Foot Fetish

By LauraLee_sugah

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losing control can be a positive thing

The gift card was in an invitation that was as interesting as the establishment I was about to enter.

“Happy Birthday, Peggy Anne. We are about to make your fantasy come true. Come prepared for a great pedicure and perhaps a little bit more.”

The building was a charming southern cottage with magnolias and old oak trees. The Spanish moss hung like lace from the branches. There was just enough for atmosphere but not enough to make it spooky. There were rocking chairs on the wrap around porch. The name on the tastefully engraved sign by the front door was “Foot Fetish.”

The door opened as I walked up to it and I was greeted by a tiny doll of a woman.

“Peggy Anne, I am so glad to meet you, dahlin'. Come in and let me take care of you. My name is Sissy.”

“Of course it is,” I said under my breath as I followed her into a beautiful, creamy-colored parlor.

The chairs and settee were obviously old but were covered in tone-on-tone modern fabrics that invited you to sit and have a cup of tea or a glass of sherry.

“Sit down for a moment and let's chat,” she said as she gestured toward a chair. Tea things had been set on a small table and Sissy poured for both of us.

“Your friend, Gina, told us all about you when she made your reservation. I guess what I want to know is if you will trust the plans we have made for you or if you would like something more traditional?”

I hardly knew what to say. I knew Gina would not do anything to embarrass me but she also knew that I am a planner by nature and that I find the unexpected very unsettling.

“I can see that you are torn because you like to be in control. Gina said that what you needed most was a small period of time where you could abandon all that control and just put yourself into the hands of someone dedicated to your pleasure. What do you say? Will you trust me... trust us?”

“Can I ask a question, Sissy?”

“Of course! We welcome questions.”

“Why have you decided to specialize in only pedicures? Don't people want to have their pedicures and manicures in the same salon? Wouldn't that be more profitable?”

Sissy laughed softly and sipped from her tea cup. “There are people like you, Peggy Anne, who only want a pedicure. There are others who may never want their nails polished but who want to have their feet touched and massaged. The staff here is certified in both cosmetology and therapeutic massage. They have been specially chosen and trained to cater to the clients who come here.”

“Now is the time to decide, Peggy. Will you rest yourself in our capable hands or do you just want a nice pedicure and nothing more?”

The question hung in the air.

“I put myself in your care,” I said. “What comes next?”

Sissy rose and gestured for me to follow her down the hall. She opened a door to a jewel box of a room with walls the color of whipped butter and fabrics in pale pinks and sage greens. There were pink roses on the table.

“I will leave you for a moment while you change into the robe that is hanging in the powder room. When you are done just have a seat in that chair, “ she said gesturing to something like a cross between a plantation chair and a chaise lounge. “You can go ahead and put your feet in the basin and relax. I will be back.”

I went in, stripped to my underwear and put on the robe. The chair was the most comfortable thing I had ever sat in. There was a porcelain foot basin filled with inviting bubbles and the most amazing scent. The water was the perfect temperature and the tension that had seemed to possess my body for months suddenly began to lessen.

There was a light knock on the door and Sissy walked in. The tension returned for a moment because Sissy was wearing a robe that matched the one I had on. She took it off and laid it across a chair revealing a pair of pink lacy panties.

She was so tiny but her breasts were full and pink-tipped. I understood immediately how any man or woman could want to touch those breasts and take them in their mouth.

She took one look at my face and said, “Abandon yourself, Peggy Anne. Nothing bad will happen.”

Scented candles on the table were lit and soft guitar music seemed to surround me.

“Is the water still warm enough, Peggy?”

I nodded still stunned by events.

She pulled up a tufted stool. Each foot was removed from the water in its turn and placed on a towel in her lap. She removed the old nail polish, trimmed the nails and the cuticles and massaged in a soft lotion just like this was any other pedicure.

The water in the foot bath swirled out and fresh water and a new inviting scent was poured. Sissy began to massage my foot with an oil that warmed and relaxed my whole body. She massaged the pressure points giving extra attention to knots or points that she could tell caused slight pain and might indicate health difficulties.

As I relaxed into bonelessness in the chair she placed my foot on her bare breast and began to massage up my leg. I was surprised how strong her fingers were. My knee rose and fell aside but I could not even care that I was definitely revealing more than I ever had in a situation like this.

Her fingers continued to an area above my knee as my foot massaged her breast. She slowly moved back and took my foot back in her hands.

I almost came out of the chair as she kissed the arch of my foot and ran her tongue over my toes. She made a sound that for some reason made me relax again and allow her to lovingly hold my foot and suck each toe into her mouth.

Who knows when it started but I was suddenly aware that the scent of arousal had become a part of the atmosphere. I knew I was wet and that my pussy was swelling and full. I could not help but glance down to the lace covering Sissy's crotch. Wetness glistened in the brown hair that curled around the edges of her panties.

She continued to massage and suck and kiss my feet until I was wild with arousal but had no idea what to do with these feelings. That foot was suddenly between her legs on the stool. My other leg began to get the identical treatment.

The foot of the leg she was massaging rested against her breast again. Her puss caressed the completed foot as her hands moved up my leg. The sensations were so much that my heart was racing and my breathing was audible. My toes moved against her panties and I could feel her wetness and heat.

When her mouth kissed the arch of the second foot I came. It was so out of the blue that I screamed in spite of myself. Moisture flowed over the chair and my thighs.

Sissy continued to suck my toes as I relaxed back into the chaise. She then pulled both feet up and kissed the tops of them with something that felt like worship.

She placed both feet back into the water and rinsed the excess oils from them. The pedicure then continued until the application of a soft, pearly-pink polish was complete.

“You just stay there for a while, honey, and let the polish dry. I will return in a bit.”

I do not think I could have moved at that moment if the house had been on fire so I rested.

When Sissy returned she was fully clothed. “Peggy Anne, are you okay now? I put some fresh panties for you in the powder room. You can wash up and I will be waiting for you in the parlor.”

As I entered the room Sissy smiled at me sweetly. “Peggy remember this feeling as you go into your week. You do not have to be in control all the time. There is a great deal of power in relaxing and letting someone else do something for you.”

No words seemed like enough for a life-changing event so I kissed her cheek and left.