Full Package with Jan

By alexcarr

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Jan was always exciting and unpredictable
Full Package with Jan.

Jan was my queen and certainly crowned my glory almost as soon as I arrived.

“I shall be your Boadicea today Alex and lavish you with a bowl of fruit” and by that she meant she would empty the bowl over my naked body and crush all as she rendered me a full massage.

Jan was always exiting and unpredictable presenting me with something new to show how pleased she was to see me at weekends after a heavy week on the rigs.

We’d talked about a committed relationship but for now this was fine.

This week my Queen Boadicea and who knows who’ll she’ll be next time.

Dressed and garnished in Roman gear she looked as seducible as ever and I could not wait to get my body functions erupting with hers.

But patience is a virtue sure enough and with Jan an absolute reward because she would want her usual foreplay as much as I and the mere thought of her enjoying her grape and black cherry extravaganza with a side salad of pumpkin juice was definitely not to be missed.

I’d just chill as he wanted me to and enjoy her love play, the tease of the balls with a palm full of crushed grapes, the feel of her warm lips tasting of cherry wine moulding mine, the tease of her tongue slithering mine in her inimitable French kiss. The gentle, so wonderfully gentle tease of my masculinity with the touch of a finger tip as she kissed me deep - then the feel of her hand grasp me so tight and wanting as, finishing the kiss, she would progress down over my chest and garnish with crushed black cherries, smothering and sucking in the juice all there time, then the crescendo and I always knew without looking, my eyes closed and taking in the moment, the gentle feel of her teeth just gently nibbling the head of what was now a very large and capable erection, she bending back to pronounce my balls and push it firmly against my naval as she progressed to deep suck and lick its length with a fervour so wanting, her eagerness displayed by her hard deep suck and the feel of her cupping and squeezing my balls like she needed to squeeze every drop of my pre-cum into her mouth.

My Queen I call the Queen of oral splendour, opening my eyes then to see her head bobbing up and down, her earrings dangling and the jewels in her hair glowing as I felt the absolute extract and delight of her tongue wrapping around my plum, the placement of a fresh uncrushed grape kindled in her tongue as she preceded to go down to me once more to enjoy the combined taste of grape and p-hole, it was a sheer delight to feel her excite my cock to the full as her sucks continued. She so enjoyed and it was a delight for us both - just her, the bowl of fruit and me.

Fucking Jan was a true bonus to a wonderful afternoon with Boadicea. And afterwards she would dangle those roman style bracelets across my chest, and invite me to treat her to a vital smothering of cock and balls and more, because she certainly wasn’t adverse to a touch of the anal when she was in full heat. I loved the idea of crouching over her and gently hovering initially as she cried for me to down on her, But I love to tease and garnish those firm brown nipples with grape oil before I continue, and when I do, the feel of that is electric and the deliverance of those wonderful sounds that herald the sheer enjoyment of our delightful sexual encounters.

She stretches my ass cheeks to find a snug lodge between and asks me to wiggle just a bit. Then I feel her sweet tongue begin to lick and suck my all and I am engrossed in the ecstasy which for me is heaven on earth with my Queen.

And when she uses her strap-on recently b9ught from Ann Summers I realise love is about going for it all, minus those horrible inhibitions that hold one back, so long as whatever’s agreeable to you both there are no boundaries within the scope of mutual consent.

This time Jan is my Queen Boadicea and the next time?

Whatever my baby will be with be fine with me - simply because the pull of love is there full package!