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Halloween in Shibuya, Part II

Hye-Jin goes to a Halloween party in Tokyo in a sexy outfit.

Masa held my hand as we navigated through the mass of humanity in the Shibuya Crossing toward BIC Camera, one of the largest shops near the station. We walked along the sidewalk feeling like salmon swimming upstream. After a couple of minutes, Masa pulled me into a tiny side street barely 10 feet wide—more like a wide paved path. We passed dozens of postage stamp sized pubs and eateries stacked from the ground to higher floors, each with its loyal clientele. Halfway down the block, Masa pointed to a little wooden sign, チカラク (Chika Raku, underground pleasure). We found it!

Entering through a nondescript black wooden door, we were greeted by a man dressed up as a yakuza (gangster). “Masa-san,” he shouted, “good to see you! We were expecting you and your special guest! Wow, she’s gorgeous!”

Masa replied, “Ken-san, good to see you again. Thank you for the kind invitation for a special night. My guest’s name is Hye-jin, a Korean American visiting Japan on business. Yoroshiku (thanks for taking care of us).”

Ken pointed into the next chamber and said, “You can leave your valuables with me for storage. That way, you won’t have to worry about them during the Halloween surprises awaiting you.” Masa and I turned over his wallet and my little bag to Ken and entered the chamber through the obligatory creaking door. 

The only other instruction we got from Ken was that we had to go through the chambers alone—besides the chambers were tiny and cramped anyway.  So I went first. I learned later that the Halloween experience was set up for me while Masa went off to another waiting area at the end—so I was really on my own.

The first chamber had black walls and was so dimly lit I could barely see anything. I walked very slowly feeling my way through the room. It seemed like there was a black curtain on my left side. I also thought I smelled alcohol—like when someone who had too much sits down next to you in a subway train. Suddenly, I felt two rough hands grab me from the back. The alcohol breath was now overwhelming. Coarse hands drew me close to his body and the man’s grisly unshaven beard scraped the back of my neck. His hands grasped my firm breasts and massaged them before sliding down the front of my camisole and sliding his hands up beneath my filmy bra. Now his sandpaper-like fingers stroked my nipples which firmed up like plump raisins.

I murmured, “Ohhhh, you’re making me feel wild.” I grabbed his hands and moved them down to my crotch. While his scratchy face rubbed my nape, his hands now found their way under my tap pants and fingered my pussy. So this is what it feels like to be fondled by a drunken old man in a subway train! And I was perfectly dressed up to provide a fantastic feel-up which cannot be matched by the typical office lady dressed in cheap pantyhose and black business suit.

As sexy as the handsome Eric was in the subway train earlier, this drunken ojisan (old man) was really turning me on—perhaps because it was an unthinkable act in daily life. The old man’s hardened dick was now planted in my crotch, rubbing in and out along my slick panties. He turned me around and embraced me. His hands reached behind me and released my bra which fell to the dark floor somewhere. Now only the filmy camisole covered my swollen breasts. He lifted my camisole so my breasts rubbed across his hairy chest. 

As his alcoholic breath stung my nostrils, he held my face as he tongue-fucked my mouth. I wondered if his unshaven face left tiny scratches on my porcelain skin as he crudely kissed me. After realizing that the ojisan was actually naked, I felt his engorged dick probing my juiced-up cunt. For an old man, he had an enormous prick, and stiff as a one-inch dowel.

Crouching down, I grabbed his dick and stuffed it into my awaiting mouth, ignoring the foul smell of an unwashed sock. His huge rod glided in and out of my mouth to the hilt as I gave him a blowjob he wouldn’t forget. He came after a couple of minutes of deep stroking, shooting a huge wad into my mouth. I rose slowly and let his dick slide along my pussy, leaving his cum all over my panties and dribbling down my thighs and stockings. He disappeared quickly into the side door to wait for the next unwitting customer.

OK, next chamber…. What awaits me ahead? Opening the next door, I entered a room with walls lined with sheet metal. There were two rows of little lights along the bottom of the walls—otherwise, the room was pitch-black. At the far end, there was a small table with two large metal rings.

A voice from an overhead speaker announced, “Proceed to the table then await further instructions.” I walked up to the table and followed the order.

“Now,” came the next command, “place your hands on the table.” I leaned over and planted my hands on the table. The door ahead creakily opened and I heard someone enter. Before I could say anything, I felt a handcuff locking my left wrist to the ring, then my other wrist. I was now totally vulnerable.

To my total surprise, the next thing I heard was a woman’s voice. “You will now subject yourself to a security check before being allowed to proceed.” I looked up to see a younger woman dressed as an airport inspector. She came around behind me and immediately placed her hands on my shoulders. 

“Bend down over the table, now!” she commanded. Bending at the waist, I obeyed and bent down until my forearms were resting on the table. In this position, my butt was completely exposed. She came up to my rear and ran her hands down my back, around my hips, then up front to my breasts. Her bare hands stoked the fire in me as she lightly caressed all my sensitive areas. 

“I’ll now do a cavity search to make sure you aren’t sneaking anything on board inside you,” she declared. Her right hand slid down into the back of my tap pants and yanked down my filmy panties to expose my bare butt. She inserted her middle finger into my cunt and probed deep inside while sliding in and out. 

She expertly fingered me as I writhed in ecstasy. “Ohhhh, keep going… don’t stop!” Her finger slithered freely in my slick, lubed glory hole. I could feel my juices dribbling out. “Aieee, oh God!,” I cried as I came suddenly, leaving me feeling drained.

The “inspector” slowly withdrew her finger and told me, “Get yourself together, now! And proceed to the next room.” She quickly unlocked the cuffs and pointed me to the next doorway. I pulled myself together, gathered up my sagging tap pants and sheer panties, staggered to the inviting door, and swung it open.

As I entered the next room and closed the door behind me, overhead sprinklers came on automatically. In a few seconds, I was drenched and my silky long hair was dripping wet. Then shower heads along the sides turned on with a fine spray that soaked my filmy camisole and tap pants. I could feel rivulets flowing down my stockings as I waded through ponding water. Then, out of the dark recesses of the room, someone came up quietly from behind and held my arms.

‘Lie down here,” a low voice growled into my ear. With well-muscled arms, he guided me down to an air mattress on the floor. I sat on the edge as his hands slid down to my ankles and slipped off my slingback shoes one after the other. Then spotlights came on, illuminating us in the surrounding darkness. 

The young man, in his 20s, was a fine specimen—handsome, well-tanned and sculpted like a bodybuilder—and buck naked. He ran his hands along my soaked stockinged legs, up to the stocking tops and into my crotch. With one arm, he pulled me close and planted his lips on mine and kissed me deep and long. He now laid his beautiful body on mine and slid up and down slowly—maddeningly slowly. His enormous dick felt like a 2-inch salami rubbing my pussy lips.

He then sat up and reached over for a quart-size bottle and poured its content all over me—baby oil, slick and slithery, soaking into every pore and crevice. This was like the nuru massage that Masa performed for me, but this time with a total stranger. I wonder if Masa found this young stud and recruited him for this Halloween event. Wait until I see Masa—I’ll have to thank him with a special treat in return!

The young buck proceeded to rub my oil-soaked body from top to bottom—Swedish-style—around my firm breasts under the transparent camisole, along my darkened stockings, and inside my high-cut panties. He pulled the edge of the panties aside and inserted a long finger into my cunt which had achingly waited for the moment. His finger needed no additional lubricant as my cunt was all juiced up. His finger thrust in and out, teasing my aroused clit. “Ohhhh, do it to me, now! I can’t wait anymore,” I cried out.

He withdrew his finger and turned me over on my knees, positioning himself behind me. He held my waist and pulled me close before plunging his dick into my cunt, all the way to the hilt. 

“Aieee,” I yelled, as he slowly and rhythmically thrust in and out, slowly at first, then faster, then slower again, in a torturing manner. Then, he accelerated into jackhammer mode, plunging deep into the slick tunnel. We both exploded at the same time and collapsed together on the air mattress—totally wasted. My body was soaked in baby oil and sweat with his come dribbling out of my pussy and down my legs. 

We lay on the mattress as we caught our breath and as he lovingly caressed my body. 

“Baby,” he whispered, “that was the best damned nuru massage, ever! I’d love to do it again sometime.” 

“Hey,” I replied, “I don’t even know your name, but you’re on!”

“My name is Ken and Masa knows how to reach me. He asked me to give you a special treat tonight.”

Ken then held my hands and pulled me upright. We walked into the next chamber which was set up as a shower room with glass walls, LED overhead lights, and a rain shower. Ken turned on the hot water and proceeded to soak me down, soaped me up, and rinsed me off. His hands lovingly washed off the baby oil and every crack and crevice of my body. I never felt so clean.

Stepping out of the shower, he dried me off with a fluffy bath towel, gave me a sexy kiss, and sent me out of the last remaining door into the Halloween party to join the others. Dressed in my newly washed camisole (sans bra which disappeared in the first chamber), garter belt and dark nylons, and tap pants, I was ready to party with Masa.

This was the best Halloween evening that I ever enjoyed—and it happened in Shibuya, Tokyo!



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