. I was armed with a sword and an MCAT prep guide that I was using as a shield. Dr. Hardy brought down his sword on me from the right, and I fended it off using the MCAT guide. It wasn't torn to pieces as one would expect, but served as a very effective shield, sounding off a metallic clang as the sword struck it.

Mrs. Hardy attacked me from the left with a spear, aiming at my stomach with the cheerful intention of disemboweling me. I prevented her attack with my own sword and sparks flew as metal met metal. I whirled around on my horse so that she was to my right now, and countered next attack with the MCAT guide. Then I used it to wallop her off her horse.

Dr. Hardy was relentless though. He attacked me again, and this time he had help from several faceless people, and from my wife Judy. The combined attack saw me flying from my unsteady steed, and landing in a pool of brown muck, having lost my sword but still retaining the MCAT guide.

I didn’t know how to face them from that point on, and they dragged me behind them, having tied me to their horses. The MCAT guide was under me, and somehow it stayed there, even though I wasn’t holding it. After experiencing pain for a while, kept alive only because of the MCAT guide, I felt someone pulling me up. It was Joy, and she was defending me against her parents, crossing swords with them, and fighting like someone possessed. That woke me up, and I went and got myself some water, wondering whether my dream was some thinly veiled version of the future.

Next day I started the day with a pot of coffee and a large stack of blueberry pancakes and too large a helping of Aunt Jemima’s maple syrup. Once I was done I set the stage for the day. The big fuck was going down that evening, and I wanted to make sure that my energy levels were up to it, so I napped plenty of times in the day.

When the tutoring session time rolled around, I was surprised to find that Pooja accompanied Savannah and Joy. She gave me a little box of cupcakes, blushing.

“Thank you so much,” I said, genuinely touched, and feeling like a colossal dick for not texting back. “That is really sweet of you, Pooja.”

She laughed.

“We all baked it together, Mr. Johnson,” she said.

Well, well, well! I thanked the girls, and then got down to the business of tutoring. I noted to myself that Joy was more tense than usual, but decided to allow her time to sort through her thoughts.

“Now, are you taking the MCAT, Pooja?” I asked her.

She shook her head.

“I just wanted to check out your super awesome tutoring,” she said. “Joy and Sav tell me great things.”

“Do you want to join in on our exercises?” I asked.

She nodded.

“If that is all right,” she said.

The next hour and a half was spent with me administering exercises that were harder than the MCAT to the three girls. Pooja quickly begged for the freedom to see the others’ sheets for ideas, since she was just doing this for fun, and I gave it. At the end I collected the exercises and promised the graded version next session.

I showed the girls out, but then Joy came back.

“Mr. Johnson,” she said.

“Can I help you, Joy,” I said.

“About tonight…” she started.

“Yes,” I said.

“Our parents are inviting folks over for dinner, so we’re going to be with them late,” she said.

I cursed under my breath, something no proper role model should ever do. Of course the ship of being a proper role model has long since sailed for me, especially where these three girls were concerned.

“Okay,” I said, unable to hide my disappointment and cursing mentally.

“But they are out of town all weekend,” she said, giving me a dangerous look that gave me nothing.

I looked at her. Was she encouraging me? Was she toying with me? Was she viewing me with lust? It was difficult to read the look, but I knew my weekend would be spent with the girls right then, and we wouldn’t be discussing the MCAT.

“Thank you, Joy,” I said. “Thanks for letting me know that.”

I spent the next several hours wondering what the best way to spend the night was, and decided to conserve all my strength and essence for the weekend. So I spent the evening working out. I ran a good four miles, and did thirty push ups, and then did a long stretching routine. A solid workout, and somewhat assured plans for the weekend assured a nice dreamless, or more importantly nightmare-less sleep for me.

When I awoke the next morning, I realized the weekend was still a day away, so I knew I wouldn’t be getting any action that night either. I could go over to the Hardy residence, but Joy had said that her parents were out of town for the weekend. That sounded like an invitation to me, after I got around to thinking about it. I texted Pooja back and asked her if the weekend worked, while I had my Kuereg cup of dark roast coffee and wolfed down a toasted multi grain bagel with a generous spread of vegetable cream cheese. She texted me back after a few hours, while I was working on my LinkedIn profile, no doubt miffed at my delay in responding.

‘Weekend is golden!’ was the content of the text.

I was ecstatic and continued working on my profile, while daydreaming about a hot night of sex with three pretty girls. My ruminations were interrupted when I heard Judy leave home. Since I was as horny as a hormonal teenager on Viagra, I decided to snoop on her sex life. Again, I never said I have a good character, in case you feel the need to judge me.

I followed Judy to the same dilapidated building where she’d gotten her groove on many days ago. I tailed her with the caution of the NSA, and it paid off in keeping me undiscovered. I got myself the same vantage point, and saw Judy walk into a room with three strangers. They were not Brian, Hector and Gianna. Instead they were three black guys. I almost gasped in surprise. Apparently Judy was into a lot more than I had thought. She wasn’t having group sex with a regular group. She was doing some round robin thing where partners and fantasies rotated between a much larger community of people. Who was I to judge! I was banging young girls, and having a whale of a time at it, so I shut the carping voice in my mind up. It is all too easy to judge another person.

The black guys were probably in their twenties, from the way they looked, and they looked like they had walked in there from the ghetto nearby. I saw at least ten tattoos between the three of them, and twice as many blings. Stereotypes are true oftentimes.

One of the guys was had a shaved head, while one had dreadlocks, and the third had an Afro. It appeared that Judy had asked for a fantasy that involved hairstyle variety. The guys were giants compared to me, and Judy stood a good half foot shorter than any of them. They rotated her around, kissing her on the lips, and removing one item of her clothing as they did so, while she pulled off one item of theirs.

Two minutes later my estranged wife was stark naked with three stark naked black men. The bald guy was called Michael. The dreadlocks guy was Will and the Afro was Dashawn. Michael pushed Judy down on her knees and placed his big black cock in her mouth. He was completely bald down there as well. He had a foot long cock, and both his ebony balls were together the size of a grapefruit. Well endowed was an understatement. He forced to swallow as much of his cock as she could. I could hear the gag reflex from my vantage point. Saliva and pre-cum dribbled down her chin, as he fucked her mouth.

Not a condom in sight! Perhaps Judy was on a pill, or perhaps she had a problem she never discussed with me. Or perhaps she just didn’t care about little things like accidental pregnancies anymore. We’d gone to a fertility clinic many years ago, and they’d told me that the problem was mine. Incredibly low motility for some reason. I realized just then that it was possible that it was a two way problem.

Will and Dashawn stroked their own cocks while leering at Judy. Will had a real shag of a carpet surrounding his cock and balls, which were also frighteningly large. His balls sagged a tad more, and he was colored slightly lighter than Michael. Dashawn had lawn in his pubic triangle as well, although it was neatly trimmed compared to Will’s unruly forest. Again, he sported a giant cock and giant balls.

Judy must have handpicked them to stretch out her cunt. I don’t think they make cocks larger than that. I am larger than average, and my lovely young women had been impressed with my length and my girth, but I was a fucking pencil compared to these guys.

Judy moved from Michel to Will’s cock, and wolfed it down. He groaned. He had a softer approach, and allowed her to lead. She sucked his cock for a minute, while pumping Michael’s cock with her left hand, while Dashawn pumped his own cock. Then he felt left out and came closer, and placed his cock in her hair, asking for attention. She started pumping it with her right hand, while she continued sucking Will.

She slipped Will’s long and slippery cock out of her mouth, and nibbled his balls for a moment, while she continued to pump the other two guys. It looked like they had a familiarity to them, as though they had done this before.

She moved on to Dashawn and took him in her mouth, while she started pumping Will’s cock. Michael moved around so that she could pump his cock with her right hand, which she started doing. Dashawn was aggressive, and pushed his cock into her throat violently, far deeper than she could throat. She gagged, but he held her there. She gasped, and stopped pumping Will and Michael for a moment.

A slick mixture of drool, sweat and pre-cum dripped out of her lips and down her chin and her breasts. Dashawn allowed her a moment’s respite, and then stuck his cock back in her throat, and started fucking her mouth with increased frenzy. His balls slapped her chin as he did so, and given the length and girth of his cock, she was having more than just a mouthful. I knew that this was not abuse however. Judy had a look of glee and pure lust when Dashawn had given her a moment’s respite. She was loving every minute of this.

I got hard seeing them, and it took every ounce of self discipline to stop myself from masturbating at that window then and there. I knew that I had to save every last ounce of my energy and my semen for the weekend. It was incredibly tough to achieve what I achieved, playing voyeur that night. Let me be clear, I consider it a greater accomplishment of will than my highest GMAT scores or my best business idea. As I continued watching Judy’s brains being fucked out by those three black guys, I discovered my will power, even while I stayed constantly hard and horny.

After she had given them sufficient oral foreplay, the guys moved fast. Dashawn stayed in her mouth, while Michael lifted her off the ground, even while her lips were wrapped around Dashawn’s cock, and lowered her cunt onto his own cock. Her lips tightened around Dashawn’s for a moment, indicating her pleasure and her surprise as she was lowered onto Michael’s cock. Then she winced, and bit tighter around Dashawn’s cock, and I saw a tear flow from her eye. Will had plunged his member into her anus, and it was a lot to take in the anus. She continued being rammed down the throat by Dashawn however, and didn’t complain or ask for a time out.

Judy was full. She was well and truly stuffed in all her holes, and I still saw the gleam of lust in her eyes, even though they were tearing up from what she was handling.

Dashawn pulled out of her mouth for a few seconds, pumping his cock in front of her face.

“Oh yeah, big boy,” she said, nibbling the head of his cock, and spitting on it. “Ooh yeah, Mike fuck me harder. Will, you can slow down a tad. May ass is stretched out too far.”

Crap! She was in control, contrary to what it had seemed like. She spoke to Dashawn next.

“Put that big, black cock back down my throat, D-man, and don’t pull it out so soon next time.”

Holy crap! She was loving this. I saw her giggle as she wolfed down his cock again. I decided to play voyeur until the three big boys came. It would be a treat to see Judy covered in cum. She was still beautiful, and I still remembered fucking her vividly. Plus sometimes you see something in front of you that you just don’t want to stop watching.

Dashawn took her words as license to ram her throat more brutally than before. She didn’t complain, but I heard her gagging, and I heard his balls slapping her chin viciously.

Will slowed down a little bit, while Michael gave a solid fucking. I could heard little moans of hers into Dashawn’s cock and balls. Another ten minutes later, she rotated the guys. Michael returned to her mouth, Dashawn took her in the anus, and Will started fucking her cunt.

Will was close to ejaculation, and I heard him groan and yell as he approached his climax. Judy took a break from sucking Michael’s cock to encourage his impending explosion, which came fast, and it came hard. He yelled out her name and screamed the usual ‘I am cumming’ line, although he added ‘bitch’ to it. He pulled out of her, and sprayed her pubic triangle with a thick stream of jizz that never seemed to end.

Dashawn continued fucking her in the anus, and while she told him to slow down, he didn’t appear to. She let it be, and I saw her wincing, while she sucked Michael’s cock.

“Take my in the pussy, D-man,” she said, “doggystyle.” It was the perfect solution to stop the anal stretching that had started to hurt.

Dashawn took a minute to get the message - he was so caught up in his own pleasure. He slithered his cock out of her asshole and plunged it into her cunt, and continued to fuck her. He grabbed her hips and moved her onto and off his cock as well, so her motion and his motion crashed midair.

She continued sucking Michael’s cock, and after another minute Michael gasped and said that he was going to come. She pulled his cock out of her mouth to speak.

“Cum on my face, big boy,” she said. “Empty your big black balls on my face, asshole.”

“Fuck you bitch,” he said, “I am cumming!”

Michael’s cock exploded all over Judy’s face, just as she wanted. He was prolific as well, and covered her entire face with his viscous cum. It dripped down her hair, and in her eyelashes, down her eyelids, down her cheeks, down her nose. There was cum everywhere, and it dripped down onto her breasts, leaking off her nipples before adding to puddles on the floor.

Dashawn continued fucking her cunt, and groaned that he was cumming.

“Shoot your load on my ass, D-man,” she said. “After all you like the ass so much.”

Michael and Will saw the joke in that and chuckled, but Dashawn was focused only on cumming. All his blood was in his cock and in his balls. He screamed out Judy’s name, and said a long trailing fuuuccckkkkkkkkk while he let his cock blow, as he pulled it out of her just in time. His cock exploded all over her buttocks, covering them in a thick series of spurts of cum.

All the black men had ejaculated all over Judy, and she appeared satisfied, but she hadn’t come. So she milked them for cum another hour, before they ejaculated smaller spurts all over her. It was slower process, since the heat of the first fuck was gone, but the three guys were young and prolific enough that they got hard when Judy went one to the other, sucking or pumping their cocks with her hand, as the occasion arose.

Their cocks seemed resistant for all of a moment, before they got back into the game. Their balls had shriveled up, having been drained, so it took Judy plenty of coaxing, tea bagging, ball kissing, and digital manipulation to milk those balls again. She enlisted Will to give her cunt a thorough tongue lashing. She sat on her haunches to enable that, while Will went to work, licking her between her legs, filling her pubes with his saliva, and probing her cunt with the tip of his tongue.

After ten minutes of that, Michael rotated into the cunnilingus position, while Will went into her mouth, and Dashawn’s cock went into her hand. Michael licked her labia and appeared to be a better cunt licker than Will. Judy certainly moaned a lot more when he was licking her down there.

Another ten minutes later Dashawn planted his mouth between her legs, while she sucked Michael’s cock, and gave Will a hand job. It appeared that Dashawn and Judy had the most aggressive relationship here. Just as he had been comfortable ignoring her pleas about anal pain, she was comfortable sitting on his face, even though he started to protest. I realized then that this was role play, and these were their respective roles. With Judy sitting on his face, Dashawn continued tonguing her between her legs, while she rotated her hips into his face.

I heard a steady stream of filthy words from the quartet, the most common word being ‘fuck’ said in different ways and either included in a ‘fuck me’ by Judy, or a ‘fuck you’ by the guys. Michael rotated back to place his lips against her cunt, and licked her with renewed vigor. He had been paying attention to the other guys oral performances, and tongued her clit a lot more, and Judy’s dripping wet cunt received some very sensitive and well placed strokes from his tongue. At the end of all of this action, Judy had gotten enough stimulation in all her lady parts that she had spectacular orgasm, squirting all over Michael’s bald head while rubbing her cunt up and down his nose. I hadn’t planned on staying for the entire show, but it kind of got addictive.

When it was done, I slunk home. It was late late afternoon, and I got myself a late lunch after showering again. Watching all that action as a voyeur had made my cock incredibly wet, and I wanted to clean up. I had one of those ‘Amy’s’ frozen dinners for lunch. It was an Asian stir fry dish, and it was adequate, along with a banana and a yogurt to chase it down. Then I watched Mel Gibson’s ‘Road Warrior’ while I tried not to think about sex. It was incredibly difficult, but as I’ve mentioned earlier, I really got acquainted with my will power that day.

I ended up watching a ton of TV instead of working, since trying not to think about sex is a really difficult thing to accomplish, and sitting and reading isn’t enough to make it happen. Some form of overwhelming passive entertainment that kills off your brain is needed. So I saw reality TV and cable network news and the game show network in rapidly rotating succession.

Somehow, after spending enough time eating and killing my brain with TV, I got my mind off sex and was able to put in a few hours of work, and even a workout in the evening. That was just was well, because if there is anything that can help a guy control his horniness, it is a physical workout.

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