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Gymnastic Role-Play Fantasy

Gymnastic Role-Play Fantasy

A couple do a gymnastic fantasy role-play
Albert Thomas is a very horny and kinky man. He really enjoys to have his girlfriend dress up in gym uniforms. He loves for her to wear white lace panties, with a little navy pleated skirt, a very tight fitted, button up, white shirt, and a white bra. He likes her to wear sneakers and slouch socks.

His girlfriend’s name is Kimberly. She's twenty years old and Albert is forty years old. He sometimes would rent a gym for the day and have her dress in her uniform and watch her do gymnastics. Kimberly works part time at a local gym, where she teaches gymnastics.

Albert and Kimberly met at Starbucks in line, while waiting to be served. Kimberly was in her gym clothes and Albert struck up a conversation with her. Albert has a fetish for women in sexy leotards and he often gets very hard looking at women in them. They hit it off immediately and began to date.

Albert and Kimberly have been living together for the past year. He's much older than her and takes care of her. Albert is Kimberly’s sugar daddy. He buys her all her clothes and anything that she wants or needs. He's very much in love with her. Kimberly is a very quiet girl and very unsure of herself. He treats her like his little doll. He loves to dress her up and tells her what to wear.

Albert has a fetish for spanking and enjoys doing very elaborate role-playing scenarios. His most favorite role-play to do with Kimberly, is to have her be his gymnastic student and he is her coach. Kimberly would be given her routines that she needs to practice, but when they are together, she messes them up. This then, makes Albert very upset, that she's not been practicing. Eventually, it will lead to a series of spankings and other sexual things that he would like her to do.

Albert likes to do this specific role-play with Kimberly once every month on a Saturday. He rents out the entire gym and sets it up with the proper equipment, that he wants her to use. Albert finds this highly entertaining and he gets very excited seeing her in her slutty uniform. Kimberly loves to please Albert and will happily play along in this gymnastic fetish fantasy.

This is the story of a Saturday morning that Albert and Kimberly were going to play out their gymnastic fantasy role-play. I'll go over all the details that happened.


It was a Saturday morning on a very brisk day in January. My boyfriend Albert had rented the gym out for the day. We were going to be meeting there to do our sexy gymnastic fantasy role-play. Albert loves to role-play and this particular fantasy really gets him very aroused and very excited. We'd been planning it for the past month.

“Make sure you wear the agreed outfit. I want you to really play the part of the bad gymnast. You know how excited you get me, when we play this game.”

“Don’t worry Albert, I’ll make it especially hot for you. I know how much you enjoy our games.”

Albert left and I got ready in the outfit. I wore white lace panties, with a cute little navy pleated skirt, and a very tight white shirt. I wore my sneakers with my slouch socks. I wore my blonde hair in a pony-tail. I have your typical gymnast body. I’m only 5’2” and ninety pounds. I’m very small on top. My breasts are only a 34-B cup. I have blue eyes and a great smile.

Once I was ready, I drove over to the gym. It was only about a fifteen minute drive. When I finally arrived, I walked into the gym and Albert had everything set up. He had the floor mats, vaulting horse, and balance beam in the proper places.

“Nice of you to finally get here Kimberly. You’re late! Now start your exercises!”

Once I got there, I went on the mats to limber up. I sat with my legs spread apart and touched my nose to each of my knees. I did this exercise about ten times. Albert’s eyes were of course on my white panties. I could tell, he was excited looking at them.

I then put my legs together and again touched my nose to my knees. I did that exercise about twenty times each. Then I did some leg lifts. Holding my two legs off the floor about two inches and holding them up for five seconds. I did this exercise twenty times.

I then did twenty jumping jacks and then twenty sit ups. Then I stood up and had my hands in the air and my legs spread. I would stretch to my left toe and then I would stretch to my right toe. I did these exercises about twenty times on each leg.

“Kimberly, it’s time to work on the balance beam now. Now walk across it and then I want to see you do a forward roll and a backward roll. Let’s go, Missy!”

I jumped up on the beam and walked across it very slowly and then did a tumblesault and then a backwards tumblesault.

“Kimberly that was very sloppy. Have you been practicing? You’re not landing right. Do it again!”

I did it several times and Albert was getting mad and telling me I was not doing it right.

“You know, Missy, when you don’t practice your work looks very sloppy. Since you have obviously not been practicing, I think I must spank you. I’ll sit on that chair and you will lay across my lap and I'll give you a proper spanking.”

I walked over to Albert and laid across his lap. Albert pulled my skirt up high to my waist and pulled my panties down and swatted at my buttocks three times.

Wallop, Wallop, Wallop!

"You’ve not been practicing. Your tumblesaults were sloppy. This is making me very upset.”

I could feel the sting of his hand on my buttocks. I could also see that Albert had a raging hard on.

“Kimberly if you want to make up for your lack of effort, you can suck on my cock. Get on your knees and give me a blow job!"

Albert stood up and kicked off his shoes. I unbuckled his jeans and unzipped his fly. I pulled his jeans down and then pulled his boxers down. His cock was erect and very hard. I got down on my knees and wrapped my lips around his hard cock. I took his cock deeper and deeper down my mouth. My cheeks were bulging, spit oozed down the corners of my mouth. I was making all those wet, sucking, popping noises, as I sucked his erect dick.

“You’re a very good cock-sucker. Too bad your gymnastic skills are not as good.”

Albert always enjoyed, when I rubbed and massaged his prostate. I grabbed onto his ass, while I was sucking his cock. I slipped my fingers into his anus and rubbed his prostate. Albert began to face fuck me and I kept pace with his cock. I was gagging and sucking his cock very hard and very fast.

“Oh baby, I’m going to come in your mouth. Here I go!”

Albert sprayed his hot come into my throat. I made sure to swallow it all down for him. When I was done, I stood up and gave him a kiss. His come was still on my breath.

“Very nice. Okay, let’s get back to doing gymnastics. I want to see you do your floor routine. Do it properly, do not mess it up!”

Albert then got dressed again and we moved over to the mats. I then did a handstand into a front walkover and then I did a back walkover. I was doing some dance and some gymnastics. As I was doing them, my panties were showing and that excited Albert very much.

“It does seem you have been practicing your floor exercises. That of course pleases me very much. Let’s move to the vaulting horse.”

We then moved to the vaulting horse and I did a series of jumps and this time I messed them up. Albert was getting angry. I could see, he was not happy with me.

“That was a mess, Kimberly. I think you’ll need to take off your outfit and lay across my lap again for some more spanks. That was so freaking sloppy! I’m not happy with your vaulting program.”

“I’m trying really hard Albert. There is just so much to learn.”

“At your level this should be easy. Take off your clothes and lay across my lap!”

I did as he said and I removed my blouse. I unbuttoned each button and then unclasped my bra. My small breasts were now exposed to Albert. I pulled down my navy skirt and I stood there in my white panties.

I again got on his lap. Albert pulled my panties down and he firmly spanked me again.

“Wallop, Wallop, Wallop, Wallop

“I’m so sorry Albert, I promise to work harder and get all these routines down pat.”

“Enough about the routines. I want you to finger that pussy. Put your fingers in your panties and let me see you get yourself off.”

I slipped my fingers into my white panties and rubbed and massaged my clit. I put my finger into my pussy and finger fucked myself several times. Albert undressed and sat on a chair and began to stroke his cock, while I was playing with my pussy.

“You’re a very naughty gymnast. I think it’s time I fucked that pretty cunt of yours. I want you to hold onto the balance beam and bend over.”

We walked to the balance beam and I held onto the beam and bent over. Albert grabbed my hips and slid his cock into my pussy. Albert carefully pushed his cock into my tight, young, wet cunt. Once his cock was all the way in, he began to fuck me. Deeper and faster he went. It felt so good. Albert, was smacking my ass and pulling my blonde hair. My pussy was making her squelching sounds, as he fucked me.

Albert then picked me up and put his cock into my pussy. He held me, while he fucked me. I’m only ninety pounds and he often fucks me this way. His hands were on my ass as he fucked up into my cunt.

“Albert, I’m going to come. Your cock feels so good in my pussy. Oh God!”

My pussy exploded on his cock. I soaked his cock and balls with all my juices. Albert, put me on the floor mats and spread my thighs and was licking furiously at my bald pussy. His tongue was lapping at my cunt like a crazed dog. He was slurping and enjoying the tangy juices from my cunt.

“Your pussy tastes fabulous. But, now I want to fuck your ass. Your mine and I’m going to claim my little gymnast now. On your hands and knees!”

I got on my hands and knees like Albert said to do. He spat on his hands and rubbed it on my anus and all over his hard cock.

“Spread your buttocks, so I can fuck that tight rosebud. Do it princess!”

I spread my buttocks open and Albert pushed into my rosebud. He went very slowly and my anus opened up. It was a very tight feeling, as he slowly pushed his cock into my ass.

“Please go slow! It’s very tight.”

“I will doll, just relax and it will feel fine soon.”

I totally trusted Albert and just relaxed like he said to do. His cock was slowly fucking into my ass. He grabbed onto my hips and fucked me slowly. Albert did like to fuck my ass every now and then, just to show me who was boss. I loved him and just let him do it.

“Your ass feels so fucking good, Kitten. I’m very excited and your ass is so warm and tight. Oh fuck, I’m going to come."

Albert pulled his cock out of my ass.

“I want you to open your mouth. I’m going to shoot my come down that pretty mouth of yours.”

I got on my hands and knees and opened my mouth and Albert came in my mouth. His hot cream filled my throat and I again swallowed it all down.

“Well that was so much fun Kimberly. Let’s get dressed and go home. I thoroughly enjoyed playing this role-play with you. You’re such a sexy gymnast and your hard body just excites me so much. I love to see you in your cute little uniform. It makes me hard every time.”

We both got dressed and went home. I just love to please Albert. He does so many wonderful things for me. I can only imagine what the next role-play will be.

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