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If only she knew what I was up to; if only she knew my craving for her ass...

Three more bends up the hill, and I would be back in the safe havens of the hostel. I had been jogging at quite a brisk pace for over two miles now. But the early morning fog and the ensuing chill caught up every time you stopped for a breather. In this merciless December winter, the body sought warmth above everything else.

A lot more was on my mind however, as I stopped by the fifteenth milestone, and surveyed the carefully constructed yet inspired hotness that was Navya. Let me tell you about her. She wasn’t the quintessential hot one who would turn eyes and freeze a room of fifty on sight. Rather, she would grow on you – killing them softly as someone said! Fairer than the average Indian, she had small, firm breasts, a flat tummy, waist perfect for my liking (and just too wide for her liking). And an ass to die for. To stare at her sashay down the road, right in front, with the greyish yoga pants holding onto every bit of that artist’s delight – simpletons as myself would go delirious over and over again.

And winter wouldn’t be merciless anymore.

Navya and I were good buddies during our MBA days at the picturesque little town of Goa in India. The college campus was atop a hill. One had to navigate past eighteen bends before reaching the top. The four miles stretch had become a hot spot for jogging enthusiasts. And my chubby little friend.

My fascination with Navya began with these early morning jogging trips.

“Akash” she came up to me one day as we were wrapping up our night time group study session. “I have to start jogging. And you have to get me out of bed every morning. There’s no other way I’m gonna lose weight.” I could have been honest with her, tell her that she didn’t need to. Unless she was planning to go appallingly skinny. Instead, I went for the staying silent version of a white lie.

From that day forth, I started having a body-shattering orgasm somewhere around eight in the morning, in the confines of my hostel room, on an everyday basis.

Jogging wasn’t all though. Navya followed that up with thirty minutes of work out back in her room. What would I do to get hold of her pants immediately after this?

I tried pushing my luck. Given I was the one who had found the work out videos on YouTube for her, I sometime playfully remarked “You have to let me watch you doing that! It already looks bad on the tube. You’d be a disaster!”

Some other day, when she would pose the weight question at me, I would say “May be you’re not doing it right! We should do it together sometime.” Yes, I was ready to kill my body even more. But to no fruition. She would brush me off with a “Never gonna happen! I very well know what you are up to. You’re gonna click embarrassing pictures of mine and post those on the social media! Taking me for a fool, are you?”

If only she knew what I was up to. If only she knew my craving for her ass. And the pants covering those.

For all her brilliance in the subjects, Navya was right little immature when it came to the topic of sex. A big fan of Scarlett Johansson, she had once asked me “How does it feel to be around someone so hot? How do you guys deal with it?”

“We jerk off Navya… masturbate,” I had told her, “Have you, ever?”

“Eww, no!”

Few more days following this routine, and I suddenly had choices to make. This couldn’t continue. I had to develop and execute a strategy to satiate my basic human desires.

For a start, I needed to get hold of those yoga pants, the sweat stained ones in particular. Opportunities there were few. And even those got thwarted by the presence of one creature named Eliza.

Eliza was another of my batch mates who lived in the room next to Navya. She was slightly healthier and taller than Navya. They were best of friends. The biggest catch here however, was that they had a shared balcony. And that drastically narrowed down my window of opportunity. Almost as if she were aware of my intentions, Eliza would arrive at Navya’s room the minute Navya got done with her work out session. That is when I would arrive too, on the pretext of going for breakfast. Damn right thwarted! Day after day! What had happened to plain luck?

Then one day, right after her work out, as were getting ready to move for breakfast, Navya received a call from the security guard. Apparently, she had dropped her ID card on her way back. Asking me to wait at her room, she hastened out. Miraculously, Eliza didn’t seem to be around.

Here was my plain luck! In seconds, Navya’s freshly used grey yoga pants were wrapped around my nose and mouth. That first breath in… I inhaled every bit of her sex that could possible lodge itself inside those wet cotton pants. And I inhaled some more – kissing and biting at it all this while. From the rear I turned to the front, from the ass drapers I moved to the pussy feelers. Somewhere else in my world, the thousand masturbations old dick had gone berserk. CHIP! That was the release cue! Out it came and jerked me off as I sat inhaling the intoxication. A minute later, I sat half dead, half naked in Navya’s room, having just experienced the masturbation of a lifetime.

Over the next few days, the law of averages caught up with me. I stayed patient while actually itching to have a go at those pants again. And the opportunity presented itself soon. I must admit I was starting to go desperate.

It was Christmas Day, with our winter holidays a week away. Navya had plans to visit her parents during the holidays, and so she had to get her clothes laundered. As we were set to move for breakfast, she thought it would be a good idea to put her clothes in the washing machine before leaving. Stepping back, she gathered a whole cache of used garments, and left for the washing machines which were a good three floors up. But not before hanging her pants on the clothesline over at the balcony.

FLASH! The whole world forgotten, I was sniffing at her pants for all it were worth. But something was wrong. It took me only seconds to realize this. Seconds too late.

There was one more person in the balcony, sniffing at Navya’s pants from the other end of the clothesline. Eliza. Caught in the act! Both of us!

It seemed all so obvious now. While I had been vying for my window of opportunity, she had been chancing her luck too. And we both kept thwarting each other. I had never quite paid much attention to Eliza. But after this most recent development, the whole idea of Eliza having the hots for my fantasy girl was seriously turning me on.

“So”, she asked me “What do we do about this?”

“About the pants? Or this whole situation?”

“Both I guess” she smirked playfully.

I turned to study her. A tomboyish face with short hair, tight, protruding boobs under the t-shirt, the average ass, and slender legs, which as an afterthought were worth paying a second glance at. I remembered that she was a member of the institute sports team.

“What’s the endgame you have in mind?” I counter-questioned her.

“Definitely not the sneaky masturbation sessions.”

I agreed. Jerking off couldn’t be my endgame. And so we decided to somehow seduce Navya before she left for home. Easier said than done. But the winter had heated up to a point of no return.

The plan was to invite her over for a late night movie session, and then take things forward. Between Eliza and me, there was much debate in preparation for that night. At Eliza’s insistence, we even went to the ridiculous extent of preparing a script, plan A, B, C and exigency plans – dialogues and actions, in case things didn’t pan out as expected. We argued a lot on who the first one would be to cross the line with Navya, before Eliza was handed that critical job.

Five nights after we had prepared the most meticulous of seduction plans, Eliza and I sat in her room, facing each other with nothing to show for all the hard work. Luck and Navya hadn’t at all been on our sides. She had downright refused to waste time watching a movie when she could work on her pending case studies. And the only night she agreed, she slept off five minutes into the movie, and ended up blaming us for our choice of movie the next morning.

“We just have a day left”, spoke Eliza “So how do we guys deal with it? With someone so hot, and not so accessible around?”

“I dunno.” We sat brooding.

“Well… may be…” I said after a while, slowly and carefully, “We could fuck each other.”

“Eh… what?” she recoiled, slightly stunned, “Have I been your target all along Akash?”

“No offence, but no!” I told truthfully.

“Err… ok.” She seemed disappointed in spite of herself.

“To add onto that though”, I added hastily, “I am also the same guy who wished to have sex with you a minute back.”

She laughed, craned her neck forward to kiss me on the lips, and then went over to pull the balcony curtains.

“Would you mind putting your yoga pants on? For this mutual fulfillment session?” I asked her, hopeful.

“Nope! If I ain’t getting my thing, you shall not either! Those are in the wash anyway.”

With that, our mouths met, even as I explored her body with a frantic swerve of hands. Eliza had put on a navy blue camisole top, and white shorts that displayed and augmented her slender, hot legs. She was intending to get rid of her clothes, but I signaled her to keep those on. I enjoyed it this way. SLAM! I had pushed her onto the bed. We stopped kissing and I immediately went for her breasts, nearly masticating those from over the top. Meanwhile, I could feel her fingernails pinching and scratching across my back and butt. Now I had moved from her breasts to the tummy, hands still pushing at those strategically placed bumps… now I was going down on her… there, I had poked my face right into her pussy from over the pants and –

“Elizaaaaaaa.” There was a knock at the door. It was Navya. “Elizaaaaaaa.”

We jumped off each other in a flash. Eliza tidied herself up, while I set the bed straight, brought the laptop and started playing the first movie I could get my hands on. Then she opened the door.

“Hey babe! I’m kinda… bored,” Navya began, “I was getting there, I know… hey… Akash, you’re here as well… that’s great.”

“We were just watching a movie” I informed her while giving a what-are-you-doing-here look.

“Guys! Can I join in too? I swear I won’t complain to anything!” she added hastily.

Eliza and I exchanged a look; there was a mad glint in our eyes.

“If you say so.”

We opened the balcony door to let the winter sink in, switched the lights off, pulled up a blanket to cover the three of us, at least partially, and started with Vicky Cristina Barcelona – Eliza in the middle, with Navya and I flanking the sides. If our old plan stayed, she was to make her move on Navya fifteen minutes into the movie. And thus, ten minutes into the movie, just as the discussion on ‘making love’ came up in the movie, Eliza turned to me and started kissing, almost biting my ear, unabashedly, and right in front of Navya!

“Whoa! Whoa!” shrieked Navya. On my part, I returned Eliza a puzzled look.

“Improvisation?” I whispered.

“Naah! Inspiration!” She remarked, lost in the spirits of delirium.

Navya kept staring at us as if hoping we would stop any moment and continue with the movie. And stop we did in a while, and turned to face Navya.

“What?” she shrieked again.

“Well, you were the one who wanted to join in,” said Eliza in a very matter-of-fact tone.

“EWW, NO!” Navya shot back.

“After all this time?” Eliza said incredulously.

“And someone said she wouldn’t complain to anything”, I added.

There was a very pregnant pause. Once it passed Navya got speaking. “Fine! But just a little bit of making out. And you guys don’t get to make fun of me.”

“Look who’s speaking now!”

That was our cue. Eliza fell upon her friend like a sweet dirty hound. Navya’s shorts were off before she could come up with an appropriate form of protest. I let the girls make out even as the temperature within me soared considerably. With her athletic body, Eliza had pinned Navya on the bed, going after her upper body with extreme vehemence. Navya on her part was still riling with shock at how sudden things had happened. Then Eliza stopped, pulled herself back, and nodded at me. I turned to meet Navya in the eye. She was breathing heavy.

“This is dirty!” she told me, “But I was bored anyway.” And she bared a smile. The next moment I was on top of her.

“Oh wait guys!” Navya spoke “How about you take it a bit slow?”

“Already wet down there, eh babe?” cackled Eliza from behind.

Navya was wearing a casual white shirt, to go with her now-out-in-the-open black panties. I opened the top two buttons of her shirt and fondled her breasts from over her black laced bra. Eliza meanwhile had taken to licking Navya’s panties resulting in her starting to moan faintly.

“Why am I the only one being… you know…?” muttered Navya over her moaning.

“Because”, said Eliza giving the panties a break, “We have been wanting to seduce you for months now.”

In a flash, I was reminded of something – a view from my jogging sojourns.

“Let’s turn her about.”


The next moment we had turned Navya around, chest facing bed. Eliza pulled the panties down. I don’t have words to explain this, but both of us went after that prized, maddening ass like there was no tomorrow. And the smell that had met me from her pants hit me again. Needless to say, I went delirious. We took turns licking every fine corner of her ass cheeks, and the ass crack until…

AAAAAAHHHH! Warm pussy fluid had gushed out of Navya with her whole body experiencing a ten second log violent shudder. She crashed on the bed.

After a very long time, we let go of that ass. Eliza and I turned to face each other, ecstatic. We kissed, then went ahead to kiss Navya warmly – the three of us lying side by side on bed, arms around each other.

“Some feeling”, Navya could just whisper the words.

But we weren’t done yet. Right on cue, I got up and left the room. In less than a minute, I had reappeared – with Navya’s cotton grey yoga pants.

“Put this on,” I commanded.

“Wait, but wh-?”

“Eliza, I’m holding this bitch, you make her wear this” I said throwing the crumpled up piece at her. It was endgame time. The next second I had grabbed hold of Navya’s hands and was half-hugging her from the behind while Eliza pulled the yoga pants up, past Navya’s legs, the knees, only to fit perfectly with the thighs.

Navya didn’t seem to understand much of what was going on. Her whole reluctant yet agreeing demeanour was making the exercise even better; hotter!

We made her kneel on the floor, and with the ass protruding out, asked her to rest her head on the bed. And then…


The spanking went on for quite some time.

“You fine there?” I asked her.

“Loving it!” was all she could muster, before another slap had hit her ass. At one point, we felt the pants might just crack. But our favourite pants of this winter time were holding on real good, almost as if it were reciprocating. We could have gone on and on, but my dick had been dripping warm for quite a while now, and called for action. I turned to face Eliza, and she understood immediately.

And thus it was, that with our winter time fantasy living a doggy pose, her wonderfully patient and precious butt cheeks stared on as Eliza and I got naked, and jerked each other off. We came again and again, and yet the ass asked for more. Blissful oblivion it was.

A long while later, Eliza crashed onto me. At long last, our naked intertwined bodies had a tale to tell.

“The night is young pretties,” Eliza yelled at us sometime later, body still resting on me.

Slowly, Navya got up from the bed, opened the last remaining button of her white shirt and let it go. She then got rid of her half hung black laced bra. With one final swerve, the pants came down, and Navya Roy, five and a half feet tall, and completely naked, walked up to us.

The night was indeed young.

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