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Erica the switch

, For being a story mentioning flashing and genital piercings this story is kind of vanilla.

Erica was 33 and had a nice ass, she had a Korean mother and some actually thought she looked slightly like Kelly Hu. One Sunday evening Dave, her neighbour from before she moved to a bigger apartment, had showed up in front of her door, saying he had no place to spend the night. The first night together she had served Courvoisier VSOP Exclusif in brandy glasses and showed him the new hot porn movie she had downloaded. Their relationship pretty much followed that road, the road that had been traced the first night, it was some passionate weeks and soon they
developed their own stile of sexual domination games, there they often switched which person that was in control. This is their story.

“Fuck I was stuck investing a triple murder, guess if I need some boy meat to cheer me up.” She said and within seconds she was aggressive kissing the soft skinned, boyish face of her lover, before she put him down on his knees. “Dave I want you to unbutton your jeans.” She said to him while he was on his knees, “Take out your dick for me.” She looked at him, “You know, I wonder  now then boy are becoming sex objects, are we women going to be obsessed with cock?” A minute later she added, “Cocks are at least useful.” She smiled. Then continued, “I think we should pierce the tip of your nineteen year old cock, to make it more interesting. You need a big and rough Prince Albert .” Then she changes stile, without warning her voice lost any hint of warmth and become ice cold. “Sex can wait, have you done the dishes?” She said and brutally put his cock back into his trousers.

“Yes ma’am.” She also asked him if he had cleaned the bathroom, again his answer pleased her. “Good slave, I will let you massage my feet, and later you might get to give me face.”  “Yes madam my hands and tongue should be honoured.”

She sat down and he massaged her naked feet. Yet as you have understood from the title,
she wasn’t the only one who could be dominating, this wont only be about female domination. Then water freeze it gradually become cooler and cooler, grade for grade, without switching form, but at grade zero everything change, it turns till ice. The same way they gradually felt it was time for a change every second they come closer to the turning point.

She talked a lot said something about that Anna the medical examiner at work, might know
how to make a Prince Albert piercing, Anna had medical education and Erica said, with less tasteful words, that Anna had enough experience of the male anatomy. She wanted Dave to be all naked, and have a hard on, she said it should serve Anna right to work with his young hard cock, that Erica had learned him to use, but not be able to have any fun with it. Then he interrupted her, the water had changed form, it was his turn.

“You shouldn’t talk so much, you’re a cheap Asian cock socket, then you talk we guys will just hear phrases like ‘Me so horny!’ or ‘Me love you long time!’, no matter what you really say.” Nothing
like a reference to a Stanley Kubrick movie, to spice up your sex life. And just so no one misunderstands it, it wasn’t old colonial racism, it was the way they played, this wasn’t the best degrading line he had delivered to her, but it was typical of the kind on lines he used to her. His talk often surprised her, to be clear it actually surprise him too. He had no idea where it comes from. He didn’t know he had that filth in his brain before he met Erica. Or he probably know that, just never thought he should be brave enough to say words like that, it was one thing to think them, it was totally different to say them, the sexual, the words become more real then he said them out laud.

At least he wasn’t the only pervert, last night she had induced a butterfly knife into one of their erotic plays. It was something sexy about the knife in her small hands with black fingernails. It was a turn on then she marked a cut from his navel and down.

He decided to continue with humiliation, just less original then the initial movie reference. He unbuttoned here jeans and roughly pulled them until they laid around her feet, then he did the same with her panties. “You know, you’re not that much of a good fuck, if you want my penis up your cunthole you have to deserve it”, he said, he had started using those words since the time the have played teacher and schoolgirl and he had learned her the lesson: “Boys have a penis, girls have a cunthole”. “I’m going to call for a pizza, you’re going to open the door dressed like that.” “Do you hear me? Not a single patch on your lower body! The pizza boy has to see your twat” he paused, then continued and went on to explaining – in less tasteful words - that seeing her genital was a fair tip for pizza-boys.

This time it was no empty threat, he did call, the boy who delivered the pizza blushingly and with a growing bump in his pants, saw her exposing herself. After water has turned to ice it takes a lot of energy to melt it to water again. I don’t have to tell you that the show Erica just had made, without and doubt was hot enough to melt any ice, the ice turning to water as I have used as a metaphor for switching of the domination in their relationship. She just grabbed his ear drag him thro the hallway: “You fucking own me”…
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