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For her....Tied Up!

A lady, tied up and helpless...from a mans perspective!
You lay back on your bed, helpless. Your wrists tied together with a stocking, and you find yourself blindfolded by a pair of your thin tights. You had no idea what I was going to do to you, but the excitement was overwhelming. You tried to relax, but you didnt know where the next touch was coming from, your nerves where tingling, your senses playing tricks on you like never before.
I looked down at you on the bed, looking amazing. That stunning figure, helpless, I could do what ever I desired now! My eyes gazed down, running from your lovely lips, down over your white blouse, where I could see your lacey bra through the top. Then onto your black skirt, ending just above your knees. Your legs encassed in the thinest sheer barely black coloured tights, down to your silky smooth feet.
Your mouth was dry, and I saw you licking your lips, so I leant over, and without touching you with my hands, I kissed you gently on your wet lips. A long lingering kiss, as eventually I feel your tongue with mine, and I trace my tongue around your lips.
I stood up, and completely undressed in front of you. The thought that I could do that and you couldnt see me was such a turn on. I took your hand, still tied, but loose enough to run it over my thigh and upwards, just letting you know that I was naked!

I kissed your neck, as you felt my fingers run down and over your blouse. Running gently over your breasts, just firm enough to feel my fingers run across your nipples through your bra. My hands run down your body, and down each leg over your skirt, and down your silky legs. Im at the bottom of the bed, and you know that I can see straight up your skirt, but you cant do anything about it! I kneel at the bottom of the bed and push your skirt up so it is around your waist, and I take in those gorgous legs. My hands guide your ankles back so your knees are in the air, and you just about feel my tongue on your toes in between the straps on your heels. It's already driving you crazy, and you want me so much to touch your pussy, wanting me to touch and lick. You want to touch yourself but you cant..all you can do is feel my tongue run gently across your thin tights, in between your toes as I slip your heels off.

At last you feel the sensation of my hands and tongue run up the inside of your legs...pushing your skirt higher, higher, and over your waist. Your tied up and blindfolded and you can do nothing as I run my fingers along the crack of your pussy, pushing your tights into your wetness. At last your clit is touched, even for a second, as my finger brushes over it. I feel your tights getting so wet, gently pushing them slightly inside you, soaking them with your juices, before I slowly peel them off of you.

You lay there not knowing whats coming next, and suddenly you feel my finger run over your mouth. You open your mouth, shocking you a bit as I push your wet tights into your mouth, as I kiss you passionately. You can taste your swet juices as we kiss and find each others tongues entwined in your wet thin tights, before I pull them from your mouth and into mine so lick and suck your wetness from them.
You're in a frenzy now, begging me to lick you. You open your legs wide, waiting for my tongue.

Your legs wide open, and you feel me gently stuff one leg of your tights slowly inside your wet pussy, and then slowly push the other leg deep into your ass hole with my finger. I start to tease you with my tongue and fingers, licking, and fingering alongside and through the nylon material of your tights. Your so close to an orgasm, and I lick harder, sucking your clit and pushing your tights even deeper into your pussy and ass. As your body convulses in a magical climax, I quickly pull your tights out of your pussy and ass simultaneously which strengthens your orgasm to a level you have never reached before. I lick and suck your pussy as you actually squirt your lovely sweet juices into my throat to swallow.

You try to recover from your orgasm, as you feel me slipping your tights back onto your legs, and pulling them up over your waist. Your tights on your legs now shimmering with the juices from your pussy and ass, as you feel my tongue lick and kiss every inch of your legs and feet as I work my way up to your pussy before licking you through them.

I pull open your blouse and rub your lovely breasts, carressing and teasing your sensitive nipples, before sucking them. My tongue traces its way down your belly, teasing your belly button before going lower, and slowly onto your clit as you gasp. You lay back, legs wide apart as I put my hand down your tights and explore your pussy with my fingers and tongue, leaving nowhere untouched. I suck and nibble your clit between my lips, and you shout as you tell me your cumming again. I lick harder, more franticly and you feel my fingers deep inside you as you reach a massive orgasm, pushing your groin into my face as I lick and taste as much of your juices as I can. You lay back, trying to relax, but you feel my kisses again, sharing your juices with you, before I kneel over you and offer my cock to your mouth. You lick the tip, before taking it all in your mouth, sucking, licking, moving your head backwards and forwards. Its an amazing feeling, and sight, watching you suck me, and as I look down over your beautiful sexy body, with your skirt around your waist, and your blouse open. Im so close to cumming in your mouth, but theres lots more I want to do first!

I pour wine into your mouth from your glass, before taking a mouthfull of mine and kissing you, letting it all drip into your mouth, before forcing you to get on all fours on the bed. Ive tied your hands behind your back now and you are totally helpless and vulnerable. Your legs slightly apart, your on your knees and your head on the pillow with your lovely ass in the air. I kneel behind you, pushing your skirt up and over your ass again, revealing a perfect bum, with the sexiest crack, just waiting to be explored!

I kiss your bum cheeks, and ease your legs apart a little more, before getting a vibrator from your drawer and making you suck and lick it as I rub your breasts and nipples.
You lay with your head in the pillow, your ass and pussy exposed, as you feel my fingers carress you and then rip your tights open. The vibrator teases your clit, before slipping inside you, fucking you, then suddenly you feel my wet tongue run from your spine, right along the crack of your ass. Pausing to tease your anus, then down to your pussy as the vib goes in and out. Your loving the sensations, and just as your getting close to anothe orgasm, you feel my slippery wet tongue tease your anus again, before gently easing right up inside your tight ass hole. Tongue fucking you ass to the rythem of the vib in your pussy. I can feel the vib on my tongue in your ass from inside your pussy. My finger now in your pussy, making it lovely and wet, before offering it into your mouth to suck. That turns us both on so much, I need to kiss you and I lay on my back underneath you so you can kiss me. Our tongues exploring each others mouths as my fingers explore inside your pussy. My other hand holding your head, forcing you to kiss me hard, as I take my finger from your pussy and put it in our mouths as we kiss. Sucking and tasting, and sharing your sweet pussy taste. Then you feel my wet finger slip easily inside your ass, going where my tongue was seconds ago, before again going into our mouths.

I know you're close to cumming, so I go back to the vib and licking you, going from your pussy to your ass, exploring deep inside each and back again.I feel as you near a massive orgasm, but I stop, and it drifts away, frustrating and teasing you. I pour more wine into your mouth as you lay on your back.
I lay next to you in a sixty-nine position, before pulling you on top of me, guiding my cock into your mouth and positioning myself under your pussy and ass. My tongue explores you even more, Im savouring your wet pussy, licking, You immediately feel my cock grow harder in your mouth, as I pull your bum cheeks down, eagerly licking your pussy. Almost instantly, we both reach massive orgasms at the same time. You feel my cock pulse, before shooting my cum onto your tongue, filling your mouth, before swallowing it all. You shudder as you cum again in my wet mouth, pushing down on my tongue.

Mmmmmm....shall I untie you yet?

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