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Heaven on satin sheets

Little did he know, heaven would be found upon satin sheets.
You enter, everything is lit purely by candle light, you see a four poster bed, and sense from the shimmering of the sheets that they’re satin. You hear nothing much, only the sound of your breathing, as you pant with anticipation. You stand alone, trying to adjust to the light, and make sense of any noises, but they're drowned out by the beating of your heart and heavy breathing. You feel your cock stiffen, knowing that whatever is coming your way you will enjoy very much.

Finally you hear footsteps from behind, but before you have time to turn, a blindfold is placed across your eyes, and your arms are pulled and cuffed behind you. You feel breathing on the back of your neck, again increasing your heart beat and your cock stiffens even more.

You feel something hard digging into your back, with your arms tied behind you feel it, and hear me giggle, knowing it’s a vibrator of some sort you feel your cock stiffen to what you feel is the maximum it can be before bursting.

I spin you round, you feel my breasts pushing up against your chest....and walk you backwards towards the bed. I sit you down, and straddle you, kissing you gently, nibbling lightly on your lip, moving round to your neck, you feel me biting gently in between kisses, softly whispering in your ear "I'm going to make you cum hard for me, but only if you're a good boy."

I remove your blindfold, and for the first time in candlelight you see me standing there, wearing a short skirt with stockings up to my thighs, and as you look up my body, you notice the black leather corset, with my cleavage bursting out. I lean forward and push my breasts in your face and hold them there, allowing you to inhale the sweet smell of my body, while, with one hand gently caressing your cock. I push you back, removing your cuffs cos you’ve behaved so far I then make you undress in front of me, allowing you for a split second to touch and caress my breasts, before I pull away.

I turn round and ask for your assistance to undress me, you pull at the ribbons of my corset and watch my breasts fall out naked in front of you. You kneel before me, and slip my skirt over my legs, revealing for the first time I'm not wearing any panties. I sense your breathing is getting heavier and your cock is dripping wet with precum.

I order you to lie on the bed to assist me when tying you up. Using rope I tie both your arms and leg, spread eagled to each post of the bed. You feel the satin sheets under your naked body, and shiver with anticipation.

I position my body over yours, almost sitting on your cock but not, hovering over it you, you can sense the heat and wetness being radiated from my pussy. Leaning forward to kiss you, you feel my breasts just brushing against your chest, as they head closer to your mouth, I place my nipples one at a time in your mouth allowing you to kiss and suck it, feeling my body tense with pleasure, before smothering your face with them once again. Moving my body further up, I lower my pussy onto your face and allow you use your tongue to caress my clitoris. As I’m about to cum, I remove myself. I don’t want to give you the pleasure of tasting my cum just yet.

I lower my body down the bed, kissing you and running my nails over you as I go, until I’m facing your cock. I take it in both hands and begin to lick and kiss it. Taking it fully into my mouth I suck hard, rolling my tongue around it, and cupping your balls with my hands. I feel your cock throb with an anticipation for the orgasm you're going to have, so I don't go slowly, just fast n hard, feeling you about to cum I stop.

Moving up once more to kiss you, and letting you taste your own precum, I lower my pussy onto your cock, and order you to fuck me, assisting you with movements by rocking my body. Encouraging you to go faster, and push deeper into me, struggling to not slip on the satin sheets, I feeling you lift your pelvis to thrust hard, you feel my pussy tighten around your cock, as I cum you feel my nails digging into your body, knowing the intensity of what I'm feeling as you hear me moan in satisfaction this bring you to the edge, and you cum hard with me.

Because you’ve been a good boy, I untie you, allowing you free reign for a few minutes to touch me, kiss me and show your appreciation for what I've done for you. I order you to wank for me to show me how truly thankful you are and that you are to cum all over my breasts, and lick it off.

Once you have done so, I order you to bathe me, grabbing hold of your cock and using it to guide you into the bathroom, I climb into the water and order to you to follow. I pass you a sponge and soap and inform you that since you came on my breasts they need extra cleaning. After the bath, I step out and get dressed again. Until next time... see you then.
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