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Happy to be used

A happy toy is used by her Daddy
I cannot see or hear. I'm relying on my Daddy to lead me where he wants me. I can feel the tiled floor beneath me as he pulls me, my nipples sore from the chain.

He stops and positions me, pushing on my shoulders to get me on my knees. I feel him bind them, keeping me down. My hands bound behind me so I must stay there, I have no choice, nor would I want any with Daddy around.

He rocks me forward and supports me before I feel something pressing against my little sissy pussy. It opens me and enters, making me moan in delight in being filled.

My nipples get pulled on fiercely, the force appears to be above me. I feel something around my neck, a collar, and it gets pulled tight before something forces my head back. The collar is being held by something attached to the floor, it can't move and I have to stay deep on the dildo to breathe reasonably well, but doing so pulls so much on my nipples that I have to rise up again. I'm left in this predicament, unsure how long it will last.

Eventually, something changes, I feel a liquid enter my mouth. it tastes like Daddy is using my mouth as his urinal. It fills up but I don't swallow, I can't swallow until I'm told to. I feel a string get tied around my cage and balls. My ear plug is removed, "You can only swallow if this string is pulled, like this."

He pulls the string and I swallow his delicious pee, "Good girl. Now don't leave a mess"

I nod, I know what he means. If I cum I have to clean it up but I can't when bound like this, so I can't cum. He knows how much I'll want to but I must be a good girl for him.

I am left, riding the dildo, pulling on my nipples and neck. I'm happy left with the pleasure and pain before I get used again. I feel the stream fill my mouth and wait for the tug on the string. It doesn't come, instead the nipple chain is pulled. I try and groan but can't. I keep getting teased for a few minutes before the string is pulled and I can swallow.

As soon as my mouth is empty, it is being used again. Multiple streams enter my mouth and fill me quickly. I want to beg them to pull the string but they don't. I feel heat in front of me before my face is coated, I assume with their cum. A tug and I swallow, loving the taste.

I keep getting used like this for a long time. I'm full of pee and cum and want to relieve myself too. I feel so happy to be used like this, kept full and horny for I don't know how long.

It must've been a few hours later when someone came and released me. I'm let up and can stretch my limbs again. I feel used and sore, but I'm happy.

The chain is pulled again and I follow. I feel carpet beneath me and we stop. A plug is removed and I can hear again, at least for a short while. A whisper, "Thank these people for using you."

I turn, drop to my knees and bend forward, "Thank you for using this sissy urinal. I hope I managed to please you all."

I feel the dildo re-enter my ass, "Consider that our thanks slut."

My chain gets pulled "Crawl." I follow, having enjoyed a fantastic night pleasing my Daddy

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