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First time being shaved

my Husband watches as I'm shaved
Our holiday time is a time where we can fulfil our fantasies. Like most married couples we get bogged down with every day life, work, money, deadlines. When we are on holidays however it is as though we leave our stresses at the airport and we are different people once we board that plane. Our favourite destination is Thailand, the people are friendly and there are quite a few places where you can indulge your naughty side with no risk of bumping into people you know.

I have always had a fantasy of someone else shaving my pussy, I always keep it well trimmed but have never had it completely shaved. I had told my Husband of this fantasy and he came up with the plan.

Thailand is full of massage/beauty parlours, some are simply just that, a place to get pampered and to relax, some offer a few more services and some obviously offer the full package. My Husband's plan was simple, we would go and find a beauty parlour where I could get my pussy shaved by one of the small petite Thai girls, there was only one condition, my Husband was to stay and watch! My first instinct was to refuse but the more I thought about it the wetter I became and before long we were walking down to the parlour.

My heart was beating so fast when we were ushered into the room, there was not much in the room except for a long massage table covered in a large white towel, there was a short stool on wheels and a large chair, presumably for my Husband to sit in. The only other thing in the room was a trolley on wheels full of towels and lotions.

The Thai lady was called Mim and was so friendly and instructed me to remove by skirt and panties and to lie on my back on the table, how I didn't change my mind and run out of the shop at that point I do not know but somehow I found myself removing my skirt and panties and climbing onto the table. My face was flushed bright red and I was shaking, I couldn't believe I was half naked in front of my Husband and a complete stranger.

I was asked to wiggle down to the bottom end of the bed, most of my legs were now dangling of the end, Mim then took both of my legs and bent them at the knee and placed both on the bottom corners of the table, exposing my pussy to the both of them, she then adjusted the bottom of the table and the two corners swung outwards spreading my legs wide open as far as I could comfortably manage. My face was now crimson, my legs were spread so wide, I could see my Husband fidgeting in his chair and I knew he would be so hard watching this. I heard a click and knew he was taking pictures which only increased my growing embarrassment.

Cream foam was then sprayed onto my pussy, Mim didn't rush with this part, she spent what seemed an age massaging it all over, I knew I was wet as she rubbed my clit repeatedly whilst massaging.

She then expertly shaved me starting at the top and working her way along my labia occasionally needing to insert a finger inside to pull the labia flat, she then finished around my a**** hole.

Warm wet flannels were used to wipe off the excess foam and then warm oil was applied, Mim drizzled it onto my clit and let it run down over my pussy before massaging it all over, it was a cooling menthol oil which only heightened the intense feeling of being exposed and touched.

Mim as though I was in a hairdressers fetched a large mirror and held it up for me to see her work! I was completely bald and I put my hand down and felt the softest skin all over my pussy. It was time to go, I didn't bother putting the panties back on, which didn't go unnoticed by my Husband so with just a short skirt and newly shaved pussy we walked back to the hotel.

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