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Wife takes me for an unexpected ride
The slight yellow glow of sunset was filtering through the dusty windshield, the shadows dancing across the car interior. My wife was sitting beside me curled up in the front seat of our SUV, her curvy white creamy legs sliding free out of the bottom of her red summer dress. The fabric gripping up her hips as she rolled and shifted her weight in the seat. I couldn’t help stealing glances of her gorgeous curvy body, her dark chestnut hair cascading over her shoulders and a lock covering her face. In her early thirties now, she had a body and face that could easily pass for twenty. Her perky full c cup breasts were precariously sitting at the edge of the top portion of her dress. One shoulder strap had fallen free, laying over her upper arm and her pink nipple were teasing the corner of my view.

We had been visiting various wineries as a date day, and I could tell all the testing had taken a slight toll on her constitution. As I wound our way through the curving hilly narrow road, I found my escape and took the dirt exit. I followed the slightly bumpy road until it pulled up to a small grove surrounded by thick vegetation.

Our work schedules had been crazy the last few months and it had been at least four weeks since I had the opportunity to fuck my wife. Just the thought of what I had planned was enough to form a small rise from my stiffening cock.

As I pulled the car to a stop, the slight shift in momentum was enough to rouse my sleeping beauty.

“Where are we?” she cooed as she wiped the sleep from her deep emerald eyes.

“Somewhere private,” I re-assured her.

“What did you have in mind?”

“Well, I know we have been in a little bit of a rut, and I was hoping you could help me put an end to it.” I replied, my eyes falling to her right nipple, which had finally escaped the top of her dress.

I could see the mischievous glint in her eye. I could tell things were going to get interesting.

We pulled the front two seats as far back as they would go, and my wife reached over the low set centre console as she slipped her last shoulder strap free over her shoulders. Her top half of the dress falling down to gather at her waist freeing her magnificent perfect full perky tits. I could already see her light pink nipples hardening as she pulled up over me and kissed me deep and long.

Her tongue gently explored my mouth, and I revealed in the sweet left over taste of wine on her lips. I could tell she was still slightly tipsy, but I didn’t stop that from letting my hands roam from her firm tits down to grasp her curvy butt cheeks.

As I felt the curve of her outer ass recede under her dress I was startled to realise my wife was completely bare underneath.

I must have had a little shock showing on my face as my wife slipped her tongue from my mouth and just stared deeply into my eyes, briefly winking. She was still sprawled over the centre console, and with the steering wheel and gear stick in place was unable to position herself over me. I watched her as she undid my jeans and helped her scoot them down to my ankles. My hard six-inch cock pointing straight up at her, a small glint of pre-cum already forming on my purple tip.

I usually have to press my wife into sucking my cock, but clearly, the wine had the desired effect, she had already started to slowly push her full red lips over the tip of my cock. I leaned my head back and enjoyed the sensation of her tongue lashing the underside of cock head as her hand gently pulled my foreskin back.

The sound of her soft moans as she began to slide her mouth deeper and deeper onto my cock was almost too much and I could feel my cock stiffen to its full hardness. My head and shaft stretching under the strain of my arousal. She clearly was enjoying the feeling of my cock straining in her mouth as her vigour and pace increased and her mouth worked the entire length of my cock, a sliver of her saliva building at the base of my cock.

I was torn, but also knew my wife doesn't usually like it when I cum in her mouth, but between the several weeks of build-up and between her mouth grinding on my cock harder and faster I knew I wasn’t going to last long.

I gently pushed her up and warned her.

“Careful baby, you keep that up and I'll cum any second.” She looked up at me with those gorgeous emerald eyes, a small strand of saliva stringing from her lower lip as she looked into my eyes. She just grinned cheekily before turning her attentions back onto my throbbing cock.

Instead of slowing her pace, she started to push her mouth harder onto my cock, my throbbing head striking the back of her throat. Each stroke of her expert lips sucking and moaning in time to my throbbing, her tongue swirling around my cock head at each rise. I could feel the build-up in my balls, deep in the base of my cock. My balls were already rising up to straddle the sides of my cock, and I knew I had only several strokes left in me.

“I’m serious baby, I'm gonna cum,” I pleaded.

Her moaning hit a higher pitch as her mouth continued it onslaught on my cock. I couldn’t hold back any longer and started to moan low and deep, as I felt the first shot of cum burn through my cock and into her mouth. I expected her to rise off my cock, but instead she sunk her mouth deep onto my shaft as the following three bursts of my blissful orgasm emptied into her mouth. I was shaking all over as she continued to gently suck my cock, swallowing my seed, her tongue gently sliding across the bottom of my sensitive cock head, causing me to squirm under the intensity of my orgasm.

After several more moments of her gently sucking my cock, I could finally feel my member softening as she relinquished my shaft from her orifice.

“That was amazing baby. But what about you?” God knew the mind was willing but the body needed some respite first.

I could see a small smear of my cum on her red bottom lip, as her tongue licked her lips clean.

“I have a kinky idea, how about I give you a show, and if you can behave until the end I'll let you fuck me after.”

I just nodded my head like an idiot, after all who was I to interrupt this curvy goddess of pure sex appeal. I could tell that between the wine and the long period of us fucking, my wife was steaming hot and ready to go. I also know she loves me watching her, forcing me to watch without being able to touch. It was an amazing tease game we shared.

“Get undressed and stand outside the car, I want to make sure you can't touch me until I’m ready for you.”

I quickly stripped my clothes and was standing outside the driver side door, a bit of native grass filtering through my toes. She closed the door on me and then locked the car ensuring I would have to stay hands off. I was watching her as she was still seated over the centre console, however with my absence in the driver’s seat she now had enough space to have her knees on each side of the console.

I watched her as her hands started to gently tug at her hard nipples, pulling them lightly in turn and then watched as her hand started to work its way down to her moist slit. My wife has a perfect pussy, completely bald, and tight, with only the slightest hint of her bright reddish pink labia-majora protruding from her quim.

I watched her as she started to rub her engorged clitoris with her deft hands, her glistening juices coating her fingers and lips. As she started to rub I realised she was gyrating gently, but it took a moment for my mind to catch up to my wife's mischievous plan. I watched in wonder as I realised the gear shift was perfectly placed and my wife was pleasuring her opening while rubbing her clit.

It really shocked me as my wife is usually the conservative one in our sex life, but her inhibitions had clearly dissolved much to my joy. I couldn’t help feeling the familiar stirrings of another erection as I watched her pressing her perfect curvy ass back onto the pommel of the gear shift. The back of her dress was flipped up to give a perfect vantage of her pussy, which was coating the handle with her delicious slick juices. No wonder she locked me out, as I doubt I would have had the will power to leave her alone.

Her grinding started to shift from a horizontal movement to a vertical one, and I could tell her opening was slowly stretching to accommodate the girth of the soft leather shifter. Her eyes were shut as she moaned, the feeling of her bright pink inner pussy stretching over the pommel. I looked down at my jeans on the ground and quickly grabbed my iPhone. My wife so rarely acts this slutty and I wasn’t going to miss a chance of capturing it for my later enjoyment. I started to film her as she ground down firmly pushing the widest part of the gear shifter past her opening. Her mouth formed a perfect o as her pussy finally accepted the fullness of the gearshift.

I watched mesmerised as she started to bob her pussy up and down the length of the shaft, her slick juices leaving a slimy residue over the leather base. Her right hand was furiously rubbing her clit in circles as her left was tugging her nipples. I looked at her glazed over emerald eyes as her tempo increased further. She was slamming her pussy onto the pommel now, the car slightly rocking to her rhythm. I could just imagine the wide hand pommel grinding on her g spot with each thrust and my cock was now raging hard again. I started to pump my cock in my free hand in time with my wife's fucking.

I carefully moved positions not wanting to distract her from the moment as she kept pushing her pussy onto the impromptu dildo. I had a devilish idea as I saw the driver’s door window. The window was a quarter down and I reached in carefully turning the ignition and causing the car to purr while my wife was impaled on the shifter.

It startled her out of her reverie for a moment but then the soft vibrations emanating from the shaft quickly lulled her back into her slutty show. I watched her tempo increase again in fervour and she was now fucking the shaft deep and hard causing the car to rock quite noticeably. Her muscles were quivering now as she braced herself on the seat with her left hand, her right furiously rubbing her clit.

Her moaning was now a low repetitive shriek and I could tell she was on the brink. As if on cue her whole body started shaking and I watched her wrench her pussy free from the glossy hand piece. A large spray of ejaculate pouring from her pussy onto the leather console. She sat there for several moments her pussy clearly spasming in time with her orgasm as her heavy breathing began to slow.

I stirred her from the moment.

“Baby that was so fucking hot, but are you up for some more fucking after that?”

She was giggling slightly, a little giddy with her intoxication.

“My pussy is spent, honey. But I'm so horny, I want you to fuck me in my ass.”

My jaw was on the ground. My wife has never let me do this but I wasn't going to let this opportunity escape.

I expected her to reach over and unlock the door, but instead she lowered the driver window and pressed her gorgeous ass and pussy through the window opening. I began to caress her curvy butt as it protruded from the aperture. I admired her ruddy used pussy lips; the sight of them stretched open causing my cock to reach an all new firmness. I aimed the phone onto her sweet orifices capturing the moment. I could smell the soft sent of her sex and was intoxicated by it. I gently kissed her creamy white ass slowly working my way down to her ruddy slit. As soon as my tongue touched her slimy hole, her body shuddered, and I took turns working from her pussy to her tight light brown anus.

I used the substantial moisture of her pussy to lubricate her tight sphincter and my throbbing member and then pressed the head of my cock to her ass. As this was her first time I expected her to show more trepidation but she pushed back onto my cock with so much vigour I was half buried inside her before I knew what hit me.

Her ass was so tight that I started slowly but her moans were enough to encourage me to fuck her harder. After a few more strokes and my balls were slapping against her pussy opening my cock bottomed out with each stroke. My wife’s arousal was more than a match for my own and before long, I was slamming my cocks full length in and out of her tight ass, each slap of my balls causing her whole body to shudder. My wife was now moaning and screaming, and her sounds only heightened my arousal. The tight grip on my cock was too much and I could feel the familiar stirring in my balls. I tried to steady the phone in my hand but was too distracted by our fucking to keep it focused on her ass.

I could tell my wife was close too as her ruddy pussy was glistening and sticking to my balls with each impact and suddenly my wife was screaming. I felt her fingers rubbing her clit and my wife was now quivering under our fucking.

“Oh, fuck, Ohhhhhhh fuck, I'm cuming!” she gasped.

Her pussy was spraying my balls and legs with her cum as I kept fucking her, her ass tighter than a vice and spasming so delightfully that within two strokes I lost all control and filled her ass with my seed.

I stood there trapped in her tight ass, my member slow to soften, when finally my wife pulled herself from me with a plop, a stream of my cum oozing from her tight hole. The whole scene captured on video.

She turned to face me. Her pretty face flushed and smiling. “I love you."

“I love you too baby, especially when you surprise me.”

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