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Disturbia is suberbia.... no-one know what the neighbours get up to.
A Short Introduction To A Bigger Picture

© drkfetyshnyghts 2009

1: A Dinner Party In Suburbia

It was a casual, nonchalant, dinner party conversation really. The fact that Julia spoke between popping bright red, fresh strawberries, between her full, deep red lips was a focal point for her guests. The ladies, grinned at their hostess's teasing antics as the guys squirmed with a weird sophisticated embarrassment.

“I did tell the guy that MY way was the smoothest way. That if the merger was done MY way then at least... at the very least he would come out of it with something....”

Her voice educated, perfectly punctuated English with not the slightest hint of a regional accent. There was a pause as Julia, quite deliberately made a little show of sliding another strawberry into her mouth.  Except this time she didn't just 'pop' it in. She just slightly parted her lips, peeling smooth, deep red top lip from smooth deep red bottom lip. At that point then she put the end of the strawberry to her mouth, and pushed with her index finger. Sliding the slightly hairy strawberry in suggestively, and blatantly seductively.  She got the strawberry into her mouth partly by pushing it and partly by sucking it in, depressing her cheeks as she did so.  And because she had got all of her guests attention with the little story that she hadn't yet finished, she was assured that all eyes around the dinner table were completely on her. It was one of her girlfriends that broke the relative silence in the first instance.

“Jeeze Julia, those strawberries must be goddamed petrified in that bowl. Take it easy will ya.”

There was a round of restrained, relaxed laughter. Julia played to the crowd by just letting the sprig end of the rather large strawberry protrude from between her lips and then further suggestively, and quickly suck in and out feigning a kind of oral sex. It was as though she were performing oral sex on this quit innocent strawberry.  Julia sucked in the strawberry fully and spoke as she chewed.

“Mmmmm petrified, petrification.. don't you just love those words?  I do I just love them.”

The words, petrified and petrification dripped from her lips as though she enjoyed saying them. As though she were pleasuring herself in saying them. She didn't bat a heavily mascara'd eyelid. She didn't even do what she did with even a hint of a smile. Her beautiful, huge eyes remained open, quite sparking and she shifted her gaze from one, to the next and so on of her guests as she continued to have oral sex with the strawberry at the same time ripping off the sprig and discarding it. This time she played with it as she chewed. Manipulating it with her tongue and not hiding that fact.  It was the same woman, Julia's next in command at the mergers and acquisitions company in the City, and also her closest friend who spoke again.

“Too much wine darling, too much wine. Look at these poor guys.. they're all drooling in their puddings.”

She herself had been practically drooling at Julia's display and had let her eyes wander at will over her boss's ample cleavage as the exhibitionism had progressed.

“Mmmmm now there's another word 'drooling'. Dontcha just love that word? Haaaaahaaaaaa.”

Again the dripping words over lipsticked lips. But this time there was a gurgle from the back of her throat. Like a little groan that crept up the throat and into the mouth before the spill over the lips. And then, that almost manic little laugh at the end. It was an act for her audience. Except it was an all natural act.  So much so that it didn't look, or feel like an act at all.

Julia had six guests. Three women, and three guys. They were couples. Julia was the only odd one out in that she didn't have a partner.  Except that it didn't seem odd. The thirty eight year old City worker seemed quite comfortable with being without a partner. It seemed natural and she was completely at ease with it. This was a regular, monthly thing.  The last Friday of every month. Salaries had been paid, bonuses confirmed and this was Julia's way of showing her gratitude to the colleagues who were also her friends. Two of the woman worked with her and for her, and one of the guys. The partners were welcome guests at the little gatherings. It had been a regular thing for the past five years. Very rarely were any of the last Friday dinner parties missed. A couple of times, they had tried to rotate the location of the parties, to the houses or apartments of the others.  Somehow though for some reason they had never had the same success or the same ambience as when they were held at Julia's huge house. These gated communities were the latest thing, and the regular party guests kind of got a rush out of being buzzed through those huge wrought iron gates.  And then there was also the fact that Julia did know how to throw a party. Oh yes she could throw a party all right.

It was a strange mix of light heartedness and intensity from Julia. The mix was magnetic. It was a magnetism that escaped the group. They knew it was there, but none of them would ever be able to explain, or put their fingers onto the reason why these little get togethers were so successful. So looked forward to every month. It was just a regular, must-do date in all of their diaries.

The light heartedness part came solely from the assembled guests who were so relaxed and so apparently used to Julia's exhibitive and suggestive ways that the little gurgles of laughter and chat just rolled round the walls of the modern, minimalist dining room and then faded into the intensity.  The intensity part came from Julia herself. It was in her eyes. Came from behind her eyes. Came from deep within her eyes. No sign of the same smile that was painted across her girlfriends lips. Or the part smiles across the guys' lips. Julia enjoyed the attention she could command.  She had done it for years. Commanded and got the attention of guys and women alike.  This group seemed so relaxed, so at ease with each other and with the fact that their boss, the stunning, statuesque Julia, let her hair down that once a month, nothing seemed really out of place.  Nothing, not even Julia's exhibitionism was 'wrong'.  It just seem all okay.

Happy days!

This was quite simply a group of people who normally existed in a high pressure environment, relaxing. For one night of a busy busy life, the Boss, Julia got caterers in to cook and serve.  The caterers then melted away as the evening proceeded and the conversations and the antics that took place simply stayed within the walls, within that house, within that gated community.

Julia didn't even laugh off her friends comment. It was like she was in the middle of an act that she wouldn't let be disrupted on any account. Slowly devouring the helpless, innocent piece of fruit. The noises she made with her mouth, with her lips and tongue were deliberate. As deliberately suggestive as the actual act of having oral sex with the innocent strawberry was.  She chewed the strawberry noisily so that the attention was on her mouth. Quite astonishingly every single eye in that dining room was completely utterly focussed on those deep red lips. Even after she had chewed and swallowed, her tongue had swiped her lips and the slipped back in. The eyes watched and then further watched the roll of Julia's throat as the strawberry went to its final destination. To say that more than one spine was chilled in that room at that display would be an understatement.

“Anyway.... as I was saying. I did tell him My way, or disaster would ensue.  I did get the impression that he thought he was dealing with some sort of bimbo or something. I mean for fucks sakes, I'm not even blonde.  Actually, I don't think it was even the blonde thing. His attitude definitely suggested that he preferred it if another guy was taking care of things.  So I said 'fine have it your way' and made him sign a disclaimer before final contracts were drawn up.  The disclaimer just had to be done. I couldn't let it go through otherwise.”

From the overtly sexual encounter with a piece or two of delicate fruit, to the hard nosed acutely edged details of another transaction; one that would ultimately ruin a guy and the company he had built up over thirty years. The transition from one mode to the other was seamless. It was seamless in a morph like way. It was seamless in a chilling way.

“It went through, and he lost everything. And I do mean everything. Once the various debtors had linked in with the fact that he had refused to take expert advice, they all wanted a piece.  I had no alternative than to break up the company and sell off the various assets.  I don't know what it is with some men. Biting off their noses to spite their faces. Sooo silly. Present company excepted of course.”

There was another little rumble of laughter as the group, at last, broke the attentions away from Julia's lips and downed a little more wine.  There was that few seconds of silence that must have seemed like minutes as lips sucked at wine goblets and as throats rolled the resulting swallows.

“Of course, the debtors didn't get everything. In actual fact they didn't get anywhere near what they had claimed for.  But we, on the other hand, did quite nicely out of the sell off it must be said.”

For the first time a wide, beaming smile crossed Julia's face. Benevolent victory. The eyes lit up, the perfect white teeth sparkled. It was as though she got her own kind of buzz out of seeing this poor unnamed man and his company ruined. It was a hint as to her ruthlessness. But in utter fairness to her, she had to be ruthless in her line of business.

“Come let's retire to the lounge.”

Julia's dinner parties were kind of 'informal formal' for want of a better description. Instead of the usual power-suits associated with the super fast world of the City, it was an excuse for the ladies to dress up. Get in touch with their hyper-femininity.  That is, the girls found it great fun to bring out the big guns in designer evening and cocktail wear, whilst the guys could tone it down a bit having been in suits for the better part of the previous month.

If Julia hadn't forged out an uber-successful career in the City, she could have, with ease become a super model. A clothes horse to the world's exclusive designers. With size zero firmly in the past, and a resurgence in curvy femininity, Julia would have made it and made it big. Standing some five feet ten inches in her bare feet and with a jaw dropping 40d-26-36 figure, it wasn't just her manner, or the things she did that commanded attention. Words such as Amazonian and Statuesque had been used to describe her. But not only that, she was confident in her manner and the way she carried herself and, there was an air of authority about her that quite frankly mesmerised all whose eyes were cast over her.  She had a thick mane of succulent dark red hair that was as stunning as it was natural. And, despite her thirty eight years, she had a flawless natural beauty that captivated anyone who came into contact with her. Julia was quite simply the perfect package and whilst outside her circle there would have been undoubted jealousy and resentment towards her, personally and what she had achieved, within her tight little circle there was no such jealousies.  The women knew their husbands drooled after her. For gods sakes, they drooled after her themselves!  But it was just that. Dinner party drools, and the mind fodder required for quick wank sessions during intense weeks wheeling and dealing in the City for the guys. It was Julia's way of instilling some karma, spirit and morale in her team.  She seemed to do that with an expert and relaxed ease.

Julia's house was a new build. A mock mansion built in the traditional Victorian or Georgian style. And yet inside, there was a conflict. Georgian and Victorian meets modern, electic, minimalist. A huge, high double fronted door which opened into an entrance hall that would be better suited to being called a foyer since from either side, a large sweeping staircase arched round and met in the middle of the first floor. That balcony then overlooking the entire entrance area.  On the first floor, six en-suite bedrooms that included two master suites plus four guest suites.  The master suites all including full size dressing rooms.  On the ground floor, through to the right coming in from the front door, a reception room that led through to a dining room and two further large reception rooms. In the main reception room or 'lounge' as Julia had come to call it, a fully stocked bar and sumptuous furniture that was designed for relaxation.  A huge sixty inch plasma screen adorned one wall and premium sound had been plumbed in with all wiring and connections invisible to the highest of standards. Off the dining room a massive, fully equipped kitchen complete with Aga Cooker that had been and would be sorely underused. State of the art appliances all gleaming in stainless steel and aluminium. That was another contrast, the old style Aga cooker and the super modern, stainless steel appliances.  In a modern house that was both traditional, and modern. A profiler would never be able to accurately profile Julia. At least not from where she lived.

Julia had owned the house for less than a year and had only been moved in for around six months. She didn't cook, wouldn't cook. Even the fridges were reserved for the best in champagne and wines plus only the best in nibbles. But nothing substantial in food otherwise. She bought the place for its entertainment potential. And for its privacy. Especially for the privacy and the security. Coming in at almost £2 million, this property was situated in the higher end of estate agencies stock.

Off to the left of the front door as one comes in, and through rather grand double glass door, a  ground level indoor heated swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi and gym facilities. More or less a self contained leisure and fitness facility. From that area a staircase to the basement where there was a fully fitted cinema with state of the art  audio video facilities. This was where serious film watchers could immerse themselves in high end digital pictures and surround sound.

Despite all of what the house offered, it remained a simple fact that the focal point of the impressive property was that entrance foyer. Marble tiled, high and surrounded by the two sweeping staircases that met into a balcony on the first floor. Impressive. Yes indeed. Julia knew how to spend her money. And this entrance hall was completely minimalist. Just the marble floors and mirrored walls to either side to give an impression of space. Lots of space. And light. Lots of natural light mixed with a surreal light that was thrown in by the huge stained glass window above the front doors. No overly dressed consort tables or other furniture taking up floor space.  There were just two thick round pillars, each one set to the inside of the foots of the stair cases that swept up to the first floor. These pillars, looked like serious load baring pillars that disappeared up into the ceiling high above the ground floor hall.  At the bases of these pillars just two expensive looking statues of very fulsome, topless women, cast or painted in black. These statues simply looked on anyone who came in through the front doors. Like centurions of the feminine kind. One would imagine, quite intimidating sights for anyone entering the house for the first time.

The group had moved into the main lounge of the house. All were scattered around the extreme deep, leather covered sofas and seats and there was the general mish mash of sound that occurred when several conversations were on the go all at one. A melting of sound that created a din. In this case though it was a soft, kind of orderly din.  Julia had cleared away some glasses from the dining room to the kitchen area and sent the last of the caterers away.  As she came back into the lounge, the din hushed. She had that effect. Without saying a word she could hush a room. All eyes on her and the spectacular cocktail dress she had chosen for the night.  A black number that was both low cut in the front and back and was short enough at several inches above the knees to display and expose what were actually incredibly long and shapely legs. The dress was very provocative in that the main body of it was a silky smooth black satin that left enough flesh on view that attention was gripped. It was sexy enough without... but the dress was then covered in a transparent layer of finer black silk. Almost like a nylon. So the flesh exposed by the main dress was covered, but only in an additional source of provocation that was the transparent silky nylon material.

Julia looked stunning. Incredibly so. And the gentle roll, the soft movement of her breasts under that whispy see through layer drew the eyes in.  And kept them drawn in. The confident, almost arrogant strut that Julia employed when she walked did everything to emphasise herself to anyone that might have been watching.  That is everyone. The fact that she always, but always had her feet arched into the severest stiletto heels that she could manage only added to the sight she presented to everyone. In this case, simple black pumps that sported such thin, tapered stiletto heels that any onlooker would wonder, mostly in jaw dropping silence how she managed still to look so elegant.  The heels were tipped, quite cruelly with steel caps that kind of contrasted alarmingly with the otherwise smooth shiny blackness of the rest of the shoe.  The vision in black that was Julia then finished of with those quite spectacular legs being clad in only the most expensive, sheerest nylon.  It was completely understandable that as she entered, or re-entered a room, all conversation hushed and all eyes were drawn to her.

“Oh don't tell me, you've all been talking about me and that's why its gone so quiet in here.”

Julia knew that wasn't the case. It was simply her way of having a little joke. As the evening wore on her voice had become more throaty, more husky. It seemed everything she said was said with a tease. She just simply could not help herself. She slumped on to a sofa next to one of her colleagues husband's.  It was like another little game she played.  Which one should she turn into a gibbering wreck this time?  Steven sat like the proverbial fly in the spiders web. Tried to move to get over an 'all is cool with the world' look that didn't actually work.  As Julia's hips gently brushed his, he redenned up into a blush which the group thought was a hoot.  It was ridiculous. These were a well established group of mature friends that had been meeting like this for years.  And yet, every time, Julia was able to pick one and reduce them to a nervous wreck who would be afraid to move in case they exposed the raging erection that had been caused by her simply entering the room. It was as though one might hint at a touch of Female Domination of the Fetish kind.  All the ingredients were there. But it was just that, a hint.

The rasp of nylon on nylon as Julia crossed her legs was quite sharp, and acute in the relative silence of the room. It was also deliberate. No-one could wear nylons like that, and not know of that whispering rasp as nylon thigh rubbed nylon thigh.  Women naturally crossed their legs, and they also naturally, consciously or not, enjoyed drawing attention to themselves or their better attributes. Julia had so many 'better attributes' that it would be difficult to focus on just one.  Her legs though were up there with the best of them. And her leg crosses were always a sight to behold. Leaving the stiletto'd foot of her crossed over leg just slightly bouncing.  Probably even that slight bouncing of the stiletto was deliberate. It was the wife of this night's particular 'victim' that had decided to at least partly save him from being completely humbled and devoured by Julia.

“Julia darling how DO you walk in those heels, they look positively impossible?”

There was a chorus of approval. Good question good question!

“Oh... well its simple really. Lots and lots of practice.  When I'm here all alone. I just practice in high heels...”

Julia answered in a deadpan straight tone that was neither jokey or serious. It left the woman asking the question, and those waiting to hear the answer, wondering if that is in fact what she did do, or not. Did she spend all of her down time, simply practising on high heels?  Another of the women then asked.

“Or more to the point Julia... just tell us, when ARE yo going to get yourself a man? Or a woman come to that? We KNOW you are partial to be a bit of skirt you know.  I mean there's you rattling round in this gorgeous house all alone. Such a waste. I would have thought someone would have snapped you up a long long time ago.  Don't tell us you are going for all that 'I prefer my own space nonsense.?”

It was the group's turn to tease their spectacular hostess. And she soaked it all up. The same as she soaked up adoration that was heaped on her at all times and from all directions. Julia just sipped from her goblet of red wine and had casually placed a well manicured hand down on the thigh of the poor unfortunate husband sitting next to her. Again he had shifted but had made the shift look like an attempted escape. Julia had simply, gently squeezed his thigh having the effect of making him sit perfectly still whilst the rest of the group simply laughed at his deepening blush.

“Welllll.. its like this and as you all know, I can get a man any time I want to. I can certainly take my pick when it come to sex.  Same with other women really. I do like encounters with other women it MUST be said.  But at the end of the day, I do like my own space.  Here I am in total control and I like that. If I was partnered with someone, who lived with me here... well... all that would kind of go.... Ohhhhh no, I just cannot be doing with all of that...”

Julia's voice trailed off with a little chuckle. She didn't need to go into deeper explanation. They got it. As she had spoken she had gently rubbed the guy's thigh next to her and he had, in general shrunk back into the leather of the sofa. Probably if one listened carefully enough, one would hear the faintest whimpering coming from between his thin, super stretched lips as he tried, even in his obvious humiliation, to appear cool and calm and in control. He was anything but that. And this WAS Julia after all. She absolutely loved to be the centre of attention and could do that with ease. She didn't NEED to do it at the expense of anyone else. But often she did.  Only eventually, once the fun was had, and the smiles of and little giggles of approval of her mischievousness had died down did she lift the hand from the guy's thigh.  There was an almost audible sigh of relief from him as the conversation took another turn.  This time, Julia's closest friend and colleague spoke again.

“It's a shame Lydia couldn't join us.  I know its been us, and just us for years now, but I got the feeling she actually WANTED to say yes when you invited her... maybe she will take the plunge another time?”

Lydia was a promising prospect, just 19 years old, who had joined Julia's team just a few months previously. Straight from university with a masters degree, she showed a natural, and at times, ruthless aptitude in the tasks she was given.  Julia took another long sip of wine, the smack of her lips telling all that she was considering an answer.

“Lydia is really, really shy. Maybe just maybe she is here in spirit?  I know she is single and I know that she is often at a loose end.  This is her first job in London since she got here.  Maybe in time she will join us.  But yes I agree with you, we could do with swelling our little parties by one. It would be fun. We'll have to work on her. Make her feel more comfortable. And more 'one of us'. I'm sure she'll come round eventually.”

A few hours, and more than a few bottles of wine and brandy later, the party gently broke up.

“Well girls and boys it has been nice, as always having you around. But now I want you all to fuck off and leave me alone.”

Julia spoke with that husky tone that didn't in any way give away how much she had drunk. She could drink for England and never got 'pissed'.  The group all broke into raucous laughter at her 'fuck off' jibe.  It was such a brutal thing to say it could only be funny.  The fuck word was another that seemed to drip off Julia lips almost pornographically.  She didn't use swear words often, so when she did use them, they kind of had an impact.  The whole group had moved onto the drive directly outside the front of the house. Those who were driving, and had been drinking only moderately all night, went to the expensive cars and started them up whilst the others said their goodbyes to Julia.  Julia saved the goodbye for her closest friend, Sylvia to last.  A warm hug and an unashamed full kiss on the mouth.  Quite a sight that all of those in immediate proximity watched with a lust that was  only just contained.  As was usual Julia did things for effect. This was no different except there was a little wink, and a look of warmth between the two as she had moved in for the kill, as it were.

The kiss had lasted some considerable time. And had been a lingering full contact kiss. Lips locked on lips. Mouths open, eyes closed kind of kiss that remained sealed and simply left the onlookers wondering if tongues had been involved in any way at all. Hard to believe that tongues hadn't been involved.  It might have been a play for the group. And it DID get the attention, especially when Sylvia had engaged fully and then pressed herself into the curves of her boss and closest friend. But that kiss was one to end all kisses. Only very eventually did the two peel away from each other with wide bright smiles. There was more to that kiss than met the eye.

Julia waved car by car off before going in, and closing the door.  It was 2am.

2: After Party

Everybody had gone. No need to keep the act up any more. Like, it WAS an act wasn't it?  Or was it? Julia came back through to the lounge and reclaimed her favourite deep, soft plush leather sofa. It was obvious that she had relaxed just a little since her friends, colleagues and guests had gone. It wasn't really an act. That aloofness. That air of superiority. She was their boss after all. She did have to retain some kind of air and mystery. The fooling about was just that. Quite often, after the event she had a feeling she had gone too far. But, as always she could never help herself. The mischief in her. Always the mischief in her.

The rasp of nylon on nylon was even louder in the dead silence of the room, now that everyone had gone.  Julia  never failed to notice the resonation, up and down the extraordinary lengths of her legs, that the rasping caused. And in the seclusion that she now was in, she could enjoy that resonation. Rasping up and down, the resonations travelling from where the nylon on nylon contacted right up over her knees, and thighs, and to the smoothness of the inner thighs. And then, just then, the resonation travelling just that little bit further to the area between her legs. Making her clench her thighs tightly, so that the sensations it created could be made to last longer and so they could be intensified.  She could only partly enjoy that resonation and what it created in the company of her friends.  Now though they had gone, and she could kick back and enjoy. Fully enjoy.

Ohyessss she could enjoy. She could fully immerse in that resping sound and sensation.

And she did. She crossed, then recrossed her legs and she found the point where the most sensation was caused.  She lifted her top most knee slightly and to differing heights before lowering it causing another volume of rasp. She did that time after time after time before reaching into her bag for her cigarettes.

Its finny, Julia didn't even smoke on a 'socially only' scale.  She never smoked outside the house. Or at work.  It was just, during the end of these down times, when alone in the house, that she lit up and inhaled deeply then casually let smoke pour from her deep red lips. It was kind of like the bad girl in her coming out.  Some self abuse of an extraordinary body, just because, just because she could.  Just like she was doing right now. Sitting right back, playing with her nylon clad legs. Making that rasping sound, making those resonations travel up and down her leg flesh. Taking a deep deep drag then inhaling deeply. Blowing out the smoke as she let the fingers of her idle hand rise gently over the satin and transparent nylon swell of one breast.  Just the one breast got the fingers. Circling the nipple and aureola through the material of the dress. Circling very lightly. Very very lightly and then beginning to press into the aureola. Each and every circling of the nipple appeared to make it swell more. The more it swelled the more it poked through the material.  As the nipple became more profound, so to did the ring like shape. It was an unmistakable shape of a thick nipple ring that was pierced through the base of the nipple, close to the aureola. Another more distinct sign of self abuse. Of the bad girl in her. The more she lightly circled and pressed around the nipple the more distinct the outline through the satin.  Julia leaned back, rising a knee, lowering it, circling the nipple and pressing it. The nipple becoming thick, teat like. And that oh so distinct shape of the ring, laying flat and under the nipple since it had been pierced side to side. Head back eyes closed as she took a few more drags of the cigarette before stubbing it out quite aggressively in the ashtray at her side.

Julia's tongue slid out with the last of the smoke... slid across the width of her lips as her eyes opened again.  She peered over into her bag and took out a credit card sized thing that looked like a remote control.  Without rearranging herself, she got to her stiletto'd feet and slowly strode into the entrance hall of the house. Her slightly dishevelled appearance added to her aurora and to her secret bad girl persona. The sound of her heels on the marble seemed loud. Louder than normal even to her. It always seemed that way when she was aroused. And she had become aroused. It was like the strut her heels created was a more enhanced strut measured by the level of her arousal. It was like the more she played with the nylon on nylon sensations of her legs, the more those resonations seemed to travel to her nether regions. And the louder that rasp was. As she entered the hugely impressive foyer of the house, she studied herself for a little while in the mirrored walls.  She always liked what she saw. Never failed to like what she saw in those full length mirrored walls. She impressed herself on a grand scale.

As Julia got into the centre of the minimalist floor space, she held up the credit card sized thing and whilst pointing it directly upwards, she almost imperceptibly swept her thumb over one of the slightly raised buttons.  For a split second there was no noise. There was nothing. Julia didn't even look up at first. She simple pointed the control in the genera direction of 'up' and pressed the button. It was only when there was a noise from above did she actually, very casually look up. A double sliding loft door was opening.  Looking at the ceiling in normal circumstances, it would have been impossible to tell that a door of any kind had been fitted, so high was the work standards. Normal trap doors into lofts were just that. They hinged downwards and were sometimes attached to ladder for access. This sliding loft door was in the ceiling high above the foyer and directly above the central floor area, in the middle of the two sweeping staircases and there was no attached ladder.  Julia glanced up, saw the actions she had initiated through the remote were in progress and then casually re-looked at herself in the mirrored walls. Finally brushing down the dress and straightening out the slight dishevelment of her dress and hair.

The trap doors slid across the ceiling and opened fully. Just a black hole existed where the doors had been. A complete and utter black hole that from down the two floors in height, it was impossible to peer into.  It was obviously into the roof space since the height gave that away. With that action completed, Julia caressed another button, and from inside the blackness another mechanism was heard.  The sound of some sort of electronic motor. A whirring sound, quite high pitched from inside the blackness.  And then... and then... something being lowered out of the gloom.  Something that created another deeper contrast. Or a deeper conflict actually.  What came out of the blackness was at complete odds with the surroundings it was being lowered into.  The hyper luxurious modern surroundings and minimalist marbled brightness of the entrance foyer of the house was being added to. Added to in stark, jaw dropping way. A way that defied belief.

Lowering down out of the hatch was a shiny black, smooth shape. Completely still. Completely immobile except for the slow downward journey it was taking towards the marbled floor. The shape was human. That much could be seen. It was also obviously female since there were breast bulges. But whilst it was easy identifiable as human in shape, it was also obvious that something was not quite right. There was a smooth black shiny head, imprisoned in what looked like a cage. It was via this head cage that the whole form was being supported by the hoist that was lowering her down. The immediate conclusion was that she was suspended via this cage that was sealed around her neck and throat. In actuality this was an intricate design, the whole design intrinsic to the support of the helpless female inside the total rubber shrink wrapping.

The head cage was alarming enough. But there were other things that just didn't look 'right'.  The shape yes it was female, feminine.  But noticeable as the whole thing was lowered closer and closer to ground level was that the head, featureless, was swollen, or inflated beyond its normal dimensions and there were no eye holes. Nor were there any ears, or holes where there should be ears. Nor there were any nostril holes through which to breath.  Where there would have been a mouth, there wasn't one.  There was simply what could be best described as a circular, valve type contraption, similar to the screw on petrol cap of a car.  At least that was its appearance. This valve thing gave the distinct impression that the mouth behind it was being held wide open. What drew the attention to this valve was its shiny, almost mirrored stainless steel colour and effect. And its placement right in the middle of a featureless shiny, black latex rubber face.  The whole form had alien like qualities. But it wasn't alien, it was human being. Female human being. Helpless female human being.

Other things weren't 'right' too.  There was no flesh at all viewable. Whatever it was, whoever it was was completely sealed in the seamless rubber. Completely shrink wrapped, completely moulded and completely imobalised in some kind of awful bondage.  It was easy to see, the distinct shape of her arms, sealed behind her and down the length of her back, with the hands coming together. Even the distinct shape of her elbows, and her hands and even her fingers. But even on recognising these features, something was still not quite right with the shape. As distinct and as shiny as it was, everything seemed inflated. Everything seemed enhanced in not a nice way.  Julia casually looked up expressionless as the thing was lowered. Her tongue slid with a predatory motion from one side of her mouth to the other.

Disturbingly, where the thing's throat would have been looked swollen to. It looked like it was swollen or inflated from the inside. That is, that that particular swelling was nothing to to with the rubber prison she was inside of. Moving the eyes down the shape, the swell of her breasts was obvious. They had been moulded and shaped. But where the nipples would have been, there were cruel, claw like caps that prevented any flesh, or nipples being seen, but that just spoke volumes of a torment that couldn't quite be seen or heard.  At least, the torment wouldn't have been able to be seen or heard except for the hissing of breath through the mouth valve as she was lowered, and lowered towards the ground floor level.

That at least answered the one question. Was this woman, was this 'thing' alive or dead. The hissing of her breath was amplified further. The valve acting also as a speaker. Little mewlings of distress were obvious. Not just obvious, but cruelly so.  Moving the eyes down over the tummy then. As perfectly smooth and shiny and black as the tummy was... it too was swollen, and there was a distinct bulge. Like the bulge in her throat, it appeared to come from the inside. The tummy bulge could easily be mistaken for a bulge similar to one in the earlier throws of pregnancy. But a distinct swelling. One that was not normally part of the woman's otherwise immaculate shape.

The legs of the female form were fixed in the open position and slightly bent at the knees. What made the whole form, the whole shape, the whole vision more bizarre and disturbing was that the taught, smooth rubber was webbed between the legs. The web stretched to its maximum with the slight spread of the legs.

Her feet were as distinct as her hands. Under the rubber encasement they were also naked feet. The shape of toes could be clearly seen. Even the veining over the arch of the feet could been made out through the skin tight thinness of the rubber at her feet.  Maybe this veining would not have been so apparent had the feet not been forced to arch as though they had been forced into severely high heels.  There were no high heels. Just delicate steel like frameworks built around the lower legs and feet, holding them in what must have been an agonising position.  It was as though these frameworks were trainer frames. Frames for training the feet to be in that tippytoe position on a more permanent basis.  As though some thought had gone into the future of this poor unfortunate woman. Between her ankles, a little bar preventing closure or movement of the feet and legs. The bar something like a simple eighteen inches in length.  A similar bar attached between the knees and built into the contraption that this poor woman was being held in. The ankle and knees spread bars built into the web between the legs. A totally bizarre, a totally disturbing sight. Almost inhuman but not quite. It was the (in)human element that made it such a caustically cruel sight.

The amplified whimpering and the mewling that came through the mouth valve and speaker only increased in volume as she got lower and lower.


A surreal sound really that filled the air of the foyer so much and so lucidly that it was as though one had been transported to a different place. A different planet.  Certainly, the atmosphere and ambience of the earlier dinner party had evaporated into the thick air of female on female cruelty that was beginning to fester at this point.

The eyes couldn't help but roam over this unfortunate individual whoever she was. The natural arch of her back. The pushed back stance of her shoulders. The enhanced breasts, and those creature like things that were attached over her nipples. And then something else. Yes something else.  Where her crotch was, another valve like thing that gave the impression, like the oral one, that the hole it covered was wide, wide open.  Moving behind her, lower down and around from the crotch valve another valve that would have been situated at her anus.  Weirdly, strangely just the look and the overall conclusion was drawn that this hole was also stretched open wide under that valve.  The three main orifices to this woman's internals, valved and open. Just the thought sent shivers down the spine.

The helpless woman was lowered until she was suspended, her down painting toes just an inch or so from the marbled floor of the foyer.  Suspended by a single strand of what looked like very delicate wire but that was in actual fact very strong high tensile steel.  She swung very gently. The natural arch of the swing very long due to the length of the wire she was suspended by. Julia moved in close, to steady her. So that the swinging stopped but so that she simple rotated, like some sort of bizarre ballet dancer. She rotated very very slowly. The rotation very slow, very smooth due to the fact that she, whoever she was couldn't make any other movement that would be required to interrupt that smooth flow. The slow slow slow rotation treating Julia to angles of view all around the suspended form.


One imagined  eyes bulging, terrified under that double skinned, inflated rubber hood. Except it wasn't a hood, as such. It was an all in one thing this woman was sealed into. No seams. Just smoothness. Moulded, bondaged perfection. It was like she were some sort of toy that had been shrink wrapped and sealed into the shiny packaging, ready for sale. Or ready for playing with. Like she was a doll maybe. The only thing that ruined the romance of such a doll was the cruel, vicious look that the head cage provided. Oh yes, and those sounds she made. Awful sounds really. Made more awful by the overall vision. Oh yes, and the overall bondage. And that latex shrink wrapping. The overall cruel state she was being held in. The whole package really. Disturbing yes.  Disturbing but at the same time erotic. A high intensity eroticism.

“Hello Lydia dear. I know this isn't easy for you. But it will get easier, as time goes by you will adapt.  AND, you'll be delighted to know that you were missed tonight. Everybody thinks that you should join us on these party nights.  Well, I don't see a problem with that in the future at all, depending on how well you do for me. How much of a good girl you are. We'll see. But I did suggest to everyone tonight that maybe you were actually here in spirit.”

Julia's smoke drenched voice had changed in tone. It rasped and it hissed as she moved in close to the rubbered, caged head of Lydia, the new girl in town. There was a desperate increase in volume and pitch coming from the speaker valve.  The hiss of breathing was a constant one. As though she were not breathing of her own accord, but as though she were being assisted in breathing. As though the act of breathing naturally had been taken away from her. Apart from the assisted breathing, there was also the anxiety that dripped out of that mouth valve. Anxiety. Fear. Apprehension. All words that could apply to that noise.


The assisted, permitted breathing accompanied by an electronic whimpering of heightened distress and anxiety.

“Ssshhhh shhhhhhhh sweety. Look I'll do a deal with you. Its the weekend. If you are a really good girl for me over the weekend.. then before we get get you something like normal for work on Monday.. I'll let you cum. Is that a deal or not?”

Julia's voice had lightened up a bit. As though she were happy with herself. But at the same time so did the whimpering, through the valve, lighten up a little bit. A slightly 'grateful' whimpering. As though the thought of being allowed to cum in two days time was of absolute importance.  Or more than that. As though she were indeed desperate to cum and would do anything for that to be allowed to happen. Yes the poor unfortunate creature known as Lydia liked the sound of that. A light at the end of a tunnel. Permission to cum. Ohyesssss!


Julia stood away from the suspended form and smiled.

“Good girl Lydia, good good girl. I can just see that you are going to learn very very quickly. And I like that Lydia... a fast learner.”

One couldn't help but notice the manic like qualities of the voice between the clicks of her heels on the marble floor.

“Now... we need to adjust you slightly, get you settled for the night, and then we have the whole weekend ahead of us.”

There was another tone of whimper and anxiety from behind all that rubber.  A tone that dripped of dread. Julia moved to the side of the foyer to one of the mirrored walls. The door she swung open was invisible to those who didn't know it existed. She disappeared in through it and re-emerged a few minutes later pulling a stainless steel medical like trolley.  On the top platform, laid out side by side like thick gelatine sausages were three organic like objects, each around six inches long. Slick, thick, and yet at the same time transparent.  It was easy to apply the organic tag to these things. They didn't just look alive... on closer inspection one could see the intricate vein like strands running through them. All through them.  And on closer inspection, and to the touch they felt alive. At one end of each of these sausages, stainless steel valve like devices identical to those at Lydia's mouth, crotch and anus

The rubbered wheels of the trolley were almost silent. Julia's heels were not and despite Lydia's impaired hearing, she could sense her coming closer and the anxiety filled whimpering started all over again. This time though there was an urgency to it. An urgency not detected before. The urgency tinted with fear.

There was a deeper, clearer more acute sounding groan that came from Lydia as Julia pulled on a pair of transparent, surgical rubber gloves. She seemed to enjoy doing that, and letting the tight wrist 'snap' around her wrists once her long slender fingers were fully inserted into the gloves.  It wasn't the pulling on of the rubber gloves that caused the groan from Lydia though.  No, it wasn't that at all... rather it was the light, light stroking of her latexed tummy.  Or more precisely it was the light, light, almost delicate stroking of the rubbered fingers over the swollen tummy bulge that caused it.


Quite an inhumane groan that was also a drenched sob. She could feel the stroking of her stomach. She could feel that. There was no doubt about that.  But it was like what the stroking meant. It was like Julia had turned her attentions to the stomach bulge. That the stomach bulge was in fact the source of most of Lydia's anxiety and discomfort.  As though it was the source of her nightmares during the times, locked suspended in the blackness of the loft of Julia's house, that she drifted off into a semi-disturbed sleep.

“Sshhhhhh shhhhhhhhh..... just relex Lydia. Be good girl for Julia, shssssssshhhh.”

As she spoke gently to Lydia she turned the stroking of the tummy bulge into a full palmed petting. As though she wrapped her open hand around the curve of the bulge and gently, but ever so gently petted it.  And then the growing intensity of the groan from Lydia as Julia's hand went lower. Over the curve of the bulge and down towards her crotch.  If Lydia could have twitched out of the way she would have. The fact was that she was unable to do that in the most extreme way imaginable. The only way she could communicate was through the differing sounds she made through the oral valve.

Julia lightly circled the upper most crotch valve. Just circling around its circumference. The closer look showing that this gusset area of the rubberisation was re-enforced. Needed to be re-enforced due to the unseen pressures.  Oh from the outside, everything look smooth, and tidy, and neat.  Inside Lydia though there were several forced pressures all at work. Julia placed her fingers and spread them around the crotch valve. There were grips, ideally placed for the fingers. With one click and 'twist' of the valve there was a gush, or a sharp burst of released air. Like compressed air. It sounded s though that compressed air was also drenched, or dripping with fluids. And with that gush, and drench, a deeper more meaningful groan from Lydia.  The stomach bulge visibly deflated. Not all the way. But it deflated roughly by a third of its size and Lydia's groan was a mixture of relief, and of more and more dread.

As Julia twisted and released the compressed air, she waited a few seconds for that to dispel before she began to pull. When she did pull, she did so slowly and carefully, just pressing with spread fingers around the rubbered circumference of the hole whilst pulling gently with that hand that gripped the valve end of the gelatine sausage..  There was a sound from Lydia's crotch. Like a glugging, gurlgling sound as she pulled the spent gelatine sausage from the helpless women.  Except, it wasn't like the gelatine sausages that were placed on the trolley. This one had expanded and elongated after its insertion.  It has been inserted into Lydia, twist locked into position and then simply allowed to do its work inside of her.  As Julia pulled, so the stark pink redness of her inner sexual flesh was pulled out with it. This really was s stark contrast to her black shiny rubber. The sex flesh appeared eager and hungry to keep sucking on this 'thing' that had been inside of her. Julia pulled and pulled, the eventual length several feet and the other end, had split into several tendrils, that although now spent had obviously been alive enough for an internal search and seek operation.


Deep, deep breathing and deep deep groans all rolled into the same sound and emitted through the oral valve.  Julia carefully wrapped the spent gelatine thing up into a coil and placed it into a stainless steel bucket that had been placed on the lower tray of the trolley.  Before turning her attention to the anal valve, she squatted down, onto her own high heels for a closer look at Lydia's gaping sexuality. It didn't look like a normal sex at all. It looked hungry and alive and as though with a mind and a will of its own.  The fact that it twitched and pulsated through the re-enforced hole of the rubber made it a strangely bizarre, organic sight. Julia looked closely at the sex for some minutes as though she were mesmerised by it.  But at the same time she was having a close look at the clitoris. She was simply, tugging and stretching a little on the spider like cap that was over it. An identical cap the the ones that covered her nipples. Julia, was as though she were checking the thickness of the clitoris base and making mental notes for the future. Just tugging it lightly then letting it go. Measuring its thickness and its elasticity.. and also the different pitches of groan and sob that emitted from the oral valve. It was most certain that Julia was savoring the sounds the helpless girl was making/


Such manipulation of such ultra sensitive femininity causing yet more differing pitches of distress from the woman.  Julia moved her fingers... so that they circled the anal valve. Again, it was like she was letting Lydia know what was coming next by gently tapping her fingers around this valve so that she would feel it. It was like Lydia was holding her breath in anticipation. The twist and then the gush and release of compressed air and fluids and the visible shrinking to almost flat of the tummy bulge. And then there was that extended, excruciating groan as the air expelled and as the tummy bulge shrank.  Just that few seconds of waiting for that air to escape and then Julia was pulling that thick, gelatine sausage from its hole.  Once again, much longer, much thicker than the new ones laid out on the trolley. This one too had expanded in length and girth on insertion. This one too had done its pre-set work inside the woman's rear tunnel... and deeper. As Julia pulled out the thing, so Lydia's extended, distended anal bud was dragged back out through the rubbered hole.  Julia got down, and looked closely as she pulled carefully, and slowly. Her tongue swiping across her deep red lips as she pulled.


The noise and tone had changed. There was relief there. That was obvious. An easier, more manageable breathing even if it was a 'permitted' and 'assisted' breathing. But also, something else. Inside that relieved breathing, and slightly less urgent mewling there was also that dread. Albeit a different level of dread. As though she knew her relief would be short lived. Short lived indeed.

Julia took the curled up enormous, snake like length of the anal gelatine thing and dumped it in the bucket with the other one.  She did this from a standing position and even the slightest movement of her high heels caused a loud click on the marble floor. It was as though those clicks were amplified. They weren't of course. It just seemed that way.

“Good girl Lydia, goood good girl.”

Julia seemed genuinely impressed with Lydia as she next moved to her head and face.  The cage was designed so that the oral valve was easily available to fingers. Julia's fingers. The ones that would twist and pull on that particular appendage.  Once again there was that hissing of escaping compressed air for a few seconds before Julia slowly began to pull the gelatine out.  As the air had escaped so the long bulge that ran the length of her throat, dispelled and flattened out. And the remainder of the stomach bulge flattened out. It became obvious that that particular 'sausage' had been inserted then inflated inside of Lydia's throat cutting off her normal mode of breathing, and instilling a regulated method. And that tendrils had gone deep into her. Down into her stomach.  Her breathing was out of her control with that thing inside of her. The assisted permitted breathing was only one trick of the oral appendage though. Just one trick.  Julia pulled out its enormous length and drool and bile dripped from it into the bucket as she curled it up and placed it with the other two.

The mouth hole in the rubber was also re-enforced. As the thing had been pulled out, what was left were Lydia's pretty, smooth red lips creating as stark a contrast as her sex and anal areas.  There was a tongue that slithered out from between the lips. As though it were searching for something. Not just that it was searching for something, but searching hungrily for something is the same way that her sex twitched, and pushed out.. so the tongue slithered out all dripping with drool and hungry. In addition there was the mewling and gentle growling from a now free throat.  Only one word was really decipherable in amongst all the incoherent noises.


Julia stood nonchalant as though taking a breather and as though enjoying her work. And as though enjoying and absorbing the woman's distress.  She liked to see and hear the distress of other women. That much was clear.  But the distress of Lydia sent out conflicting messages.  She was being tortured yes. In unimaginable ways. But also, her sexuality was being toyed with. Manipulated and cajoled in ways that was instilling an insipid, terrible addiction.  It was therefor unclear what she was begging, or pleading for. The ending of the torture. Or, the continuation of the sexual element. Julia stood back, an almost cruel smile played across her own luscious lips. Julia knew only to well of the conflicting torments being caused. It was a desired and very much engineered effect.

“Good girl Lydia, good girl.  You know Aunty Julia is very very pleased with you. I can see you getting double cums on Sunday. Wouldn't that be nice, hmmmm?”

Julia's tone indeed like she were talking to a niece who had misbehaved in the recent past. But that was intentional. Deliberate. And with it, the extended, mewl like groan that crept up Lydia's throat and into her mouth before dripping from her red mouth.

The insertion of the new, fresh gelatine sausages was as much a torture of Lydia's mind, as a torture of her femininity once they were in and twist locked into place.  Julia chose to replace the vaginal and anal ones first.  Going through her mind was that she so much wanted to hear the unhindered noises of distress, and enforced pleasure as the semi live gelatine things worked inside. It wasn't an accident then that she first held up each one, and played it across the exposed mouth of the woman so that she could identify the shape, and the feel of it before it was offered to its respective hole.

The six inches or so of the length, and the two inches approximately of the girth slid into the vagina with ease. There was a sucking in of breath as Lydia felt that re-invasion.  But there was also a sob as she recognised the beginning of a new period of torment. Time now meant nothing to her. It was just an indeterminate 'period'.  Her sex sucked and clung hungrily to the gelatine and there was another sucking in of air as the end was twisted, the valve locked and sealed into position.  Almost immediately there was that hissing sound again. Like the sound of compressed air as the gelatine thing came to life inside her.  Lydia's oral lips stretching, and distorting just before she let out an ear piercing scream.  Inside her, the thing was thickening and elongating.  But more than that, more than just the stretching of her tunnel, one tendril had found her urethra and was sliding its way down her pee hole and into her bladder. Once inside there it was expanding, rubberising the walls of her bladder, creating a pressure and a feeling of the need to pee. But on a constant basis.  In the main tunnel of her sex the rubber gelatine had expanded to its maximum, stretching the smooth fleshy walls of her tunnel to the maximum, and, length wise it had found her cervix. It had pushed up against the cervix and around it, creating a pressure and a coating there to.  The expansion in her bladder and vaginal tunnel had formed part of the tummy bulge before. And as that rubber gelatine thing had worked inside her, so the bulge had started to reform. With that torment, just a couple more simple words became decipherable.


Julia liked that. She like it very much.  That pleading, that noise became a constant as Julia worked. Next picking up the anal sausage and slowly, slowly sliding it into the twitching, sucking anus.  There were gasps and sighs, like ones of gratitude and relief as the thing was pushed fully in then twist locked into place.  Just a split second of silence and then that hissing of what sounded like that compressed air again. The thing expanding inside her and the renewed groan and renewed urgency as the thing stretched her anal canal to its maximum.  The length also, pushing deeper into her. Then deeper still until it was nudging against her colon.  Nudging against it but also, wrapping it in as much of the rubber like gelatine as was possible creating a permanent and tortuous pressure.  The expansion going further also. Sliding down into her bowel and expanding further, swelling the bowel and creating that feeling of need to relieve herself. Like a dry, balloon like enema. Rubberising the innards of her bowels.


The pressures applied deep in her femininity creating dual sensations. Yes the desperate need to relieve herself but also, a feed, a feed to her covered, tormented clitoris and her nipples.. Absolute incessant continuous hell, inside another hell.

“Hmmm well, baby, there is no God here... just Me. But you are being very good and you know how I like a good girl  don't you.”

The tone wasn't mocking. It was simply encouraging and cajoling the woman. Making her feel like she was pleasing her tormentress.  And, she had learned even this early that pleasing Julia was of great great importance.


Even gratitude in that hissing yes, as Julia turned her attention to the oral gelatine sausage.

What was startling, and quite unbelievable was the amount of different noises that came from the one remaining and available hole.  It was clear to see that Lydia's mouth was a pretty mouth. And the deep red long lasting lipstick made it even prettier. Lush full lips one could imagine were quite able and quite proficient under normal circumstances and yet didn't quite know what to do with themselves in these stress, and duress conditions. Like the anal and vaginal rubbered holes, her mouth hole was reenforced. The rim of the hole pressing in around the mouth making the lips protrude quite obscenely from the hood part of the rubber shrink wrapping.  What enhanced this even more was the fact that the double skinned hood part was inflated, so the head looked swollen, and out of proportion to the luscious redness of the mouth. Oddly this enhanced the mouth more, made it more 'desirable' in a strange kind of way.  And that desirability, that lusciousness of those continually opening and closing lips. Those stretching, and pouting lips only served further to draw attention to the noises that came out of them.

The particular noise as Julia offered the gelatine sausage to those lips was one that dripped and drooled anxiety. It was one that although didn't speak any decipherable words, was toned in pleading and begging. But it was a pleading and a begging that was also kind of resigned to its fate. As the tip of the transparent, vein ridden thing touched the centre of her mouth, the centre of those delicious lips, so they parted in readiness to absorb the thing.  Julia slid the sausage in full in one smooth firm movement and at the same time, twisted the end to lock it.  It was just a case of imagination, knowing that behind that hood, the woman's eyes would be bulging, popping almost as her tongue was forced to the bottom of her mouth and how her throat muscles contorted and adapted around it.

But that was only half the story. Not even half the story actually. There was this hissing of compressed air.  And the re-bulge of the throat as the thing extended and worked its ways to her deeper femininity.  This gelatine thing was different.  As its end tendrils expended down into the lungs of Lydia, her normal mode of breathing was cut off. And so a narrow central tube opened up that allowed a regulated breathing only.  It was this regulated, assisted breathing that helped to feed the deeper sexuality. The breathing tighter, more controlled. Restricted breathing that quickened the normal pulse and heart rates.  Air sucked in through the multipurpose oral valve and directly into the lungs.  Other tendrils then making their way through intestines and into the stomach. The stomach expanding, adding to the tummy bulge easily viewable from the outside. The smooth, black, rubbered tummy.


Normal mode of detached whimpering and and hissing resumed. Julia, slowly, very slowly just running her finger over the tummy bulge. Very gently, almost imperceptibly pressing the tips of her fingers into the rubbered shape. Making the whimpering noises accelarate and the hisses sound more urgent.  This in itself a display of how every single sense of the woman inside that rubber was heightened and accentuated and controlled.  Julia pressing then releasing. Pressing then releasing. Just so that she could hear, and enjoy the different pitches that came from Lydia.

By far the best pitch saved for last as Julia circled the woman for the last time before caressing the up button on the remote control unit. The hoist setting into motion immediately, and the black shiny, bondaged form rising again towards the blackness of the trap doors. A slow rising up. No swinging, just a slow rotation that was stopped as she neared the end of the lift. And a last desperate whimper as she disappeared up into the blackness. Julia watching. Her tongue sliding over her lips. The fingers of one hand, once again playing over the extended pierced nipple through the dress. Then that smile.

It was 4am. The weekend was just beginning.

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